Pyramid weight lifting


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Reverse Pyramid Training is one of the most powerful Bodybuilding and workout Techniques that helps to build muscle fast and gain strength fast within a Month.

Most of the trainers recommend Pyramid Training which means if you perform an exercise E.g bench press for 3 sets, you will do reps in the sequence of 10,8,6 . But what if it is worst way to actually get strong and big. Reverse Pyramid Training is actually the better way to Gain More Muscle and Gain more strength.

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Abhinav Mahajan is an ISSA Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. Along with having more than 8 years of Experience in Fitness and Bodybuilding he also happens to have worked and traveled Internationally as a Fashion Model for over 3 years.

After delving into the world of Personal Development and Motivational Speaking, he has dedicated his life to help the Youth to reach their Highest Potential by achieving not only good aesthetics but also a fully functional body, a Healthy Mind, better Grooming Skills and address to some of the most common problems faced by the Youth.

Comments (100)
SiD Here

Abhinav sir m also a mechanical engineer
Aap jis tarha se technicalities me ghuss jaate hai during video aap engg hee ho pakke

SiD Here

But muje ek bat nhi samjhi jaha aapne ex diya ki aapko agar 100 kg lagane hai yoh usse pehle warm up waale sets aapne battaye toh firr kyaa uske baad firr 6-8-10-12 karna hai ??

Anime Addict

Bilkul New sikhne mila h !
Thankyou & Love You sir

Raj Lohar

Sir apke diye hue tips Ko Apne me apply kar Raha hu or fayda bhi kar Raha hai but shoulders ka kuchh achha sa tips bataye


Salute for you sir??

Deepesh Arya

Thanks sir

Saggy M

What should be warm up set? Reps n set?

Siddharth Mukherjee

Sir can we use this concept in every exercise?? Like bench press etc. And i want to know one more thing that pehle warmup krenge energy to usme lg jayegi..

Chinmay Bennurwar

Main hamesha yahi karta aaya hu ? nam bata nahi tha. sab bolte the results nahi aayega par un-k paile results aaya ?

Hamza Gaur

How can i full fill Progressive overload point ?

n o i l

Drop set

Ahmer 180

Sir you are a very good coach ?

Vinayak Bagwe

Esse 6,8,10,12 na karte 6,8,10 kar sakte hai kya? Matlab 3 sets

Arun Maurya

Sir should i apply this ? Coz i am a beginner... Plz tell

The Gopal Sharma

can we do it in every exercise

M.Robeel khan

You got a new subscriber after i watched many of your videos, i found you a good coach :)

vinay sharma

vere..ik.month.ch.thoda..tah..badeya.nahi.hega..thonu.tah.ena.time.lag.gya.jeh.month..ch.hunda.hunda.tah.bs.fr..thoda..soch.smj.keh.paya.kro.vere..nd..exercise..doesn't matter diet is matter diet vdia hou exercise jehdi mrgi lgalo jrur asr kru..

hasnat jutt

Sorry respected sir yar mujhe ap ki samaj nahi ati aur pata nahi kiou ap ko log itna follow krte hai.... yar agar warmup pe 15 12 10 6 3 lag liye to ap mujhe yeh batao kon pagal ka putter iss ko warmup set kahta hai gand paat jaye gi 30kg 15rep 50 12 aur 70 k 8rep 90 k 3. Aur ous k bad kon john cena hai jo 4set aur lagaye matlab ek game ma hi khatam.... yar pata nahi kia knowledge dy rahe ap loggo galat malaad ek aur bonus rohit khatri ous ko b sirf thumbnail aur filme chalni ati hai knowledge pata nahi kia hai ap ko pass aur loggo yaha ap ko support kr rahe hai pata nahi kon log hai yeh

HIRDEY Tendulkar

I knew that sir this but I use only reverse pyramid in forearm

haha huhu

Bro fatigue kaise less kare weight training ke waqt?

Vikram Singh

Hello Abhinav ji main last 1 year si gym mai exercise kar raha hu. please recommend best pre and post supplements and one month exercise schedule.

Ajay Yaduvanshi

While I'm Doing dropping sets every day then do not need of this !

The Fitness Factory Gym

Thanks for new tips?any Excercie to us & Min time for Continued?

