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Q&A Starting tricking and getting over setbacks

Q&A Starting tricking and getting over setbacks4 Apr. 2017
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CLICK SHOW MORE FOR TIMEMARKS!!!! In this Q&A videos I talk about starting tricking, and the advice is applicable to starting something new, anything new! I also talk about getting over injuries, setbacks, and how to get it together by getting organized, working clean, and documenting your personal working procedures: methods I've been using lately to great effect. A lot of that rah-rah motivation crap falls flat if you are too confused to take advantage of that energy by taking correct steps you've previously organized in solving and improving your life. SUBSCRIBE to my channel JUJIMUFU for more tips on how to improve your fitness and life with ways that actually work. ►http://bit.ly/getjuji

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● Intro: Explosive Entry Groovy Metal - Johnny Berglund


0:51 When will the Jujimufu pants be back in stock?

2:45 Girl tricksters? Can girls trick?

3:50 How to start acrobatics or tricking etc?

6:52 My thoughts on injuries and my experiences?

12:30 Getting your shit together?

Comments (100)
Tim S

you look tired brother, de-stress and rest x

Artur Monteiro

First things first, thank you for the awesome and practical tip you gave us all on how to be more productive and get more organized. Second, I prefer Q&A videos or themed video instead of live feeds.

And my question is: how to set better goals that are in tune to what I want instead of choosing because people say so?
Thank you so much for all the video and articles!

Valentin Dubois Parkour/Movement

JUjimufu Hulse ^^

Rob B

Good advice!

argyris Papageorgiou

Hey man this video has helped me shit loads! I don't know why but something just clicked and everything is starting to come together. I even have a spread sheet on my pc called "Work Clean" thank you, really mean it! What's the next bit of advise that you could give? Is there a progression after this? Thanks again and much love


I'd say no live feed. I think one of the distinguishing attributes you frequently bring to the YT table is well thought out and thoroughly articulated ideas. I think your articles stand the test of time so well because they go through such intensive quality control. I wonder if you'd be able to maintain that quality if you're trying to address a bunch of questions that don't necessarily share a common thread.

I'd like to hear about setting useful expectations. If we all accept that mentality and the way we approach things is super influential on outcomes, then how best can we set goals (near and long term) for progress. There seems to be a fine balance between 'optimally' stretching yourself and chasing something unattainable, which can be detrimental. It strikes me that the approach must be pretty iterative because it is so complex. Maybe not though, I wonder if you have developed a useful method for doing this.

tl;dr: How do you set useful expectations? Do you have any examples from your own life (maybe not just in training) when you did so?

Gregor Hölzl

what are the "best" stupid super sets? i totally love them... do you have favorite sss?

Pierre Layden

Live feed!!! Do it!!

Andrew Ward

Do you remember how on TT, back in the day, everyone had big issues with people making money from tricking? Even charging for covering gathering expenses could be controversial at times in the community. I think I must have been one of the few tricking capitalists, haha! How has your attitude to monetising tricking changed? How do you think it has changed across the wider community? And why?


Can i eat cheezburger and be strong, cool guy?

Christopher Mazzella

Love the content, especially getting your shit together segment.

Valentin Dubois Parkour/Movement



DUDE! I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!! funny you mention time management this last month I been tackling that subject super hard! waking up 5:30ish hitting the gym then after the gym hitting the pool to swim laps getting home eating and packing lunch to go to work then school.

what you are saying about time management is SOOOOOOOO true!!! life is so much easier when you have a plan to tackle it!


DJ Gallow

"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" anyone?
Marie Kondo


A live stream would be awesome, especially if it's during one of your workouts. Also, I'd love to see you collaborate with the Hodgetwins.


Hey man! what kind of workouts you do when you're sick?


thanks really enjoyed your explanation very relatable

Norz Power

I think the friend is Antoine Vaillant

Jackson Nexhip

The tricking book sounds like an awesome idea and i'm super excited to read it. What's your perspective on daily training? I've been tricking for 2 years now, and usually have around 3x 2 hour sessions per week. Usually I just jam with friends, but recently i've been getting more disciplined with my training and try to spend at least an hour of that time drilling fundamentals instead of just throwing combos and trying new things. I'm usually pretty sore after 2 hours of tricking hence the days off, but i'm thinking I might cut down my sessions to an hour per day (every day) and go through a routine of tricks to drill every session. What do you think? Do you ever go into your tricking sessions with a list of tricks and number of reps to drill?

Shon Jones

Instagram live would be awesome!

