Jet li shirtless

Jet Li's Fight Scenes

Jet Li's Fight Scenes14 Mar. 2018
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Hey what's up everyone,

Hey what's up everyone, this is an old upload, I edited the old one, here are Kiss of the Dragon and Black Mask. I hope you enjoy Jet Li. I'll do one with Van Damme soon.

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Samuel tiago. Apelido mortadela ou pureza tiago

Jet lii luta muito legal parabéns



Kemarat Affeltranger

I whoul like 2 hit some one up without to going in jail

Samuel Habacuque

Que filme é esse

Genival Siqueira



I literally found this video because my google assistant gave me a link for it ?

Rondinele Silva

great fight really Very good same

Reinhard Moyo

There scene where he is wearing a mask in the rain.. What movie is that?

Henoch Michael

Jet Li is definitely the next Bruce Lee...or Ip Man; I even think that he's a better martial artist than Jackie Chan as of now.


이연걸형님 최고??

maria graciela de michele


Michael Garcia

Jet li is one of my favorite martial arts actors, kiss of the dragon is my favorite.

jj dicas automotivas Justino

The best jet

Jay Tamayo

Jet Li the wolverine of china

mesut erdem

Good fihter..m

Jose Balderas

Exelente vídeo Bruce Lee el mejor jet li después de Bruce Lee ????????????

Jet Lee Shaolin Temple Original

Jet Lee Shaolin Temple Original31 Mar. 2013
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Shaolin Temple is the

Shaolin Temple is the single most influential feature film in Shaolin history. This film served as the primary economic stimulus that aided in the restoration of the Shaolin Temple. In addition, Shaolin Temple is responsible for launching Jet Li's career. Although people continue to debate which part of the film is most exciting, many people can agree that this scene is perhaps the most famous in Shaolin movie history.

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John Rambo

this guy needs to get laid !! haha

Waziha Wahid

He won 5 straight years national competition.....no wonder he's the best among the best


Lethal Weapon was a long ways off.

arturo yocupicio

como quisiera platicar  con sr sifu jet lee y saludarlo

Roland Lim

@ifasmile it wasnt buddha but a buddhist monk. ^^

T. Lukács

This guy needs to practice more. He will be not bad one day.


what about the argument....?


@Wrinkledent Bruce lee is fast but yip man, his master, made his own for of kung fu. they recently made a movie about him and it is amazing search up yip man vs 10 black belts =P

peterock rockpeter

Safi sana

David Justin

I love jetliiiiiiiiii I am from Indian

peterock rockpeter

That is best

ishfaak aha

Jet li the legend, nothing beats the Chinese martial arts styles

Gehirn Kopf

Jet li du sexbombeee ??


lol from 1:07 I could only laugh and think of the star wars kid.


@Godspeedos haha


respect to the 14$ sound budget


for all the idiots that think that MMA or UFC fighters are real martial artists u all are morons and only know "fighting" not real martial arts. and ure whole argument about "just take them to the ground and they wont be able to do shit" i dare you to ATTEMPT to take a kung fu or karate master to the ground. see how many of ure bones are broken on the way down lol. u all prolly think chuck norris is really 'bad ass' fucking putos.


he just took out 30 invisible warriors and sliced and diced about a million snowflakes all while doing the gardening, now i know how to achieve 0% body fat.



pendekar kesatria

Law aktor dulu wajar hebat ,latihannya kungfunya keras ,law sekarang aktor seperti jetli gak bakal ada ,latihan kungfu sekarang gak bgt keras seperti dulu ,

N0VA Official

What form was that first one?

SuperSaiyan Broly



I actually got to spar a real shaolin monk (he was like 5'2 and maybe 120) once years ago when I was into boxing and muay thai. Bugged him for DAYS and finally he gave in to spar for a minute. I got the start of a lead right going and next thing i know I was laying on the ground and he was looking down at me like :O "are you ok"? To this day I still dont know what happened lol!