Abhishek Panda

Thanku abhinav sir...thank u for ur tips n tricks

Actor Abhineta

But it may cos stretch marks

Get your style

Amazing brother ..

Mohit Pandoh

Drop Set

Nischay chaudhary

Vo last men kya tga.....hasna tha kya???

sajeewa amarasinghe

I need ur mobile number

Raj sikdar

Sir mujhe ak confusion hae 6 ,8 10,12 ....ase 3 set milkar ak pyramid hua sir ase e hi 3 pyramid set lagana thik rahega ak muscle k liye?

Sumit Sharma

...beginners bhi ise use kar sakte hai kya..?

Manoj Chopra

Bhai body gain krni ha skinny hu may

Babul Mallik



ABHINAV BHAI KAHA HO AP... video ka wait karta hu apki main... Sab theek hai naa...????

Dilpreet Singh

thanxx bai

Arjun Swami

in other words... drop set ?

Pan Dit

This is called supersett drops


Bhai reversed pyramid set all ex's PR hoga

Manixh Tech

I think download video is better than pan and paper.... ?


Keep it up

gaurav gupta

Abhinav, I am not convinced with this strategy. If we go heavy in first set then muscle will not understand suddenly what happened to it. So we need to inform our particular muscle about the upcoming exercise. So that it will be ready for the torture which we gonna give it in the last set. I hope aapko Kuch Naya seekhne ko Mila hoga??

Hunny Singh

Bhai to gayab hi hogya


Hi Family! Just wanted to let you know that Reverse Pyramid Training is not "Dropsets" . Many people were commenting Dropsets below so I had to pin this comment so as you do not misunderstand the whole concept and gain some knowledge.

Have a great day ?


dude you need subtitles..

MBNR amjad Khan

mahajan bhai size K liye much best wala protein bolo


When we try perform drop set then muscle is cry

kdrock patel

In warm up says u 30,40,.....90kg and then start with 100 kg highest weight .. ye kha rverce hua ab 100 k bad fir bol re ho k reverce or lgao plz clear this point

Neil Wankhede

That was a great training technique Abhinav Sir...
But !
I have question ?
Can I used this technique in push,pull,leg workout...?

S dilip

Hello sir, can I know the difference between progressive overload and reverse pyramid?
Progressive overload also build stronger muscle right then what is the need for reverse pyramid sets?

gaurav gupta

Abhinav, I am not convinced with this strategy. If we go heavy in first set then muscle will not understand suddenly what happened to it. So we need to inform our particular muscle about the upcoming exercise. So that it will be ready for the torture which we gonna give it in the last set. I hope aapko Kuch Naya seekhne ko Mila hoga??

jitender saroha

Reply fast plz abhinav bhai g jaise apko tym miley

Balwinder Singh

nahi guru mann ne bhi btai hai

Ashish Wevhal

Kuch bi kaho ....ye banda bohot acchi advise deta he hamesha...???

Naveen singh

Tnx sir

Md Riyaj Aalam

Sir koi bhi set me


dude you need subtitles..

the_Nameet Mandwal

Sir, very well explained and all your contents are awesome but i have a problem from the thumbnails of your videos (like increase in 10 day or 1 week etc).

Balwinder Singh

no mja

Sagar Biswas

Sir how do I increase my weight.suggest me a good medicine


GG abhi great information ?

Two biking brothers

It's called DROP SET

nikhil malhotra

What a wonderful advice. I tried it recently. Best workout i had in weeks ?


Thanks big brother, appreciate your work ?



Moiz Biradar

I was stuck at 35 pounds on dumbell chest press but whrn i tried this method it worked and now i am constantly increasing my strength


Beginners kr sakte hai ya nahi plz btaao

mr gaming


Bhavesh Verma

The best part about this strategy is you will know what you are actually capable of while lifting the heaviest weight first

Varun Pandey

Bhai ye too fir lean gain me chla jaega naa ..???

Sunil Kashyap

Chutting ke liye bataye

Nikhil MathuR

Dhanywad bhai.. ap bht kuch sikhate hume or bht kuch btate ho jo shyd or koi ni btata.. ❤️❤️
dhnywad bhai ????

