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10 Minute Model Ab Routine | Model Workouts | Sanne Vloet

10 Minute Model Ab Routine | Model Workouts | Sanne Vloet20 May. 2018
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Hi Guys,

Welcome back! So today I am sharing my perfect "10 Minute Ab Workout". Believe me this will fire up all your stomach muscles and you are going to FEEL it today... and tomorrow too. I try to do this workout every day in addition to my full body workout or just in the morning if I don’t have that much time.

We will do each exercise for:

-50 Seconds with a 10 second break in between (short breaks)

-10 Sets in total

-Every motion is quite slow this way you will feel the burn even more


XXX Sanne

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Selbyy Sel

Old workout, but great workout . Like this ?

Eva Acrobat

Great, Sanne! Love you so much!

Annesha Sanyal


Caitlin Griffiths

I'm doing this everyday until my modelling starts again ?

Gorcsa Andreea

Gonna try this workout tonight. Your legs look so graceful. Thanks for the workout!

Rukia khalid

That was true and me too l like be a model while run way


Amazing core workout!!!!!Thanks!!!


Thanks for doing this Sanne :) Gonna do this three times a week in 'isolation' and see what happens!

Molly Conway

Great video!

Princess Sirenity

I find these workouts so helpful, thank you Sanne. If anyone can advise how many calories these workouts maybe burning for my fitness pal tracker that would be lovely. Merci ✨?

Taranjyot Kaur

...look at that beautiful face....????

Gracie Marie

My arms started hurting more then my abs

Annesha Sanyal

Can I do this during my menstruation?

Zoe Lynn

The smile at the end. Yep that’s the “that’s why I’m a model and you’re not” smile ???


I love this workout so much!!! Really challenging!!!


I wished I 'd look like you ? you've got a perfect shape ??

Ameera Chyy

This was enjoyable. It went fast and I felt the burn.

Laurence St-Gelais

Hi Sanne! I love this ab workout and I’ve been doing it since one month ago and I want to know how often you do this workout per week?

Audrey Chan

I get u so mixed up with Sanne Vander cuz she also does workout vids and she’s also a model ! Go check her out her thigh gap vid works !

Laura C.

Nice light and not too hard work-out ?


Why do i feel everything on the arms when i'm doing plank? Like i should feel something on the abs but my arms are burning

Lol Emoji

For everyone asking, her legs are slim because they’re long.
So sorry to say, but if you’re on the shorter side, it’s harder to get slim legs.

Amy Rivera

Loved this workout!

Lili Tousinezhad

thin legs??

Zuza Nadulna

Cool workout. I did all ?


Excellent ab workout. Challenging but the timer encourages you to push thru. Thank you so much! Also, thank you for keeping it real and natural. Strong is beautiful! This workout is for real, don't be fooled by the lovely face, this lady is strong and tough! Much love and respect to you! Thanks again! I'll definitely be back for this one and others.

may levi

She makes it look sooo easyyy omggg


Pls do a cardio routine

This is why u should travel Nepal

Awesome.. tons of wishes frm Nepal

suzy fit

I did it and I like it thank you

John sarab

Her sit ups are outrageous! I can only wish I had her ab strenght - she a model!! Cindy Crawford stated the high fit model thing,

Diyae Diyae

Yes I do with you ❤❤


OMG the background is so beautiful for working out ??


I really love your videos on everythiiing but I would love some explaining during the workout videos since someone can injure themselves while doing the moves without knowing if they are doing it right.

neon liess

I wish i was as tall as you!

Julia Zhu

C'est génial. Notamment le plank avec les jambes élevées très difficile pour moi, mais je vais insister

Lizeth Sarahi Castelan Orduña

what people dont understand is that yeah if you do this workout your body is gonna change but not like hers... you born with a body and you cant really change its natural shape stope hating your bodies

Isabella Bettoni

My armsssss??????

Ayu Wac

You're legs are so beautiful:)

Anna Sophie

Love your workouts! The production with the timer and a different view and the music ? so damn well done / professional and so challenging! Keep going, love sour attitude posts amd videos ???

Марта Крись

What is your leg inseam?

Clair Herwitz

You're so pretty !

Shahida Khalil

Which company your workouts
mats are of??

Julia's Wor/l/d

This was both super fun and depressive, especially after my best friend told me "you know you'll never be like that, right?"
Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Mathieu Al Alam

Does it work ?

emanuela iordachita

Thank you so much ! Love it and also your kindness.

Kris jason

I have been following all your workouts videos and cooking videos since day 1.. Ur workouts are amazing wow.. !!! Love you ??.. upload more .. Sanne . !!
I am waiting !!?????

