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The Weight Is Over | Ashville Weekly ep019

The Weight Is Over | Ashville Weekly ep01914 Feb. 2021
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This Week at Ashville I

This Week at Ashville I take Yianni for a ride, Mace Muscles deliver on my custom Olympic weight plates & bars and I'm on the cover of a magazine... this time with my clothes on.

Mace Muscles » https://macemuscles.com

00:00 intro

00:49 MONDAY

» 00:50 has Thanos lost his powers?

» 01:56 Stereo App & ep018 recap

» 02:33 Concreting the yard

» 03:41 Construction jobs meeting

» 07:40 @Lewis Morgan Podcast


» 08:55 @Yianni's house update

» 12:18 @Yiannimize Offices

» 17:20 Basement Salvage

» 18:27 Basement Fit Out


» 19:00 Material Mountain Madness

» 19:54 Scania Heathrow

» 21:49 Site delivery job


» 29:00 At the yard

» 29:40 Material Mountain piling up

» 30:10 On the cover of @Commercial Motor Magazine

» 34:45 The Taxi

» 35:05 Baseball Helmet branding

37:29 FRIDAY

» 38:19 my first fare - @Yianni cab ride

» 41:54 Mace Muscles / Mace Industries weight plates collection


» 48:10 The Gym update

» 48:53 Michael's on IG @Michael.Olesinski

» 49:35 Containers shelving

51:37 outro

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Comments (100)
Max Jakobsson

cameraman: alright.. its 2pm, almost time to hit the sack... niice..

Chris Hearn

Tough times don't last but tough people do - I really like that! Combines well with my 'Patience is a virtue'.

Jordan Fragola

What happened to no boots in the gym

Den I am

Now the shoes, this has to be the best episode yet! I'm in stitches man

Chris Pritchard

Ive just had a brilliant idea daniel, you and yanno should do a carpool karoke!!! This is would be brill content aswell!!


Dan, mate.... what's with the ads? YouTube interrupting my weekly addiction.

Carl Lamb

I’m so made up for you mate
On the Front cover of commercial motor just doesn’t get any better mate so proud of ya
See all this hard work does pay off eventually never forget nobody gives you anything for nothing you get off your arse and work for it
My God you are a grafter mate

Martin Snoey

Man -2 sounds a dream right now, last 2 weeks we've had constant -40 to -50 here in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Carl Lamb

Daniel you are loved mate
You have a great following Iv not seen another YouTuber that is more loved than you

yakruza 88

Love the videos bro shout out from Melbourne ✌️?????

Elliot Lewis

Serioussss guy

Andrew K23

you need a Netflix show or something this is good content (subscribed)

Richard Tiscoff

The MOT test centre??

Muhammad Abdurrahman

Daniel I need a job
Daniel : have ya subscribed
Man: yes
Daniel:good Man U got the job

Fabian Liverpool

I'm gonna be the Ashville of Guyana. "This is Fabian from Liverpool".

Tony E

Why not hire 2 half pipe ejector trailers (push out type) for that big job?

Lennie Beckford

Taxi Fare and runner. ? ??. I know what it's like bruv. I used to Minicab back in the day. Keep the great content coming????


That skit with Yianni in the cab ❤?

James up

Wonder how much you get to use that gym?


Daniel I noticed that your car I’m on the light has a long scratch so maybe if you know this it then say bye-bye

Josh Mcluskey

Daniel is serious. This is my favourite YouTube channel

Carl Lamb

I’m just going to check me money tree in the office ????

Joe Currid

What's happening to those weights your making? And when are you going to do merch?

Nevin Hattle


Spencer Reynolds

Dan have you got YouTube and insta stickers on the fleet? Brand everything after all!


‘I’ve got a runner’ bloody cracked me up!! ??

Den I am

Ffs the mot sign on yiannis unit LOL

Robbie Mac

DANNY watch you all the time not always on this account love your videos... BUT just watching you vid with yanni 1 week ago just after you explained about the pool being dug and the digger in the back ground is absolutely screaming for grease just thought to try save you some repair because I know your serious bruv keep up vids love the and watched all of then take care.

John Laing

Love the channel and you obviously you work out and take care of yourself. Question. Could you actually pull one of your trucks like a Strongman event?? ???

Sukhveer Singh

Well done on the magazine nice ?????

Peter Clare

M.O.T Test Centre , lmfao

Aramis Diaz

Congratulations for your Health and Hustle!!! I appreciate your hard work

Mile Rale

Interesting videos, well done mate

Knowledgie Mangezi

so this SERIOUS thing has become Daniel's thing neh.....nwr thanks for the upload its time to recolour then mondae

James Thompson

Awwwk look who it is ........ it's Dan Dan the thanos man

Steve adams

What is the product what is coming on the trains? Is it MOT TYPE 1?

Russ Ozard


Reginald Specter

we need a drive with daniel segment

Robert Sedgwick

well done on the mag- SERIOUS!

Yousif Khalil

A question that I don’t think you have been asked before ? Why Ashville ? Why did you call your business Ashville what’s the relevance ? Love these weekly videos look forward to them... ??

William Rendell

Absolutely love this channel. Daniel is the best guy on YouTube by far. No one deserves to be more successful than him.

Prxyx V

That’s so crazy, I live right near where you was driving past and I had no the yard was so close to home

Stef Jaenen

maybe a tip: split the week in two to make the videos shorter. then we can look forward to a new video twice!

