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Twitter TRIES Turning JJ Watt's Release From Texans Into Race Issue

Twitter TRIES Turning JJ Watt's Release From Texans Into Race Issue13 Feb. 2021
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Sports media on Twitter

Sports media on Twitter says JJ Watt was released because he's white, but Deshaun Watson hasn't been traded because he's black...

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Comments (100)

Send that cancer away.Nuthin but aggravtion.Get someone who wants to focus on football instead of what the paintjob is on other Americans?Civil war is long over.The issue was decided


What is this “Twitter” you are referring to? ???

Creighton Rabs

As a Steelers fan, and as much I think it would be pretty cool to see JJ and TJ Watt in the same defensive backfield, I don't really see that happening. The Steelers aren't exactly known for making free agency splashes and they have some major cap issues unless they can restructure Ben Roethlisberger's contract. Regardless, it's fun to dream, but I don't see JJ Watt donning the black and gold next season.

Luis Gomez

So people are STUPID OR ONLY people who can see what's going on

Steven Rosa

You know most liberal white people who make everything about race have no black or Latino friends

Timothy Koch

Twitter is the bathroom wall of the internet... ??


Can they just release Watson? He's not worth it. Just rebuild the whole damn thing. It's not like you'll do better than 500 with him anyway.

Crawford Hightower

Everyone should delete Twitter.

jameer williams

OMG white man can't see the racism...stop the presses



Liberty PTSD

Get off Twitter. Forever

Brian Benthall

JJ is going to the 49ers

J. Rish

It is a race issue. Everything is certainly ceremony. You know this. And you know they're all following a script.

tmat 2021

Most of us here realize that Watt is on the downside of his great career. Personally, I think he doesn't have much left in the tank and may have another huge injury. Comparing his situation to Watson's dilemma is foolish. The people who complain are football illiterate. Lol

Eustace T. McGillicuddy

there’s a reason why everything is about race these days: it’s big business, and we’re the fools who allow it to happen by not standing up against it.

Brian Jones

JJ Watt will go to a team and get hurt. Then he will say something stupid.

Allen Mills

Never tweeted , never will

Papa T

That’s what happens when try to kiss a$$ with the SJW/Democrat/Marxist crowd, eventually they will turn on you and scream for your head. That stand for unity isn’t doing him much good now is it?

American Patriot

.....They really make it easy not to watch ??

Never Surrender

Any time you drive past a construction site that has port-a-potty on it, just refer to them as Florios, Smiths or Kellermans.

Mel Jones

I think it’s safe to say Mike doesn’t really believe his tweet
If he does,
He has no business covering sports!


Twitter is Thought Cancer

Kelly Price

Smh. Gah this is getting exhausting. D Hop is black, they got rid of him... th does race have to do with this???

SZ Lava

It’s pathetic that they make the race card their only go to reasoning

T Bomber


J. Vega

Didnt Biden cure race issues?


Mike Florios piss hitting the urinal sounds feminine.

Chris Pewitt

Go get a real job JJ !!! You like to kneel for the anthem!! You washed up commie!!

Tony Beckett



Please not the Chiefs. We need players who can still play.


Hate the media so much

Mathew Caldwell

Unfortunately the woke NFL has made me not care any more. Didn't watch a game last year, just highlights. Can't stand listening to the commentators.

Mossimo Tiberi

Reality check: if you have Twitter you are part of the problem

dave g

Steelers have cap issues so idk about that .

Rick Orange

Twitter is now a giant" CIRCLE JERK"!!!


What was the difference between Watt and Watson though? Why did the same people that ripped Watson don’t blast Watt as well? That’s all.

Brandon Mcfadden

Titans please

Illegitimate Joe

Mike Florio is just a run of the mill race baiting hack?

Garland Etheridge

Great observations Clay.

Jaycee Crowley

Mike the Fruitcake Florio is a weak excuse of a man

Don Donovan

With the left when going gets tough, play the race card !


Anytime anything happens these people automatically pull the race card...these people must live miserable lives


Everything has to have a damn race issue attached to it or a label to it.can anything be said or done without a race issue, political correctness,or some sort of b.s.attached.the world is a giant label making factory!


