Pistol squats benefits

Make Your Pistol Squats Much Stronger & Safer

Make Your Pistol Squats Much Stronger & Safer7 Mar. 2016
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Learn progressive Pistol

Learn progressive Pistol Squats with Convict Conditioning:


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Tight hips are a curse to your leg strength, not to mention know knee health.

When you use your hips more in a squat you unleash a flood of potential strength and mobility.

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King DDD

shoulder videos three parts

bargene journey

oh coach thats awsome idea do u think that arch back deadlift is a good exercise to target the erectors


I love your vids, I would appreciate if you put the link whenever you're mentioning previous vids for reference, I'm new to your channel so chances are I haven't saw that video. Cheers.

Gabriel Haudrechy

Hey pal, thanks for all those videos! Great insight! I wonder if you would be ok to answer a little question I have, I know I can keep good form on squat with my lower back and also the upper back straight, but as soon as I get my legs closer I tend to loose form a BIT, and tend to want to pull my knees together and loose a bit of balance.. I don't know how I should work my squats, either a lot of reps with large feet and good form or try to close them and work on no great form until it gets better? Thanks for your help :)

Sudivirat 123

Thank you sooo much cos I've been doing it wrong for a long time and having frustrating deloads. I'll do better from now . Only video that's speaks about it ??????.

Chris Sekely

Hey Matt, and the rest of you guys and girls. (Matt, you did already address this briefly for me-thanks). Maybe someone could help me with something specific here. Basically, I can't position my body properly in a low resting squat (one or two leg) position such that I can stay balanced in that position (with heal-ground contact) without tipping over backward unless I use a counterweight. I can do pistol squats-sort of. They are still a bit of a struggle and a little wobbly, but I can (when at my best) get the whole way down and back up. But, I can't do that without using a 10lb. counter-weight held way out front. It may be my ankle flexibility/mobility. I can only get my knee about three inches in front of my toes. For reference, see here: https://youtu.be/_G6kUbc-hl4?t=18. It my also be a hip or strength issue. Would elevating my heal slightly be an inadvisable cheat or a good intermediate solution? How should I diagnose and/or fix this? Thoughts anyone? Are any of you also dealing with this issue?

Dainius Miežiūnas

Matt great video could you also make a video on getting better mobility and activation in calves and ankles? Thanks!

Chris Roper

Great concept and video, thank you.

J Kuper

Classic M.S of the RDP right here!!

Paul Davies

Nice one Matt! would like to know what you think about Ido Portals Squat routine. basically spending a total of 30 mins in the bottom "rested" position of a squat

Me Me

Thanks a lot. Back pain has been drastically reduced. Wow. Thanks

Mohamed Abodeef

hey matt..last night I read your 30 pages on chain training and I have to tell you my friend it's a game changer...I know it's not rocket science and it's probably was out there in the fitness cultutre but after reading it I managed to make 5 regular push ups work like they were 20 or something...whether it was self education or you took some classes you just rock my friend


Great video, I've had crunching in my left knee for a while now, which started getting worse once I got into pistols. Realized this was my exact problem. Thanks for saving me from what would be pain in the not to distant future Matt! Looks like pistol negatives w/ isometric tension into close squat positives are the remedy for the time being.


I've been working on this since your last video, I've been doing pistol negatives during my workouts to really focus on balance and getting a good stretch in the hamstrings. Leg day tomorrow so I'll see if there's improvement. Thanks!

Robert G

Matt, I would love to see a similar shoulder 3 part series of vids. I am having a hard time believing that HSPU's are best done without using stands of some kind to get a full ROM getting the wrist near the shoulder (even on the easier progression levels). To me it is the same principle as squats that you promote, ass to grass, but you seem to be in favor of a smaller ROM (for some reason) for shoulders. Why the difference? Is it that you want a program with no equipment other than a chinup bar or is their something magical about the shoulder joint that I don't know about?


Higgaly piggaly hahaha


Would keeping your hands behind your back during deep squats activate hips more?
I'm now doing that hand position to make squats a tad bit harder, or quite a bit actually.
For me it seems as if the hips are more engaged that way but not sure if it's my posture in general or if the hand placement actually does the trick.

Chris Sekely

Matt, I might want to buy one of your books. I've talked with you briefly in your comments sections before (just recently). I am currently working on pistols and muscle-ups and trying to develop shoulder strength for hand-stand pushups that I will train for eventually. I currently go to the gym 5 days a week, but may not always be able to maintain this schedule. Which of your books would you recommend for me now? Why that one? I may eventually buy others, but I would like to start with just one.

