Men in thier underwear

Black Men Threw Their Underwear On Stage For a Self Proclaimed Image Consultant

Black Men Threw Their Underwear On Stage For a Self Proclaimed Image Consultant20 Dec. 2020
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How many times did Organic say "to cock" lmao

Answer: It was 28 times

Gregory Kenny Viel

Great video.

Dominic Bright

Straight ridiculous, how can you follow a man who you don't see with no women in pictures. Trashing a BLACKWOMAN that's make six figures.

What About

Image Consultant is like Life Coach, it's not a real thing but enough are dumb enough to buy into it.

Don Anderson

I feel these black males really dont have nothing going on outside social media that's the reason why they always bitching about women no real man that has something going for himself gets on the internet everyday complaining

Ghost Lion

Organic snuck up in the cut like omar from the wire with his vids... 3-4 in one day? An absolute catch many slippin style!!????


Another Amazon Prime Example!!!! Damn!!! Ultimate Mic Drop. The thumbnail says it all. ???? Can't dispute it. This is going to be something out of Star Wars Clone Wars as time goes on. Great video commentary in closing out 2020. Despite the current circumstances, I still believes the opportunities will present itself, but it's going to be a monster in 2021. I approve this message. Salute. This is a Mortal Kombat Brutality Finisher move with this video.

Rodney Jackson

Good for you Organic taking a stance against these Manosphere clowns. I'm here for it.

Robert Chavis

That’s a very good question, why isn’t Neil DeGrasse Tyson is not called a genius??? Better question, why Robert F Smith is not called The Godfather???

Antjuan Ball

It's a real shame when black men continue to let themselves be con by feminist black men claiming to be high value dating coaches.


i don't follow his channel but have watched a video and read the comments honestly some back males look very weak with the worship sand they definitely talk about women way to much .. way too much

Toriano ObaShango-El- The Cosmic Titan

Damn, that's real shit Kid. You with the shit, I'll give it to you. Come rotate with us. We're always looking for serious intellect.


The image consultant wants all the effeminate black men for himself ?



Takman Klan Killa 187

Welcome back kid ?

Edward Bailey

Stupidity and weakness is the new lifestyle of being a celebrity.


Image consultant, dating coach, life coaches are all frauds!

Takman Klan Killa 187

Mr do u got big** ? #SUSpect

Black Mage

I don't need a dating coach I do things my own way because I am the lone wolf alpha male

Jordan Johnson

Great video Kid ?


I’m gonna miss that content, but do what you gotta do, salute

maximillian brown

Title is misleading and stereotypical. Not every black man don't agree with Kevin Samuels.

Divine Native Gamer

I also called them out.

Because now all of a sudden they want to use the word high value/purpose.

Diana Jackson

It is crazy some of these men will listen to charismatic man on the internet they do not know compared to women (including their baby mother/partner, sister, etc) they know in real life.

Dick Dastardly

I've never been a fan of livestreams lasting hours and hours. Any man that can sit there and tolerate that I say do what you do. Some of the red pill content creators have rah rah moments and thats basically what I think of Kevin Samuels. He won a bickering session with the gynocrisy but I'm not going to wait 2hrs through a live stream for the next one. Seems no one has a live stream of constant red pill rah rah moments. Something that will never happen. Why? Because these moments are orchestrated for maximum effect. Content creators want a piece of all factions of listeners.

Cirru K

I used to think Tariq was the truth. Now I look at him like how do anyone even follow him.

Divine Native Gamer

This is why I called out O'Shay puss Jackson for defeating Rainbow Klansmen's Kevin Samuels.

Who asked a brotha about his manhood.

AGoddess Navee

Glad to hear from you again, njoy that time off????✌

Serena Sumrell

I’m crying with laughter


Kid I know you are busy but forgive me because I truly enjoy listening to you while performing my house duties and working out. Makes it so much more enjoyable. Your commentart and comedic relief be right on time. I hope you are well!

Victor Aizen Wilson

Kid is tired of the bs
Edit: When kid started laughing at 14:35 I lost it!??

Diana Jackson

Any man on youtube that lacks accountability and fault the black woman for everything, they flock to it.


Sack jumpers ?????

Michael Simms


Armed Rebellion47

Now Let the Church Say Amen!

d shooter

Life/dating coaches are frauds. Anyone can, and do call themselves that.


#BlackGirlsWithGuns New subscriber.