Eric Osborn

sorry I wasn't paying attention to this video because I was too busy cleaning up my desktop


Ziploc bags! X-D

Joshua Garrison

Just make sure if you do a live feed your volume and microphone or in check , answer questions do some crazy shit

Alexander Filsinger

For the next Q&A

Do you still play the piano?
If so can you play a little bit for us, thanks!

Colin Drury

Oh and live feed is awesome!! It's hard to actually watch live usually though, too many network loopholes and it's never continuous HD for me.
I'll definitely try to watch though and it saves to your timeline so I could watch later at the least.


I check live feeds for a guy on YouTube. I just tune in for a while and then tune out but it can be fun/entertaining to see interactions between the streamer and the audience. He has it set up where he has them pay $5 to speak in a chat and he reads out messages, interacts, does shout outs. And these people pay the man well. He increased the fee to $20, I think to count down how busy the chat was to make it more readable. There is also a free chat that is just a torrent of comments that he reads once in a blue moon.

I'm not sure if it's a one-time fee or if it's per stream, however.

He streams on YouTube but I don't know more on his setup. His name on here is EWNetwork if you want to see how he does it. He does game playthroughs.

But I enjoy seeing him interact, and he makes money of it as well. You could even reupload the stream and monetize it, leaving it for people.

I think live streams with you would be fun. I will say though to keep the live stream times consistent. I saw people complain with the streamer I mentioned because he does it late for them and they miss it. Due to different timezones, I think and/or he possibly streams late at night. So I guess choose your timezones wisely.

And reuploads of streams, as mentioned, even if portions of it, things worthy of emphasis would be nice in case we miss the streams.

But these videos where you just talk are interesting as well.

Tom Eaves

Do you have any tips on naturally increasing testosterone ?


Do a livefeed? Why? Add donations....and watch the money rain in.


currently spinning in circles, thanks for the tips. loved the QNA

Space Ninja

My favorite live feeds are from coding train. I think ppl just like them because they say funny things and then you improve funnier things based on it. That'd be my advice


With the pants, is there a way to preorder?
I've also just ordered that book and will be waiting by the mailbox...

If you find yourself in Maryland with some time to kill, check out Brian Alsruhe's gym NeverSate. You guys have a similar take no prisoners approach to training but then swicth gears to teaching with a humble, positive and nurturing attitude.

Attila Gabor

The concept of cleaning as you go has been a big one for me this year. It's one I use all the time when I cook because I'm an maniac about having actually space to do work in the kitchen, but it's a concept that I haven't really applied to my life outside of that; at least not on a consistent basis. I find myself with too many half-assed projects, half read books, half completed everything... At the end of the day, I worked on a handful of different things, but nothing REALLY got done; a lot of spinning my wheels.

I've made a much bigger effort to focus on fewer projects and make incremental, but CONSISTENT progress on them. Previously, I'd only work on a project when in a manic state of mind. Or when I felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had to do, so I just tried to do a bunch of it all at once. It was like operating on pure adrenaline. Sure, I got a bunch of stuff done, but I was completely worn out afterwards because I screwed up my sleep schedule, and it's hard to build proper habits off of these bursts of motivation.

So based on that, here's my question: How many projects do you limit yourself to in order to remain productive? At what point do you find your time and energy spread too thin?

Side note: you are a content MONSTER! Keep the videos coming, man! Love them!

michael whisenhunt

organisation rant was golden brother. started off a little slow but you certainly got a nerve twitching real quick.


The worrying part at approx 21:30 hit the nail on the head for me. I realized this a while ago myself that some tasks i worry/think about longer than the time it would take to complete the actual task. I also like to do checklists, it gives a sense of completion and satisfaction when you can just scratch off a task and know that you don't have to think about it again.

Re cowabunga

that advice made this the best juji video since a long time. Keep it up! I love your vidz!

Doug Gary

Would be cool to see you on Joe Rogans podcast.

J Uribe

Onw of the best videos Juju has posted. I was looking how to begin tricking and this is three years ago. This is such a great journey you've evolved. I hope you release books so I can see how you think. I support everything you stand for Juju!


Make more flexibility videos ?


Im 30 yo. Just started with cartwheels handfips and basic rolls for safety. Im wotking on a font flip also and the matress I got laying on the floor is helping a lot. Today mu ciatic nerve is pinched somewhere in my lower back. I went to the park yo try and do some flips and fuck i couldnt move the qay i wanted too but i qas also doing a lot of stretches today yo increase my flexibility perhaps even overdoing it but oh well. Imma keep going.