Rick Somchai

wow this is before Jet Li forgot how to do kung fu.......


who wins Bruce Lee or Jet Li i think Bruce lee because .......... he ist faster and better xd

arse biscuits

i'd kick his arse

Melaku Yilma Zeleke

Energy, coherence,and flexibility in harmony. I like the moves!!!

Jose Del Carmen Diaz Hernandez

Jet Li es el mejor..?? excelente.sus movimientos son inigualables..?
Gracias por compartir.?


so beautiful an art and yet so deadly!

Siwa Salum


Cesar Diaz



@disciple784 Even I like your comment about respecting other martial arts, I need to correct you: Martial Art wasn't born in the Shaolin Temple, but in Europe! There, the oldest relict was found, near tby the today greek. Afterwards, historical believe, that the first martial arts went its way to india. From there than, Buddha dharma went to china by walking and sat in a cave without eating, drinking and sleeping. He was the one, who brought the martial art into china! Cheers!

William Liu

Jackie chan is better


thanks bestpuzzlering com

Nur Aini

Aktor jmn sekrg cum modal tampang doang , pada alay2??????

redda mallek

Best of Yuri <3

Captain Gurdy

@Wrinkledent Now that's silly. Traditional MA aren't slow. And since Bruce Lee is dead, we'll never know who's faster anyway. Plus, the funny fighting stance are only in movies: real traditional styles don't usually have complicated stances at all.

Madison Hang

this has got to be one of the most beautiful scenes
a very romanticized and refined version of WuShu or kung fu form or what have you
i hope it goes down in time

TheBig AsianBrother

Lee is unfortunately not a real shaolin fighter

Rupert Common

this is waaaaaaay toooooo siiiiiiiiik. completely next level. unrivalled.


Too bad hes not the young man he used to be, but he still kicks ass.

Drake Fin

@MedicalGreenTV Knowledge and discipline isnt needed in martial arts? Really? Then i would rather buy a gun and shoot all these ufc fighters within seconds since martial arts are no match for firearms. You did mention the streets so without rules, law, respect, descipline thats why murderers and thugs exists you fool. Don't give a shit if he's 40 or what he lost like a bitch and should of retired ages ago and what embarassment to lose against a wrestler. Who ever can beat up who is better right?

Muhammad Reza

The reason why I like Jet Li a lot is this! He has great ability to beautify martial arts. Unlike nowadays martial arts movies, which take realism approach to the choreography, old movies take romantic approach and put martial art in the highest/most noble place possible. They respected the martial arts. Nowadays, you would only see blood, broken bones, broken teeth, people dying here and there and everywhere in the martial art scenes. As if martial arts are designed to make people cruel.

Sali Alsurmi

@urtgong he really did just look man.


Jet lee is the boss of bruce lee, bruce lee fights of big boss or the dragon series are boring and look childish ! . Jet lee is faster than bruce lee and a real kungfu guru to the world

Abrar Khan

Jet li at his finest hour


Jet Li's first movie in1982, I watched it when I was young. No CGI at all. He was about 18 at that time.

Christopher xyooj

old school shit i remember watching this as a lil kid lol...


"restoration of the Shaolin temple" :D:D:D you mean the dancing-wushu-actor-filled "temples" that tourists visit today?:D

Steve Thediver

Love this movie but the backdrop was absolutely terrible ???


1:00 in, he has speed hack lol


Jet Li always struck me as a violent fighter ....not a bad thing ,just his expressions and explosiveness(Unleashed,TheOne)...he'd beat the brakes off you and call it a night while they call the coroner.Legend

Rick Somchai

i hate to kill your dream but martial arts came from India originally, now Shaolin is responsible for kung fu, martial art itself was not made there... Shaolin kung fu did spawn off to other country's then they used that and branched creating there own styles as well. look at south Asia you have a who other style of MA all together muay thai, bakator, nothing like kung fu, Shaolin kung fu may have created the art side to martial arts, but not the combat side....


@RickSomchaiAgain the earliest records of martial arts are from Europe, and North east Asia. The knights and samurai were the first recorded practitioners of martial arts. Than came the rest of the indies. Typical Indian to claim supremacy in an arrogant, uneducated way.

