Kobe 6 lows

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low "Beethoven"

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low "Beethoven"21 Aug. 2014
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Just wanted to share with

Just wanted to share with you guys my new pick up! Lemme no what you guys think of these and the Kobe 9 Elite Lows in general....Comment Like and Subscribe if your new to the the channel and hit that thumbs up if you like the content im putting out

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TrustTheUniverse LOA-Manifestation

Thugger ew ew ew lol nice pick up bra


Dang man, the pictures online is a catfish Cause they look great in the video , lol
But I got the independence day Kobe 9s, I like those, and you not a fan of the Jordan Futures?


nice review man!! love these things. so happy I got them

denon smith

nice kobes can you check me out and sub back


Nice pickup nice quality man! What kind of camera do you use?


Like da intro homey if u don't mind check out my vids I just started n can I get a sub ur crazy wit da edits dope vid homey


Dope pick up, I should have copped .


Super dope pickup tommy these are fresh af great pickup


i woulda copped these if i didnt make my nike ids. hellaaaaaaa dope

BRICKS or FLIPS December Week 4 Sneaker Releases! Kobe 6 "Grinch", Yeezy QNTM, Nike Dunks and More!

BRICKS or FLIPS December Week 4 Sneaker Releases! Kobe 6 "Grinch", Yeezy QNTM, Nike Dunks and More!21 Dec. 2020
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MERRY HOLIDAYS YA'LL! TODAY we back to break dow a new weeks of sneaker releases which consists of a which consists of a whole lotta goodies! This week we also got Christmas but that doesn't mean any brands are slowing down on releases, especially Nike. We have the Kobe 6 "Grinch", Nike Dunk High Varsity Purple, Nike Blazer x Medicom Toy and much more! In this video I break down each release, retail prices, where you can get em along with some resale predictions! Let me know your favorite sneaker down below!


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Comments (58)
Brosky TheG

What stores are gonna have the purple dunks?

Steph Ewing

Bro as a New Yorker how do you make profit on kicks when tax takes profits sometimes??.

Juan Sanchez

Link of the song intro plz


I got a 12W purp Dunk from Kith last week and they still haven’t shipped it yet smh

Filip Mlinaric

all bricks


Bro the song you have play at the beginning so out of key it sounds so off

Aamer Habib

Love the review

Talesfrom dahood

What do you think of the adidas 84 forum high?
I think they look dope.

rob c

You're the type of scum bag that is to blame for us real Kobe fans not being able to get any Merch from him fucking prick

Nick C

Just an FYI people are saying they are dropping over >600,000 pairs of Kobes. Most people should be able to cop. Just don't sleep or wake up early and cop them!

Lit fire

What’s up tommy, let’s cop these!!

Quirinus Quirrell

Dunks comin to ftl

Curtis Wright

Are the blazers gonna be a good hold?


Fuck skateshops though

cam lachapelle

600k stock on kobes


Got the Kobe’s early

zishootokill 911

I need those Christmas dunks

sayat bekarian

hey man peeped u had medicom dunks in a size 13 lmk if you'd be down to trade for my size 9. Im in nj also so lmk please

Justin Schlegel

Copped the blazer low medicoms should I flip or hold what is your prediction?

Kevin H

Let’s go! Love me some giveaways! So I been watching all your vids but I have t seen any live feeds, do you do live feeds?

Pubzi •

Also have a question if I go to footlocker will they have the shoes in store or only online???

Ty Jay

Tommy u may wanna switch out the 11s for the Kobe’s I think you messed up

Jude Petersen

Do i hold the grinch or sell?


Good vid!

Justin M McGhee

I didn’t go after the 700’s bc some of the pics they looked brown and not black. I couldn’t get a true visual of them.

