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TMW Answers Question: Paying for Personal Trainers Good Idea @hodgetwins

TMW Answers Question: Paying for Personal Trainers Good Idea @hodgetwins17 Dec. 2011
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Jose .P

And that's why people have trainers. So they don't have to worry about this stuff, all the keeping count.


@xricoc really slow metabolism and put fat on easily


I have a personal trainer and I meet once a week, the rest of the week I work out on my own. He just makes sure Im staying on track. If I was good at being my own trainer I never would have gotten fat in the first place. Trainers are a good thing I think.


are t bar rows equivalent to bent over rows??

Andrew Molina

The fuck was he sayin and why was he saying it with his gay home made beats playing just loud enough




turn ya music off u fukn moron!


My Dad Is an Electrical Engineer. before that he was a bean farmer, then he joined the US Military, and got a good job afterwards. Now he's making 60$ an hour plus+. Does He lift weights? Never in his Life. Is he Healthy and Happy? Yes :) Home Cooked meals Everyday from Wife :) and Nice Family too :)

Raivons R1 & 535d


Larry L

@Dooper630 he said carbs haha. I'm Irish so I can understand him perfectly.

Vanica Reed

Hodgetwins. When come down to what ever you say. Or do eat right drick right. Keep. Stringh

richard aguilar

trainer? if your really desperate and dont know shit at all about lifting i would say ill ask for advice , but paying them to tell you what works or not is bullshit, every trainer is different, and everybody is different, get tips, do research, watch TMW, and try it out for yourself and see what works for you, Youtube pretty much has everything.


"be ur own personal trainer" couldn't agree more. at the end of the day everyone must realize that only YOU know your own body, a personal trainer dont know ur body they dont live in it lol


i bet he sells beats n chile lol?

Shristi Sharma

If you seriously want to lose fat fast, you should look up on google "Windy Fat Loss". You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Josh Gillespie

@Dooper630 He said carbs you idiot.

Tee Banger

this stupid nigga got some professional monitors lying on their side, fuckin up the perfect acoustics he paid for


LMAO at the gay ass music in the background... His weight ballooned? More like a hot air balloon


@santasubsify seriously though


@Flstudz I am responding to the second comment of the video.


@DubStepEdition that was intentional

Number 6

Funny at the end after he says 'do whatever the fuck you wanna do', you see keith turn to kevin like hes about to give him another ear full lol

Alexander Higgins

Actually the best muscle boosters are 1 eggs, 2 skim milk. 3 fish and 4poultry. Those products are natural as well and cheaper

CNR Detailing

that guy is talking to slow man, thought i was gonna suffocate

Simon Fisher

Forget the personal trainer and find a workout partner.


@stebrabakone yep, in fact T-bar rows are more effective because they support ur back


what the fuck is that nigga listen too

Augusto Ribeiro e Silva


Winson Gilbert

@vvcygkw yep i agree. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. But really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. The video is public now. Have a look >>> bit.ly/LRhx5h?=mgfqok



JL Carcamo

Hey, after taking a look at the link on the description i finally find out that serious mass is for me........why? cause i'm skinny and i already tried taking some animal max but with no results, there is no doubt i'm a hardgainer but....anyways thank u for the link the advice is clear we don't need personal trainers........i think your personal trainer is your own motivation!!! keep lifting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Referring to women as bitches...WOW. How the hell do you guys have so many subscribers...

Maria Acosta

i fastforwarded over the idiot that spoke with music blasting and sometimes personal trainers are good for when you start and if you need someone for motivation


is he trying to rap or WTF!


He's from Dublin


LOL this guys fucking hilarious, the musics so ass..

Sinan Khan




brosive yohansen

@555eldo i would for a few lessons get him to make you a training regement but them out him an as the twins say educate yourself

richard aguilar

shut up bitch you said that!! hahahahha


I'm going to college to be a Personal Trainer :(


hhahhahahahahha he said he balooned over the past two years!! had me rolling


personal trainers wont show you what really works, theyll give it to you slowly so you spend more money its a waste unless you go with specifics like how to perform a specifc excerise correctly


I had a personal trainer for like 3 weeks, just trying to get a more athletic body and trying to get more muscular. He was a cool guy but after about a month I didn't really see almost any results. I've since busted my ass at the gym and in the same amount of time made major gains. Even though he was a cool guy I finally understood that it's a business and that his job is to have you coming back to never perform to your peak level or push yourself.

