Old athletes

84-year-old athlete enjoys running and jumping

84-year-old athlete enjoys running and jumping13 Sep. 2017
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84-year-old Shi Yide is

84-year-old Shi Yide is practicing for the 20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships at Liuzhou City Stadium. More than 1,900 master athletes from 20 countries and regions will gather in Rugao, east China’s Jiangsu Province to display their skills. Shi suffered from tuberculosis in the 1990s after retirement, and started running to strengthen his pulmonary functions. In 2006, Shi began attending national competitions and won many awards. Shi Yide said, "Humanity lies in movement. Life lies in the movement. So we should go outside and it’s better than staying at home.” This year’s competition might be Shi’s last, due to age restrictions. He hopes to perform well and end his sporting career on a high note.

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Auriens – Meet Charles Eugster, The 97-Year-Old Athlete

Auriens – Meet Charles Eugster, The 97-Year-Old Athlete24 Apr. 2017
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See how vanity changed

See how vanity changed this 97-year-old's attitude to strength and fitness. He is striving to change perceptions of ageing and the elderly. Charles Eugster feels society has put an expiry date on the elderly, and sees being old as an inexorable path to inactivity and physical decline. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Indeed, as we live longer, our pension deficits get bigger and our health services struggle to cope, we must change.

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Riccardo Lai

A good motivation, a good example for all generations. This man deserves respect forever.

tremper tremper

"Society has stamped us with an expiry date. This is ridiculous" Well said Sir. Kick ass in the afterlife my friend.

Mohammed Nasser

i think everyone will die anyway but the idea of living a quality healthy life until your last breath is the point here

eduardo konig


Mission J

2 days before he died!

Danny Gawley


Pat Moon

he died 2 days after this was uploaded



zahid masood

We should try our best to follow this old fittest person.

RedPill BlackPill Knowledge


Al C

It's like his last gift to us before he left was this video...to inspire


Such motivation and inspiration ????

Mark Morrison

An absolute inspiration. I'm 39 yrs
old and started doin the gym at 35. It's not the younger gen that inspire me it's the older gen that do it. I hope I live till I'm 97 doin the stuff I love. Mr Eugster is my hero ????????

Victor Guzman

He didn't look that old in this video.

siva ramakrishnan




Shawn Dayvis

well shit !!!!! damn it !!!

Vitamin P Online


Leandro Servin

Un aplauso para este hombre de verdad...

Victor Kratos

Mis respetos a este gran hombre. Jamás hay que rendirse

Motorhead Banger

Life is a gift!!!!


I salute you Mr. Eugster!


My new role model!

Andrew Cantone

We always miss Charles Eugster.


You have left a beautiful legacy of inspiration Mr Eugster. I hope others and myself can learn from your wisdom. I hope you continue to thrive on your new journey after you won gold in this one.

Anjali Gehlod

grandpa's skin my goddd???

richard guu


Maxx Bi

His diet?

Jihad Bunnydick

Great skin

John m

You're a inspiration I'm cheering for you hopefully you'll live another 97 and thank you for putting the video online ?

Mrad Ahmadi

very beautiful God bless you

mohammad Kooheji

should Apply for Gene Therapy at : www.integrated-health-systems.com and get young again . Problem is that it costs a lot cause the medicine is new . Hopefully , it will get cheaper with time and we will all afford it .

VinchenzVinchenz VFP-III

Charlie..... @60 years old I can say THANK YOU BUDDY FOR THE SPIRIT, THE FIRE AND UNSTOPPABLE DEDICATION TO HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN. YOUR COURAGE, AND LOVE OF LIFE HAS FILLED "THIS-SOUL" TO FOLLOW WHAT YOU DID... See ya on the other side MY Friend and I'll save as many as I can ,.... 2 days ago I found my vehicle for life that includes the top 5 products Any & Every HUMAN BEING NEEDS....... +some $$$ to be made.... Set4Life dot biz. God Bless & Remember Charles for if WE ARE LUCKY DEDICATED LOVING AND A WARRIOR IN LIFE ........You too will be able to be as He........ FIGHT FOR Your Life because IT IS YOUR LIFE..... Peace&LoveWORLDWIDEplease...........