Toriano ObaShango-El- The Cosmic Titan

"From clit to sack, to clit to sack..." ???. It's sad. It's up to every man to develop the emperor within. But, that comes with first knowing the true meaning of the ancient Ta-Merrian proverb, "Know thyself"...

Donda Genesis

Excellent commentary Brother Organic. You’re one of the few good men out there who has the spirit of discernment. It’s time we get on our people, BW and BM

Nick Taylor

Peace Organic, hope all is well in your quadrant of time and space. ⏰?


FINALLY I’m back from the gulag, it’s been hard to procure a stable internet connection in Ghana, but BIG SALUTE to Organic and the rest of you hope your day is going great as is mine also KS is down low

Rastaz Realities

Talkn bout Jingle Bells...Ha!

bEwater LEE

i declare war on these simps too ...we have to kill the evil within


Nothing wrong with a Life Coach. As long as your getting pertinent info. To be competitive against "other men". If you just want to get laid. Well no one can help you out with that :)

נסיך טארק

?????? ?ROTFLMBAO!!!!!

Lakers girl 4 life

Too funny

shaun in the cut

Another great point ?

Free Agent 4 Life Rocky Cage

That's why I don't defend anyone because they have the same or similar skin tone

Stephen Smith

Don't forget jason black


U just got called out by I am Aahron. Check out his video "Black men jealous of black men" at around 3 mins 45 seconds.

Honey Bee

Thank you!!!

William Grayson

The music in the background had me rollin!??. Fits perfectly with what you’re talking about!??

Drew Lamar

I mean its mostly blk women who call his show

Edward Bailey

Real Manhood is a path,not a hobby.

Robert Chavis

All of this time, me working, providing, and handling business proves that I was on the track the whole time. I had many men mad at me for being able to talk to women, had friendships with them and be with them. I understand now.

Crime Mia River

Hello, what's the name of the song in the background? ?

Random god

Imma unsubscibe 2 that clown right here but i dis love his music tho ???????

Paul G

His man purses be killing it bruh lol
The candle just topped it off


Remember the “crispy biscuits” video? Still, people take Tariq serious

Janadrian Bettard

Just shameful.


Good video KO, I'm cool with KS, but I don't understand this intense cucking for him, it's abit much maybe above much for grown men to do so.

Men in their underwear

Men in their underwear27 Jul. 2011
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Men Get Styled In Their Perfect Underwear

Men Get Styled In Their Perfect Underwear14 Aug. 2017
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“I’m gonna wear the hell

“I’m gonna wear the hell out of these."

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Kellie Swanton

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Mike Trapp's FunAFpainting

My Sexy Artist's Assistant wears great underwear, I think I like SAXX on him the best

Xayne Charlson

Putting Eduardo in the thumbnail was brilliant. Here for him.


can we please have a break and admire Amro for a sec

Mr Greening

Damn, Eduardo is so hot! And he seems like a really cool guy too!

Zac hary

What is Eduardo's instagram? He is so handsome ??

Juan Carlos Martinez

Why would I buy underwear designed by a woman...


I refuse to wear men's underwear designed by a woman and she should be ashamed of herself.

Leo Hamada

The guy with the blond hair is extremely photogenic.

Sunshine Gacha :3

Surely Eduardo is a male model, he is so freaking hot all over

Terence Gurung


Rajveer Mohanty

I like you eduardo

Anarose Rambo

If Eugene is sexy Eduardo is beautiful ??

David Mackay

Eduardo helloooooo

Bertha Kitt

Kellie Swanton is a little freak. I see you girl.

Apex Lounge

Should of given them bra and pantys much nicer

That Rad Guy

Oh my. Eduardo can stay O.o


No homo, men love to see good dicks too.


Great to see guys feel so confident in their underwear. If only more men realized how important good, supportive, underwear is. Love how they felt good enough to appear outside. Great video.

Ritchie Ridanko

Who's here for the bulge?


Underwear is not important at all. Although good underwear is a plus.
The most important parts are face and body.

makham sutar


Manny Tovar

Eduardo is fine. ???

Amon Lieutenant

they all have cute butts

Jayden Keith

eduardo can drive my car


heekkkkk fk damn Eduardo

Dr Shyho


leonardo benetton

edurdo what

Emmanuel Manrique

Zach is such a beautiful bear ??

raju chacha

guys any one knows the tune name for 2:09 ???


Damn, Eduardo's cute!