Lavya Wadhwa

May we use it in other exercise like tricep exercise , bicep exercise,chest exercise etc?? Reply bro

Aditya Kulkarni

if it is warm up set first then it will be same as pyramid unless you are talking of warm up like just jogging to break sweat. pls guide


Ek pandrlikeh stupid-he dont use English Title-he idiot-he

Zeeshan Askari

Thanks bhai


but dont you think it will increase your strength when you lift heaviest when u are weak

Garry Only logic

This is dengerous.beginners do this type of mistake.This technique means invitation to injury.100%.
If u guys have time than c
Plz watch my chennel for bodybuilding new school of thought & make muscle without protein powder.

Nayan Kharade

I think......Chances of injuries..Because if our warm up not good before sets then 100% this trick u do for making injuries in your body.....I m not saying that this is bad techniques...

For this technique warm up is very very important

Munna Maniyar

chest ka workout b kar sakte hai

Abdul Malik

Do some giveaway dude

inder singh

being honest bro you are the top guy in the game with simple formulas. I will promote your channel Full support

Wahid Hasnat

Should I apply this with every Workout Or Only first Workout ?

Dev Bahl

Bhai shaab aap ka student kaha gaya

Avinash Naik

I feel this is not good idea for beginners because when you life heavy for first set there will be risk of injury.

jitender saroha

Jaise 4 workout krne h chest k toh sbhi set aise he lagane h yeh sirf first set

Suraj Thakur

Mast mal h jo camera ki settings kr rhi h mirror me ??


Neck ko workout ki video hai kya? Mujhe chahiye bro Big fan..

You know who am I।

Har ek exercise Mai lagana h...
Ya starting ki pheli exercise Mai lagana.hai....

Suresh Sundaresan

do a vedio on chest fat


I can't understand 90% of what your saying but good tips.

Deepak Arya


Bhupendra Kumar

I think this technique is wrong. Study about fast n slow muscle


I read this technique in Kinobody Transformation Program.

Rupesh Dahale

thanks . I definitely try this ??

priyank padia

Whats the edm name you using in that abhinav mahajan wala?

Muhammad Bilal

warm up kaise kre iske lye

Arghya Roy

I started follow u later..now become ur fan...

Aryan Gupta


Rohan Tyagi

apni to bana le phele

Phenomenal GameChanger

Aap konsa technique use karte ho

When to Use Pyramid Sets for Bodybuilding

When to Use Pyramid Sets for Bodybuilding16 Nov. 2018
4 724

When to Use Pyramid Sets

When to Use Pyramid Sets for Bodybuilding


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Photography and Art:




Comments (35)
Cody Whitaker

8:40 that is so me ??‍♂️

Jeffrey Romualdi

Terrific video... as usual. Thank you Jason???

Joe Wall

If I hit a muscle 3 times a week, would it be better to only do lighter weight with higher reps, or should I do some heavy days too? 1 heavy day with 2 light days? What would be the best for muscle growth?

Precious Cardenas

hi jason 6:15 is that your brother?

xchion ali

Great quads man

The Crazy Man From Ireland

Super video great tips ????

Angus Delgado

This really helped me out. Thanks man(:

Me Magoo

???The slapping sound. ?


I'm squatting with a barbell for the first time in maybe 2 months today. Will I do it your way or the powerlifting way. Let's find out.

Alic Xander

I'm not gonna lie, it kinda looks like your ass is on fire in the video thumbnail.

Peter Darling

Hi Jason. Thanks for the video. I totally agree with your ideas regarding pyramid training.

Robert Matthews

Reverse pyramiding


I think I saw your biceps out there in that ending shot. "Mountains"

Jason McKinney

Hey Jason, I’m just getting back into working out again after 10 years. I’m doing your 2 day split. I did chest, back and biceps today. Heavy day 5 sets 4-6 reps on chest and bi’s and 4 sets 4-6 reps on bi’s. I’m just wondering should I have added incline press in for chest and another back exercise? Just wondering if I didn’t do enough but don’t want to do too much since I’m going to hit everything 3 times a week. The next chest back and bicep day I’m planning for it to be higher reps 15 or more. I’d like to get your thoughts on if I should add more exercises or not. Maybe just do inclines on the next chest day I don’t know.

Andy & Alex

Notification squad?

John Johnson

This is suppose to be bodybuilding not a travel log on EGYPT and their PYRAMIDS!!!

Dany Darapheth

When doing pyramid sets do i increase/decrease weight every set with different weights?