The Three Musketeers

I bought the clay brown cause I love the Alvah but wasn’t willing to pay resell on those, and these look fire af

Raymond Whtibty

Did this man really put kobe's in the brick section?

mike toucan

This man just said he would flip the greatest hoop shoe ever lol

Jose Sanchez

In the intro

armando chirino

Real sneaker heads remember when lebrons, KDs, and foams was the wave


Where is the supreme video ??

Gaggi HD

When is supreme coming back?


bruhh nike hasn’t even shipped out my yellow stadium sacai’s ?

Billy MAYBRE Wainwright

Plumnwas first purple ? dunk hommie


Is qntm basketball worth a buy?


resellers when Kobe has been dead for more than six months so its okay now to trash and stash his legacy behind a pay wall: ???????????????


so happy you uploaded,

Lit fire

For the 12’s I have 2 pairs reserved on Finishline for pickup how much would I make to sell on release day?

Lucas Marchione

intro song?

Pubzi •

Damn... I love your channel! Proud to subscribe and turn on post notifications


I’m here ??

Fayisaa Hordofaa

was the song in the intro?

ryan baker

You don’t flip Kobe’s shOes. Check your karma


love the vid!

Zee Zero

Why did you skip the af1 hardwood classics and the blazers?

J. Sellz

What’s the song at the beginning?


Happy Holidays to everyone out there! Finishing up the year with a few solid sneaker release, let me know your favorite down below!


do you think the Blazers are a good hold?

Albert Aguilar

Big last week of the year! Do not sleep on this Kobe 6 guys!

lord flavko

What song is this


Didn’t even talk about adapt Jordan 11s

Jose Sanchez

The song’s name


Just wanted to say I am the first comment God bless everyone including Tommy TV

John Smith

Yo Tommy you previewed the BSKTBL Yeezy's but then brought up the normal QNTMs on stockx. Do you think the actual basketball ones are worthy the buy? Look up the prices on the grey basketball ones some have went for crazy money!

vhs drippy

That intro music poop but love the videos

M Scott

How much profit do you look to make per GR shoe? For example on 11 jubilees if you are selling locally what do you try to make. Also selling locally do you lower asking prices if the resell market price goes below your original asking price?

Spxnky _

need to get in that discord fuk


do you think buying pairs of the clay browns for resell is worth the hold?

Zoom Air in ANY shoe???

Zoom Air in ANY shoe???5 Oct. 2019
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Hi Guys. Today we are

Hi Guys. Today we are taking a look at how you can up your cushion game just by swapping out your insoles.

You can grab a pair here: https://go.weartesters.com/39o or https://go.weartesters.com/wrm

Support WearTesters by Joining the WearTesters Discord Community: https://weartesters.com/join/

Sign up for WearTesters Weekly: https://weartesters.com/weartesters-weekly/

Thanks for watching!!!


WearTesters Shop: http://bit.ly/1qkfTNL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WearTesters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weartesters

Instagram: http://instagram.com/WearTesters


Comments (100)

Dude try it with an ultra boost for some crazy action lol. Wanna hear about it for real tho.

Benny Bruschinsky

Ima put these in the kyrie 2

Biggie Cheese

I really want to see a review of the full length zoom insoles

J Ham

Gonna grab a pair of these and put them in my bottomed our hyper dunk ‘15s, my first pair of hoop shoes are gonna get revived


All my And1s about to have zoom air


Can you do a performance with some Jordan 11 lows ? Jus for the reason that the shoes I bought came with no insoles and I can’t find anywhere where to get some Jordan 11 insoles

Jase 1325

Hey nightwing, when can we expect a performance review on these zoom insoles? Would like to know how they feel when you use it on a retro for playing or even just for casual wear? Thanks in advance.

Clarkson Zhang

Been using the insole from my kobe7 for 5 years. I guess I'll buy some of these and finally retire them.
FYI, put some zoom air in your marquee boost, and you got zoom air with boost instead of phylon, which feels wicked.

Jv Leviste

How to pick the right size of insole for your shoe size?