Watt needs to retire and head up fundraisers. He has proven enough throughout his career.

John McCall

The only race I care about in this issue is the race for his services in 2021.

Ian Stuart

JJ should go to Tampa

Dragon King 27

Man when we all gonna get to the point we all don’t need Twitter if there gonna play the race card this is why we need more unbiased independent sports network


Florio's white guilt is real

Daze Hiphop513

The whole race this race that shit is played out.

J Dee

Watts going to tampa bye bye suh


Living in Cleveland I would hate to see him go to the Steelers. However, I would love to see him come to the Browns who are literally one or two players away from the Superbowl and our quarterback has more mileage left than Big Ben. The Steelers don't have the cap space to sign him. So if he isn't willing to take a 'big' pay cut they would need to cut a lot of talent to get him.

John Collins

IMO the reason twitter garbage goes viral is that twitter is full of no deep thinkers and the weak , that require the falseness of going along with the pack gives them a sense of being relevant, thus off setting there low discernment and critical thinking, basically a bunch of dumbasses.

Faithe Nichols

The paid race instigators are on Twitter doing that old fan the flame narrative. It's time to call out the race mongers. They do this to keep us divided. As long as they can do this they will control us.

david edbrooke-coffin

Race? How so?


no way he plays for the steelers, too many cap issues

Chofly Elite

When SJW’s who never played a sport in their life, or even follow sports, or ever do anything competitive, start forming opinions in the sporting world. The circus continues.

Matthew Bustos

Insert shocked Pikachu meme here

Hornet Guy

Maximum wokeness: now not being fired from your job is racism

James Russell

Likely, he'll end up in Pittsburgh. Unless he wants to go bite kneecaps in Detroit.

Donald umunawa

Tampa Bay

J Witt

Twitter is run by twits, bty I’m not on Twitter or facebook and if I were they would be deleted immediately. No way would I give money to those ingrate fascists.

John K.

Twitter tries to turn EVERYTHING into a racism issue. I abandoned that cesspool of liberalism long ago.

Jacob Marsee


Cameron Davis

It’s just crazy to me. If there’s on racist person that does something stupid then everyone else has to deal with it rather than just that person. It’s not a societal issue. Democrats are generalizing behaviors and calling them intolerant

Steven Rosa

It’s racist not to release a franchise QB instead of trading him ????. Can these people find a new fucking hobby?

Craig Hatch

So they’re willing to get rid of the white guy and want to keep the black guy and that’s racism?


Mike Florio is not a a journalist of any kind, he is a pure attention seeker/suck up...Anything he has said in last 3 yrs has been bs ?...Every comment that comes out of his mouth has been proven wrong..Aka Corona Bro....He has zero creditability.....he is a click bate seeker...not a reporter of any kind..

Oh no, there goes Tokyo.

The people trying to turn this into a race thing know nothing about sports. They are just race grifters and agitators.


This is why people are abandoning sports.

Pew Pew Guru

Science & Facts ??I’m Riding with Biden??


What a stupid take from Florio. Watson is a rare find in his prime. Watt is still good but expensive and in decline. But it must be muh racism.

kevin tracey

Tampa bay the next dynasty.

Miterben isdurty

Not even going watch. You can make a video every day on what crazy stuff dems say but its not productive and not shocking anymore. Its almost a waste of time to listen to when they say ridiculous stuff like this. And then to echo it it's like spreading their message

Randall Debuty

I'm ready to blow my head off!, so tired of the woke bullsh!t!

Robert Dudley

Watson is trying to force a trade and since it's his talent, career and life why are non talented people upset. Trump lost and it's not Watson's fault.

Hunter Anfinsen


Benjamin Daoud

Texans have a history of plantation football. Can’t fool everybody

Adam Berendt

Liberals are obsessed with race

Troy Ortiz

I think chargers are a dark horse for watt


As soon as someone goes to the race card, I tune them out forever. They have used it so much they don't even realize how stupid it sounds.


What goes viral on Twitter is NEVER representative of real life.


Of course they do....