Mark Mirabella

@0IROK0 haha I see. and it's VERY possible believe it or not. It's actually really rare to have just one body type.


they look fat as fuark


next time he should turn that dam music down n SPEAK UP, n lay off the twenkies


Awesome video, I'm so glad I never got a trainer. Plus, I got you two (no homo)


fuck out the whey with that free promotion attempt why in the hell was he playing his musiq in the background

Eric Allen

@rssfeedslive agreed. yall really should be doing somethin like that. Yall are hilarious, great personalitys, and know what the FUCK....yall are doin.

jakub skica

how did u know he was talking about a personal trainer? maybe he wants to know how to get his mushroom tip vascular

Crown Rick Auto XTRAS

It's good to hire a personal trainer for a month so he will jump start your routine super worked for me check out my videos!




Whats with the 80's porn music in the background????

Walsymezrp Kowalczyk

I'm sorry but how the fuck is he gonna jump rope? I hate to be frank but that's not gonna happen.


Hey guys. Fabulous clip. My bro was formerly obese. He revitalized his body from 279lbs of pure fat into 207lbs of total muscle mass. We thought it was remarkable! I just joined myself coz I wanna beef up. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...

Gregory Andrade Jr.

"You Gotta Put His Vidyo in There Kevin". lmao


@xricoc He meant couchmorph!



Vincent Garza's Attorney

=( the dude on the right only did the headshake once at the beginning of the video.. im used to seeing it twice :*(


You guys are very handsome!


cozy looking little studio

Debbie George

Good advice.


i love the porn music in the background.


Dirty bulking here tmw! Lol definitely before u guys discover IF!


@rockettransam911 yeah i just saw endomorph when i looked at his comment i didn't realize that he put mendomorph. i guess it's possible to be a combination of the two i donno


lmao i love it when they fight and get mad its awesome

Sean John

On point video

Randy Ayala - Finance Wizard

that trainer was bad. Personal trainers are meant to educate those who need help getting started or changing up their usual training schedule. There's lots of studies shown that personal training decreases risk of injury and lots of gains.


Holy shit I'm laughing so hard, when Kevin says "Shut the fuck up it's 3 minutes and 57 seconds" - right when the last word comes out of his mouth he remembers he fucked up. That eye blink "oh shit I said something stupid" is beyond hilarious.


what the fuck is he sayingOo

Jordan Petts

You say you should invest in your own physical education, your own health and gain your own knowledge. A personal trainer can certainly help with that. We're not all there for a quick buck. Some of us consider it a great way to educate people who can then take that knowledge with them.


@rssfeedslive not sure whether to cry or laugh

Kool Burn

I think I saw a small "get the fuck out the way" here.

eldo benny

what if i m a new should i use a personal trainer


WTf O-o

Yo Momma Smell Like Hot Dog Water


Marvin R

I'm planning on being a fitness model and a personal trainer also. I'd like to tell people all the shit that I've learned, like how important nutrition is and I really really want to see their changes, they could like call / email me all the time. Thanks to the video I feel bad now. >:C


hiring a trainer is great if you want to learn proper form, good workout habits. When I was going to the gym by myself I was wasting my time doing all kinds of stupid exercises. Personal trainer is good to get you on the right track. After a couple sessions though you gotta be able to do that shit yourself


Wow, I felt like I just watched porn from the 80's... same background music and everything!


why does that guy have loud background music in his question video??? WTF!!

Diogo DaCunha

if your a gym noob and a fucking half pay for 2 or 3 training sessions to get to know the basics IF YOU NEED IT otherwise fuck your on the internet now google that shit


Idk what the fuck that guy was asking I was just grooving to the beat


Amen, this video made me cry.

Varun Deoghare

Hi! Have you thought about - fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got really defined Six pack abs and lost tons of weight with it.

Money Aggarwal

Money Moment, 5:08 hahahaha. you guys are awesome 

Mark Murray

You never said what exercise the personal trainer was making the old woman do, it sounded pretty funny. :(

Mark Mirabella

@0IROK0 that's an endomorph.. he said "mendomorph" cause that doesn't exist.. Unless me meant Mesomorph/Endomorph combination


I agree and disagree. Some people need guidance. The vast majority of the fitness demographic just does not feel comfortable going about it without supervision. But at the end of the day," you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do!" Lol

Team Shmo

Good tips, but personal trainers are awesome. You know how much time you will save when you have someone right there saying your form is fucked do this instead, eat this, lift this etc. All the thinking is taken out of training and you can focus only on moving the weights. Now after a little while hopefully you have learned how to do all this by yourself and can drop the trainer, but they are a great idea.

Rychu Beta

haha his brain works in slow motion :)


And here it is... the first ever FUCK OUT THE WAY video... although it was a little too held back...


Ders mar ta Oyrland dan dis!

Sir B Rad

@CzechRiot "Fuck out of the way" was like one of the first ever videos. get your head in the game


you guys look way better after IF

Ish The Face

Sensitive to carbs? lol

Christian Philip Mosley

Watching this in 2020 lol


@bradders344 Get more than that being a fucking mink sparky.


