Fat gainer progress

Fat gainer weight progress 4 months

Fat gainer weight progress 4 months15 Aug. 2016
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Jack McCaughey

Sooooo wish this was real :(


Very Good. And now? Is your belly bigger or not? I hope for a new video.

Matt Maser

You have to do an update video of how much weight you have gained since your last video!

Dinko Ganev

How u gain fat only in belly


Красивый живот!

hiMark Burdett

great video nice belly what is your weigh know

Laura Da panda

I would happily have you at 60-70lbs

Francisco lopez garcia

I love you belly ????????????

Tom Igosse

Continue please!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

That guy

How tall r u?


Your belly is a perfect fantasy ;)
To the haters, obviously not fake! Can't be faked with the quality of the vid but low quality of the picture
They're just jealous of your almost unbelievable proportions <3


I am 11 years old and I weigh 139 kg

Anna Šírová

kolik kilo mas a jakou šířku a kolik budeš mít cíl


You are SO BEAUTIFUL.... it makes me so sad that you haven't added a new video for SO LONG :(



Jay Fabulous

how did you eat kg of peanut butter a day?

greentea latte

Why is your belly the only fat part on your body?

•Strawberry Jade•

Get bigger

Shaun Fox

If I could get my hands on that belly, they'd never leave ...

sovageek Xenon

nice gains!!


Bet you have noticed something else between your legs getting fatter too.

greentea latte

please stop gaining, you look disgusting

hiMark Burdett

great video nice belly what is your weigh know

Learning To Bloat

hey, what ever happened to you, you play alot of vid games but I never see that gaining proccess or that giant belly of yours. I'd love to see it again in video sometime

Belly Lover

What a lovely belly❤️


Me gusta

Kaan Güleç

what are you eat in

Parker Dei

Sooooo fucking hot

Tom Igosse

Continue to gain weight please !!❤️

Fabian Ramirez

Congratulations! Ur very hot!!!

Matheus Henrique

boom sie que não

greedy steve

wish this was real :( still very good though

julie daime

105 kg is my favorite

João Martins

Do un uptade video please! :D

Diarrhea Pantz

I’m about 2 lbs lighter than him

life is here.

damn 110kg

kasper bloch

Lol Why the Fuck? What even is this?

Iasonas Tassis

Impressive. And also so hot

Andres theMagicWolf

I like your belly

Ar In

Wow how did it only go to his stomach ?


Would love to see an update sexy!

no no

I require an update


Are you from?

Hows Your CLAM

Lol it literally all just goes to your belly



Independent Woman

Has anyone every tried to to the peanut butter thing and it worked like that

Hel lo

120 kg to 200 kg pleaseeee pleasee

John Lornie

I'm 210 pounds just now, wanna get to 250, hope I get there, you really ended up being quite impressive! Lol

CI Craft

200 kg PLEASEEEE ❤️?????

Anna Šírová

omg lol tak dobrou

Jack McCaughey

Donate?? lol this video isn’t even yours!

Bay Kerr


Carlos Soto

174lbs (79)kgs is my favourite. I would like to be like that. Just perfect.

Untitled User

You NEED to make a standing update vid, it would complete my LIFE!!!????????

julian hall

wear boxers


Very impressive gains!
May I ask HOW you managed to eat 1kg of peanut butter per day?
I mean the stuff IS rather sticky, and the taste quickly becomes too much.

Shawn Foxx

Great work! How tall? Are you still gaining?

esteban appendino

More fat more ok

Eric Pereira

1:47 como eu queria uma barriga assim ?

Carter Jefferys

Do another belly video where you show yourself standing up for the whole time

Theo Court

OMG, more of this please!

richard Turk

I think you are just wanting to show off your underwear.
I also think your numbers are way off.

Ed the Sassy Boy

79kg is the beginning of it all hehe

Madeleine GOUTTE

Y love you


I want to be 100kg currently at 60

Female Feeder97

His belly is such a huge turn on, omg, I'm in love?