Darth MAGA Vader

? Donald Trump got acquitted that's what I'm talking about baby God Bless America

Luis Gomez

IF it looks like a duck well you know the rest

floss 2 da 951


John Doe

Watson should BACK HIM UP!


I think focusing on their dumb sjw nonsense just emboldens them.. just provide the logical explanation and move on but focusing more on the nonsense like this is just a virtue signal to both sides. "Look how woke I am, watch my videos and like my tweets" or "look how I called out the dumb woke guys, watch my videos and like my tweets"

Tha Doc

These are the type of apples and oranges comparisons that people need to be able to see through. Just like the wage gap.

Isaac Jackson

It would be nice if the Greenbay Packers could land him!!!

Thomas Johnson

Watt is a white cry baby that was always hurt I would have been glad to release him

Matt Zach

So they want to keep the black player on their team and somehow that's racism.... Right.

Thomas Owens


King Of Satire

Travis you have amazing pen flipping skills.

Rafael Roldan

Tampa bay Bucs!

Rob S


John Collins

Mike Florio is the white version of stephen a smith. Is a legend in his own mind and loves the sound of his own bloviating voice

Florida Fool

Everything's a race issue on the new Tumblr.

David Bertrand

I agree on Watts to the Steelers.

J Dee

Alot of veteran are going to tampa sherman watts before they retired as long as brady is playing and they dont play for belichick

Michael Serna

Speak the truth Clay......!

The Herd | Colin Cowherd explains what J.J. Watt's release means for Texans moving forward

The Herd | Colin Cowherd explains what J.J. Watt's release means for Texans moving forward12 Feb. 2021
65 465

The Herd | Colin Cowherd

The Herd | Colin Cowherd explains what J.J. Watt's release means for Texans moving forward

Comments (90)
Ben Alford

Lol he still hasn’t forgotten draft night ?

Paul Savchuk

Get Colin back please


Id JJ Watt is healthy and can stay that way, I hope the Ravens scoop him up



Tom Hatton

List the title correctly twat


JJ and Nick Bosa will make the niners D even more dominant.

David Gonzalez

The Herd without Colin and Joy is just brutal

Jomale Chapman

Nick is terrible


Shouldn't have booed him on draft day lol

Will Chacon

Welcome back home JJ
Go Pack!

JA'Braylon Vanzandt

JJ needs to go to a legit Super Bowl contender or go back home to Green Bay. No that does not mean go play with the Steelers, or go to the Chicago ?.

Gareth Moore

Her voice is so perfectly tuned

Moe Smith

Why is this penis hosting the show. No one likes u ur not funny and annoying. Make anybody else the host please fox!!!!


Where is colin no one wants this clown

bb bb

All around class

Michael Tribbet

I like this girl but joy has a lot more happening

One Issue Voter

If you were starting an all-time team right now, and had to choose Reggie White, Bruce Smith, or JJ Watt, all in their primes, I think it's a pretty easy call to eliminate Bruce Smith from that argument. Bruce was great but not at the same level. Nobody else could toss around 350lb linemen like Reggie, and nobody else has the all-around skills - speed, pass defense, run defense - of JJ. For me, with modern QBs being more mobile, I would take JJ for his speed.

Simon G

If Colin was in a coma he still would have more personality n common sense then this douche bag

Mark Kowal

He'll end up with Steelers or Packers IMO


Houston wasted jj's career, and dhop.They had a trio of a top 5 lineman. top 3 receivers. top 5 QB...how not to manage a franchise.Its even worst than Detroit wasting sanders and megatrons careers


Nick's presence on a show immediately spurs me to switch the channel.

Tyler Smith

Screw you Nick, Bring back Colin!! Idc if you bring on 5 year old, but Nick is horrible!

Anthony Thanghe



It means 1 less WOKE player thinking he owns the team is now off it..JJ WOKE has been hurt more than he plays in past 5 years.. If these sports people weren't paid to blow these athletes and make the athletes feel like they are important to society they would be dogging these OVERPAID OVERRATED Dudes..


nick wright is the worst analyst in sports.

Daniel Delgado

God nick Wright is terrible

Mr. Bombastic

Whoah. Who is this discount joy taylor

Greg Galloway

JJ is not the player he once was. Injuries, lost a step, not as dominate!

