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Stimulating Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis

Stimulating Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis14 Sep. 2020

Stimulating Skeletal

Stimulating Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis: Is the Quality of Isolated Protein Important When It Is Ingested with Other Nutrients?

Organised by Francis Stephens, University of Exeter, UK and Kostas Tsintzas, University of Nottingham, UK

Dietary protein consumption stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and inhibits muscle protein breakdown. It is generally assumed that the anabolic potential of a dietary protein is dictated by its amino acid composition, particularly leucine, as well as digestion and amino acid absorption kinetics. However, an emerging concept in recent literature is that nutritional factors beyond amino acid bioavailability are important for stimulating MPS, particularly as plasma leucine concentrations are less predictive of subsequent MPS in studies where protein is coingested with other macro- and micro-nutrients. During this webinar, two speakers discussed the concept of the whole food matrix and the relative importance of various macro- and micro-nutrients for stimulating MPS.

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Very informative Sir thank you.

Noon Alinour

Would MPS still occur with low amount of Leucine less than the threshold?


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Leucine is an amino acid

Leucine is an amino acid with powerful muscle building properties, due mainly to the role it plays with mTOR. In this video you'll learn about the benefits of supplementing L-Leucine and the top foods which contain Leucine.

I’m sure you are familiar with protein and just how important it is… people often say things like, proteins are the building blocks of the body.

In reality though, the true building blocks of the body are what the protein is actually made up of, which is a selection of various amino acids. All of these amino acids serve different purposes within the body.

Because of this, in order for a food to be considered an adequate protein source , a food needs to contain all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for the dietary needs of humans or other animals

As I said each of these essential amino acids has a different function in the body….. so what would happen if you were to cherry pick the amino acid with the greatest benefits to muscle gain, and supplement with that.

Then, you’d be supplementing Leucine, part of a family of three, known as the branched chain amino acids.

Although you will sometimes hear about people supplementing with BCAAs, many studies have actually shown leucine is so beneficial, that it is better to supplement with just leucine, versus a mix of the three BCAAs

This is why it is sometimes referred to as the 'main' amino acid due to the most popular benefit of BCAAs (muscle building) being mostly due to leucine.

Leucine activates the mTOR pathways, which then induces muscle protein synthesis aka the building of muscle.

Think of mTOR as the amino acid sensor of the cell. mTOR is sensitive to leucine concentrations.

Decreasing leucine concentrations signal to mTOR that there is not enough dietary protein present to synthesize new skeletal muscle protein and it is deactivated.

As leucine concentrations increase, it signals to mTOR that there is sufficient dietary protein to synthesize new skeletal muscle and mTOR is activated.

While the other two BCAAs do also activate mTOR, they are much weaker than leucine in doing so (and as such, 5g of leucine will be more effective than 5g mixed BCAAs).

When a food contains enough of all of the amino acids which we can only get through diet, it is said to be a complete protein source. But since these foods just need to meet certain minimum amino levels, they all have different levels of the different amino acids.

This is why a gram of ‘protein,’ can mean something different depending on its source

As an example, to be considered a complete protein , a food needs a minimum of just 7 mg of Tryptophan but it needs a minimum of 55 mg of leucine per gram of protein.

This also means that while a gram of protein from one source may have 55mg of leucine, a gram of protein from another source could have 85 mg of leucine.

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Only 1 thing. The music i kinda distracting and high compared to the talking. It make it hard to concentrate

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Many studies are skewed based on funding bias. Please provide study citation.

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Hello sir
What is the best time to use leucine intraworkout or after the workout as i take 5gms of glutamine post workout wid whey protein. .??

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The guy talks so slow I had to put the speed of the video to 1.5 speed.

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Pumpkin seeds come with anti-nutrients. Soy has endocrine disruptors. You are not taking other variables into account.

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Wish you would link the research papers in here ...

Fish R Relaxing

Ok so what if you did a south beach diet for a week followed by 3 day fast followed by Adkins diet? Would this not be the perfect combination? You’re loading up on things that help elevate ketosis under the fasting while reducing actual glucose already prepping your body for ketosis prior to the fast. Then the Adkins after the fast helps your body readjust to food intake following the fast.