Matt Brown

Yes! Please write the book on tricking. I want it. You want it. We all want it.

Also, that's interesting on the jujipants. Hopefully the manufacturer quits giving you grief about them.

This makes me think of something a question I had that totally came out of the blue. Dating. I know you're married now, but how did you manage everything with dating? I feel like I barely have time as it is. Did you take your wife out training with you? Haha maybe it's more of a time management question, but how did that balance with work, and training, and everything else?

Iliamo Lumo

Awesome Video Juji! Very interesting Topics.
Greetings from Germany

Alexander Filsinger

Thanks for taking the time to re-record the videos are always appreciated..glad to hear the pants will be back in stock, my houseplants have cold roots. Good luck with your move!

Robert Kingswood

Live can be amazing.
Use crazy Juji clips in between a short, clear explanation of your movement dynamic describing its function in your training.
Cutting to a Slow-mo movement you want to point out, with voice over.
Then cut back to Juji madness.
Love your Chanel
Best of luck with your move.


when are you moving to Charlotte? will you be doing any events here?


Super badass advice for getting your shit together! I too started making to do lists to finish all the crap around the house that's been bugging me while attending nursing school and it's really helpful for keeping my shit on track. The live feed sounds really cool and I would definitely tune in. I don't know how available your other fans would be but maybe if you held it later on in the day that would work better.

Question time: Would you recommend an old school 5x5 strength training program for beginners using free weights? Or is there another routine that would help little dudes gain mass? I'm trying to go from being scrawny to brawny and become a freaking God like you haha! Alrighty then, keep up the good work Mr. Mufu!

Al Juan

I love your channel and thanks to you im pushing for a better life. Im sad that I JUST discovered your channel. Love your content, never stop please...

Boris M.

Juji, much love since 2010 <3

Carl Bunting

Hi Juji could you share some of your experiences and methods for bulking up? as in what foods, diets, exercises and workouts worked best for you and what advice would you give to someone trying to bulk up? Also I know you did a video on how you Deadlift the jujimufu way but how about a video for other exercises like the Squat or Shoulder press to share your technique or ways to improve? Thanks

Alex Mtn

Life feed will affect the quality of your videos . Please consider , edited videos suite you better . This is my own opinion and i give it on your demand . You are a source of inspiration for me . Keep it up !! Cheers !!


How can I start tricking if I have no acces to a gym,just grass. I wouldnt want to get seriously hurt while failing a first time flip.

Gas Worker

Great fucking advice man!!!!!!

Noah McCreight

Hey Juji I have a question about some of the stuff you talk about in Legendary Flexibility. As far as living the flexibility lifestyle goes I work a desk job and want to take some time out of the day to do some supplementary split stretching while at work, but my cubicle is all carpet and even with socks on it makes for a very high friction surface that doesnt seem conducive to splits training. I know you bought the big gymnastics mat for your living room, do you have any other recommendations for something a bit smaller that would make a good slippery surface to keep in my cubicle? Thanks so much and keep up all the awesome content! :)

Patience Pod Network

Would love a live feed from you I'm sure all of us would

Kyle Harrison

That's awesome that you're moving to Charlotte. I can't wait until you get a gym. I'm in SC myself.


It's incredible how I can always find a video from you to motivate me when I'm having a hard time. Thanks!

Laurie Wood

hope the special guest is antoine just sayin x

Quin Burke

Thanks Juji. I never expected to come into this channel and find videos like this that change the way I look at my own life. I never would have thought about the working clean concept and it's honestly genius lol. I would love to see you write a book about tricking and I can't wait for it!!! Here's a question while I'm at it. What kind of stretching should I be doing to get into tricking? I've never been very flexible and I struggle with any kicks other than tornado kicks because of it. Thank you so much!

Thanos oftitan

I came across this in the course of reading your injury article. I just thought you might like to know you didn't give that coworker mutant powers. More's the pity, I suppose. http://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2016/04/18/the-myth-of-ethidium-bromide

Thomas Kishman II

Would you ever consider making your book in a physical copy?

Love your videos. They have really helped me out with flexibility


i found your videos and i think they're saving my life, dude. I was so out of shape and now i'm lifting and stretching every day and i dont want to stop

Grayson Wilson-Cacciapalle

I dig you're transparency with your self-development and business growth- I am finding these types of videos extraordinarily helpful!

anton flink

Collaborate with clarence kennedy

Daniel Lu

still worth watching in 2019


More training videos

Roger Edwards

that one dislike?