Fiazko GG

I kinda feel like he sent a shot at Dan Orlovsky lol

Clint Barker

Fire Nick the grabbler. Terrible.

Hull James

Hey, he'll have even more time now to be a SJW.....

Dylan Martino

Hopkins now JJ and probably Watson an fuller Texans going 0-17 did y’all see that run defense plug me in coach I’ll play better

Andrew Dunn

How does Nick Wright continue to make a career out of being wrong?


Why do you do these fake fucking titles

Cool vibes Only

Imagine if he didn’t miss all that time

Bob LawBlah

I don't know what is worse, Joy's ON SCREEN abilities, or her hairdo

erik puka

If you pay your QB 30 mil or more-you probably won't win the SB in the 2021 season.You just can't afford with the cap going down to 170-180 mil


Would pay Baker over Josh Allen is the dumbest thing, I think, Nick has ever said. You have lost your mind Nick.

Joe Hall

Keep the new girl with Nick she's a major upgrade over Joy

Yin Liu

man, typical Browns. if the extend Baker, the Browns are done.

Rod Munch

Turn your phone sideways.


Texans could’ve easily traded him to a contending team like packers or steelers for some high round picks, what the fuck are they thinking?

D Hawk

Ar his peak JJ was the most dominant and well rounded defender ive seen live. Been watching since mid 90s

Joseph Smith

Is Nick really this bad or do you think it’s an act?

James Buckey

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to get back to divorce analogies.


Brett Kollman just hit a new low


Bucks will sign him...he needs the ring‼️

Kathy Siedlecki

JJ please come to Cleveland Browns we would treat you good.

Cathy Norris

To the Packers!

Aiden vestbie

Bruh stop using Nick Wright he isn't entertaining ew. If Colon is gone why not somebody else lol.


don't over pay Baker Cleve, hes great but not a top 3 dude

Dwayne Gaither

Tampa Bay... Here comes JJ WATT! ??

John Marx

He's a bum!

dan tran

Every time NFL teams sign their young QB'S, every time, to be the highest in the league, every team! Why? Now it's a lifetime joke - Brady NEVER had any season as a highest paid!!!!! Lol.

Dmitry Teshkov


James Calder

JJ Watt is either going to the Steelers or the Browns

Simon G

Much Love 2 JJ But he's done his career is over regardless always getting hurt

Maurice Brown

So Derrick Thomas was chopped Liver. Why does Nick always speak in hyperbole. They don’t have to be “greatest ever, best ever” because y’all always leave a guy out!

The NFL is WOKE Yo

" bill from the pats here,ermmmm you wanna play a little QB"

Sean Purcell

Catfished again

Marlo Saunders

A joy double ???

Rich Farfugnuven

JJ finishes his career in WI at GB.

Kevin Lovelady

J.J. come to the BILLS....We going to the SUPERBOWL next year...

Peter Branetzki

Well I am kinda wondering did JJ have some help since his injuries seem to be attributed to those who have had help

Doug Noe

Is Tom green taking over for Colin?

Robert Mullen

Ya lost me rating anything from Watt above Donald.

David Rhoads

By jj just go no need for drama we don't need no video just take your millions and leave nobody cares but you

Unc Zay

I really enjoyed watching Baker play this year living up to the expectations

Dylan Martino

Plug him an with rams an Donald or 49ers an bosa or packers

Ram D

Hope your ok Colin. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ron Chu

can she not have a huge smile on her face every damn second?


JJ a class act, he’ll be good in GB.


These video's are labeled as Cowherd explain's....or whatever, shows his picture in the thumb nail, and then Colin isn't in the video at all. So here's is what you can do, if you point your mouse pointer on the video and the slight video preview shows Nick, you could just skip the video. If we can come up with another way to hurt these dishonest morons, it would be interesting to consider.

Alex Ostrem

Colin looks different today

Shawn The Great

Texans managerment is trash

John O'Neil

He's ALL DONE!!!! Ten years later and you still have to mention Draft night? What a tool.....get over it!!

asdfaf vbdsvfs

JJ to Tampa

Enrique Lopez

where THE FUCK is Joy


You can see him seethe in his seat complimenting Tom Brady.