Jan Kalous

Super video

jk joke

any update?

Mitchell King

Hey whats your secret, how did all of the fat go just to your stomach did you do exercises that only affected your chest but didn't make your stomach grow I'm sorry for being rood but i'm just curious.


Omfg, you're so so hot! I would love to meet you in real life and see your beautiful curves! You're so handsome and I love your belly! Keep gaining, gorgerous!


How? ?

Dinko Ganev

I want to be U. ???

anon ymous

I wish there were date stamps, so it's possible to see exactly when you reached those weights.

Anna Šírová

Mám e mail

Ярик Филимов

Какие есть гейнеры из снг?

Данил Плеско

When are new video about your belly?

Shawn Foxx

Great work! How tall? Are you still gaining?

michael wallace

Wish we could have seen how far you could have gone could you imagine how big that belly would be after 2-4 more months.

David Olien

I feel very bad that you did this to yourself, you had a very nice body.

XX_livvy_X X

So cute ❤️

no no

I physically require an update from you.


Am at 57 ?

Anna Šírová

ja z liberce

AJ Alonzo

Wtf did i just watch

David Zeman-Zachar

I will the same

Fernando lopez

u see ugly

Lucs plan

I think i will try to eat peanut butter


What the f is your problem

Hel lo

a to jsi jedl každý den 1kg burakoveho masla?


Duuuude what the hell??
You got so fat?
You could have gotten so fit you had the body

hiMark Burdett

great video nice belly what is your weigh know

Anna Šírová

wait ty seš čech

Naruto Uzumaki

Get bigger

Tseuphen Dormeox2

If you continue to eat peanutbutter everyday forever, will there be a maximum weight?

Paweł Ciesielski

How tall are you?


How is your body Looking now?

colin ten hove

How do you het the peanut butter in a kilo is so much!!
Do you drink it in a Shake or so?


How did he manage to get all the fat to be collected predominantly in his stomach? His arms are still so thin and yet his gut has ballooned to an alarming size. Also, being able to gain 110 pounds in just a short span of 4 months is both impressive and kind of scary. It's a wonder he didn't get stretch marks from this.

Zuzana Polanská

Sexy and cute as hell

Mrs. Paul


How To Track Fat Loss And Muscle Gain Progress

How To Track Fat Loss And Muscle Gain Progress8 Jun. 2017
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Talking you through the

Talking you through the best tools to track and measure your progress with fat loss and muscle gain! I also do a physique update on my own progress post weightlifting nationals.

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Business Email: [email protected]

Comments (68)
Albert Avila

is that Kali muscle lady? lol


I wanna add YOU to my body composition. thats rite

JadaBull Customs

Your an amazing woman. You look Viking, my ancestors are Scandinavian. But what's up with the "all seeing eye" tatt? Keep up the good work you inspire many people. Hope you bring home a medal, much love from Big D in Florida.

Thana Dickens

I was in need of a new scale, just ordered one!

M ' Sarah

Wao you look amazing Kris and way to go for a women powering video , much respect , i would like to know how can i get in touch with you for personal coaching? thanks

Necron X6

May I ask how big your arms are?

Nick Lachey

I love ur booty we need to get marry?


If i were your husband i would be scared to piss you off. ^___^

thomas mcdonald

Your so cute and you look good and you look good with tattoos


She’s perfect

Jarod Kimber

Incredible physique. Better yet, such a fantastic, positive, friendly attitude. You're a fantastic role model young lady!

Gilbert Ramirez

thanks for the info, ill give the scale a try


those panties.. my lord.


First! Awesome

Randy Bretzer

Wish I had your Oly technique...love watching you lift. I am reasonably strong, but no shoulder/rotator cuff/wrist flexibility for doing Oly lifts properly. Suggestions for changing that? Thanks girl - stay strong!


What complimentary/supplementary exercises do you do ?

