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How to do Hand Wraps / Wrist Wraps

How to do Hand Wraps / Wrist Wraps4 Mar. 2013
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I've had many people

I've had many people asking me how to wrap their hand and wrist before boxing. So this is a short footage of me demonstrating one way to wrap your hand and your wrist. By all means this footage is not the only way but a quick and yet effective way to wrap which will protect your hand and wrist from injury.

1. using the hook loop it around your thumb

2. then do one wrap around your wrist

3. then wrap around your knuckles 2 times

4. wrap in between the webbing of your hand

5. then back around your knuckles 4 to 5 times (depending on the length of your wrap)

6. then wrap your wrist again 2 times

7. this next wrap will be around your thumb joint (if you box and spar a lot you will know why I wrap my thumb joint)

8. then wrap around your knuckles again

9. your final wrap will be around your wrist

10. tie the wrap with the velcro and you are done.

What you need to look for once you have finished is that the wrapping over the knuckles do not slide easily. Because when you slip on your boxing glove and take them off the wrap over the knuckles needs to stay on. Also make sure that your fingers don't feel tingly. If they do it means that you have wrapped your hand and wrist too tight and you will need to do it again. Also when you wrap your hand and wrist try to keep your palm facing down at all times especially if you are teaching someone else. This will avoid confusion for them. Subscribe to this website if you want to learn more ways to wrap your hand and wrist. I will post them in the future for everyone as a reference.


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Mohd Hairudin

Can i use this for gym workout ?

jake palmer

hey man can you please do a video for the right hand aswell because its so confuseing 


What length are your wraps?


Hi Jordan how to doing? The wraps can be purchased from any good sporting store, I get mine from


I don't know where you are located but this store is in Adelaide CBD. If you do buy from them ask for Alex. 

Take care

Sudhanshu Chawda


shashank Naringrekar

thank you for this video 

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Kamran K

I have got 4.5 meter hand wraps and this is perfect for them

Jordan Tucker

Could you put the link on where to get those wrist wraps in one of the comments please?

Kamran K


Jerry B.

Will this wrap be good for punching bags?

Nawal Ubaid

This was easy, Thank you :)

Reasonable Perfection

Thanks man! I know it but I keep forgetting some details ? Now I'm good


Best hand Wrap I seen, love it <3

Kobo Wrist wraps for gym||When should you use?

Kobo Wrist wraps for gym||When should you use?25 May. 2017
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These wraps can help you keep your wrist stable when Pressing a heavy weight which otherwise may or may not Bent while pressing heavy resulting in injury.

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Abd. T Juliano

Damn dude that is some sikh gainz


0:28 Peeche ek chutiya exercise Kar rha... Bro science theory k hisab se ?????

Amit Gakhar

look back side the guy.. doing nothing.. just seeing and seeing weight busy listening song..

Jaideep Singh

22 g thumbnail te thoda hor creative hovo, gussa na karyo par thumbnail style baala outdated jeha yaar


Piche wala konsa kam kar rha he ??

Harkamal Chahal

Daman veere main v patiala wich hi rehna tuc koi supplement shop daseyo jithon original supplements milde hon te main hun jehra use kr reha ohdi originality bare v puch na c

Bhavya Chaudhary

One should always train with wrist wraps. It keeps your wrist joint healthy by preventing excessive extension. However, do vary the tightness of the wrap according to the exercises you are doing so that the movement is not hampered. I injured my wrist doing a muscle-up and ever since then, wrist wraps have become an important accessory and I can't emphasize enough how important they are in your training. As paaji said, Kobo wrist bands are good quality and I use them too myself. Besides that, do use wrist wraps and don't care what people think. It's your wrist, your joint, keep them healthy. Looking "cool" is out of context. Look up YouTube tutorials on how to wrap a wrist band correctly and you'll be all set. Hope this prevents someone from getting injured. Oh yes, don't forget to warm up before you train. Good luck!


poore 2 ghante gym mein pehen k ghoomte rahenge kuch log

Abhishek Sahota

plz watch guru maam nd fitmuscle tv..... dont go for this silly videos

Manjot Singh

Piche rohit khatri shoulder lga rha hai ??

Nitesh Mohite

Piche wo ladkya kya karr raha hai. ???
Shoulder?.. aise kaise bhai..

Sid Cisco

sir aap kaunsa software VIDEO EDITING ke liye use karte hai?

Mukesh makkar

Meri wrist ki haddi tut gyi thi. To wha dard rahta hai.. islie use kr sakte

Vikash Kumar

हमको भी बोडी बनना है सर जी


Paji uski sahi tarikha sikhado please nei to bo injured hojyga


If you have had an injury, had a cast on and you are still in recovery, I find that it's pretty useful to use it the whole time, especially 2-3 months after regular physiotherapy. It's way better than straining it.

Arjun Pandit

Shout out to the guy in the back

Sachin Kumar

sir meta weight last month 83.5 kg tha and aaj 75.1 h aur Meri height 5.6 h.mera target weight 65 kg h . abhi me diet se 90 se100 gm protein le rha hu(chicken breast ,paneer , chana). sir mujhe kitna protein karma chaiye.just 1month his h mujhe gym start kare and 6 times a week jata hu

Anubhav Sharma

paji piche munda nu side raises sahi lagwa do headfone pa ke pata nhi ki laaye janda hai ?

Rahul Verma

The guy in behind is doing what type of exercise ????


I am using this for straps from last 4 months and it still like the same as new one and bro I have one more question

Sagar Nayak

Ultimate nutrition prostar kaa review do sirji _ waiting for it

tushar verma

yehhhh picheee konsi exercise lga rha hai shoulder ki??????????

Gurpratap Singh

good going sir ji

Rahul Polkar

Benching ?

Vijay Chopra

bhaji myprotien te hun 15% da discount he mil reha main register v kita hoya a/c... any other thing for special discount ?


suggest me straps for better deadlift bro

ashraf shah

Sirji mumbai mei myprotein import krne pe penalty lag rahe ha...any suggestion

Chirag Sharma

It's not about cool man! Everyone can wear this in any exercise wrist twisting can occur by any exercise especially Bisceps curls too.I have gone through that phase when i was a beginner because beginner's forms are most of the time poor.Use it.

vikram kumar

Bhai mera right hand thori weak hai compared to left should i use it or not ~?

sai satya

Lot of Nonese Talk.


Peche vala kaise flys laga raha hai chest ko train kar raha hai kya ???

WannaBe V Logger

Tenu pata ay ni kisy da

Arghya Dogra

Chal jhuthe,lagta nahi ke tere liye 115 kg bench press karna possible hai

Singh mandeep

wrist wrap se blood flow rukta e

Shubham Songire

Bhai legament ko support karega kya

Wrist Wraps vs Lifting Straps + How to Put Them On

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Anand J - Video Marketing

I forgot to mention that you can also use Wrist Straps for Front Squats. I'll make a video on this soon.
Wrist Wraps vs Lifting Straps - now you know the difference! Any questions? Comment below.

Dev Prasad

Great video this video have more information than I expected from video title


Hi Great Video I Have Subscribed to Your Channel Please Subscribe to My Channel