Chance Hodges

how can a self conscious person become a youtuber?

Sammy Ash

When you open a gym announce where it is so I can move there lmao

Patience Pod Network

Glad to hear positivity bro. Dog socks mushroom soup. Good luck to you


You know Juji, this video was really interesting. I'd love it if you did more videos like this, you're a pretty efficient guy juggling all the things you do in your day-to-day life, and you do them well. It'd be cool to get more info on what techniques you use, how you organize and think about things, etc.


What kind of music are you in to? What's your go to album to listen to during an energy intensive workout?

Spencer Johnson

Live stream would be cool for us to see your workouts. You could chat with us in between sets and answer qwerstions

Valentin Dubois Parkour/Movement

Master Juji
Could you expand on the concept of giving people value vs taking values from people on a social network perspective



Hi Juji! I have a problem and hope you can help. Sometimes when doing fast specific moves like round off or aerial or even fast cartwheel I get "cramp" in my front left hip (strange uncomfortable feeling like something locked). Then I have to slowly move my hip or leg so it unlocks (or the cramp releases). The pain is usually gone then, but if I try the move it happens again... In some trainings it does not happen at all, other times it happens in the middle of the practice and sometimes at the first move. Do you have any idea why it is happening? PS: Also if I lay on the ground and point my legs in the air and open them like a split in my left hip cracks every time (might not be related)... And thanks for awesome vids and great information and motivation!

Matthew M.

Any advice on how to build your personal brand?

Kyle Ebbitt

video idea, best books to spank your mentality into shape.
just read Steven pressfields the war of art, and it was impeccable at explaining the effect of "resistance" towards doing ANYTHING you truly wish to accomplish. it was amazing, and I've been wondering what you consider your own "top reads"

Roy Wardenaar

Jiji is slowly becoming my new Elliot Hulse, I love it! :D

Unarmored Force

I think I really needed this video right now, as a lot of things just kinda turned a bit topsy turvy in my life and things aren't going at all the way I planned. I think it's some solid advice to have a checklist for things that you find difficult and I think I should give that a try to be more efficient. I'm also recovering from a really minor injury that has been taking longer to heal than I expected, so it was fitting to hear your experiences with injuries. Thank you for the video and to answer your question: I don't think live videos are that great, the chats usually are very chaotic and they're hard to catch, especially for fans who live about 6 hours in a different timezone.

Alex Aguilar

What would you think about collaborations in terms of art, animation, video game concepts? Or fans developing their own ideas based upon your teachings?

I personally want to teach a multitude of fields in a coherent model. Things like art, animation, how to make games, music, sound design, fitness, nutrition, athleticism, psychology using a variety of characters I make for myself. It's ambitious but I've been slowly building upon it for about a year, and I think I can pull a lot of it off in due time.

One or two ideas are I have a lion and orc character that I want to animate .gifs of them doing either tricking or working out, highlighting the forces that move them along with muscles they activate. Maybe talk about the skeleton, how it moves, stretches, and teach people the tradeoffs of using different methods or equipment to strengthen their body.

I have difficulties breaking down how anatomy works with today's charts and tools at times. Organized info is hard to come by. Your photos and videos, charts, diagrams, multimedia overall are super in depth and clear. I've read nearly all your articles! Creating a book out of everything you've done would be insane. The fact too that you studied nutrition and are making your own line of products shows how much you can evolve and progress.

I'm excited to buy more pants. And smelling salts.

I like your methods quite a lot in terms of problem solving, and I always viewed your level of organization and finish to be consistent throughout TricksTutorials and Acrobolix carry throughout your life. I'm glad you're taking this creative year with a structured approach, that is something I must master for myself!

Anyways, keep up the good shit Juji.


Hi Jujimufu.
I am a guy from Denmark, I have been following you for a little year now and I think you are so awesome and passionate about every aspect on tricking, eating right and weightlifting.
my question for you is, what is you advise for a big guy(188cm and 120kg) to get into tricking and being more flexible?? I would love to be able to do some splits and flips and so on. Also I saw you had one of your friends in one video that also was a big guy doing flips
. I wanna learn :)

Marshall David

A live feed would be cool man. I live like 2 hours from charlotte and go their often for concerts. You will have to do meet ups sometimes and I'll definitely show!


Thank you for doing these videos. I personally do not enjoy live feeds, as they force the central figure to entertain the viewers and act unnatural. I enjoy the scripted feel of your videos and I thus do not think that live feeds will add much value.