Edit: I just visited your web-site. You'd mentioned some books on your videos. I thought they were all by you, all available in hardcover, and all sold for a cost. I guess all three of these assumptions are wrong. I would be willing to pay for a good book, though. Would you recommend "Convict Conditioning" or maybe something else altogether?


Hey Matt, do you think that dragon pistol squat is an appropriate progression to pistol squat or is it two of them an entirely different move?

Lety Ruiz

WOW finally, my knees thank you :D

mike kram

2:30 get to the point


What should i do for a poping in my knees when i go just below parallel? it does not hurt or anything it just sounds bad.


Oh my god thanks for making this clear i for the life of me couldn't figure out how to do squats properly the tensions always came down to my knees even with proper form, it sometimes didn't but i failed to notice why everyrime it didn't so couldn't understand this problem, your video instantly clicked with me, going to do some squats now

Matus Grega

Don't it make any damage to the knee when I do so many rep of squats (200) regurally ? Do you really think that I can or I should do so many reps of just regural squats ?

Pistol Squat Hacks (Legit Variations!!)

Pistol Squat Hacks (Legit Variations!!)7 May. 2020
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I don't do regular pistol

I don't do regular pistol squats anymore, these versions are honestly WAY BETTER. You'll know why soon enough.

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Want to consult me for email exchanges, consultations, online coaching, or for custom programs? http://outalpha.com/contact/

Disclaimer: AlphaDestiny is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. AlphaDestiny will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

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Strength Hacks Coaching

Hey Alex, great information thanks for all the inspiring content during these challenging times. What do you think about weighted step ups or single leg box squats? I find that my balance gives out before my musculature on pistol squats.

17,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

I would definitely recommend pistol squatting off a box/high platform with the other leg below. For me the main issue is mobility and that fixes it.

Glen Quagmire

Alpha, I appreciate what you do. Learning about this variation to pistol squats and the 30s prison pushups and squats vdos is a gamechanger for me.

kay illa

0:05 wtf you have hair?


I remember asking Alphadestiny about this and its been a staple in my routine ever since.

Mr Toastpotato

Just do step-ups.

Eric Fernandes

Really loving the bodyweight videos mate. Keep posting Alex ??

Aditya Juneja

i dont like training legs but this was your best video on home workouts in my opinion

Bernardo Ramos

Do you think they are good to train 1-5reps heavy?


Yo Alex, what about half pistol squats? Are they effective like the box pistol squat?

Starving Nerd

Have you ever experienced low sex drive or lost of libido as a result of constantly working out? I feel like that’s what happened to me over the past year, I didn’t really take the symptoms too seriously because I thought they would go away and I believed I was the healthiest I’ve been in years. I just looked into overtraining and holy shit I found so much on this issue of training causing low testosterone and low sex drive because your body is in a constantly stressed state. Google "overtraining an low libido reddit"

Den of Fitness

Love from India.
I did 6 × 6 one arm pushups.
I did 101 dips in one session.
It used to take me 7 days to complete 70 dips.
It was tough more before but with consistency I am able to do high volume dips, weighted dips.
Weekly target 150-180 dips.
Slowly increasing volume for personal week. Eventually my daily quota will increase .

Slow and consistent effort wins.

Thanks for mind blowing content.

Marvin Payne

This was a great video Alex! I wonder if you could do a series with restsiance bands for legs or full-body, I find many people have them and don't know how to use them

Henry G

what are your thoughts on a the racked kettlebell position? Thats what I've been doing mine with..55lbs KB

Crazy Connor

Pistol squats are king!


You still running? I just started after only doing bodybuilding for 15 years. Gonna be interesting to maintain my gains and get after those running goals.

Regular Jack

Long femurs also makes regular pistols almost impossible

Aviad Haham

you saved me, thanks a lot man

Derbis the Eternal

Might I ask Alex, what are those red marks around the base of your neck?


If you’re into dark scary workout vids check out my vids if you get a chance thanks!

Dustin Rudzavice

I'm good at any squat variations (with weights) but suck at pistol squats...I'm gonna keep these methods in mind next leg day.

Dean Shafi

Can you do a shrimp or dragon squat?

Drimo Dramo

This one is life changing

Kane Waddington

Any recommended exercise at home for upper back thickness and spinal erectors purely bodyweight only?


