Impact massager

The Latest Massage Craze. Can It Help Your Pain?

The Latest Massage Craze. Can It Help Your Pain?14 Jan. 2020
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The Latest Massage Craze.

The Latest Massage Craze. Can It Help Your Pain?

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Comments (100)
M Lee



Kay K

Where is the coupon link?

Fiona H

If they are so good why do they need to use that lol this reminds me of the food industry how they pay businesses and celebrities to up there poisonous foods even though the foods are killing the public... there only interest is selling the product ,,, guys really need to be honest and stop pleasing your money paid for ads,

donna greulich

I tried to buy the massager but there was no place to enter the discount code for the extra $30 off. Just saying...

M Lee

This maybe good for IT Bsnd issues near knee area, thigh and upper hip! Sold

M Lee

Do not order the playmaker. I ordered. Keeps shutting off. A known problem. I sent back under warranty, I had to pay for shipping. Several months later same issue, They will not send me a shipping label to pay to send back and fix. Ridiculous. They even hired a full time employee to fix these issues. They need to stand behind there products. DO NOT BUY THE PLAYMAKER. BUY ANOTHER BRAND. THEY ARE A HORRIBLE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.

Professional Defenestrator

Sounds hauky

Cathy Fuchs

I went to buy it and there is no place to input the discount code

Club Sport

"for different or tighter areas"


Appreciate this guys. Thank you.


This thing is useless for me unless it can go round the back and do my neck and shoulders solo that is.

Zedd Ruinstar

I bought the Renpho one which is the same thing apparently.

Michael Woehrl

What’s the science behind it?

B Lynn

For $20 Amazon sells attachments for jig saws. It totally works! Feels exactly the same to me.

Billy Madison

I don't have a clitoris so it's not for me

Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen

Buy a jigsaw power tool. Then an adapter with a lacrosse ball attached.
And you'll have your personal massager for a fraction of the price.
Will it be effective? Who knows, Bob and Brad never told us. For sure it will be a better deal.

Pajama Mama

I got one Black Friday special and have been using it almost everyday since. Absolutely love it. Sometimes I wake in the night in pain, use mine for 20 minutes on affected areas, can actually feel it release endorphins. Fall back into a deep sleep. Saving my stomach and throat from too much ibuprofen use. Highly recommend.

Big Bill at Iron Garage

I use mine all the time. They are awesome. I even use it on my feet.


Hi guys. 65 yo woman. Since mid-Nov., I’ve had severe (ice pick) type of pain on the outside of my left knee. I think that it’s an IT band problem. The physical therapists that I went to in Jan. were massaging the band near my knee. I think that they should be massaging the muscles connected to the band with exercises to strengthen the quads, glutes and hamstrings.

If I purchased this device and used it to do deep muscle massage, would it help my IT band issue?

Thank you for your time and videos.

HueShang Xiong

Works well..good shit

Bradley Riddle

How good is tomato still don't see why it's over $30. That's poor boys with a fixed income can't afford any more than that

Pajama Mama

These guns can be pricey, but definitely worth it for those of us who are in continual pain, especially compared to the price of professional massage. Don't get me wrong still love a professional massage but now I don't have to pay for one anymore once a month to get pain relief, can get relief anytime. It works better than any massager ever to get the knots out

Eric Zohar

What is the model of the massage gun please ??? Listened twice and still not sure..

Lisa W

You didn’t answer the question. Frustrating. Can it help?


Takes care of my cramps in a few minutes.

Casey S

how do you get to hard to reach areas, like the back?

Louisa Isthankful

Totally helped my hip flexor issue!

Scott Adams

My wife just turned 60. For a few years now she has suffered from leg cramps, usually at night. Could one of these units help to prevent cramping or relieve cramps once they start?

T Hicks

I didn't like this sales pitch of a product I don't think they have actually used.

Backyard Ninja Kids

I have loved massage guns for my Ninja Warrior training. At age 38yo there's no way I would keep up if I didn't have this. It's like a foam roller and other massage tools but faster, quicker and easier. We have also been reviewing a bunch of massage guns on our channel. I highly recommend picking up a massage gun if you haven't!

Tulips ontheorgan

But you just had me buy the pure wave!!! So which one do you recommend now???