Kevin your hairline is fucked up.......lol

Liban Hassan

lol the end was funny

Should you use a Personal Trainer | Are they worth the money?

Should you use a Personal Trainer | Are they worth the money?26 Mar. 2018
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Sometimes personal

Sometimes personal trainers get a bad reputation. Here's why and whether you should use one?

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Comments (8)
Kevin Clements

I think so. Adam. I needed someone in 2013 to make my transformation from 261 lbs to 204 lbs at the time. I never would have been able to do it on myself. I didn't know enough at the time. I learned a lot of diet stuff from my coach Shawn. He turned me on to MyFitnessPal and also to the why's and what's of my routine. I think that is what a really good PT does...he teaches you how to do it yourself. So then they can move on to the next person they can help.

Channel Your Strength

Was pre recording a similar video.. there 100% worth it :) I’m worth it lol

Grey Wolf Fitness

Chose how hard you think you train when someone is pushing you and keeping you accountable your gonna get better results so I agree with you Adam even though I know what I'm doing I like doing YouTube to sort of keep me accountable MINT

YH Legacy

Hope everyone will use one lmao
Brings me business haha

Princess Ninja & Keto

I tried a couple different personal trainers, and personally I prefer just doing my own thing. It seems where I live the only thing they care about is how much meat you eat and I’m a vegetarian. The other thing is is I’m 50 years old and I have a pacemaker and they all want to push me to the brink and cardio and put me on some crazy 900 cal diet

Sergeant Fit

My personal opinion is they definitely serve a purpose. There are many people that need someone to train, guide , and push them.

Brendaz Journey

Yes, personal training is beneficial when you have the budget to be able to invest in yourself in that area. It's a valuable service when can afford it. I respect and admire all you trainers and if I had the money, would hire one to get to my goal. It's hard work that pays off. Very motivating and inspiring.

Matt H

Loving these times of videos my man! your informative vids are the best!

1 Month With A Personal Trainer: RESULTS (Before and After) | Facing My Fears Ep. 2 | Gym Anxiety

1 Month With A Personal Trainer: RESULTS (Before and After) | Facing My Fears Ep. 2 | Gym Anxiety14 Sep. 2019
12 390
JulieSubscribe 438 721

I worked with a personal

I worked with a personal trainer for 1 month! Here are my results and some side-by-side before and afters! The main goal of this month was to overcome my gym anxiety and get used to working out. I still have a ways to go, but definitely feel WAY more comfortable now than I did a month ago!

Watch part 1 here: https://youtu.be/xKoTogOsjRg

If you're interested in finding a trainer, make sure to contact Jake Roque! He is great!!! Train with him in person if you're in LA area, or contact him on Instagram about Virtual Training if you are not in LA area: @jakeroquemusic


Jake is also about to start a podcast! I ended up posting this video a few days early but his podcast is launching on Monday! In the meantime, subscribe to him on YouTube so you don't miss it when it launches! After that, the podcast will be available everywhere you listen: Spotify, iTunes, etc:


Please let me know if you have any questions! Would love to chat more with you guys about all things gym intimidation, body image struggles, nutrition and more.

Comments (11)

I'm proud of you?? i work as a trainer now and I don't want people to be scared :0 . I get it though, if have to work with a male trainer I still get intimidated lol ? I'm glad you faced your fear :)@ it looks like it's paying off, ill keep watching

Paul R. Games

You’re so amazing and inspiring and awesome! Great video!

Frankie Warwick

Great video Julie, you're amazimg.
Thanks for being so inspiring ??.

Jon & Dez

Definitely needed this thank u for being vulnerable and filming this. It made me feel alllllot better n now i hired a personal trainer.

Thanks ??

Frankie Warwick

1) How do you motivate yourself
to workout and go to the gym?

2) What do you usually eat or drink
before and after working out/gym?

3) Do you have any tips on
working out and going to the gym?

Kylie Nelson

me eating candy while watching this video.

Kevin Leong

I love to stress eat and eat sugar. I already don't eat the healthiest but I also love to eat sugary thins when I am stressed. I have had a really challenging time the last several years and eating makes me feel good for a while and then I either want more or regret it later.

yuxi sushi

If I didn't go to the gym for a year I'd look like a dumpling but you still look gorgeous what the heckkk

Raelyn J0296

great work love

Pégase G

What?! 5 workouts a week starting from nothing?! No, no, no. That leads injuries.
He isn't helping you with food?! Banana are high in potassium
Muscle weights more than fat, that's why you are gaining weight, you are actually losing fat
I am not sure a personal trainer can help you with your food issues and body perception issue, a psychologist can, however