Please stop labeling these .. "Colin Reacts". It's obvious bait-n-switch

Notfrom Thisworld

Niners go get him

Hieu Ho

Tom savage

LiveLife LS

So why the hell is Nick wright hosting Colin cowherd?

Adriano Stafford

You do know that is not Colin right?

Eric Ryberg

Wild that FS1 uses Colin's face and name in the thumbnail of the video just to get a view on the video cause no one wants a Nick Wright take. Not saying I dislike Nick Wright but he can't carry a show.

Eric Oakley

Joel osteen? Who dat?

Deshaun Watson

Makes sense JJ deserves a good team. Get me out of Houston!


Bucs going to drop shaq barrett and sign jj on a respectful deal.

Marvin Bell

Hey why is Nick a religious bigot? Why is the Texans problems a factor of what they're GM did for work before matriculating 2 GM. No one ever says Nick can't carry a show because he used to work in a fast food restaurant before one day becoming a broadcaster. Hey Nick and Colin stop the hate

Cathy Norris

Go get em Packers!

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: JJ Watt Interest? Dak Prescott Injury Update? La’el Collins Retirement Rumor?

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: JJ Watt Interest? Dak Prescott Injury Update? La’el Collins Retirement Rumor?14 Feb. 2021
22 331

Dallas Cowboys rumors

Dallas Cowboys rumors today focus on just 3 players: JJ Watt, Dak Prescott and La’el Collins. What do the futures hold for Dak and Collins in Dallas after their injuries? What potentially wild rumors are around them right now. And what about the Cowboys going after JJ Watt in free agency? Will Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones target a premium player for once?

Dak Prescott continues to dominate the Cowboys news cycle. There’s a report from Mike Bacsik of 1053 the Fan that all is not right with Dak’s ankle injury. Among the wide-ranging claims are that he might not ever play again, that the Cowboys could cut him in June and more. Some of them are accurate, some are wrong and some just don’t make sense. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks it all down.

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? That’s okay, we can help. Save 15% off flowers and gifts at Pro Flowers and try and make up for it: http://chatsports.com/flowers

JJ Watt to the Cowboys? That would be a great move by Dallas. Sadly, don’t get your hopes up. The Cowboys don’t appear to be showing much interest.

Cowboys Rumors, apparently, include La’el Collins retiring. Although that hasn’t really been mentioned at all publically, Collins’ agent says his client is not retiring. It’s weird.

Cowboys Rumors

- Sign JJ Watt?

- Dak Prescott Injury + Drama

- La’el Collins Retirement Rumor thing

Follow Cowboys Report host Tom Downey:



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#Cowboys #CowboysRumors #DakPrescott #CSPF2021

Comments (100)
Jacob Suarez

J.J Watt Y

Angel Banda


Dusty Rhodes

I am not as worried about Collins because he has been practicing and looks great he posted videos on social media and his hip looks fine

Ryan Baker



“Tom Jay Jie Watt Downey”


Tom the 12th was a Monday, Cowboys played the Giants on Sunday the 11th afternoon game I know this because it was my birthday and after Daks injury the whole day was ruined.

John Wahler’s


Byron Flowers

Y for Yes at least see what he wants

Chris St.Clair

Jj. Watt



Michael Plant


Timothy Gallegos

Y sigh J.J.

Clyde Hyde

Tom doesn't want to ask questions about the surgery. Just hurry up and pay the man the $60M that he so righteously DESERVES....Or we could be smart, franchise him again, and see how that ankle plays out. It was facing the wrong way. Maybe Tom can dip into that Chat Sports money and pay him, himself.... cause no one else is interested at that price.

David Ramirez


Mark V

Gordon Hayward had the. Same dam injury & signed a big contract with Charlotte?‍♂️So Dak will be fine!

Terrence Stiffler

Pocatello, Idaho. DC4L.

Sid D Kid

When the Cowboy's do not have interest in a player...It means that they have interest at the right price.

Chris Garrick


William Crumb



JJ Watt is going to want too much considering his injury history plus his sack totals simply are not where they should be for the amount of money he is going to be looking for.