Vebjorn A

0:04 Dr Q just doing a quick "form- check" form the background.....

looking for the big guy Rick last name

I just found your video your so beautiful you really are

Tom zxzu

That body is clean as a whistle..damn near perfect.

Shasta Wood

Love the info! You really have an amazing physique! Your quads are impressive.

Michael Copeland Jr.

Just got into measuring, was so focused on weight and scale. Thanks for the info.

Johnny Davis

Georgia Grown!


Best ASS on the internet

Luke Smith

Such a fuckin hottie ?

Paulo Vinícius

You're the first muscular woman that made me fall in love.

Nick Lachey

Call me?

Grant 0357

You are absolutely gorgeous! I enjoy seeing you post what you actually eat and don't play games just for social media. Too many people developing negative relationships with food trying to live up to unrealistic goals.

luis carlos de oliveira santos

You `re the best sexy wonderful is beautiful


Wish you great success in my home country!!

Sawmiller Smith

I a 68 year old guy who subscribed to your channel just because you seem like a nice young lady


You are such a beautiful woman. Your silhouette is perfect. I can look at you endlessly


God you are beautiful! May the good Lord continue blessing you!

Ewandro R Beltramini

Great job, it was perfect.

Apollo Durga

Just bought a scale! thanks for the discount! You rock!! ?


Been waiting for that scale for 2+ months I think that website is a scam. :( buy with caution *


Yay, a new video! Great job on your gains! Wow!



Derek Bratzke

great video Kristen how are your legs and all feeling since your mini vacation <33

Ronnie Haley

I wana get her pregnant so I trap her and make her stay with me forever


when your starting a fat loss journey do you eat at maintenance once a week? or is that something you introduce into your plan when you hit a plateau?

John EM

Is that a new tat on your right ankle? If so, what does it say?

Salvador Loza

Any tips on power cleaning for beginners?

Darkest Hour


Biggus Dickus

In 1.5 year I lost 15kg. With only calorie restriction. I started weight lifting and cardio again 8 months ago. My goal is to lose more bodyfat.
I am new to macros. I calculated my macros for my average day. Its 30% protein, 60% carbs, 10% fat. Whats the ideal ratio? And how can I get more protein in my diet? Whats a good replacement for oatmeal and bread?


your sleeve looks 10/10


What happened to your eyeball?

Kathy Nunez

When will you be in Taiwan? Might be a good time to go visit since I'm only a few countries away :) Would love to see you compete!

R Boxley

I think I'm in love lol


Pope. Good job, your motivation and dedication are stellar. Props! Also, consider site injected IGF-1 for imbalances, the in. long insulin syringes are super easy.


Love your body check in vids (for obvious reasons....) and the food/cooking ones. But how about one on what a normal training session day / and week looks like. How long are your sessions, do you have time frames to get through each lift, or rest as needed? Are your main lifts planned out per week or month, or do they change based on performance #s and feel? Do you do your own accessory lifting or does Max plan that? lol I could go on and on :)

Chelsey Thomas

Awesome tips!

Smith johnny

kristin you're so beautiful!! Josh I is so lucky !!

Gabe Brooks

yeah the 10 in name is spot on

Mocha Robinson


Jahaven Morse

what's the fast way to get a good looking core like yours

Mgtow Boo Boo

No one cares about men who are failures. We look at the very small minority at the top who are men and wonder why women are not equally represented. We do not look at men who are failures and wonder why women are not equally represented. We care much more about women.

Jahaven Morse

or best either way

john martin

colin burns stay creeping. probably watched this 30 times already

Max. Power

I like your eyes........thank's for a voyage

Mike M

I am happy with my training program. But my GF is now getting into power lifting and I am training her. She is doing really well and enjoying it. My question is.. As a girl, is there any exercise that a girl might not want to do? She is doing the same exact workout I am doing. I am curious if men and women should work on lightly different things.

Ragin Reggin

I see that tattoo peaking out of those panties in the front 7:01. Wonder what it is?