This was genius that way your legs are evenly strong and it adds even more weight this I bet can shoot up your squat

Calvin Unroe

Got some sun didn't you Alex? I did too lol

Farhan Piruzdelan

Keeping the arms straight and holding dumbbells in front of the body really makes pistols much easier to balance but still forces you to have good mobility.


Been watching since ~1.5-2k subs, and want to say that you're still by far one of the best fitness Youtubers. We appreciate your effort brah

Zay7jass second account

What about shrimp squats


TBH, i did think these were inferior to regular pistols. Now that I'm unable to do them because of an injury that lead to tight ankles I'll try them out again.

Andre On

I do pistol box squat but my knees still hurt how can I reduce knee pain with it?


So when do we get the hack squat pistols?

D birdflips

ALPHA! Plz do a video on, “Can’t do pull-ups?” Or “Still can’t do pull-ups? ?‍♂️I do flips and lots of cardio like walking fast. My volume is really high for ring neutral grip pull-ups and Australian pull ups. For some reason though I can’t seem to do 2 regular pull-ups! Please help me I’ve been strugglin for months tryin to get a pull-up. I can do chin ups however and have trained those straight for three months but still no pull-up.


Now I feel less bad for not being able to do a proper pistol squat on the floor, thanks for giving value to work arounds!
Also, did you get a slight sunburn around your neck? There is a bit of redness going on there. Unless it's the color of your shirt being reflected on your skin.

Weaky Repz-

One dislike ha


if any of u guys still dislike pistol squats I suggest doing single legs high step ups. The eccentric is more like pistol squats when elevated enough, and if you're a hiker, you can feel the mobility gains in your ankles and your hips.

Nadpad -

Would a front loaded bag work?


Alex is a legend. I've been pistol squatting now about 3 years and I absolutely agree with this. Lower back compression is massive for me with pistol squats and since I got a plyometric box they're my go to on GPP days. Alex is the guy on youtubefitness who has put the most work, IMO, in the trenches with exercise variations. Since I did his novice programme maybe 5 years ago my gains have taken off in the right direction. Great job man, missing the super saiyan enigma remixes as the music background, bring em back brother ! :)


Since i had a previous injury in my ankle i had trouble with the regular pistol squat, mostly with balance. So naturally i started doing them of my boxing bag. I go to failure on one side and do a drop set to an even easier version, pistol squats but with your other knee kneeling besides you, not touching the ground. These have been pretty good honestly.

popcornto :

Hey Alex, my gym is reopening next week, however I don't know how to get back into it. I'm thinking of testing conservative maxes ( RPE 7) on the major lifts and then just hopping back on your novice program for a few weeks. What do you think?

pedro henrique

I like doing them with 5lb plates on my heels

P Duhovic

Excellent video Alex. During quarantine this was exactly what I found out to be the truth

ATP Synthase

I can only pistol squat on one leg. Can do a couple with my right leg but can't on my left because of knee injuries. Not because of pain but it doesn't have enough stability and can't carry the load on its own.


I can only do assisted pistol squats, not even the regular pistol squat. I also don't have a place where I could elevate like those boxes.

Peter Abel

I get your recommendation and having less mobility issues when doing it on a box, however, since I sometimes do them weighted, I'm to scared to try them because I sometimes loose my balance and that could end bady then (especially with a kettlebell in the rack position)...

shaheer ahmed

Who the hell disliked the video!!!!!?


What if i have knee pain ?

Just Brams

Hey Alex so if i only have dumbbells to wokout and you said that Zercher is a better form than front. Which form do i use? Do i have to do them with "Farmer Form" (On the side of my hips) or on the back?. awesome video and sorry if bad english

Angel Radev

Gonna Try That Out!

Matthew Davis

You can do jumbo shrimp squats off a box like that too.

Sage Wave

I’d like to buy those plyometric platforms. Where did you get them?

Lewis Wood

pull ups every day has caused tendinitis in my elbows, does anyone know how to help this?

Burakcan Mutlu

Hey Alpha can you do comeback routine video


Completely agree with everything you said. Great advice and neat/creative setups.

Nick Healy

Would a backpack worn over your chest be a good way to load weight on to this exercise without such a mobility issue?


imagine 30 down pistol squats. You’ve videos help out a lot and you’re highly underrated:))

Oooh Aaah

It's my mobility balance that's the problem, I have a judo belt hanging from a door way pull-up bar to hold to keep balance when I pistol squat I can ps with an extra 25kg weight added but I just can't stay balanced and have to hold the belt .