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When should it be used? (Leucine)

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and idiots buy leucine supplement when u can get it in food

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Wait so BCAA’s aren’t a scam like half the people I know have told me?


great video, but for feedback, I'd dial back that background music a smidge.

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is mTOR not kinda the CANCER promoting and leucine stimulates mTOR as opposite of fasting


This video probably contains good information but this mic is annoying the hell out of me. It needs a pop filter. Or just don't talk directly into it... Every time you say a P, B, T or D the air from your mouth enters the mic and makes this very annoying, unprofessional sound. That combined with the obvious fact that you didn't draw the video kinda makes it sketchy and doesn't feel trustworthy. I'm sure that's not the case, but I'm just keeping it real.


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If someone was missing the amino acid Leucine, what genetic condition do you think they would have?


Awesome video man! Always watch this when I get an urge to supplement with a new product and this has benefitted me greatly!? These videos are a supplement themselves because i gain muscle mass and strength in the long run by implementing this knowledge! Keep up the great work?

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This channel is underrated


Thanks for the video.
Is the mTOR signaling for muscle synthesis goes only for skeletal muscles or also to skin, tendons, ligaments...? Please does anybody knows?

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Is lucine increase insulin levels during workout


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So if you take l leucine , and it activates mTor, Which open up the cells to receive the protein.....MEANS nothing if we don’t have adequate protein right?


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But whey protein has L leucine in it why do we have to supplement it seperatly?

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Can we add leucine to bcaa powder to get more leucine? ? What do you recommend


Should we add more plane leucine powder in our Whey Protein?


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So does Leucine directly help build muscle, or is it Leucine activating mTOR that causes the increase in muscle? I know if you are lacking one amino during protein synthesis, production will stop. That is why I am wondering why I would specifically only want to supplement with Leucine, and not just supplement all of my amino acids. I have even seen videos on Youtube explicitly saying to not take amino acids, and only supplement leucine. Anyways great video! Hopefully, you can help me out!

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Is lucine increase insulin levels during workout

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i get 12510mg of leucine per 2000cal of my meal replacement shake :) ( not a supplement ) and i have 3500kcal of it every day and i get no muscle pains cramps or anything and strength is always rising ,people need to be educated on this amino acid more in the workout community

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How much grams of leucine does one have to consume daily for optimal muscle growth? Is there a study on that?

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Stop Worrying About Muscle Protein Synthesis and Train

Stop Worrying About Muscle Protein Synthesis and Train26 Sep. 2019
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Starting Strength Coach

Starting Strength Coach and Registered Dietitian Robert Santana explains muscle protein synthesis and why consistent training rather than the type of protein you consume is what drives your gains.

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KP Personal Trainer

Also don’t take too much time off ? https://youtu.be/MblpdypybbY


omar isuf is looking a little different here


How come everyone featured on SS has a large torso and waist? That can't be healthy. Is it the style of training causing this?

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I do train. Can I worry about muscle protein synthesis now? Should I worry about the protein bioavailability index? How about enough leucine to begin MPS?

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Love how SS cherrypicks when they think the scientific process should be listened to. "It says were wrong? We listen to what we see" "it agrees? Its great". Not to mention this whole thing was some RDN telling us some basic level ba that was rambling and off topic. Getting real tired of this dogmatic "fat and strong" company peddling nonsense.

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" Don't worry about muscle protein synthesis, worry about adding weight to the bar "

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"No..no...what protein powder is gonna work the best?"

"Yeah...wHaT dO yOu EaT?!"

The supplement industry has ruined a generation of potential athletes. Buncha skinny-fat, or inflamed and sick people walking around with big biceps.

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Just the other day my grandma gifted me some zucchini she farmed and I had to dry them up in the oven and pass them through a fine blender before I could even eat them.

Patrick van meter

If you are deficient in protein, more protein MIGHT help. So many other things involved here and so many books written about the subject that I'm not convinced anyone knows for sure. Eat right and don't miss any W/Os. Works for most but not all.