Dimitra Threpsiadi

Pls can you make a butt workout?

Niamh Smith

Just did this and I found the difficulty just right so thank you! I always stick to my own circuits so I decided to venture onto YouTube and do something different and I loved this! Will be doing it more often thank you??


I love this workout sm

nancy sellers

Love your workouts

Rispatyr mn

мне бы такую фигуру, ах...

Keo Savat

She looks so chill ?

Tee Hamster

This wokout BURNSSSS!!!! I love it

Leslie Vela Gonzalez

Ufff, was hard. I love your videos

Raquel Ortega

I cried doing this

ver movifiqre saxeli ravi

Rest is amazing ♥️i will do it now

Marysia Marzecka

I think I died

Anna Sophie

Love your workouts! The production with the timer and a different view and the music ? so damn well done / professional and so challenging! Keep going, love your attitude posts amd videos ???

Pohr Tabitha

Thank you so much. You are wonderful ❤

Przemyslal Witkiewicz

Ngrasz filmy czarnych lgnsach muj kanaf

Sara Kjeldsen

This felt great. Thank you, Sanne! :

Zinor Hacker

Sincerely it looks easy but I just can do them for like 10 seconds :)

Anaïs dlt

gosh it's so hard how can you even smile ?!!

Sharada Devi

Can we do for weight loss

Novita Sari

This workout is already my favorite for a year

may loveslife

I love it! Thank you!

Салтанат Насырова

It's so cool

Susan Gonzales

Sanne in one of you 2018 video you mentioned you gave your fan your po box so we can write. In what video so I can get your mailing address

Abby Kirchner

I love all your workouts! Please do a how to burn:get rid of lower belly fat (from like the bellybutton down) I would really love that ?

Rania Alhumaidi

wish I looked like her.....

Елизавета Ткаченко

Thank you so much ☺️?

Anna Sophie

Love your workouts! The production with the timer and a different view and the music ? so damn well done / professional and so challenging! ?⚡️?Keep going, love your attitude, posts and videos ???


I will try this workout everyday (i would say for about 1 month) and I say to you guys the results everyday.

Day 1: I had to rest a lot, cause I‘m very weak and not sporty at all, so first day was a little flop :( but next update tomorrow, hopefully with better results ;)

cate ricci

I’m going to use this workout until the beginning of the summer, let’s have abs!
Love u Sanne , you are such an inspiration❤️❤️

bts kooki

The way your legs are longer than my entire life ?.

arabella busante


Kwaii Pinkysquad

I feel the burn so bad

Kira Harden

Oh my goodness! I haven’t worked out in forever! How hard! Thanks for this workout Sanne!! So proud of myself for finishing! haha

Laura Silva Jiménez

Them loooooong legssss <33 xx.

Fantastic Lyrics

Her legs are longer than my future!?

Jacks Wife

Finally an ab workout that I’m not straining my neck trying to hold it up during each exercise!

Ayu Wac

And be honest, you're gorgeous?

Elena Rostami

I have been doing your an workout for about four days and watching your tips and stuff I have so much energy now my abs are amazing and when ever I eat I don’t get bloated your an superstar wow I feel great

Eva Borek

I feel like this wasn’t hard enough tbh

Putri Nugrahantie

I am looking forward for your arm workout ??

Anna Dolečková

Thank you very much for these videos. The difficulty is exactly how i like. Its great quick workout:D Love you so much, you are extremely sweet and I appreciate that with your busy life and work you still are on youtube and you show us what your life is<3


Took an ab month break which is a bad idea if anyone is thinking about it lol but following along to this video has allowed me to regain that wanting feeling of toning my tummy ^-^

jessie jin


jessie jin

Really great sharing. Love it n keep it up. Thanks Sanne.

Tammi Meeks

i did this i do these workout daily along with more workout daily .....love theses workout

Lotus Petal

Good job ?✌

Alices Band

Great routine , follow back please ??


Worst workout I ever made. Better don´t waste your time on this.

yell giorgo

I had also called the workout arm-workout haha I only feel arm pain !!! <3

Sayedna Hussain

Excellent hard working exercises


I love this routine!


To be honest, I really like this video. At the first time, I couldn’t complete the whole program, but I’m getting used to it day by day, and I got beautiful muscles for not only abs but also legs. I mean shapes became perfect for me. Thank you for sharing the video and showing various types of workouts in your channel. I’m looking forward to watching your next video!??

rodin mazaheri

side plank were hard!