Chris Veira

You may not want to throw shade but I will! What kind of BS is it to say "I know something you don't about Dak and you will just have to trust me"! Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me!

Christian Criner

Let sign jj watt and p.peterson draft rest


Y if deal is right and medical is good.

Forrest Kiser

I hope so but things don't look good between are tackles we need.to draft.a tackle I know.are.defence. needs alot.we need to take a tackle 1 or 2 if not are offence will struggle all yr

Ray Moss



Would be nice to get Watt but JJ has never gotten a person like that in all his freedom to do so big name's JJ not going to get. Also JJ gone sign Dak just got to keep the Cowboys talk going for awhile after draft is when it's gone go Downey lol get it Tom Downey. ? yesssuuhh honestly JJ shocked me but he knew he had to do it is when he went & got Amari Cooper but guess we will see.

Ken Bingo

I'm going with nine I'm pretty confident in Dak


We can’t sign nobody until we take care of Dak. This is getting ridiculous.

Dallas Cowboys Report

Do you want the Cowboys to sign JJ Watt? Type 'Y' for YES and Type 'N' for NO

Terrence Stiffler


MWM Manning

There are good quarterbacks who can be winners at times but they aren't great leaders. A real leader will affect the performance of the whole team in a positive way. Especially mentally. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Jon Elway, Roger Staubach etc can rally the whole team. For years. Dak is not that kind of player. The Cowboys need to make a move in the draft to get one of these top quarterbacks.

Zombiebasher029 Easy claps


Ken Bingo

But if I could get him for 10 12 million a year hell yeah sorry about the language

Byron Flowers

scale 9 he will be back ready to play

Clyde Hyde

How about an incentive laden contract? He wins the SB, $40M - Conference Champs $35M - Make the playoffs $30M - Miss the playoffs $25M. Now that he tried to hide the second surgery, I doubt that we have allot of interested teams.

Cgw6253 Wilson

Defense wins championships, followed by a great quarterback coupled with playmakers, lastly getting co as coached up to harness optimum performance...

Rogelio Maldonado


Timothy Jones


Dewayne Wilson


Frankie Nunez

I had a similar injury expect mine was during September and didn’t get out of the boot till March if anything he’s way ahead and doing good

Clyde Hyde

Watt wants a contender. We are not a contender...

will young


Nick Rickman




daniel vega


richard robinson


Thomas Lopez


I think we need to start working on this o-line again. That’s where it all starts for us bro. Whether it’s Dak or anyone else back there.

I’m not a fan of a corner, I know we need one but the cowboys just don’t seem to have an eye for the position.

Mike Jenkins
Orlando scandRick
Morris Claiborne
Byron Jones

I think we’re all 1st rounders which didn’t necessarily pan out.

Jr Jr

yes jj

Charlie Bridges

They did a clean up job like every medical doctor does on every major surgery. It's called a follow up procedure! Fans Relax!

Charlie Bridges

Dak is fine, Cowboys just doing BS to keep him at the price they want to sign him at! Cowboys need to stop with this ish! If you dont want him go sign who you want and let him go or just sign him to the Tender Tag.



Shogun Drummond

Dallas isn’t interested in winning games they’re all about making money

Ken Bingo

Q it's hard to say no but you know it got to say no unless the Price is Right

Baked Yoda

Can we all agree Jerry’s gotta step down in some way? Tired of our team taking L’s

Clyde Hyde

Remember, in the 90's, when the Redskins tried to buy a SB by overpaying all the FA that were on the market? Dion and Bruce Smith... I'm guess that Tom wasn't alive then.

Chris St.Clair


jim smith

Cowboys would rather waste money in FA on washed up players. They could have signed a good FA instead for the same money

jim smith

Armstrong gets nothing done.

Haas Navedo

Get rid of Armstrong, Crawford is done Ankou is erelivent and maybe signe Smith to team friendly deal then see if a deal can be struck to bring Watt in.

Richard Bullion



Watt & Watson? Perfect. ?

