Gnc amplified wheybolic extreme 60 review

Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60

Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 601 Jun. 2010
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Review on Amplified

Review on Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60-Review and other whey product. Will be reviewing Animal Pack, and Cell Mass in a few months. NEW VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9DxDNV7J0A

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do you think this product is good for me I'm 14 years old and weight 127lb


benching 135 to 215? how long did that take with this protein power??

Cesar Vega

4 how long u think I should stop using it for

Ibrahim Diab

is it usefull for soccer players ?


Lol this crap...


who long have u been useing amplified wheybolic extreme 60???

Dylan Cross

Protein is essential for keeping your body from breaking down muscle so yes i use it when i dont workout.

johnny maurillo

PEOPLE- TAKE 1 1/2 - 2 scoops at a time and no more! your body cant absorb 60g protein or 3 scoops of this stuff in one sitting...take it 2-3 times a day and have 1 1/2 - 2 scoops per shake!!!!! its one of the best proteins out, just a bit expensive.

Dylan Cross

@Mulligantrej Not a fan of any strawberry sups =/

Dylan Cross

@IBraHiMo09 yes

Nisha Rampersad

hi if you want to try something higer or stronger try pro- nos from GNC it burns fat fast and build muscle my husband was useing this for starting and swich to pro-nos for better results and bigger muscle mass.look it up ! gnc gnc

Dylan Cross

@fudgepacker44 yes

Latwon Taylor

I did not like the banana cream...I thought it tasted like.....Shxxt

karim akram

so 2 servings, 1 before workout and 1 after or what?

Dylan Cross

yeah 1 scoop a day is fine. but if your trying to gain muscle mass you need to take 1lb of protein per lbs of body weight and this product definitely helps you meet that goal, if you insist on taking something before i suggest a pre workout. check out my muscle marinade review it a good pre workout.

Dylan Cross

@Griffinhospital1984 no i have only had chocolate and banna but i dont use this product no more

Dylan Cross

@weaslepeoplerock about 5 months my dear friend. im making a new video on protein sometime my bench is now 245 im currently using optimum 100% whey protein. its the best

Dylan Cross

@SinfulTheEllusionist lol n0!!!

Dylan Cross



@mrchimichangaman14 don't drink it if you pregnant

Vianey Gonzalez

Will it help my ass to get big

Dylan Cross

with this powder in my diet around 5 months

Dylan Cross

@Strongstuffz sure take 2 scoops in morning on non workout days and 2 after u workout

Dylan Cross

This product will help you reach your protein goals for the day , Taking this product alone will do nothing for you, you must have a ok nutrition plan aswell eat chicken breast, tuna, potatos, brown rice just alot of proteins and carbs to get bigger and ripped

Pawel Zawistowski

Should I take this just after my workout? Because that's what I've been doing. Just once a day when I do work out. I do 1 1/2 scoops. I'm also trying to not gain too much fat because I'm trying to get my abs to show more.


Hey Dylan. I have been using this product for almost a year now. I saw that you switched to optimum now. I was thinking about making this change. Why did you change? Results?


Ok so if anyone is still replying to this! :) I have just started to workout, mostly treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, nautilus equipment (weight machines), NO free weights. I bought the AMP Wheybolic about a month or so ago and use about 1 and 1/2 to 2 scoops after I workout (part-time). So anyways can anyone recommened a next step protein supp for me? Again keep in mind I'm sorta new to this.

Dylan Cross

@HsaniGuyy No, It is Whey so it will mostly work on making your muscles more leaner. Witch in the process can make your arms look more bigger n muscular than fat.

Dylan Cross

@LedZeppelinPage i changed dude to the quanity. So much more for the price. 5lb tub does me good for a while. i suggest taking 5lb optimum whey before working out and some syntha 6 before sleeping. ill be making a new vid soon.

Review Amplified Wheybolic extreme 60 strength

Review Amplified Wheybolic extreme 60 strength7 Sep. 2015
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Whey products

Whey products

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Mason Lane

Is this a joke? ?

Bodies & Beyond Gym and Fitness

First of all I really don't believe that you can bench seven anything but thanks for the shallow review .

Frank Bullitt

I'm like... REALLY at a loss for words.
19yrs old benching 700 lbs? Um... ok...
265lbs and 2 weeks later your 317lbs from the protein shake? Maybe... but I can see that if you eat hot wings and hamburger helper.
But good luck anyway bub

Mark Maldonado

U suck

GNC's WHEYBOLIC EXTREME 60 Review whey protein

GNC's WHEYBOLIC EXTREME 60 Review whey protein7 Apr. 2009
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This is a video of my

This is a video of my review of GNC's WHEYBOLIC EXTREME 60 I would rate the taste a 10 i would rate me gaining weight a 3 i give it a 3 because i have a fast metabolism i would rate strength increase a 0 i would rate maintain body mass/weight after hard cardio a 10 i didn't lose any weight if you have any other questions feel free to ask im also reviewing NO Explode and Cell mass and a few other BSN products so stay tuned you will want to hear these results!!!