Do they have rubber fist attachments? ?

gloriouspopeman tom

The new Theragun is great, had the old one, too noisy and based off a 50$ chinese alibaba hacksaw.
Been using one at work and on myself for at least 5-6y now, very good for losening musculature and especially connective tissue like IT bands. Saves your hands quite a bit of the toughest work, faster too, can do 3-4x the work in the same time.
Want cheap and dont mind wearing hearing protection, hacksaw with a ball attachment, will be powerful and affordable.

Mark Gigiel

Meat tenderizer. LOL. Stick a fork in me.

ben c

Can you do a video on brachialis pain pain coming from underneath the bicep tendon closer to the outside of the arm

ensign j

I bought the PureWave massager because of your recommendation. It was wonderful. But the heat pad you recommended was garbage. I hope you are not becoming mere advertisers.

Al Storm

How does this compare to the purewave?

Payratroopah 108

Relax30 code did not work

Muhammed Yaseen Ebrahim


B Muzzey

When you say it’s a good deal , then it must be a good product ?

How dumb are YOU

Isn't that what vibrators are here for?

Catherine Romanik

It would be nice if you could also say whether availability of the products you recommend is restricted to 1 country or whether they are shipped worldwide.


need new code that one doesn't work.

David Reeves

Black N Decker makes Dewalt, get Milwaukee

Wally WO7

Hi thanks for your hard work. My daughter has hip bursitis would this product be good for her condition. Thanks


I bought a similar knockoff gun on amazon from a company called panaiimp for less than 100 bux, with all of the same attachments. The only difference is that the power increments are from 1-30 instead of 1-6. I also built a DIY massager from a Worx cordless jigsaw for 16 bux. (I only had to get the universal adapter and lacrosse ball) Both work really great. The panaiimp is super quiet but it has an automatic shutoff of 10 minutes. The worx jigsaw massager is really powerful and has no shutoff, and is kinda loud and a bit bigger. I us both regularly. The panaiimp is completely worth it and is suitable for work conditions, due to its quiet and compact nature. I hope this helped...

Cheri Pitout


Digital Dreamscapes

I swear by these guns and believe they are about the best treatment for sore muscles. However, I am disappointed to see that this video was more of a 7 minute ad for a clear sponsor. They don't discus the pressure to apply, the fact that you should hold a muscle percussion for approximately 30 seconds or that it is dangerous to use this on bony tissue or above the neck. They also didn't discuss the way percussion helps to relax bound muscle tissue or the way or method that these guns work. Great product, but if you want to gain the trust of the audience, offer several brands that stand out and explain the pros and cons of each. The gun you are showing is a booster knock off. There are only a few manufacturers of these and they use their designs across many brands. I had this gun (it was the first I bought) until a year later just after the warranty expired and the percussion broke connectors in the built in battery so it couldn't take a charge. I have tried repairing it to no avail and had to get another brand. I won't say the brand I went with... because I'm not biased.


I just ordered one for 53 dollars on amazon.com it has 30 levels with 8 attachments.

Raymond Sabetta

Last year the pure wave was thee pain reliever to have! Now this product is? That’s why I left this channel.

Mary Billings

I tried to enter you give away, but I don't get how to do it. I went to the website, and it wants to connect me to something called "gleam". When I try to do that, it tells me I already signed in with that account, (probably from previous failed attmepts) and won't let me, then it wants me to link to my youtube.com account and give it access to all my information. What's happening? Am I on the correct site? (bobandbrad.com/giveaways).

Marti Sleister

Anyone use these for spacisity?

Pierce Makaola

Sell outs

luckysuz R

Are these good for traps?


I just got an Exogun and it is very nice and powerful. It looks much like what you guys have. New York Post store had them for 111.00 on sale. They are regular 599.00. I am a LMT and although I use it on myself I dont use it on clients. When I am massaging my clients, I like to feel what I am doing and this tool does not give the feel of a human touch. If I cannot fix my tight muscles with the massage gun or tools such as a ball, I go straight to a therapeutic massage. I dont waste my time with Swedish Massage unless I want to relax only. No reason to suffer when we have PT's and MT's around.

Giorgio Martini

Do you ship to europe germany? if so how much is price?