Rick Somchai

@disciple784 well that is the martial arts of Asia anyways, MA has a much longer history the we admit its simply the way of combat & fighting formed into a style even the Greek had MA....and who knows before that...

No existe El Covid-19

eso si es wushu - kung fu 

Drake Fin

@MedicalGreenTV LOLZ Only a dumbass would actually take a film literally but only you seem to start beginning to notice that its part of choreography so i must say you're slow. I mean seriously, do you think transformers, never back down bs us films are real? The point is America uses ma like you said to 'beat up people' and get paid to be raised in a cage like an animal. In asia theres something called discipline which you will never understand. Matt Hughes fucked up gracie anywayslol

Gintaras Šatas



@maicodw Actually it is BOTH

Drake Fin

@MedicalGreenTV Its because u failed tounderstand the role of martial arts 'actors.' They act and choreograph fights but are still martial artists. Even an enfant knows that but youre the one who compared these guys with ufc fighters which is hilarious and idiotic way of viewing ma.In fact alot of mma fighters are now into acting. Without these guys there would be no action films so whats ya problem? Calling these actors fakes is like calling superman a fake(superman doesnt exist btw.)

Rick Somchai

@Feijoada1 kinda what im saying the dates of martial combat date before even anything even documented ....

Alikhan Lao


Playlist Overload

Why does it say 2010?


i saw this movie and sorry,,, Jet Li's Fearless is the best movie of all times

Abrar Khan

Okay lets get something straight. This movie is from the 80s not 2010. And this is not a trailer its a scene from the movie. The guy who put this up is obviously trying to get more views on his video by putting up a false/attractive title.

SuperSaiyan Broly



Chuck Norris has been defeated !!!

Esteban El Real

You too Sal very grateful for everything you taught me.very hard core traditional style of training.

Nur Aini

Skrg udh mulai rapuh faktor usia n kesehatan? ga ada penerusny, g ada aktor sekrg model begitu.????


Absolutely no wirework. Incredible.


this sucks! where is the screaming? like bruce li or liu kang :P

Christopher Wilson

0:45 I thought a helicopter was taking off



kev vara

1:15 , put some 3D glasses !


damn fucking gooood man!! respect dude!!

João Luiz

And who told you jet Li is an actor ? He's a disguised kung-fu-fighting-ass-kicking-Super-Bald-ninja-creator-of-all-ninjas.


The comments below are only for those who know Portuguese!
Para mim o jet lee é o melhor lutador/ator/produtor e etc... de toda a china e de todo o mundo! Mas porque?
Seguinte, se nós pegarmos o jackie chan(seu principal rival no mundo do cinema) nos iremos notar o seguinte, jackie chan nunca foi lutador, nos documentários da vida dele ele mesmo fala que nunca começou com lutas ou artes marciais, ele fazia opera chinesa(que é um teatro chinês aonde mistura literatura, música, dança, malabarismo, artes marciais e artes em geral). Não estou falando que ele é inferior ao jet lee, muito pelo contrário ele desde de pequeno ele faz isso, o que não é desmerecer o trabalho dele, muito pelo contrário ele aprende a atuar em frente a uma platéia ou a uma câmera( igual a um teatro, só que muito mais rígido!).
Tanto que o Jackie Chan nunca nenhum usou nenhum dublê para suas cenas em nenhum dos filmes que ele atuo até hoje e criou a melhor empresa de dublês da China e uma das melhores do mundo.
Mas o Jet Lee não era ator, ele era um aluno da arte marcial de Wushu, que treinava na academia de Wushu chinesa desde os 12 anos, ganhou vários prêmios como o titulo de campeão nacional da China de Wushu 5 vezes(1974 à 1979), E depois começou a atuar, aonde seu primeio maior filme foi "Era uma vez na china"(que teve uma trilogia), a partir dai ele decolou nos filmes de luta/ação/aventura, até mais que o bruce lee. E atuou como protagonista/personagem principal em vários filmes como chineses e também em Hollywood, sendo que pra mim os melhores são:
- Punhos de dragão
- Templo Shaolin(trilogia)
- Romeu tem que morrer
- Cão de briga
- Mestre das armas
- Guarda costas em ação
- Herói
- Tem outros que são muito bons mas não são melhores que os acima! Mas também são bons.
Jet Lee e Jackie Chan são concorrentes de peso, sendo pra mim os únicos que podem "brigar" em relação aos filmes de luta e ação que os dois atuaram. Eles atuaram nos primeiros filmes(depois do Bruce Lee) de artes marciais, de ação, de aventura, de comédia, de drama e etc... da China. Mas pra mim o Jet Lee superou o Jackie Chan quando ele fez os filmes "Cão de briga" e "Mestre das Armas"