Have you thought of a subject for your next Q&A?

Emil Svahn

live feeds are awesome!


I mostly avoid all the "live" videos. Youtube started to push them in my face a bit to much so I categorize them as spam.


About your point on female tricksters and kicks:

I practice Taekwondo, which you know is a kicking art, and my club is primarily made of females. The art/sport at a competitive level has a similar amount of men to women, and I (having trained with many women) can personally say that they have a much easier time with kicks thay require the turning of hips. Of course it could be that most guys are just inconsistent with stretching and flexibility or something, but I just thought that I should say something.

Hass Aface

do a FUTURE feed.... feed in the fuooch

Austin Cox

Hey Juji, been a fan since the channel started. So glad to see you're finding success in the industry. It definitely needs more genuine, fun, down to earth guys like you. Good luck on the move and congrats to you and your family!

Patience Pod Network

Absolutely love this keep informing us. Dog dog scarf mushroom soup

Jake D

I like the live feed, I've talked to a lot of my heroes that way. I'd be honored to talk with you as well.

Jacob Hansen

Juji gives the most usefull non bullshitting advice.


Thanks for another awesome and informative video Juji!

I have a question for you: You went from being employed to being self employed. What is the process of acquiring knowledge like for that transition? What sorts of things did you have to become familiar with?

Russell Heckman

I've bruised both of my heels at the same time Tricking, QUESTION for you JUJI: What are some good warm-ups and stretches to help tone down pain / help start healing acute patellar tendonitis?

Patrick Nguyen

Mate love your stuff. Really enjoyed the content, especially video content on getting shit done and organised. Would love to hear more and for you to elaborate on it. Maybe walking through a super productive week/day, how to get over a slump, etc. Stuff like your creativity video which I really dig. Cheers!


How do you feel while you are doing a trick. I mean i get sick just by watching you flipping. Do you get used to the motion and then stop to get dizzy ? And finally do feel like you have good controll mid air or it just feels like you are just a bag of potato flying ?.

Cauliflower Brown

whoa! charlotte is where I am. I know a good gymnastics gym, great Power lifting gym, and a pro wrestling training center here. please message me and we can collaborate. I have been following you since 2004!

Adam Christopherson

@Jujimufu Super A+++ video. I realllly like that you touched on the importance of organization and and talked about your own experience. I think absolutely everyone can relate to taking a small step and jumping right back on the couch, only to find nothing has changed day after day. Nobody wants to hit rock bottom but it sure as shit seems to be the common turnaround point. People like you telling it like it is, and having been through it yourself is what can inspire people to make a move early.

Colin Drury

These are so reminiscent of Elliot Hulse videos when he first started. The energy in self-reflection with real world problems (jobs/family/money/etc.)
AWESOME!! Love it Juji! Let's keep the ball rolling!

Danny Z

#grateful - I'm buying your book on flexibility :)

James M. Ammean Jr.

Serious question, how could I get my arm pits more jacked? Shits r weak as hell.

Haydn Roff

You're a hero for this video. So much respect.


Never watched a live feed, wouldn't be value-add for me. Thanks for the Q&A!

240 Lb Man Can Do Flips? Teaches Me How | Ft. Jujimufu and Tom Boyden

240 Lb Man Can Do Flips? Teaches Me How | Ft. Jujimufu and Tom Boyden20 May. 2019
129 062
Stefi CohenSubscribe 438 721

The Hybrid Crew and I took

The Hybrid Crew and I took a trip to North Carolina to meet up with our good friends Jujimufu and Tom Boyden

They taught us how to do a lot of crazy stuff! Make sure to check out his channel where he teaches me how to do a backflip!


Check out our Programs!


Check out our apparel!


Follow me on Instagram!


Comments (100)

yeah.. stefs is such an amazing athlete its insane

David Oaxaca

I just made it turn to 2.2k likes


I can do flips 2 just hold my ladder


You're so badass Stefi!! What can't you do?! Awesome work!

JJ Ollie

Should of had her do a double backflip to start.
"Sometimes you need to run before you can walk." - Iron Man

soren batwinski

That dude looks looks like captain America


Bill Goldberg was 300 lbs and could do a standing backflip so I guess size isn't always a factor.

Brendan F

I didn't know Tom was this cool

Luke Zece

Good work. Looks more like a butterfly jump than handless cartwheel?