Ken Walker

We've been using the Hypervolt at work for two years. The clients like it, the therapists love it. Makes our job so much easier, less wear and tear on our own arms and hands. It sure is loud though.

Jesse Bear78

I have the adjustable TheraguP3 pro. Oh my god. It’s amazing

Mohammed kamal Hussain

Hello Bob and Brad

I have a drop foot due to an operation I had a graft done too. I was wondering will this gun help with massaging the leg to a point where I can move my leg a bit more. ?

HueShang Xiong

Any type of gun like this works miracles..I bought mine for 400.00..its awesome...before I bought a mightybliss...this crap comes nothing close to the gun...mighty bliss cost me 100.00....waste money

highview seeker

Jigsaw is the best type of massage gun because they are the best built and strongest and way cheaper. u just have to glue soft balls

S Mekk

Is this effective or can be used for shoulders and neck pain?


Didnt know Joe Montana was into Massage guns.

Just happened to walk by

I see that thing everywhere in Sham Shui Po market, didn't know what's its use.

Angelica Griffin

It’s so darn cute when they catch each other off guard with a joke, pun or some form of silliness. It has me in tears even when it’s something that may seem so small. It’s like my mind telling the world “you just had to be there!”???‍♀️? ??


Why support copy cats? the original design and product was made by HyperIce Hypervolt, i have owned one for about 2 months now. I was skeptical as first and thought about these knock offs, but i said no and i not rich by any means. Though this was for my overall health and well being so $350 was not a big deal to me if it worked. Ohhhh and it WORKS! I have never felt so loose and in turn my mood is better when there are not aches and minor pains, and my ROM (range of motion) opens up immediatly afterwards The bloodflow increase of these devices could only help recovery from injuries if used CORRECTLY and REGULARLY.. I love you guys but honestly, we don't buy knock of IPHONEs if we dersire one, why buy a sub-par version of an original design if nots the EXACT same product. www.hyperice.com


I’ve used another brand on my feet for plantar fasciitis and I do have relief

Carbage Man

I got the Legiral LE3 for $100. 6 heads, 20 speeds, powerful unit.

Mickey Davenport

So it’s basically an enchanted vibrator

George Nehme

Love the show. Have you gents ever come across the Gokhale Method - if so, what are your thoughts?


My daughter bought my husband and I the Theragun for Christmas. Super powerful, but oh so worth it.


Video starts at 1:40. You are welcome. No 2:50, wait 3:40.... there we go

Maria Mifflin

Hello Bob and Brad, thank you for your videos
Be careful when massaging the chest muscles. Will interrupt a normal heartbeat and make the heart to fibrilate?Just saying..?


Glorified dildo lol

Cynthia Pike

Bob, please stop parting your hair in the middle

Calander 2008

I've got the Pado Purewave and like it,

adrian b

Video starts at 1:45

MsDilly Reviews

That price is still too high. I got a great 20 speed unit for $99. These are being mass produced now. No need to spend a fortune.

Hey have you guys gotten an acupressure mat yet? Next best thing to a massage gun!!


Those are a game changer

Michelle Despres

I have a very strange question. I have severe muscle tension and last year was diagnosed with bilateral ureteral strictures and thickened bladder wall. When I use the gun on my gluteus and hips, I can feel “UTI” symptoms being reproduced in my body. Is this bad or do you think I could maybe have some weird muscle tension restriction in my abdomen that the gun is activating?


It's apparently effective since they both use it & even older & younger members of their family, but other than mentioning a few of the attachments & a few areas of the body to use these attachments, there was no true guidance or general set of rules to follow.
I truly appreciate ALL they do to improve so many ailments, but this seemed more like an infomercial & not professional options. But hey, 1 ehh video out of a few thousand isn't a bad percentage :).
Thank you guys again for all you do.


I’ll just keep going to Miss Yim.... ?

Sparkle M

https://youtu.be/Oll6UOupuFs this one is also nice.

Bonnie Krause-Gams

Would be nice if you showed the box so we know which one you are talking about.

James Ashworth

Is this a sponsored video? Your title implies you’re genuinely reviewing those products and yet your promoting one particular one? Aren’t you meant to declare if you’re sponsored??