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thanks i found that out the hard way just like you..... not the BSN - N.O. Explode does work thats about the only thing i have found that works vitamins lots of water and meat is just the perfect combo thanks

Luis Castro

holy shit man 1lb of muscle a week. it is quite a good product then, by the way do u lift weights? jajaja i agree with bigbrute27, that judging by the sound of ur voice u dont lift any weights

David Williams

yea it tastes way better then 100% whey i was surprised how good it tasted.


This. I'm working out while I take this stuff, atleast 4 times a week, and I'm seeing positive results. This review blows.

Samantha Drake

you should take the amp mass xxx thats a weight gainer...!


i used that it didn't do shit. just get a 100% natural protein or hemp


i would recommend a weight gainer like BSN True Mass

Shawn Jesseman

So basically....this dude takes protein suppliments but doesn't actually work out? I'm a little confused. "Maybe it's because I'm young and have very high metabolism." Umm..no. The product did not work for you because you don't actually work out!


i have tried it but i cant remember why i stopped using it i think it was bc it made me feel bloated, but im going to try true mass from bsn here soon


Unless you're working out two or more times a day, you don't even need a protein that has 60 grams- that's not a weight gainer- so there was no reason to take that in a full dose- you need to cut that in half - it should have been 36 doses- could have changed this to 30 bucks a month! - Protein will not deliver any kind of performance - if you want to notice a difference in your strength and performance -try something called Jack3D- about 45 bucks-


incredibly bad review.


because you bought the wrong preotein. for someone who is lookin to gain wieght, you need a protein with more carb and more fat for energy to actually lift. you also need to take before and after wrkout, maybe at night as well. this product is a more lean protein and good for people who want to cut fat and gain muscle. you also need to see what you body fat percentage is before and after, because you may have lost fat (weight) and gained more than 4 lbs muscle. weight is more than muscle


he gained 3 pounds which is what the jar weighs, lol


@mauriziosaviotti sorry i just cant agree with that. when your muscles run out of oxygen then you produce lactic acid.. so, oxygen is what stops it being produced :). respiration mannn


im not to totally sure thats why i dont do it


I bought this stuff today and it was on sale so I got 2 of them. So would it be best to take this after a workout and first thing in the morning? I need help throwing on some muscle mass. :)


worst review ever!


thats pretty good what kinda pills did he have? i want some


LMAO at this guy..... Really, you give it a 3 on weight gain? It's not a weight gainer dumb ass.


yes ur right....it doesnt work. go get the nitro-tech.


cool put up some movies


serving size is 3 scoops which equals 60g of protein... you dont need that much. Just take 1 scoop (20g of protein) and eat after that. Then your 18 servings turns into 54 which is a little more than $1 per serving. That's what i do anyways. Also this protein is by far the best tasting protein i've ever had (i get the strawberry). Just my 2 cents ;)


KAT1ESHERMAN Knows what he is talking about man i took WHEYBOLIC EXTREME 60 for 2 months and Loved it and i just started taking Mass XXX only been on it one day now but thats what you need to start taking and its around $40


yea it's alright.

Kevin Holland

u must didnt push urself


I've heard of jack3D many places but i can't find any stores that carry it do you know where they sell it?


whey creatine glutamine--- those are all different products genius - read a book! And no you can't unless you're gettin uselss shit


i agree it has an amazing taste


bsn true mass


got it check out my vid response to this vid


i have trouble gaining weight too


@leggomyeggo110 He said it may work for others it just didn't help him meet his goals.


i personally would notbuy it i would go with BSN True Mass you wont gain any weight with this stuff here


Goals? He wanted to gain weight by drinking a drink meant for use with WORKOUT. On the package it says, and I quote from my own tub "of athletes performing an intense resistance exercise training regimen...had an increased improvement in muscle strength and muscle size". Meaning you don't see results from using the product and the product alone. My comment stands, this review blows.




dude you gained 4 pounds in 4 weeks? thats a lot this stuff is phenomenal pricey but phenomenal. I also have an extremely high metabolism and would be completely stoked to gain 4 pounds in 4 weeks typically you gain about 1 pound of muscle every 4 weeks so i dk if you gained fat or what


@mcspolif Hahahahaha I was thinking the same thing, this dude know absolute shit about supplements, proper diet, and working out


you need a weight gainer


yesss take MASS XXX. or take amplified whey twice daily as it says pre and post workout.