Dave Bulletrider

Super Voltron! Yeah! Thanks again for your great content!


when will are gallantian leader be uploading a full training video! all hail the gallantians.....lol

Samuel Denman

Some say the pyramids were built by aliens. I say it was built by Gallantians...



Christian Schröer

Great kontent, what do you say about Leroy Colberts Workout ? He says for example never go over 10 Reps (with a weight you can get to 10 Reps or few more to not overtrain you muslce to train your arms for example every other day in a full body workout). You say that the consistency in your workout and consistent allure is good .

Old Skool Bodybuilding Routines

Prefer reverse pyramids myself. After warming up thoroughly, start with the heaviest set first for 6-8 or 8-10 reps the reduce the weight down by 5-10% on each succeeding sets and up the reps if I can.

Michael Del Valle

Just found your channel. I never really felt my qauds or legs in general while squatting until I tried your style and now it's a whole new ball game.


Jason where is the scenery?Your information is spot on and extremely detailed.Change is the key to progression.Train smart and push yourself and one will succeed,great video!

grant manley

I appreciate your content. I was focused primarily on building absolute strength for a number of years and stumbled on your videos recently. Finding the right groove in exercises has brought to light the fallacy’s in my own training. I’m glad to share your channel with anyone I see at the gym these days, keep it up!

Garrett Langford

I watch all these videos and take supplements yet I’m not growing.

Wait... I have to work out too!??

Dany Darapheth

When doing pyramid sets do i increase/decrease weight every set with different weights?

Jeb Stewart

I just wanted to say 'thank you'. I always get excited when I see you've uploaded a new video. Your videos are very informative and also entertaining! I love seeing the scenery and showing us around town as well as examples of your work outs. Thanks again! #mountain!


The woman at 5:45 is really obliterating those biceps.

dt jesus

That's a great saying. Fool me 100 times, shame on you. Fool me 100 and one times?? Shame on me!!!

Rishabh Jain

YouTube is not sending me notifications to this channel


Are you referring to pyramid sets as pyramiding up in load, while decreasing reps? Because that's what powerlifters do, since you brought them up. Pyramiding for bodybuilding, as I understand it, consists of holding reps static while increasing solely the load per set. So, they're quite different. I myself am finishing a second week of my own variation of say 15, 10, 5 and then a couple of straight sets of 5, all about 3 reps from failure and it's got me physically drained the second week in. So time to fine tune it.

James Cowan

I dont necessarily pyramid ie: set in stone reps/sets. But when a compound movement has a good feel that day, i work up to heavy sets in the 6-10 rep range. Then i finish with a light weight pump set done strict but at a fast controlled rep speed.

John Wicks Dog

You sir are an encouragement and inspiration to perhaps thousands of amateur bodybuilders both beginners and seasoned. Thanks for your contribution and wisdom. Happy holidays to you

Reverse Pyramid Training with Greg O'Gallagher - Superhero Physique Training

Reverse Pyramid Training with Greg O'Gallagher - Superhero Physique Training17 Aug. 2014
204 530
KinobodySubscribe 438 721

Greg O'Gallagher

Greg O'Gallagher (Kinobody) in this video titled "Reverse Pyramid Training with Greg O'Gallagher - Superhero Physique Training"




Website: https://kinobody.com/yt

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gregogallagher/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinobodyfitness


Fitness Programs - https://kinobody.com/courses

Supplements - https://kinobody.com/supplements-yt

Apparel - https://kinobody.com/apparel

How I Built The Life & Body of My Dreams - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a7u1ZiiJhs

Comments (100)

I was curious as to why full recovery periods in between sets are necessary when doing reverse pyramid. Why aren't drop sets or strip sets with shorter rest periods just as effective? Obviously you wouldn't be able to hit 8 reps on the 1st drop set and 10 on the 2nd unless you dropped the weight significantly but it seems the goal of hitting that metabolic fatigue by the last set could be met more efficiently without wasting precious energy reserves on the less productive "filler" reps in subsequent sets. Maximal stimulation for minimal volume if you will.

Rest pause sets for example can be brutal but they work nicely. Why not perform rest pause in reverse pyramid fashion? Hope to hear you thoughts..

P.S. I've been droppin weight steadily on your Aggressive Fat Loss program. Started in January and almost down 20 lbs, THANKS!