Pope can you talk about how you control your scar tissue from injections? Thanks


hola entrene halterofilia por 4 años y creo que es el mejor deporte que existe, te felicito tienes un cuerpo hermoso y verdaderamente atletico, saludos desde Guatemala

yon blek

Grrr! I could never hate on this gorgeous woman.

Jerry Brothers

I wanna be badass like you. I am on a squat program and struggling to squat 165# for 5 reps. My legs are so weak. Any tips??? I love your videos. Your snatch is amazing. Please include all the tips and instruction you can, I need all the help I can get?

Corina Bello

You look uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhmamazingggg


What sort of scan is that you suggest??

Hard gainer 7 months transformation from skinny to muscular (natural)

Hard gainer 7 months transformation from skinny to muscular (natural)15 Mar. 2016
173 719
Abdallah AwadSubscribe 438 721

My name is Abdallah Awad

My name is Abdallah Awad 20 years old this is my 7 months transformation from skinny to muscular of hard work and eating ,full natural .

Music by : Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]

Comments (100)
Future Canadian

thank you dude;)


I'm a hard gainer, 34 years old. During this covid19 lock down I've been doing home workouts. It's been about a month and I see a little bit improvement. This video is inspiring. I've gained about 2 kilos. Hope to see your kind of gains in 7 months too. Not gonna give up.

Sigma Mahameru

Alan Walker song, in every fucking gym video -_-

Alex T

I know a friend who is 4% body fat with out steroids, 3% why not never know

נדב לרנר

More like 10% bodyfat

Master Woofer

Kinda looks like Tal Fishmen

Army 808

We could already tell that you're natural lol anyways keep it up

giorgio bazzani

3.3 body fat ?

JD Optimus

Bro I am also skinny today join gym inshallah my body will be like u


Gtfo you are no where near 3%

Abjal Khan

Protein name bro text reply ?

Prodigy on The low

I was 150 tall and skinny I’m tired of being skinny ?? starting this Friday wish me luck .... got out of a relationship, was sad and lost like 25 pounds. ??‍♂️

CF 69

whats your workout plan? Did you make your own or found it on internet? And really good transformation in just 7 month! Good job bro! :)


What your height


U dont get that on 1 month u fkn fake bitch stop lie

Don Quixote

Dude gained more than 20 pounds in 7 months while loosing body fat? Am I the only one skeptical?

Hasan Coşkun

%3.3 LMAO

Romuald Gerard



I watch this video with 0 volume you know why ? cuz of that shitty song in da background but your motivation is great

BriBoy Vidz

Not 3.3% bf

The ForestCant's

Dude looks like Andy Sandburg

Unknown User

do they beat you up if you don't put this music ?

Tyler Biss

Workout plan?

Dylan Terrazas

highkey turned into a want to be ripped fuckboy

Varga Dániel

I really have the urge to kill myself whenever I hear this song dude. Nice transformation otherwise though

I practice

how tall

Alif Khan

Jazak Allaahu kheir
May Allaah rewards you with goodness

Cam Snyder

3.3% bf ? More like 6-8


How tall are you

Anthony Fournier

3.3 haha

Umut Can Erkan

Chicken arms ??


Anthony Weiner lookin ass

Abdul Rehman

bro, i am inspired by you, good work ...


This, is the most motivating vid i've ever seen as ectomorph being..
Btw, does natural mean without shakes? And, what kind of food do you suggest the most to increase weight healthy? I'm 1.86 m and weigh 65 kg.

Basilmekkuni Basi

What are the foods you eat to gain weight?



Kendrik Doughty

Random question, but is it possible to put on 10 lbs of muscle in a little less than five months?


Amazing brah

Zeus ___

Abdullah no offends but your not really a hardgainer hargainers are ectomorph who are always in a state of catabolism you progressed in only a few months staying lean hard gainers actually have to get fat and muscular which would take years then do a cut that is still high in calories your nowhere near a hardgainer your actually an easy gainer

King Wiskas/GrubiTV

I don't think you are a hardgainer...