I have taken this product for two months now and have seen an extreme improvement in strength and size i highly recommend this product. but guess what i did not sit on my ass for two months either you got to be dedicated and hit the gym and have a good diet this product and every supplement you buy needs to be taken with a good diet and hard work to see results that is way it is called a dietary supplement this kid doesn't even seem to be working out at all.

John Divona

Oh by the way, ALL BSN SUCKS!


wheyoblic ex 60 has 0 fat gram which is key to powders most have like 13g and this tastes great with water which is shocking


i dont want to get fat. i want to gain muscle weight check out my other reviews i now use BSN True mass works perfect love it


@mauriziosaviotti some of your statements are a lil off, but yeah you have to workout and even more so and eat more protein, b/c the leucine is going to help you take in more protein in one sitting without it storing as fat, the 10grams of glutamine will also help with that and much more it will help get rid of the lactic acid build up since it accounts for 20 or 30% of the No2 production, it also helps with your hgh level's and lowering your stress hormone which eats away at muscle an store fat

marajlize legaljuana

diet is how you get big son.


I used this last summer and I saw results within a few days. I began last summer at 155 lbs and ended the summer at 169 lbs of straight muscle. It upset my stomach the first few days though, but eventually my body got used to it. It taste pretty good too, but it's also a bit pricey for some people. I'd rate the effectiveness of the product 5/5 and the value 4/5...


KAT1ESHERMAN (or anybody that can help) Im trying to get cut not gain weight. The guy a GNC told me to take this Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 and Ampified Muscle Igniter 4x. Will that stuff help me get cut or did I just wste my money. Im a former college football player and back in my playing days i had no problem getting cut i just couldnt gain weight. Now its the opposite Im strong as hell but i have problems getting tone and cut. Any suggestions would be cool. Thanks

Sacred Serpent

geeky ass fuck

Ronald Johnson

this is a really good protein supplement to use i have never got bloated and on top i never noticed any negitive side effects plus the taste kicks ass. but honestly dude you need to workout if you want to get strong.


lol buddy, took you 18 servings in 30 days? get off the protein, get some vitamins, get into a habit of working out and then think about anything else.

Ronald Johnson

you have to lift weights for that that shit to work for you, deadlifts ,squats,bench etc. you can't use supplements and not fucking workout get your shit right man


thanks i have been reading reviews and i like mass xxx but i think im going to go with BSN's TRUE MASS i have had good luck with their products and it seems to have a good review so ill keep everyone updated

Samantha Drake

its also important you take the protein at the right times..when did you take it?


they help you build over time by not tearing up your muscles anymore than you have to! The leucine additive is for helpin to create a better environment for absorbing amino acids - oye- read a book! The comments you spent 10 mins reading at the beggining are bascially relevant to most proteins, it's nothing special, just take a protein - if you want something more potent- try a 24 hour complex, nitro tech (from Muscle tech), syntha-6 or a weight gainer - most have around 50/60 grams or protein

Joe Smith

this review is not good. he only talks about the product not working for him.. what was your workout regimen. you look pretty small from the angle of the camera... this review is garbage. its lacking info that make it garabage

Devin Shaw

first of all YOUR TO YOUNG TO BE WORRYING ABOUT PROTEIN SHAKES AND GAINING WEIGHT!!! Your still growing so your just pooping out all the protein your drink.....just eat foods with protein

Oli Felix

it took you a whole month to finish 18 servings wtf. of course this shit didn't work.


stfu watch my movies and you might learn i work out


Hey whatsups guys, I use this stuff and I think it works pretty good. I only pay 25 dollars for mine I think you get your moneys worth. U say you paid 64 dollars for yours. Thats crazy, most of GNC's products are usually always on sale. Also u have to have patients your not gonna see results right away. Most importantly though u have to workout hard!! Your not gonna see results if you don't put the time and effort in also. Hope this is somwhat helpful to u guys. Take care.

robin williams

If im trying to lose weight is it a good thing to use whey protien and work out?

Shannon G

WOW that stuff is expensive and you finished it in a month?!?! you should only use it before and after working out, not on a daily basis

Lester Mitchell

Yeah, so long as you do a good work out, eat right and take this as directed. That's what I did, and I'm 18. I've noticed it filling me up sometimes too when I'm hungry during the day, and it also makes your body feel good.


try mucslemilk

John Divona

1st of all, Wheybolic isnt for gaining weight (not a weightgainer). 2nd of all, just 1 jug isnt going to do much. must be consistant with products. Thats with any protein. It takes years to get big, kid.


this guy sounds like a loser


yawps tool me a month to pown da thing down

Nick Robles

dumb ass


this guy is taking all kinds of supplements. Supplements ARE SUPPLEMENTS MY FRIEND. YOU WONT GROW HUGE JUST BY TAKING THESE THINGS!

steve stallone

i planning to buy this drink supplement but the thing is do i need to buy the bottle shaker or i just put the correct amount of powder on my glass of cup.. how long does it take for me to gain weigh for beginner to drink this supplement cause it will be my very first time to drink this???