Alan Spring

It ain't never going to be over ??

Utkarsh Ojha

The irony is he passed after 2days of his video

Jerod Overfield

It's very awesome to see this guy, it's never too late to start.


Live is to live it to the full, and âge is a number...human body can adapt it self to anything you want to be..my god give a very healthy life...and bless you..????..you are a true Champion..


what did he die from?
does he know Jesus?

Micheal Breathnach

Well done Charles. It's a message to everyone to never give up

Md.Zubayer Hasan

Great man

Terrenc Howells

Insanely inspiring ! I love the fact he s so vain Why not!

Player1 Chosen1

Dam old man okay okay I see you?? age ain't shit if your health is good


What is meant by a "pensioner?" Is that the same as a retiree?

Oliver Oloner

I get goose bumps when I see this man and he's a huge inspiration for me. R.I.P. Charles.

jjeffery worboys

Legend. RIP.

Tr Utr

God bless Charles. You are an inspiration!

Penelope Hunt

Just.... Wow !!! All down to adrenaline

Ricky Joe Hand

Rest in peace


A recommendation video with less than 80 billion views? Something is wrong over here...


This video pushed him to the limits

Donald Burnette

I am 78 years old work two jobs, member of local fire dept, take NO drugs of any type do 100 push ups every day, weigh the same as i did in high school looking forward to each day. good for mr Eugster, hope to being in as good health as he has.

james marr

Thank you for this share

Mahmoud Abdulaziz

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Manfred Mann

That was the most inspiring fitness video on you tube that I saw. He looked 30 years younger.

I have been working out since age 15 in 1983 and have not stopped since. Whole body exercises are extremely important and cardio too.

Most importantly you have to have fun at the same time.

متقاعد عايش جوال

? ? Good

be cool



He is a legend. Young people should take notes from him. He looks better than 99% of young guys nowadays.

Ila Gupta

He really was revolutionary! Salute Charles!

Peter Zelchenko

Great, inspiring and all that -- and his passing just after this video's release was a loss -- but perhaps an even better revolution would have been for him to focus on his expertise as a dentist. Gingivitis has a direct and very keen link to heart disease. Dr. Eugster's relatively good health may have been just as heavily influenced by good dental self-care as by aerobic work. This means, at a minimum, a daily flossing routine that ensures zero gingivitis and therefore minimized regular bacterial transfer via the gums through to the arteries. Dental hygiene is an underexamined problem worldwide, and yet dentists and dental hygienists largely lack a particularly good rubric, as well as the patience, for drumming proper methods into patients. Want to help 8 billion people live healthier lives? Maybe it should start at a very young age, with all of the basics, including proper dental care.

Ege Arıkan

Im going to the gym now

Darryl Jr

That’s why I said that all folks old and young just need to be more Active if not then you’re gonna have all types of health problems


What a tremendous inspiration!
Rest in peace x

Gerry Vanderzeypen

BRAVO old fellow, BRAVO!!! good for him for giving it a go and live that long DOING something instead of doing NOTHING!

kenny omega


Joe Katchmar

That is amazing

Carl Ranger

Good Genes are a wonderful blessing.

Ottmar Reif

Im still 75 and going regularly to the Gym together with my wife,its 35. She give me a Inspiration and strongness.my bloodpresure ist 110 /80

Tommy Jusinski

97 and still in shape, it's a shame that the majority of young kids today just sit all day long playing video games and eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew or some other sugary garbage . Never forget a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. If he can do this at 97 anybody can do it , just get off your ass and move.. RIP

Perry Rose

Great genetics!!

Piano Dragon

"Life is a wonderful gift and its never over until it's over!"?

Andrew Hedlund

Life has no point purpose meaning or value

Vinskiegaming XD



he's so inspiring

Tony Barfridge

In a speech i heard, it was said, just like muscles get stronger with use. It's a well known fact, but i started thinking, why not use my muscles more and get stronger since I'm doing nothing and getting weaker. I get aerobic exercise, but like he said it's not enough. Strength is so important in advancing years.