Totally trying to learn this once summer comes back, love when Tom and Juji go into instructor mode.

james daley

wow steffi looks so cute in a green singlet

That Car Guy

Tom is expecting children it looks like.

Carlos Gonzalez Del Sol

Tom looks like a normal dude


I love the "whats up my babies" intro!

Madison Temple

yes Juji, all I see is Stephi's.... tricep

her abs. thats what


Why the hell isnt JUJI doing American Ninja Warrior?


Juji is looking skinny ..

Mark Mckckck

Whatever happened to Tom being on John Meadows program and diet? I was looking forward to seeing him get huge.

Sir Adams

The baddest woman around


Stefi: Comes back from the loo.
Jujimufu: woah woah waoh, rest, rest rest. Take a breather, rest , 2 min 30 Sefi, rest!

Ikit Claw

Get Clarence Kennedy for tricks and power lifts


Great vids! As a minor advise, keep the texts on the screen for 1.5sec-2sec so they are readable. I missed a few stuff that popped up on screen on this video. Your more recent video had a text that panned right to left off the screen so fast that I didn't make out what it says. Aside from that, the tutorials and demonstrations are really fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

Jacob Mora


zenith angel

Collab with Stacy Burr . Would be legendary


Tom is my spirit animal. 2:28

Connor Nolan

I take a light break from YouTube for my trip to Canada for a wedding, and suddenly your videos all look so high quality and produced. Yes!! I love it! ?

Andy Lin

4 minutes in and this video is cracking me up. Not cracking my back tho, that's bad

Alvin Vivian

She should walk a few steps forward before doing the aerial, it will help her to be more vertical and also open up her hips more. Standing aerial is hard for a beginner.

Window Pain

i love all the hype men around. it’s so fun to listen to everyone being like “CMON ONE MORE YOU GOT IT” so wholesome

Mohammed Bourass


Basket Weaver

It's really great seeing the whole process, so much of the Internet is just the end product


How can tom be so good at flips but on the ninja warrior training vid he sucked so much lol...

Brendan Eaglen

Poor Alex


pause at 4:17

Robin Babu

No BS, we are only stefi's babies. You may check our DNAs

Kirby Le

Stefi is now officially an MMA fighter. Whens your next fight?

Eric Ryan

Ah yeh insanely amazed at 2:30 did not know Tom could do that lol

Jay T

12:18 is pure gold. melt it down and turn it into bars.


4:05 i see you enjoy Mick Gordon

Logan Smith

Wasn’t expecting Tom to go full Bruce lee Haha


Next do 360-hook-aerial-backflip

Streaming Iraq War Veteran

You are very beautiful. Personally i think strong a woman is more beautiful then skinny women

First Nation Sensation

Ninja Cohen

Tim Taylor

she needed to dip her head lower. using her right arm wouldve been an easier transition and making a big wave would help her generate momentum combine that with the back leg kicking hard and a bent left leg rdy for lift off she coulda really nailed it.


Tom and Juji being a bit unappreciative about the vast opportunity they had to get these armwrestling insights and details from years and years of experience ( 12:07 ). Maybe you needed a more open mindset instead a brute-force , 5 second explanations should cut it approach. Other than that, great stuff! Waiting for the next awesome video

HOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking Essentials

"It's not a FLLLIIIIIPPPPP!" I love what you're all doing!


Imagine having Stefi as your mom at junior high school who happen to have cat fight with PTA moms. Guess who wins

Neat Gentilis

Stefi has the best nose.

Tim Taylor

stefi's are better that juji's haha

Jake Phelps

Juji is where I first saw you at. Love your content. Juji is awesome too. Yall do some more vids together

Pavel Bratchenko

3:42 i died. GJ mr. videographer :D


Hell yeah love my strong woman being an inspiration!

Cliff Cheung

Finally Stefi, u started ur own channel. Yesss

teenage spaceland

Tom with the relaxed dad outfit to go with his new dad haircut.

Joe Sheppard

That was flipping fantastic.


Duality: recoined as "dualism" -jub jub mofo, 2019


Some unexpected capoeira on here.

oldgray shinobi

You guys are amazing teachers, both extremely insightful, love watching you both <3 stay healthy!

Jayson Brooks

Holy fuck Tom, never seen that coming.

Śmierć Książka



Sweet,strong & profound! Is there anything she can't do?

Thomas Lindroos

Tom wtf! I loved your hair, I mean you're still beautiful but .. but.. hair?

Steve Haggerty

The comedic editing to this video was hilarious ?


