Opposing muscle groups

Opposing Muscle Groups – What They Are And How To Train Them

Opposing Muscle Groups – What They Are And How To Train Them23 May. 2018
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Virtually every muscle in

Virtually every muscle in your body has an opposing muscle that is performing the opposite movement. While one muscle is contracting, the opposing muscle is lengthening. Training opposing muscles equally is what keeps your body balanced.

Unfortunately, the muscles on the front of your body, like your biceps or quadriceps, receive the most exercise through daily living and often in the gym, while those opposing muscles on the back (triceps and hamstrings) receive little training leading to imbalances and eventually injury and pain. Another example, if you constantly train and strengthen your abdominals without training your lower back you will soon suffer lower back pain, poor posture and gradual curvature of the spine as your stronger “front” muscles pull against your weaker “back” muscles.

Unless you train to correct these imbalances, the dominant muscles will continue to gain strength as their opposing muscles continue to weaken.


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Opposing Muscle Groups Superset

Opposing Muscle Groups Superset4 Oct. 2018
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Opposing muscle group

Opposing muscle group supersets = time efficiency during workouts! Try this one.

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Opposing Muscle Groups Super Sets Rd 2

Opposing Muscle Groups Super Sets Rd 214 Jul. 2020

Super sets with a focus on

Super sets with a focus on opposing muscle groups.This is a great opportunity to not only work hard, but feel how your muscles work together to make one strong, beautiful body!

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