Cristina Rodilla

doing nothing is a curse

Phil Rudoff

God bless you.

Mayumi Yamamoto

we are only dancing on this planet for a short time..
plant base..till they put you in the box..THANK YOU GOD...for every moment that we live

Rachinee Pugh

Dr Eugster passed away on April 26, 2017 - just 2 days after this video was released. He led an amazing life and left an inspiring legacy!


He's as fit as a fiddle



Race for old athletes at the rural olympics

Race for old athletes at the rural olympics14 Dec. 2012
23 734
WildFilmsIndiaSubscribe 438 721

Kila Raipur Festival or

Kila Raipur Festival or Rural Olympics is a very popular annual sports meet. An interesting part of the event is that all participants are given enough time to show off their ability. This sports event is so exciting whether it is a tractor race or dog race, it is special for all. Much of the allure of the Rural Olympics lies in the traditional forms of contest and in the ability to compete in events where no specific skills are required. This particular event involves many people who go through a circular set of rods and test their strengths over the other.

According to the Rural Olympics website:

It was in 1933. Philanthropist Inder Singh Grewal visualised an annual recreational meet where farmers from areas surrounding Kila Raipur could get together and test their corporal endurance. The idea gave birth to Kila Raipur Sports, the undisputed "Rural Olympics".In over six decades the festival has grown from a toddler to a prancing, energetic youthful organisation. This pioneer rural sports festival has become an annual international event, which is normally held in the first weekend of February. A dynamic team of organisers -- Grewal Sports Association -- has taken yet again another pioneering step of giving rural women a break in sports.

Today this festival of the rustics attracts more than 4,000 sportsmen and women, both of recognised and traditional sports. The three-day festival is witnessed by more than a million people. Besides, several million others watch it on television, read about it in newspapers and magazines.Whether you are in Punjab or in Toronto or in Southall, you will know the latest about Kila Raipur Sports. Its participants come from all over the globe. Since it takes several months for the immigrants in England, Canada or the USA to select, train and send their Kabbadi and Tug of War teams to this festival which of late has become a truly international, talks about destination KILA RAIPUR start much early.

When Mr. Inder Singh Grewal and subsequently Grewal Sports Association visualised the Games, the solitary aim was, "healthy mind in a healthy body", the watchword has been "excellence", in accordance with the Olympic motto of "CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS". Besides, it was to provide a platform where boys and girls, men and even veterans could come and exhibit their acumen not only in recognised sporting events but also in traditional rural sports.So it has been always the best. Those who have been watching this festival grow from year to year can vouch that they have seen hundreds of Olympians and internationals in action on the bald but even playfields of perhaps the biggest Rural Sports Stadium in the country.

For the Grewal Sports Association, it is not only the annual Rural Olympics but also sports promotion which gets its paramount attention. The Association sponsors and runs a hockey academy for schoolboys. At present 150 budding hockey stars are training at the Academy on a regular basis -- 125 of them are day boarders and 25 are boarders.

The Association plans to extend the stadium further, construct a new modern hostel for the Academy, start another academy in track and field and lay a synthetic surface for hockey. Kila Raipur and surrounding villages have made a matchless contribution to the national mainstream of sports in almost all major recognised sports.

This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and XDCAM. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Reach us at rupindang [at] gmail [dot] com and [email protected]

Comments (7)
M.S Selvam

Awesome! Very Motivating! Energizing! It just goes on and on................ May i ask, where exactly is this town/village/venue? Am planning to visit The Great Punjab in 2019. Wouldn't want to miss out on this.

Awakened sky

Reminded me of Mahabharata, the epic kurukshetra war..lol

kareem AHmad khan khan

baba ram dev se keho ek ek hath kerega in veero de naal

Dibakar De



Worth Respect......

Eka Desh Ko Manxe

The moment when a grandpa runs faster than u...shame on u youngsters

Ketaki Deshpande

something to learn from. RESPECT!!