Would LOVE for Stefi to collab with Whitney Bjerken to learn flips with gorgeous form!


zum, zum, zum, Capoeira mata um! ? 13:53 toms olé

Tom Boyden

How are you so good at everything stefi


When are you going to be on Joe Rogan?


Hi stephi cohen from athlenex here


R u cardi b's sibling @stefi? Cause u look alike. Like if u agree ppl

José Domingos Teixeira

Please don't let the men say my babies... Very, very creepy


Now get it in the other direction

Christopher Stankiewicz


Chris Aleman

I had to rewind to make sure that was actually tom with that roundoff b twist action.


WTF i didint know you had youtube! im from Juji

Shawn Reed

You were in the gym lol you should have used the foam octagon roller. Thats the best and easiest way to learn.

Matt Wood

???You Are All Awesome???

silo G

I like how this girl is an Elite Athlete but very humble.

Grant Manley

I find it crazy that this is only like 20 min away from where I live


Stefis a flipper and Haydens a spinner... who would have thought ?

frederico padrel

I'm going to learn this !! My new "mating call" !!!

They Live We See

we are all stefi cohen


2:29 Set playback to to 0.25 to watch drunk Tom! ?

Kim Olsson

6:45 Juji kind of look like some kind of Street Fighter character doing this stuff xD

Francisco Cardenas

"Never give up. Don't stop trying. Always keep going. Keep moving forward"
- Dr. Stefanie Cohen (2019)


what the eff is a joojie mufufu

Carla DeLisi

This is so entertaining and impressive! What amazing athletes and coaches you are. Love to see heavy lifters do athletics, especially flips! ❤️?


Gymnists, once they learn something it never goes away.

Trained Pigeon

This was the one time I have seen Juji really look like he is comfortable and in his element.

Charles Slate

Thicc Tom was my boi
Hip Tom was fun
Dad Tom is going to be amazing

killerbuds uk 131103

Just watch ufc fighter ufc yoel Romero flip and backup he's about 200lbs and flips like a gymnastics freak of nature lol it's amazing he's a Cuban elite wrestler

JayRoza1219 -

She’s beautiful it’s just to much muscle an I mean that she’s fucking beautiful

Larry Brown

I was not ready for the random Djent licc

Oliver Allen

Ya’ll should take Stefi to salsa.

Jo .Jo

literally the best and most entertaining fitness people on youtube together!

Darryl Macias

Great Monday inspiration!?


Did you like Louie Simmons enough for him to coach you, if you accepted it? I think that would be the duo to end it all.


lol alex i feel you man our bodies are like 2x4 when they go mid air goes up and comes down and doesnt do anything cool.
+10000 for videographer


Very nice, congrats! This reminds me of that old movie, Gymkata.

panos kevre

She didn't do it. Her legs were more in front of her body than they should be.


massive shout out to you guys showing who tom is goes along with there new move as juji and tom channel as tom was not getting credit for being the other half to jujimufu channel they are great guys been watching them teach you guys back flips and i wanna see if you did install one of them mat in your gym in miami

Jujimufu Tricking Somewhere Familiar

Jujimufu Tricking Somewhere Familiar20 Jan. 2017
21 008
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So I was in my home town

So I was in my home town and got this familiar urge to "just go tricking". I went to one of the places I'd often go after school to teach myself tricks: a baseball field in a park near the house I grew up in. This is how I learned to trick, I just went out and tried stuff! A little rusty from a busy winter, but this is still my love. SUBSCRIBE to Acrobolix for more oldschool style tricking videos! ►http://bit.ly/getacro

SONG ● Take back yesterday by Circle II Circle

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Comments (73)
Caio Cesar

These kicks could kill a rhino.
He's just too powerfull


I've watched your old videos so many times, I instantly recognized the place.

Martial Lee - Vegan Roundhouse Kicks

Skeleton Key? Also, re-make Mablung!

John Montoya


Zach Brokmeier

juji I need to hear your philosophical ranting. where you be boy!? I liked the lowkick, high kick, aerial combos were sick. Throw a tuck and roll in at the end.

Dimos Palamidas

no aladin? :(


Make more tricking videos

SULLTRAINING aka @financialsully

Dude those 540s are beautiful. It's awesome to see developed legs executing technique. Bravo my friend.

Chicken Spheres

Came back to an og video to enjoy the golden juji era

Murad Bagirov

your hair used to be straighter, what happened?