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Great Information

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?? Right! just stop fn making excuses and get to work! ?

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Harvard Professor

Mark "Lardass" Rippetoe father of Permabulking


Research on nutrition is fairly new compared to how much research exists in human health.


This is advice for novice lifters who are underweight. Just train. Eat more overall calories (including protein). Sleep. Rest between sets.

If you are running SS and are overweight, say 25%+ bf, you can get away with eating fewer calories. The book (SS 3rd edition) does mention this.

Jeroen Nouwens

If you take little pills from your pill container, and don't do any training, you will still grow (I have heard). Those little pills are really effective.

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Get a haircut, ya hippie!

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why 4000 calories? is it true that you can only process so much muscle so your bulk is best at 5% above maintenance to minimize fat gain? or would a guy like me, 6'2", 175lb, 14% bf really need 4k calories? (i do full body 3x a week , six sets of squat/bench/row with amrap sets and three sets at 70% and then deads/ohp/lat pulldowns with same volume) idk if these massive bulks where people are eating more than 2x the calories compared to a cut are for guys who work out like 7 hours a day or what lol.


This guy has a story about nothing. Don't watch he says we don't know. So don't it, since we have not proved it yet.


Lift and eat. Sure. Most of us watching this have that down. Nothing wrong with trying to fine tune your nutrition and timing.

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Why does a Dietitian have a dadbod?

so bad at sticking to your own knowledge?

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No mention of complete vs incomplete proteins and the role of leucine in MPS?

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God damn the bunch of idiots in the comment section. After all these years of YouTube education by legit fitness professionals and how not to judge the instructor with their own body there's still to this day people that go like "oh we'd listen to you if you followed your own advice and had some muscle" this is exactly why jacked dudes on YouTube claiming natural status fool people like you on YouTube and guys like James from shredded sports science gets new content to roast people like you and your heros on the internet. What is his profession? Bodybuilding? Fitness modelling? Have you people even seen how nutritionists look like?

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whey protein also comes from milk, not just casein.. btw, both are milk protein


Can you build muscles by training without taking any protein? Literally 0 protein. Just asking

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Starting Strength Whey Protein. Holy shit.


Relatively small, skinny, old (50+) man here. Trainer asked my what my goals were. Gain some good weight, increase strength. Asked me what I ate in a typical day, how much I slept. Asked me how I exercised or worked out now.

After considering my answers, the trainer said, Rico, you need to lift more, eat more, sleep more, and cut back on the cardio.

Wow, mind blown.


2:42 Fahve sets of fahve! What? We talking Stronglifts here?

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Hahahahaha. Ok chief!

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Yeah and stop buying protein shakes/powder also. Just drink 800ml (two large glass fulls) of full fat milk, its much cheaper and you get 25g of protein. ??

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Again, I am Robert Santana, and I thank you for allowing me to waste 6:03 of your value time telling you absolutely nothing...


I eat can of menudo


Tl;dr Go GOMAD now

Mike D

I haven't been getting the prescribed 1 gram per pound for a couple of years and I haven't shriveled up yet. I was obsessed with getting 180 grams per day and once I just allowed myself to get whatever was convenient. Nothing bad happened

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The thing about muscles is......

You gotta have some before people will actually listen about how to get them.


Unfortunately he doesn't look good enough for this to carry any weight.


"you can't build muscle eating only 1500 calories a day"

Why do people keep repeating this myth

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Great Stuff


I eat a huge breakfast immediately after training, a single protein shake at noon and then I eat a huge dinner.


There is a reason why most guys at Starting Strength look fat and like they've never lifted a weight in their lives.

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Santana talks sense in a field not known for veracity.


I don't understand why this registered dietitian keeps talkin about whey protein as if it's a supplement. Whey protein is just food. If you think of it as food, that is one of the cheapest and best ways to get protein. Eat your whey protein shakes, there's nothing wrong with it and it's good for you

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You have fu....ed so called YouTube gurus ????

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