@Wrinkledent a train with no tracks gets nowhere

Rick Somchai

@doseonekmc nice to know that, even native American had a style of combat witch would be considered a form of martial art, so if you think about the meaning of martial arts and combat styles lol cave men invented it lol not really :P


the accuracy in which he hits the tree at 1:15 is amazing.


@holyshitcantfindname its IP man not yip man lol

Hildebrando Miguel



@MedicalGreenTV ....LOL umm Too quick for ya. Jet Li's aight... Love to see ur boy take Donnie Yen on... woulda never had a chance to even come close nough. U en ur boy rickson wouldv'e been knocked out before you even knew it. Check out Movie IP Man 1 for bones breaking thrill. Even a part 2, en 3 comin out now. Point was the fighting style is the DADDY or ALL Martial Arts...

Mohit Saxena

Tony Jaa is an amazing athlete but his form of martial art is traditional, artistic and slow. Whereas, Bruce Lee invented his own form of Martial Art, Jeet Kune Do, it is the quickest so far, direct and deadly. While Tony Jaa gets to his fighting stance, Bruce Lee will kick him in 5 different places and throw his unstoppable punch.

Raf W

First movie I've ever seen in a theater.

thomas khourey

dont you hate it when the trailer gives away the whole movie -_-


THIS guy is a beast.

Abdullahi Hassan Ali Mohammed

That's not how you spell Jet Li



Alii The Sparten

What is the Style of Jet Li

Alan Xu

@neuroelasticity 甲额头 甲额头jet li was all round best martial arts winner 4X. from 12-16 i think. He got into acting at a very late. But at that time it's like competing for mr universe in China. This was his first movie, and became famous. I watch this movie 25+ years ago in China.

Ettore de rossi

io non sono un esperto in arti marziali, però da quello che vedo, da quello che ho letto su di questo grandissimo campione(sei volte campione della Cina e sei volte medaglia d'oro) come minimo è al livello di Bruce lee, se non superiore, io penso che possa equivalersi ad una cintura nera di karate minimo al sesto dan, se non di più


@ifasmile I was being sarcastic, Martial arts as we know it and as its recorded is said to have been created by peoples of china and the middleeast during the start of the bronze age although records of fighting technique date back as far as early man (cave men) like rick said. Buddha wasnt around until 500 bc or so... anyway the roman empire established written codes of combat as early as the chinese and people of the middle east they all started around the same time

RINK roy

india ka har ladka kab janega

Drake Fin

@MedicalGreenTV Too bad one of Gracies grappling students got stabbed by a knife in the streets. This isnt UFC with rules and shit. hahaha He didn't even know how to defend himself against a weapon.


@maicodw lol actually people use both, but in cantonese its pronounced yip man even thought ip man is more common

Esteban El Real

This video inspired me learning shaolin.


before the samurai and kights all marital arts was were combat systems created by the Europeans


Why so many dislikes, fuckers? Jet Li is a legend.


That was sick!!

Jet Li's GAY

Jet Li's GAY12 Jan. 2011
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Jet Li is gay.

Jet Li is gay.

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lol...poor jet li...lol

Michael Stevens

Great editing job. Very convincing

Seeking Him daily



you are gay