Loved it! Nostalgic feels :D

diogo lucio





maybe a little to heavy


Reminds me of the vids on tricks tutorials back In 2003


Will you be doing a collaboration with Clarence Kennedy once?


You look like Mel Gibson in The Last of The Meheecans. :D

Jake Marocco

TricksTutorial memories man! I remember being on those forums everyday more than 10 years ago. You had some of the best aerial/brandy variations in the game. The double legs and 540s still looking good even through the parafuso in there. Cheers dude keep on tricking.

Suicide Squadie


John Montoya

This guy is a fucking savage. #Xgamesmode


I remember this!!!


That infamous fence


Cool oldschool juji returning, the world is getting better.

ever forward power

no more videos after quitting your job?

Marek Janec

man, have you ever tried yoga?

Ninj 2026

you have the same reaction of frustration when you screw up something that you used to do ask do. like wtf.


@jujimufu stumbled on this, I remember your forum videos from when I was 17. 31 now :(. Good to see your still going strong!

Hawk 1966

You are amazing.

Nathan Young

I've been following for a while and would be interested to see what would happen if you tried to go focus more on tricking. In the videos over the last 6 months it seems like you've been working to get back some of the old tricks, but it seems like you're the beefiest you've ever been (and perhaps by proxy) the least able to throw very many tricks. I'd really like to know what your inspiration to slant so far to the body-building side has been and if you see yourself working more tricking into your day-to-day now that you've quit your "day job."


your big enough now lol.you need to start training your kicks again.


nice?back frip?

Blake Hudson

Have you ever thought about doing a collab with furious pete?

Justin Sheteron



what about your beautiful btwsit =(

jae lee

how long did it take you to learn 1:07? Can you make a tutorial?


your an awesome inspiration. I'm a new subscriber but your channel is what I been looking for, great content and entertainment. love your philosophy about being able to be buff and also a athletic person all at the same time. I believe that as well and you are proof that it is possible to have flexibility, be agile and have muscles haha


so ready to see what you get into this spring and summer!! hopefully more tricking as the weather gets nicer :{D !!

Antoine Vaillant

sick video!


Great Jujimufu!!! You're fucking awesome, man (Y)
Keep up the good work!!!

Jonathan Anderson

looks like your hair is trying to loc up, Jon. dreadhead?

Robson Netto

did you learn capoeira training Jujimufu?

wolfpack fitness


Richard Price

you greta big show off.....love it .


try some wwe, for the moneys


I'm so happy I found Jujimufu on YouTube. A true inspiration ?

Victor Visala

Cool! Remeber the first time i saw Scorch and was amazed, probobly still the coolest video iv'e seen on Youtube! ? ???

Donald Faircloth

I know this is a older video but i just starting watching you about a month ago. I love how you in videos you even put your fails to show even the people who do it every day have faults and you are not some machine

Christopher Ziaei

Love this!

con stra

I love your mini sampler you put together ? yo are doing amazing

tim phillips

he's just a big ass fucking power ranger


Have you done American Ninja Warrior yet?

world tricking games


Malcoln Dandaro

When are you going to post videos more frequently? I love your videos I need more than one each 2 weeks

Timothy Rodowicz -Ursine Games-

1000th view, do I win a prize?!

Henry M

Juji. Do that cool backsweep hook 540 combo into an Aerial and/or B Twist. Like Backsweep - Hook - 540 - Aerial - B Twist.

Fernando Ocampo cruz

What is your seceret for being to flexible.

Capt Honorpants

maybe a lil rusty, but still clean AF

Neil Taylor

I would love to see this guy do some tricking with Scott adkins

Abraham Durán


biker of the everywheres

You only ever seem to trick clockwise, it just seemed odd to
Don't know why.


Thank you for being a great inspiration to me Juji! Greetings from Norway! :D

Going Dark

lol. Was this the field you were tricking in for the "Green Memory" sampler Juji?

Edwin Torres

Very Nice! Your like the Broly of Trickers! Its so cool you still have a passion towards tricking.

Sam Well

the flow tho...the fucking flow! blessings :-)


Do you ever try going to the right to balance things out?

Mateusz Kwiatkowski

well sir as i said on instagram. pure love.

CM Connolly


Looks like magic to me

kung fu panda got buff

Chantel L

That grass looks so pokey!


1:06 magic ???


fucking awesome.

Wade Garret

Where it all started... I remember watching you Juji back in 2004 when I was an aspiring martial artist. I'm 35 now, but still practicing. Love Brother.

Adrian Ene

You should be casted in the next Thor Movie :D