Al Patus

so what is the point of shooting underwear photos outside

Logan Shaw Dance

anyone else see eduardos eye brows? lookin like rock lee


I didnt like any of the 3 choices the lady gave them


Mens underwear is designed by women!? No wonder most of it is uncomfortable! :DDD


Everybody clicked on this video to see the hot guy. If the thumbnail had a pic of the guy with the stomach that looks like a butt, nobody would have watched this.

Simon Wilson

are you serious? these are stylish underwears? They look horrible....

Arima Kun

eduardo is gay ? i cant believe it, my gaydar doesnt work any more i thought he was straight ?

Arief Ash

Damn Eduardo uhhh

Bruh Mode

Damn Eduardo in briefs. So sexy ?

Jp Aragon

Zach has a real man body

Tom Shiner

my legs are spread for Eduardo

Jek Saak

Commando. Problem solved.

Caleb Nichols

I buy my Underwear from the Underwear Expert. I love wearing sexy Underwear such as Jockstraps, Briefs and Square cut Underwear. I'm a 19 year old guy who has an average nice looking body, but the underwear help so much towards making me feel good. I'm not bragging at all I'm just hear to talk about Underwear and how it can make someone look and feel good.

Sebas Dextre

I like the boy with pink shirt... Black briefs ???

Iran Dude

I feel for the guy when people just passing by when just trying to pose and doing your sexy. Hahaha.

Saruman The White

Why let a woman do this...

Sourabh Jadhav

wow nice bodies........ wow

Timmyjimmy Pingpong

Hairy guys are sooooo sexy ??

matthew mejia

Profile pix for Grindr?
Is that what this was?

Josh Pouncey

I came for the a Eduardo is Zaddy comments.

Leonardo Hernandez

I just wanted to see men in underwear lol

Salvador Laurente Jr

Zach is so hot! #dadbod Anybody know his insta/twitter?

life sucks



Those mens! ??

Brian Bowman

Would be nice to see an then and now vid of these guys.

Terence Gurung

nice ??

Javier Melgar

Just here for Eduardo. Lol

Kyler Earl

2:00 what a nice buldge??


mh zach

Arooj Imran Khan

Hello. Boys.

Willem Kievits

Zach’s bulge ?


The heavier older guy is the best, I'd sleep with him....

Justin B

now i want more :P


El calzoncillo negro es mucho mejor

hisham ahmed




Dr Shyho

hot beaer


Firstly, of course she says men should refresh their underwear drawer every 12 months, she's head of a company that makes men's underwear!!!!!

Secondly, Eduardo is stunning! Thirdly, Zach just looks so cuddly.

William Goboff

Want the happy fave ones. They look comfortable.

Sourabh Jadhav

wow hott body......

George Taylor

I’ll pass


I think we all know we just clicked on the video so watch Eduardo pose in underwear

Pat Colegrove

This is my heaven.

John De Leon


Haha i just remember what cameron diaz said to the dancer in Charlie’s Angels


dont pause at 2:00

A Peter

her choice is FUCKED lol


i honestly do not know why i'm here..

Dr Shyho

mh ack zach

Clayton Meador

2:25..lil black briefs are SEXY AF..!!! ?? all you guys are brave for doing the photo shoot also! You Go MEN..!!! ???


Zach! You are a yummy! <3

Camilo Hernández

anyone has Eduardo´s social media?


$42 bucks for a boxer brief? Lady, you got a lotta nerve!

Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ

Wwoooaaahhhhhhhhh this is niceeeeee

iris flores

I dont know how i got here

Jack Scoville

Trying to get the perfect underwear is very confusing

really regular

I'm not trying to objectify or sexualize him by saying this but Eduardo is perfection to me ?


Eduardo and Zack are like the type of guys I like :p

Rahadian Yamin

Hate Eduardo's chest hair. Just wax it

Sourabh Jadhav

wow hott and sexy males.....


Eduardo is hot but he seems like he has such a boring masc for masc attitude.


They look sexy


Guys all look adorable. Especially like the bigger guy ?

Cqoffiie Mamaseaable

The only handsome there is Eduardo


Damn Ed.. Daddy.


Can we just appreciate how daddy Eduardo is ??


Good choice of models, twink, jock and bear.


LOL I would kill to look like Eduardo... Hell even that couldn't make me look as hot as he is. And the adorable part is that he doesn't know (unless he is an excellent actor) how hot he is!


Eduardo looked amazing in the new black briefs! Great look!

Bella Swan

Eduardo is yum ❤️