What I really don’t like about this workout is that it’s not guided so when she switches the exercise in the middle of the 60 seconds you can’t tell...basically have to be looking at the screen the whole time which throws off your form

10 Minutes Model Abs Workout (no equipment) / Nina Dapper

10 Minutes Model Abs Workout (no equipment) / Nina Dapper30 Jul. 2020
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instagram @ninadapper and

instagram @ninadapper and @ninadapperlifestylecoach

10 Minutes Model Abs Workout (no equipment) / Nina Dapper

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Vergeet je niet te abonneren én laat vooral een berichtje achter met wat je graag op mijn Youtube Kanaal wilt zien. Ik heb er heel veel zin in en kan niet wachten meer van mijn leven te delen!

Liefs, Nina


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Comments (29)
Maya TheBee

Nina: ✨simply just doing the last exercise ✨Me: Wait...?I don't think my arms exist after the previous one so like... let me just stretch them a bit tho ?

Sophia Stewart

I just love your workouts they are soooo amazing thank you ?

Baby Meal

Love this, and love the music, too ?


Hi! I'm Léane and I'm 15 years old. I'm french. Later, I would like to be like you, you're so beautiful and seem happy even while doing the workout. Thank you for sharing these workouts with us. I love you :)

Olga Stasiowska

Love that quick workout! It’s very good for warm up before my 40 minutes jump rope sessions :p


Hey girl can this workout help all body types to get a flat belly

Anna Elsjoki

You are sooooo beautiful❤️?

Pratham Jamgade

Hi nina, i am very happy to see this ?? you promised me on instagram that you will show me and you did it ?? thank you ?

Avishpa Mukherjee

I did this workout and it was a great killer ???but still I love it .In how many days shall I see the results ?


I think if you smile a little more while we're doing it, we can be more motivated. ??


looks hard? but it's probably worth it

Ярослав Калуш

Одна,з най фігуровіших і красивих,дівчат.Хоча я з,України!:).

Nishi Tripathi

Lovely guys have a great fun.

victoria sinclair

I've been doing your workouts:) they are actually cutting inches thank youuuu???


thank u so much <3

Александра Фелис

Nina is a supergirl. I have been looking for such examples for a long time so as not to pump the body, and I found Nina. I always dreamed of a ballerina's body, but I have problem hips. I went to training, and my muscles became massive, and my height is 154 cm, it looked bad. But, finally, I found the workout I needed! Thank you dear. Sorry, I do not know English well.

Leah Nasson

The best and most effective abs workout !! Thank you Nina ???

Hard Training Easy Gaining

Hello my friend how you doing?
Nice video, really good and effective exercises you got there.
As we have similar youtube content we could be YouTube friends and support each other. what do you think?
Have a great day and keep up with the hard work.

Ivo Cadenas

what u eat one a day? :3

Лера Дорошева

Will you release the second part?)

Amyra peach

Can this help in decreasing the muffin top too

Anchita S

For how many days??? Anyone plz tell?


Love your workouts!!!❤ Thank you sooo much Nina!

Spurthy M

I'll immediately start doing this workout from tomorrow ?


Does it work for the lower belly?

Shadow Shaman

How many times to do in a week?


I absolutely adore your workouts. Is this good for fat burning too? or only for toned abs

Ellie-Marie Doherty

How tall are you?

Emily Quinton

is this good for lower belly ?


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Today I tried model Emily

Today I tried model Emily Ratajkowski's ab workout and omg what a burn! Loved it...def adding it to my routine! Let me know who you'd like to see next!

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This is my workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk.

Comments (18)
PowerWeight Training

Cool video and channel. If you want I just posted a 1000 repetition ab workout video on my channel. Core is core and all the exercises are the same for gays and gals :) BTW, I wear cool socks in my videos :) Thanks!

Michelle Alvarez

omg one of my favorite models! Definitely adding this to my ab routine ✨

jbarrera 07


Emily Martinez

Can you do Adriana Lima's workout routine

Ana F


Érica Paixão

charli d’amelio please

Arnika Kia3

Wow ????

Valeria Arana

I love these workouts

Jasmine Rojo

Can you do lili rinheart

Puppet Master Priestess

Where did you get her workout from? Thank you!

tamlyn muller.

please do amelie zilber's next <3

Sick Devhan

She is polish girl!

Medine Arguden

Hey Kayla Which workout do you do most of the time?

Paulina Gómez S.

hey thanks for the video but I can give you a suggestion I really liked the thumbnails of your videos before

Francisca Coelho

?love your videos?

Medine Arguden

Hey Kayla can you please do briana jungwirth's workout ?

Jalkruti Mehta

I'm at very beginning stage. Please give me some introductions. Like dos and donts


Cute fit and the workouts pay off thank you