Lewis Morgan Podcast

This guy is SERIOUS! Thanks for coming on the podcast ?


Love the atmosphere around the yard. Hopefully it’s the same behind the cameras. Keep up the good work Daniel! ??

Chris Hearn

If you want reliable, hard-working, disciplined drivers - you need armed forces veterans Daniel.

Cmw Speed run Uk.



I listen very attentively to Mr Daniel, enough to realise he said (Equiwent) instead of Equipment at 34:13 even the editing team didn't clock that, LOL, thats how you know Daniel your viewers pay so much attention to what you say :)

Harry Zulu

i dont get it, why lease a land when you can buy?

Jack Twomey

38:34 off to get an “actress”

Charlie Lavender

I used to drive that sweeper !

T Reyes

Daniel is the owner, site manager, lorry driver, content creator.. The mans truly seeeerious!! Big ups!

Hamidi Maqtal

Hey Daniel, your videos, team, and company is amazing. What is your opinion on electric trucks. Would you ever consider buying an electric truck? While I know nothing about trucks, do you think with savings on maintenance, fuel, emissions rules, that it would work?


38:54 Some next level fake taxi shit. SERIOUS.

tyler graham

when wayne had some bashment ringtone i died haha

Patrick K.

Still my favorite video of the week.

Kevin De freitas

Where did you buy the money tree can you send me a cutting so I can grow a tree as tall as me. Lol wouldn't that make life so easy.

Charlie Fenton 123

Expecting you to use jackoboard for tilling
Where do you get it from?

Zak Mensah

Enjoy the series. TIP for storing your paper archive. I work in museums and archives and just checking you know about relative humidity (RH) being the main consideration for long term safe storage of paper. You may have thought about this but if not you can see free advice from The National Archives for the guidance.


Already breaking the GYM rules, no workwear... straight to the boss!! with him!


Have a word with the cleaner.. That dust.. Your cleaner needs to be SERIOUS!!


Why don't you buy the yard?

Jéstallion N.

It wasn't on CarWow, but Yianni finally got to run???

Noel Porter

when you gonna start ASHVILLE ENGINEERING and start supplying and welding those steels, rsjs and posts yourselves!!! like cos those big rsjs cost like 400 notes but all people do is cut em down and paint em weld some triangles and boom they're 1000 coins

i watch every ashville vid and love em all big up


Winter is here ??

John Darland

Tough time neverlast, only tough people last


if you know, you know.

Maurice Eustard


Adam Carter

Looks are deceiving that man was very fast ??? excellent hahaha

Michael Elliott

i’m from corby never thought to suggest mace ind when you said about weight shortages ? gutted i didn’t spot you?!


I’m pretty sure he’s gay

jason young

Whoa whoa whoa get that bobble hat offf an get that branded ....... ???


A hour !!!!!!

Mex 89

Loving the ashville gym ?

Just QQB

Can the videos also show some of the Ashville work that you do when you're in the home office? Because we're serious about getting inspired. Much love all the way from South Africa ??

Grant Simpson

normally look at the time stamp on a YT vid and think....52 mins....faaak dat.... then ashville weekly sunday night rolls around and you see the 52 mins and think....yeee-haw. best channel on you tube

57 346

Rule number 18 is serious. That’s such a big problem with public gyms?

View Tube

Man spends time filming,travelling,building a gym etc etc running Ashville who does that ? If man wants to be a celeb get on love Island ?


I've been running a small contracting business for 28 years and I still work 7 days a week, 14 + hour days. Driven by
" fear of failure "

TOMMY Oconnor

Big boss the don Daniel keep up the content Bruva

Ross Murray

Think the taxi needs ashville logo on it

Irwin Aisea

Many Congratulations Big man you're a good role model and a inspiring person. Keep up the good work and stay safe ???

Les Hall

Fantastic article in commercial motor

Jay Benjamin

Saw an Asheville lorry today Wooopp woooppp

Jay C

Great show Dan!! You really need to get a bed at your yard...... you’d save alot of time travelling back to your flat....??

itzmatty 1

Daniel do you think you will buy the yard at the end of the lease?

Big Geoff

A good one devon boys go from 6am to 6pm it got to be good in London

Jack Sutherland

When is the merchandise coming out?

Tom Jackson

What's the back story of the taxi?

Chris Pritchard

You and yanni look like your on fake taxi ????

Stef Jaenen

maybe a tip: split the week in two to make the videos shorter. then we can look forward to a new video twice!

Man Don’t lie

How do you know ur drivers r doing the relevant checks, are they held accountable for damage to your vehicles... tanks


Then mysteriously Yianni hasn't got any money to pay for the taxi ???


That vw transporter aint overweight ?


Gym rules.. missing no energy vampires

Den I am

50 plus mins yeah.... Few mins in and click of the fingers and you're left standing there, instead of appearing outside.... I think these bits are absolutely comical and brilliant..


6:30 ?

Harvey Whitehead

4:31 Dan u vape


Yessss Wayne hope the dawg is good!!! ???

Adam Tomech

Yiani’s view in the back of the taxi looked same as faketaxi

Joel Berdat

Yianni Super Sticker Customiser, Yianni the wanna be formula 1 driving sticker layer, The greek launch controller