Brandon or something

What programs did you do?

Saleh Bandzz

Mash allah salam brother

Emanuel Lucaciu

Bulk bro not cut at begun


love this music

Basilmekkuni Basi

What are the foods you eat to gain weight?

Suraj Rana

i have sent you a request on insta by name sid_rajput7

Vibrant Cat

Does anyone have tips on eating when full


What workout you did?


Never 3% body fat ?

Juli Cezar

0:33 Агаааа... Попавсь

Gghh Ggggyy

This is great
What do you nearly eat every day and how many times?


This is not what 3% bodyfat looks like. It‘s probably 11%


there is no way of being 3.3% bf a guy like your age!!

Michael Hyden

That's over 25lbs fat free mass increase in 7 months... What kind of roids did you use?

Nguyễn Minh Đạt

What are you doing in the gym Charlie Puth, go back to the studio

AXD Music

Damn dude! That's awesome! Inspired me for sure! :) Keep it up!

amit thakur

I inspire

Kendall White

U r not 3.3 body fat ????????????

Jake Richards

3.3 percent body fat lmao

Der Hajoist

still look like shit


3% bodyfat guys holy smokes


How tall You?

Mohit 48

Bro are you using supplement yes no?

toufeeq raza

kya use kiya bhai apne bolo plz bhai

Leo Hagan

Okay seriously wtf is going on with this song?
Is this a cult thing

Karlo Križanovic

Who tall you were in begining? pls želi me

Carbon Based Lifeform

Love the Zyzz reference at the end. Btw nice video mate, I've started a month ago and I'm not stopping ;)


Appreciate Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Chireetler Deepest Relaxation Rule (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind product for learning to grow muscle when you are naturally thin without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend finally got excellent results with it.

Sergio Cruesten

U look bigger than me but how u only weigh 68


Did you take any mass gainers ? If so which kind and how many bags ?

Just Some Guy With An Eye Tattoo

You know you're skinny when your collarbone is showing. Edit: not throwing shade just projecting.

Abhishek Ajmera

3.3% body fat isn't natural bro cammon

Matt Despino

What’s song name


This song is a meme. It’s in every transformation video. Also, there’s no way that’s 3% BF. Looks like 10%-13%

Guille Druetta Serrano

He made in 1 month what I gained in 7 months of hard work :(

John John

I don't understand. I'm skinny as well. I weigh less than when he started. But I had more mass on me. ?


You are not a hardgainer. Hardgainer is a person who is a skinny-fat.


1:02 sixpack photoshop ?


Very Nice transformation fair play glad you noticed the body fat mistake though lol

yedhu yedhu

how many mass giner you finished

Suplementy Diety Przemysław Dzisko


Dr Grünental

Hahahahahaha 3.3 % body fat fuck off

Abdallah Awad

Hello everyone i hope everyone is doing fine there was a mistake in calculating my body fat percent it was around 7-8% not 3.3% i cant just delete the video and reupload it


Thats amazing did you use protein supplements, if yes what is it?

Kumar Sambhav

God bless you

Youtuber 2017

Hey bro, awesome transformation. You've inspired me to work out, I'm planning on starting next monday. Please can you give me some tips on what exercises to do in the first month?

Zild Quemada

Do you recommend serious mass gainers? I am at 108 lbs. And what's your workout plan? I'm skinny af


I'm inspired..thanks bro

Asharib Malik

Thats around 10-13% bodyfat????????

Chidera Agugo

What was your starting weight,reps, and sets?

Sil van Splunter

What was your length at the end results?

Gianluca Hiebl

What about legs???

Dillan Sthepano

Are you using mass gainer?

RobPFTW pill

that photoshop at 1:02 thoo


Keep it up bro❤️


How’d you avoid getting stomach fat on mass gainers cuz that’s what I’m concerned about

Sigma Mahameru

Alan Walker song, in every fucking gym video -_-

Self Made

1:02 nice photoshop

Taha Elaasri

u took supplement ??