Malcolm Bojangles

I find dropping by 10% almost doubles the amount of reps I can do.

Jack Russelle Lewis

How do you not hurt your shoulders?


I use this method as well, and i always warm up really good (shoulders & arms included).


No spotter outside rack is ok if you have a good escape protocol: mom!!!!

Arjan Meijer H.I.T

Question on the amount of reps thing. If i do my reps under a slow and controlled cadence, let`s say 3 sec up and 5 sec down, is 3 reps still not enough for muscle gains? I saw your t.u.t. was 15 sec with 5 reps, but if you do them in a more controlled way ( the 3 - 5 sec) 3 reps will have a 24 sec t.u.t. so a better workout. Don`t get hung up on reps but focus more on time under tension, every body is using a different speed in their reps. B.T.W. good first set you did.

An Arriving Winged Hussar

So question, do you only do bench press for those 3 sets on this program? Or do you add in different exercises as well?

Spotterino Cappuccino

What the fuck is this bench press form. Just wow.


Are you supposed to do this once a week or more?

Juan Diaz

I could picknick under that arch.


for anyone watching, keep your ass on the bench. he needed that leverage because he had no spotter and had no choice but to do whatever he can to re rack the weight.

Lost Profit


I have been doing RPT the same way but doing the RPT sets 3 times instead of 1!

Martin J

Hi greg, would love to have a set up like to you have, where can i get one or something similar? That frame is almost a total gym, for what i need anyways.

Paul P Jr

Go down in weight and do 10-15 times kid. You also arch way too much. I was doing some bad lifting 15 years ago myself and realized now I shouldn't have done all that weight. Just because you do weight that you don't look like you should do won't build too much and it will also give you problems in 10 years. I have problems in my back as well as my legs because I did way more weight then others could do only because I pushed really hard and did it don't mean that I was suppose to at my size. Trust me when I say this go less weight more reps until you are able to do it 15-20 times clean and easy before going up in weight. Doing weight under 10 times is just last will pushes but they seem to drain your body and make your arms weak in about 10 years of the pulling and stretching and you will have arthritis or other problems. You look just like I did when I was in my 20s went from 165-180 of all muscle by the time I was 31 and looked so good but after working at a real phyiscal job the last 6 years I couldn't even keep up with people who haven't even worked out. My legs just was all messed up from the working out and when I had to really use them for everyday life they were weak as hell. No I am going to get an MRI cause I don't know if my job just ruined my legs and back or if it was from the past of working out at the gym is what messed it up. Just see this as a message for you and all those 20 year olds who try too hard to get big by seeing how much weight you lift. That isn't even how you get big. I started back at the gym lifting light but because my metablisum slowed down I am getting big as I am cutting up. I actually look big as when I did weight like you are but I hardly do 225 on bench. I just do it more times then 15 so it builds me anyway cause I am 180. I bet if I can get my stomach down a bit more I would look good again anyway.

Dr. Psycho

adding or taking 10% means 2 more or 2 less reps, Then why don't you add 10% when you hit the top range of the set instead of adding 5 lbs ?


ever trainend your toothpicks?

Kryptic Kratos

What do you take notes too just lift the fucking weight malaka


+Kinobody Greg, a few ppl have commented on your posture/technique in your back. Not hating, just want to know is this the correct way or is it dependant on what you feel comfy with?

Ben Hosseini

How are you supposed to warm up to a heavy set like the first one? Cuz i dont want to just jump up to 235 on my first set, i feel like i will drop it on myself.

Gavin Frost

3 things that should be touching that bench...you're head, upper back, and you're butt. These reps that you're doing do not count at all cause anybody can go in there in do the same.

noah stump

That first set was fucking dangerous at least go in the rack and set from straps or pins up

Chris Amirault

If anyone an answer please, would it be possible to do rpt training with a 4 day upper/lower split? or would that be too much frequency


Benching 300 pounds in your basement almost to failure, alone, without assistance or safety bars, with the YOLO grip... That's pretty fucking hardcore


2:18 I would say you overdid it here. Too much grinding, too close to failure. This will have you fatigued for all the following sets.


So on your reverse pyramid training, you're doing 3 sets. Got it. *Q. what about 5 sets of 5 reps (5x5) to build strength ??!!!

Bike Camp Gourmet

This is awesome. Been using this style of training and have been getting results faster than other styles i've tried in the past.