Depending on what your goals are, you'de better to choose BWpistol squat or Weighted pistol squat.

More in details :

- Personnaly I do pistol squats on a Swiss ball for : Warm-up (for my legs workouts) + Functionnality (the BW version needs more mobility than the Weighted one)
- For somebody who is looking for strengh/hypertrophy/etc he'd better choose the Weighted pistol squats

kerim ben

Elevating your heel will also help a little bit with the standard version :)

fatdepressedveg knight

Thank you for showing alternatives,

As I was struggling with original version because of injuries balance and very weak ankles

Peter A

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
John 3:16-18

e latif

Mate, this is one of your most invaluable videos to me. I’ve been trying to work on pistol squats in quarantine but I’ve found mobility and balance have been limiting me rather than my strength, and I’m not interested in specialising in the exercise, so these variations give me a really feasible way to perform the movement. Thanks!

Abhaydev Menon

Can you make a video on how to improve weighted muscle ups ..


Awesome video, Alex. I'm convinced!

the geth

Are bodyweight reverse lunges a good way to build strength for pistol squats?

Valen Lutzky

Great video Alex! Would you ever train for a full planche?

Nisim Does Powerlifting & Fitness

Great video!
I invite you to check out my channel.

Ahmet Yiğit Özkoca

I got knee pain on pistol squat, i can do ass to grass, why is that?

Jon Duke

Alpha needs to wear some sunscreen next time.

Jishu Dhar

It might be better with the pin front squat position... What's your opinion?


Proud of you for your full beard growth.


Pistol Squat hurts my knee, but doing Pistol Squat of a box is great. How many sets and reps you suggest Alex?

A. Rampersad

If your body detects that you are imbalanced it limits your muscle force output. So always hold on something lightly to get the most gainz

Lakhan Bali

Surprised to know that the box version is better for muscle gains than regular. How about assisted pistol squats using a gymnastic ring with one hand? And split squats with one foot elevated on gymnastic rings? Just looking for various ways to maintain leg gainz. Thanks for the content!


Box pistol squats are awesome! I've been doing 5x5 with them ever since quarantine. Mobility friendly, whilst effective! I usually use adjustable dumbells and increase the weight by 5 pounds every session, or I throw objects inside a backpack to progressively overload.


So I've been skipping leg day since the quarantine started

Pa Jenn

I'm in China, so my gym has been closed since mid-January until 2 days ago (about 3.5 months). For my legs, pistol squat variations were my main lower body exercise at home; mainly the 1-leg box squats and pistol squats while holding onto my TRX for balance, plus some split squats too. So for 8-10 weeks I trained at home doing those and push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Then I bought a home gym that I've been training with until now. When I first got the home gym my squats felt like shit, but they came back fast and last week I got a big PR with my SSB. On the other hand, bench and OHP felt much better right off the bat, but I'm still about 5% off of my all time bests.

So in my experience, I lost a lot of efficiency in the squat movement pattern, but basically retained all my leg muscle mass using the one leg squat variations. Bench and OHP will come back soon (I'm putting the focus on benching now). Deadlift is harder to compare because I'm at a fifth floor apartment, so I have to pull of silencer drop pads (I stand on a little platform though to make it roughly comparable to pulling off the floor), but I think it's more or less there.

Buck Reynolds

Nice video. I was wanting to ask you about pistols from a low box but now I got my answer. Do you think these are better than Bulgarian split squats? Definitely seem to get more out of less weight with these.


Fucking hell mate, uploading quality videos multiple times a week... cheers!


Watup alpha been lifting for like 5 months and my bench is only 120 pounds for a 5. Any tips? Diet seems to be pretty good eating before workouts don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Bubs Suess

Dude box pistol squat how did I not think of this Alex you are a beast

Emre Y

Been doing it off a a box just like you recommend, got pretty strong. Want to add weights now, what about using a backpack with weights? is that okay?

Hamdan Syed

Can someone tell me what is good weight standard for pistol squat done off a box ?

Anthony Haga

Alpha, I recently tried meagan’s stretch pump cycle for my arms, and holy shit does it work. My question is how would you do that on your back? Maybe holding scapular protraction on trx/rings than doing rows for rep work? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, brother!


I would also recommend doing your pistols on an incline plane, you can easily create one by putting a plate against a ledge. It makes it so much easier if you have ancle mobility limitations and I find it to work much better than putting a plate under your heel because it allows you to keep your foot flat on the ground.