Alex Batista

I came looking for tips to how to use the massage gun and I just lost my time. These guys are seller, not Physiotherapist.

Lara Maier

A lot of water. Dont like those them very irritated. Dislike and unsubscribe

Elmaz Okicic

I see women using this for the wrong reasons.


79 bucks at Sam’s

Wanda Moroney

I’m dreaming of one of those guns and that mattress. I hate I missed the giveaway. Love these guys! Good gentle theraphy without harming yourself. Keep it up guys! You are helping me through the pandemic. ❤️

Denver Caskeys

Guys, how does this compare with the other massager you recommended? Which one is better for frozen shoulder?

linda johnson

Relax30 is not working as a discount!

Charlie Brown

LAME VIDEO....No information about them.

brenda crawford

How does this compare to the purewave massager? ( BTW , love today’s quote ?)

Chelsey Scott

Hoping a massage gun will help relieve my back and shoulder tightness due to scoliosis. I would LOVE to hear your recommendations for people suffering from scoliosis pain!

JJ wide awake.

We have one and love it. I use it on my feet, hands and shoulders every day. I have fibro and it has really help my pain in my feet. They are worth it no matter which brand you buy.

Ynys Lochtyn

I don't know why they don't consider corded massagers. Apart from not needing to be recharged, they often come with some sort of heating element and heat is generally considered beneficial to muscle relief. Do they only push what certain vendors send their way?

abhijit chanda

Sure, but does it work?


I am unable to find anything about the battery life or replacement battery. Can someone answer this for me?

P Streech

In your opinion of course Bob.. ?✌️

IMPACT Percussion Massage: Knees & IT Band

IMPACT Percussion Massage: Knees & IT Band29 Dec. 2019
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Learn how to use the TriggerPoint IMPACT massage gun on your knees and IT band. If you have a tight IT band or sore knees, see how percussive therapy can help your legs recover.

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Meet the IMPACT, a percussion massage gun to help increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue and improve range of motion pre and post-workout.

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• Quiet brushless motor designed with 4-speeds for optimal massage intensity and pressure

• Angled handle to balance weight for better grip, comfort and control

• Rechargeable battery for 2+ hours of continuous massage

TriggerPoint empowers people to move better. We make innovative products and education that increase, enhance, and restore movement. You can find TriggerPoint's products and education in use with leading fitness and medical professionals, professional athletes and trainers worldwide.

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Comments (2)

Okay... found another use for my vibe. ?

Danny G

Bought the softerspot s3 lite for $250 on their flash sale. They wont allow you to leave a review below 5 stars. This is their near top of the line percussion massager. This product is closer to a cheap walmart massager than my Theragun.

IMPACT Percussion Massage: Feet

IMPACT Percussion Massage: Feet28 Dec. 2019
39 977
TriggerPointSubscribe 438 721

Learn how to use the

Learn how to use the TriggerPoint IMPACT massage gun on your feet. Sore feet? Foot pain is no fun, and using percussive therapy can help alleviate sore feet. Whether it’s your arch, plantar region or heel, see how the IMPACT massage gun can help.

Shop now: http://bit.ly/2sAXYyB

Meet the IMPACT, a percussion massage gun to help increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue and improve range of motion pre and post-workout.

Unique features:

• Quiet brushless motor designed with 4-speeds for optimal massage intensity and pressure

• Angled handle to balance weight for better grip, comfort and control

• Rechargeable battery for 2+ hours of continuous massage

TriggerPoint empowers people to move better. We make innovative products and education that increase, enhance, and restore movement. You can find TriggerPoint's products and education in use with leading fitness and medical professionals, professional athletes and trainers worldwide.

Want to learn more? See this playlist for all the ways the IMPACT massage gun can benefit your muscles: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVnT_WogiJBs8Nm5bzUM1TMaazMMl0TAR

Comments (3)
cashew 024

Great video , thank you ?

Femke Muller

The left guy looks like zac efron.. or isn’t that the point of this video??

Mila Giganti Curchod

I was given a Visagie foot massage/reflexology few years back and it does make a huge difference. Pain relief for sure and more. I think it was purchased at Aldi's and it was under $ 100. Another thing that helps pain relief (and not only feet) is the jacuzzi with its wonderful hot jets: what a pleasure.