Salvador Mandujano

how is that you do 230 and more shouldn't your chest be bigger most people that I see that do do in the 200s have a huge chest.

Edgars Kebbe

Thanks for video!


Patrick Bateman

Carlos Fuentes

omg i really thought you were going to choke lol haha good job i feared for you .

Seth Lindsay

hey when I do reverse pyerimad training I have four sets, and I take 1 minute and 30 seconds, should I take longer breaks or is that fine Greg?

Ralph Perez

How heavy is your heavy top set? What percentage of ur 1 rep max. I’ve been doing RPT for about year and I’ve been making huge gains. I’ve usually started that top set at 85-87.5% of my 1 rep max

Kaleb Dolina

thats a lot of weight holy crap!


Why is he training outside the power cage? That 5th rep could have squashed him easily.

Tarek Adel

Quick question, do you do any warmup sets before the first set? I want to try this but I don't think I can immediately jump to my 5 rep max on the first set

The Ultimate Warrior

Nice half-reps.

Sakib Sadman

I have a question. Plz answer. !!!!!!!!

Lets say these 3 sets were my only chest workout for Monday. Does that mean that I rest the chest a whole week and do this chest exercise again the next Monday????????????? (trying to add more weight of course)


I like to do 1 rep max and 3 rep max before as well. It activates the CNS annd then your heaviest working set goes smoother - less grinders & better form ( it feels lighter as it is not the heaviest weight the body deals with that day)

john kirwan

Is there a warm up video anywhere greg

James Smith

arch back for a better lift

Gavin Frost

you're butt is coming off the bench... you're reps don't count. just my opinion.

Daniel Siahaan

So you owe that 300lbs because of reverse pyramid sets ?

james jones

learned long ago dont lock the weights on= if you get stuck and try to slide the wt off you are screwed

Beeman 2892

Jason blahino brought me here and you R correct it does touch ur nipple...caseclosed...just dont mind him brother???

Kevin Martin

Dog strong af for his body weight ??

Mohammed Aman

What if someone fails on final rep...Unable to keep the bar back on the stand, while alone? God forbid

Jeff Craigen

I'd have to disagree with your lower back coming off the bench

Trapnando Luvzu

he lowkey looks like lost some gainz but lowkey tho

Jacob Rininger

how much do you squat


HAHAHAHAHAHAH you suck!! If anybody listens to this jack ass, I feel sorry for you! This guy sucks ass!! He benches like a freshmen in HS, what a joke!!


Is this an entire workout for the day? I assume you do node than that?

Kanye West

By far the worst form & cheats I've seen in a bench press video on Youtube in a long time.

-Not a single rep was done


I just bought my fractional weights, .25-1 lb and your 1.5 lb set thats a set of 8 lbs woooo

George CastleRock

I can only applause this display of strength!!! Good job man!

Maddex Asuncion

That first set..last rep coulda killed you. No spotter?!

Abraham Zurita

You're a beast but I would suggest a spotter. Better to be safe than sorry.

Joseph Taraborelli

Greg, what are you doing for warmup sets before your 4-6rep range? Anything in particular or just ramping up to it? Thanks man!

james jones

without a spotter dont want locks.if you cant move weight you can dip bar to side to save yourself..learned this the hard way

Brad Woods

Isn't that like 300 lbs?!!

Frongner 1

man if you missed that last rep you would be fucked, no spotter lol

Xavier Johnson

Promoting injury i see

Marryon Lillibridge

how do you work up to your first set? like what's your warm up like?


Master, isnt it safier to do a warm up of like 10kgs before doing bench press with the heaviest weight ?

Mike Ford

Dude you have a power rack and you choose not to use the safety of pins? Do you have a death wish?

Lila 1

For women to get toned like a celebrity (and strength) is a 3X5-8 better than RPT? I've seen two Kinobody workouts for women w/o RPT: 1) Full body A&B workout: https://kinobody.com/workouts-and-exercises/kinobody-women-workout and 2) Full body A, B, & C workouts (with 2 days especially emphasizing the legs): https://kinobody.com/workouts-and-exercises/the-womens-workout-guide-to-looking-like-a-goddess I am looking forward to getting "The Goddess toning program" and hope to see more before and after transformations from it. Thanks.


why don't you train inside the rack with safety pins in place? Anything can happen and that would prevent the worst from happening...?