Ohma Tokita

Thank you alex for these videos !!
They are the best and very helpful for these times !!!!!!BE SAFE BE STRONG !

Derbis the Eternal

Hell yeah!


I'm really bad at pistol squats. I've been doing Bulgarian split squats with a weighted backpack to work on my legs.

Jon Duke

Think I'll squat like normal thanks!


The stabilization during the negative portion was the hardest part for me.

Emanuel Galindez

Hola , se puede ver con subtítulos en español?


I've done 405x10 at the gym before it closed easily, but I can't do not even 1 pistol, maybe cause I'm heavy or cause of knee chondropathy, I don't know. It's the same with push ups, with both hands i can do a lot of pushups but when i try one handed i can't do it. I can't understand why is that it doesn't make any sense, I'm going with that i carry to much wheight on me, otherwise there is no reasonable explanation for this

Joshua Robielos

I just run and do some weighted body exercises for legs

Bob Jenkins

It's great seeing your strength/hypertrophy roots & creative mind addressing bodyweight movements in this way.

Daniel West

Shrimp squats are another great alternative that don't require high levels of mobility. I've been doing them for the last two months of quarantine and I can now perform 8 clean unassisted reps without the back toes from touching the ground. I started at barely being able to perform a few with the entire back foot touching the ground. The next step would be to hold my ankle and perform them, but I've tried that and found it also requires a greater degree of mobility as well as stability. I might just stick to what I'm doing and wear my backup full of water bottles.

Steven A

You ever try Anderson squats man? You may really enjoy them, they feel wayyy better than a free squat.

JP Nyiha

I'm doing pistol squats tomorrow. You're a real one for this ?


First time comment - long time fan of the channel. Totally agree with your points on mobility vs strength in this video, but would love your perspective on actual ass to grass pistols - as in sitting down, deloading the knee as in a box squat and then coming up. Dangerous? More worthwhile than stopping clear of the ground if mobility is no factor? I never see anyone else doing them like this and I can't figure out why...

Thanks for all the advice and inspiration man. Stay well

Javier Gutierrez

Yo Alex, I've got knee pain on the outside of my leg by my knee whenever I try to fully flex my quad. Any ideas as to what It can be?

Alan Howe

Hey Alex, does a single high rep back off set done after hitting your max effort set affect the adaptations?

Ask Al – Are Pistol Squats Dangerous?

Ask Al – Are Pistol Squats Dangerous?4 Aug. 2017
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Al KavadloSubscribe 438 721

Check out my book,

Check out my book, Perfecting The Pistol Squat, for more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08RW6X5FT

Comments (55)

Found Heisenberg working out without glasses!


true af, I "broke" my back actually doing pistol squat the other day because I had an arched back probably and I could had been overtrained as well, so guys work on your form progress steadily and sensibly

Mark Cain

I had both knees replaced in 2017. Will pistols be possible again?

My Food Doesn't Scream

I fucked up my right knee by (probably) overdoing pistols... Had annoying feelings in that knee for a good year, if not more. The pain stopped a while after I went vegan, and therefore stopped consuming dairy products, which are known for fucking up humans musculoskeletal system. My lower back pain stopped too btw.


Hey hey hey Al! What is your advice for erb's plasty calisthentics practitioners?


Lots of tattoos and yet he speaks lots of truths about pistols.

Ale X

说得好 支持 (ง •_•)ง


Thanks Al


but are pistol squats with bonus 50% of bodyweight extra weight bad for 14 years old?

Jennings Gardner

My right (weak side) knee is so messed up from these. No matter what I do, I hurt it more and more whenever trying to correct it. I just can’t keep my knee from wanting to cave inward. Now I can’t do two legged squats anymore and I was so good at those. Fuck this exercise. If your body majorly favors one leg in general, dont try this exercise for a long ass time.


Well explained ????

die rote Wand

hey al, thanks for the video. what do you think about wrestler's bridges?


Wise words


I often do pistols but I also do a single leg squat where my torso stays very upright and I lower myself onto the opposite shin/knee without using my arms for balance. Movement is almost exactly like a standard full squat but with one leg curled up. It works well with external weights too. What would this squat be called?