Raven Ryan

The stuff does work, you have to balance it with your exercise, if youre trying to lose weight, use it in small doses

Shannon G

your voice reminds me of one of those guys from superbad idk why


And FTR - a serving of Nitro-Tech has THREE grams of sugars... THREE! Proteins and typically sweetened with sucralose - a product MADE from sugar-but intentionally NOT sugar - for this reason!!! - Again, I encourage my readin idea! Good luck with that..


your a dumbass. the serving size says 3 scoops so you run out quicker. take one scoop a day and another one right after workout. obviously you dont. and you have to workout which is why your not gaining shit. i gained 10 lbs in one month from my own method.


@mauriziosaviotti hear hear

Yovann Camire

Why u show this on youtube...U know nothing about nutrition or bodybuilding...Get out kid




im sorry but it dosent work for pussys


actually no its solid muscle sorry but your wrong everybodys body is different

David Williams

do you think it matters about the 30 mins after the work out? o i just got a gnc mag. i guess they came out with amplified whey, mass xxx, and wheybolic.


i am currently consuming amplified mass xxx...the tub will last a week or so....after this , m planning to switch over to this product shown in the vid.... any suggestions..?


Its works but you have to work out

Hayden Neighbors

okay . . . week little bitches. get ur asses in the weight room and work your ass off on a regular and consistant workout. taking protein, Amplified creatine, testosturone boosters, only works when your really breaking down your muscles. WORKING HARD = GETTING BIG


I just got 2 of these today for $10 a piece. They had things onsale at GNC. Hopefully my results are somewhat decent.

mike berry

pimp its call advertising then shit don't work. . i been bodybuilding for 8 years now i was 170 .and now i am 280 . how i got there pimp!, many many fucking hours in the gym. an eating like a cow ,i lose 2 girls cause of it . .cause i spend me time in pump iron and not pump her lmao . but so it goes . u young in the game if u need some no bullshit advise drop me a line . an i help u . an u well see real result not bulshit comany that trying get your money

Francisco Romero

i bought some of that but in chocolate and it is nasty in taste


try it


thats not a bad deal at all


i think it does matter to take it 30 after but its hard to say im going to try BSN true mass


LMAO- BeerGut-- clever! Obviously I've done MY research, hence that I know all about these products. Also, the fact that I know the Glutamine, Creatine, and Whey Protein are three different products. Now go read up and quit being ignorant and offended b/c a chick schooled you on your big-boy juice! ;)


You need large amounts of carbs & good fats to build muscle too especially if your an ectomorph & supplements are just that "to supplement an already existing good diet".... Need to also make sure you're steadily increasing weight when you workout so your muscles respond to the heavier load.


Half a pound of muscle a week is not bad! These are just supplements not steriods.

Zhen Geng

you never took biochemistry, physiology, or a metabolism class did you, rofl.


ur not talkin enough of it u take it more then once aday bro u gotta take it n the morning n after ur hard work out u cant just do a bitch ass work out then take it u gotta go hard son but i dnt like tht brand but i know it works if u lookin to gain wait tho get muscle milk tht will do it


taste is great


@FlyingHellFish99 Yes, I understand that, but thats not the point. This fat fuck desides to sit on his ass and expect to get jacked by taking protein, while the rest of us work our asses off just to get a bit stronger every week that passes by. this man clearly has no idea of how to gain muscle, and therefore shouldnt 1.waste his money on shakes(if hes not doing anything) and , 2. make a bad review about a good product just because hes to lazy to get up. This disapoints me is all im saying.

altair ibn-la ahad

do you know how to work out bro...


well i under stand but it didnt work how i wanted with the true mass im gaining more weight its like almost 2lbs a week but im working alot harder and doing more cardio so im super happy


I hope you do relize you must WORK OUT to see a difference! you have to build up your muscels so that they begin to build up lactic acid...THAT WHERE THE PROTIEN COMES IN!! this lactic acid prevents u from working out more often and decreases size of muscles...PROTIEN reduces the lactic acid, regins muscles that you shouldve built during your work out and recovers you from too much lactic acid build up...IF YOU SIT ON YOUR ASS YOUR NOT GONNA GAIN ANYTHING!

David Williams

yea why should u take on non training days?