The Gorilla Gamer

If you get injury you take a pay cut karma is a bitch dak was being greedy with money and did take the 5 year deal because he wanted a 4 year instead so its his fault so I would sign him he a good leader but a terrible game manager because he can't play 1 and 2 quarter but plays good in 3 and 4 when we down by 30 so yea I think he needs to go its just toxic when he's around because its always about collecting 40 million a year he's not worth it be a mistake if we sign him I guarantee it

Laurence Hill

Please hire Troy Aikman as GM

Derrick Daniel

Cowboys fans want everyone like shut the hell up already we ain’t even sign dak yet but y’all talkin bout watt he ain’t coming to this team

Frank Cox



Do you realize we could have Watt for a year and Russell Wilson for 37 million a year. Yrt we keep a 7th best qb and pay him a top 2-3 salary. Idiots in year 26 again.

Laurence Hill

7 for Dak

Terrence Walton

If i was dallas they need to keep lael Collins his too young

Charlie Garcia

They don't know how to draft . Need some coaching staff to help make decisions on best available round per round.

Nick Rickman


richard robinson


Bradley Miles

That's one of the problems for Dallas, they skip on possibly signing someone who could really make an impact instead they rather barging bin shop for scrubs. They hit on trading for Quinn but totally whiffed on Poe and McCoy not to mention Carr. They should sign dak long term than try to sign an impact player

Kingdallas24 cowboys

Pick him up JJ WATT LET'S GO

Jeffrey Patino


Nick Nipp


Michael Plant

He will be fine sign him already dam!

Cgw6253 Wilson

To put a bow in the whole thing, Until Jerry Jones relinquishes the titles/ Gm, President...we are a business brand of a football team...the winning ways stopped after Jimmy Johnson quit this organization. Don't trust Mike M, Stephen Jones, because they haven't found the blueprint to take this team back to an NFC championship, forget Super Bowl, I sincerely hope that I am wrong, im ashamed to be a Cowboys fan.#let us pray.

Mark P


Sean lankston

I like you got to speak your mind.

Ruben Rosa

Yes! Yes! You have to ask the price for JJ. It would be ludicrous to dismiss.

Rick Lay

Y on JJ

Peter Gonzalez

This show needs a producer

Daniel matera


Buckeye Bob

Couldn't win paying Dak 400k. So.... You think we can put a winning team around him paying him 40 million. Can someone take a stab at explaining that logic?

Willie Ogletree


Craig Also

Prescott's not going to be the same, because of the injury

MWM Manning


harrypotter zoup

JJ Watt is going to Cleveland after they drop ODB

Dennis Smith

No question!!!!!!!!!! Sign Watt and Dak



Ray V

If I was Jerry Jones and Steven Jones of course I would sign JJ Watt and of course I would go out there and get Early Thomas. Earl Thomas was begging to come to Dallas and I know he's gotten in trouble in the past but he wants to be here in Dallas, if somebody wants to be somewhere I'm sure they will be on their best behavior at least try it for one year. Everybody knows that defense wins championships, look at the Bucks and they just shut down Patrick Mahomes and won the superbowl,the list goes on. I've been a Cowboys fan my whole life and I am absolutely tired of the BS drafting, trading and signing mistakes or lack there of. I don't even wanna go to the games anymore spend any more money on merchandise until they get their crap together. I wish everybody would get together and don't go to the games or by merchandice until they start listening to their fans and making better decisions.

Frank Cox


Pimp Daddy

B4 i watch the video gotta start with #dakstrash

Rick Tackett

A rumor of Dallas trading for Russel Wilson, that woud be great and Wilson is worth the money everyone says Dak is going to get

Laurence Hill

Please sign JJ Watt

Robert Lindley

Dak is wanting more $$$ than he is worth. More bangs for the $$ go with Andy Dalton as starter, and of course make a run for JJ

William Gray

No. Watt is a waste of time. Money and need other positions.

B Dot


Devil Dog

I think Backdick is full of sh*t and is just reporting crap to get his 15 mins of fame.
If Dallas doesn't have Dak resigned by the Draft, then they better start making other plans for a QB.
As for La'el, I think he'll bounce back IF we have a normal training camp this next season (including OTAs).

Rusty Flores

Yes jj watt