Mohammed Anwar Sayeed

Make a video on close or narrow squats

Jordan Cotter

I did a pretty intense pistol squat workout not too long ago. 90 pistol squats total. I was sore in places I've never been sore. and I was sore for an unusually long. It didn't feel like the good kind of sore. i wondered if I overdid it. Regardless, I don't think they are an adequate substitute for heavy squats. I feel like I need a heavy load on my back every once in a while or I'll get brittle and frail, even if I'm doing body weight workouts regularly.

joseph carter

I have no idea who the fuck this guy is but I already like him

Ridz Feels

You are the best brother Al:).....we are working out:)

Andrew Ramirez

Hey Al
What about Muscle ups? Are these dangerous? What are the pros and cons of doing them?


cheers al

yair cohen

Thank you. You get to the point quickly, you are not trying to appear as something you are not, and that information helped me a lot. Thanks

curious gee

I luv you man.

Diogenes' Lantern

Hey hey hey, pistols duh! Pew pew

Paul C.

Very. That's why I do them everyday. I like living on the edge.

Ronnie Woodill

Hey hey hey!

Сергей Зуев BeinYoga

thank you for your opinion, sometimes people want to hear what they are afraid of

tempered well

Hey hey hey Al. Not every exercise is good for everyone. For example, for those with proportionally long femurs and a short torso, pistol squats can put too much pressure on the knees as, without using a counterweight, those individuals cannot transfer their body weight enough to their hips without falling backwards. A better question is, if your body type is not suited well for an exercise like a pistol squat, why should you try to perform it?

0070 Gibran Maulana

Is it me or you lose some muscle mass ?


It took me one week for 6-8 reps

chuck farley

Awesome. How can you not love Al Kavadlo?

Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad


zalán vajda

Hi Al! Should I do the 40 reps in one set, or in more ones for the proper progression to the pistol squat? Thank u ?

Joshua Joseph

Well explained al ?

Ultimate Move

Hey Al! But a lot of my friends get hurt even if they are doing it for long time

Andy Yera

Thank you Al Kavadlo!

Eduardo Rodriguez

I've been training the Bodyweight style for more than five decades. My background is Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts and Football. I never suffered any training-related injury until recently. Pull-ups can give you Golfer's elbow if you follow the same "proper" form. My pull-ups went from several sets with weighted vest to practically cero!! Now, I'm starting all over from scratch. This was a major set back. So, be careful. Use periodization of training, so tendons and ligaments may recover from all that stress. I highly recommend the use of rings to avoid troubles.

Nick Biermann

Thank you for your consistent, down to Earth information!

Andrea De Caria

Great video!!! Could you do a similar video talking about back bridge and handstand pushups or archer pushups?


Hey hey hey! I have a question about pullups. I read your article about achieving 20 pullups and been training for it for the last, say six months and for all this time I've been stuck on 10 reps max in the first set, 11 if I really push (pull?) it. Lately I've been alternating between neutral and underhand grip (overhand make my shoulder ache). Any advice? Thank's! You're a beast and true inspiration :) Peace.

Stephen Davis

See I would say it’s dangerous long term because of it being unilateral and offloads the pelvis to one side which can cause back problems later on. Thoughts?

xabierzu urmán

I thought this guy was the bald from calimovement

Rafi Mostafa

He ain't kidding about doing 40 normal squats. I managed to do my first pistol squat after successfully being able to do 40 normal leg squats. You need to build the minimum required strength first.


Al how can you incorporate cardio on the GET STRONG program? I'm trying to lose fat thank you

Omar Munoz

Thank you brother AL ?

Mattias Östergren

Great post!

Mike Moran

Hey Hey Hey Al! So glad ASK AL is back on youtube!!

Kai Moro

Thanks Al! I remember you answering a similar question i asked a while back about muscle ups being dangerous and unnatural. You answered it the same way with some added gusto! You the man!

Jeroen Janssens

Hey hey hey Al, what about the starting position of the feet and how to avoid that your knees bend inwards? Curious to your opinion. Thanks Jeroen

Luis Ortega Jr

Hey Al quick question I'm on phase 4 of the get strong program my problem is I can't get the Archer pull up form correctly any variations to work up to that specific exercise. Thanks keep up the good work God bless you

Sammy Lane

Just Al Kavadlo is such nice positive and supportive guy, I subbed to his channel.?

Michael Nussbaum

Well said Al. Your videos are so informative. Thanks for what you do



Conrado Niehues

Great content Al! Thanks for your explanation about the pistol squats.

Alessandro 1985

Hey hey al! Quando i tuoi libri in italiano?

Zi Yi Tan

What's after pistol squats? They have become too easy for me.