Antoine Mantoux

@kinobody so you only do 3 sets for benchpress ? that's it ? and what else do you do on chest day ?

Cole Cole

Cant be healthy bending your back like that?

James Corsey

Im the opposite i start light then work heavy

Nelson Baron

does reverse bench press build muscles?


Reverse pyramid training is not better than regular pyramid training and in fact Ascending pyramid (normal pyramid) training has been proven to be slightly more efficient in tests (A 2003 study from Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, Maryland). This difference is negligible as both are better for different purposes. For strength people should use ascending pyramid and for size they should use reverse pyramid (descending) sets. Its important to remember that if you increase overall strength first then you will be able to lift more so traditional pyramid training is superior.


It literally looks the same as a drop set. Heaviest weight you can knock out 4-6 reps with, reduce the weight, 6-8 reps, reduce the weight 8-10

Jeremy Ramos

good shit to build muscle

Marky Marky

Thats fairly impressive. Seriously though you need a spotter or Smith machine. I heard a man once did this, however failed on final rep, the bar fell to the back of his mouth broke both wisdom teeth and died choking on them. This is true. Please advocate safe training. All the best.

Fitness Dreams

Awesome video Greg!! I've been using reverse pyramid training for years and love it. I'll start off with a few heavy sets (4-6 reps) on a big lift (Overhead Press, Squat, Bench Press, etc.) and do higher reps afterwards.

Couldn't agree more on the importance of progressive overload. I've been looking at bodybuilding advice online for a long time, and one of the biggest takeaways I've had, as proved in this video, is the importance of just getting stronger.

Muscle Damage and Cellular Fatigue are also paths to hypertrophy, but they aren't NEARLY as important as just adding weight to the bar over time. Adding tons of drop sets to your Chest routine won't come close to building up your chest in the way that adding 50 lbs to your Bench Press would.

Neo Plasma

it's okay to break your back like that though??

Steve Damon

How does one warm up properly for RPT? I can't imagine going HAM off the bat is a good idea...

H Athlete4ever

I just added this to my routine yesterday and I absolutely love it!

Henry Lozano

Greg, that's some phenomenal strength, man. But, for fuck sakes dude get a spotter? I mean obv this vid was a while back and you're still alive so you haven't had any mishaps but that doesn't mean you should continue to throw caution to the wind just because you feel strong. It can happen to anyone. BE SMART and strong, not just strong!


What Greg is saying about pushing your meals later into the days. "It does work" That's how I've been doing it for years while I was in Ranger Batt. Ranger school is a proving ground on fasting.

Abraham Zurita

dude's a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Monroe

I was playing this on my laptop in class, very athlete in here crowded around in awe haha


Bro Respect Man No Spotter The Man Awesome

Anthony Lieu

Just for anyone who is questioning his form, an arch in your back is recommended when benching, but you gotta keep your ass on the bench

Great stuff

Did anyone ever see Arnold’s back like that when bench pressing?


god dammit, keep that ass on the bench...god, I cringe soo hard when I see people doing this...

Chris James

Eat more buddy

Alpha Workouts

Well done m8 and I ain't hating, but this ain't proper form bro

Ronnie Rogers

How long do you rest after second set?

Tapsi Hapsi

man, that was decline bench press

Rui Rodrigues

dude, good luck for your back... peace out!


Should you always rest 3 minutes between the sets when you are doing "RPT" ?

Manuel Bravo

does arching your back like that help you more ? (serious question I'm bad at bench pressing haha)

Joel Khoo

For those lamenting about the arch, you got to understand that he is very lean (less than 10% bf). With less excess bf, the gap looks a lot more than it really is. That is the reason why you barely see an arch (even when they are in fact arching as much or more than him) for top powerlifters cause they have bf % over 20...

John ishere

i thought your were gonna die on the first sit fam


Bench inside the rack with safety pins!

Sebs Ph

do you know which power rack does Greg has?

Alex Barbosa

is it bad that I do this and have been benching nearly most of my gym life on the Smith machine ... I workout alone


Take the clips off.

oh my ass off

Yeah a lot of fat power lifters and football players are lifting that weight but don't humble brag like you're special being lean and lifting 250+. Lots of guys can do that, look at Candito he benches like 350+