Jan Enric Nido

You should try putting it on the Kyrie Flytrap2 to see if it works hahaha

James Pitts

Please do a performance review.

Randy Wimbley

please do a performance review


Why not just take the insole out of like a lebron 11 or any shoe with zoom in the sole?

R.S. Spence

My AJ 2011(26) and 2012(27) had those interchangeable insoles. I have been using them for my Timberland Pros for years, on all my steel toe boots to date.

Geoff Hibbitt

The blue bottom ones feel really good

Ryankeif Benson

I would definitely like to see a performance review on these! I've wished for a long time that nike would just sell the zoom air drop in midsoles separately. But this video definitely caught my attention as there are several shoes that I love the look, but cannot play in them due to lack of cushion.

King of Wakanda

Dog, please please please do a review on these.

[ Sleep Paralysis Demon ]

Maybe Start a series called " Can you hoop in " where you play basketball in casual or running shoes using these zoom air insoles

Tory higuchi

Performance review please

Scott Mijin

Please Please give us an update of these insoles. My AM1 Infrared are comfy but for an entire day of walking especially when travelling overseas where your feet are the number 1 mode of transportation, imma swap these in if they claim to be comfy as stated

Kelly George

Or just buy the Jordan Cover 3 (Super Freak) and take it's insoles if you don't want them already. Those have full lenght zoom air

Giovanni Lewis

Can you Do a performance review on those zoom insoles? I wanna know how they hold. Durability.

Arthur Chen

Yes please make a video it! ALSO what happened to way of wade performance review and cross over culture

Tevin Gotti

Did you end up playing in these insoles ? If so please share the performance review. Thanks.

Samuel Li

Zoom Air + Clogs


this is what ive been waiting for! hopefully these are good. about 8 years ago i bought bunch of zoom air insoles from china and they were awful.

Kenobi Bryant

Bro, I was just thinking about this the other day! I would love to see a performance review on these! As someone who needs cushion for impact protection, I would definitely buy these if you recommend them!

Don Dantes

yo chris, can i use those insoles in the Kobe 9s? low and mid? i feel like the kobe 9 insoles are bulky? is it or am i trippin? lol

No Dude with some creativity

Please review it.

Henshaw litigation

I put this in my farming boots and it works great hands down!


I have high hopes for these things. There's a lot of insoles that advertise comfort but they've never got the job done for me. It'd be awesome if you could test out Rebounce insoles at some point not sure if you've heard of them. Cheers

Albert Brian Triviño

try them on the J1's first!

Todd Lockhart

Plz do performance review

John Rey Reyes

I think you should do a review for the “boost” insoles. Not sure what brand they are

J Masch

These soles are fake nike zoom soles...

Benjamin Higgins

Definitely would love to hear a review

Sole Magus

LOL I use to do these from my flightposites. Chris know's wassup. These are also excellent for the Under armour curry 3

Gerard Ian Santos

Took out the insoles from my PG 2.5 and replaced them with Nike Zoom Janoski insoles. Now I have forefoot and heel zoom. :)

Gonna Kermit death

Time to put zoom air in my ultraboosts


Cutt those by the middle to see the guts

Andre Eric

So can u ball in vans if u put these insoles in them

Mitchell Long

I want a actual review, it would be cool to see how it performs

Christian Macavinta Ramos

Put em in the kyrie 3s or 2s heck even in the low priced nike models that got excellent traction


I'm actually curious how these would go in football cleats. Most have barely any cushion and after games my legs feel worse than after basketball, despite being played on grass.

Sean Nesbitt

Can’t wait to put zoom air in my socks


definitely would like to see a performance review for these (and the ones that have yet to arrive yet). as long as they provide impact protection, don't care if it's "fake"

Edsel David Lucero

Performance test that please

Tsai Jason

They should make boost insoles.

Jose Luis Gutierrez Maloof

They actually have some that have full length “zoom” and also one with a square front, rectangular rear zoom in an “lunar” casing insole ?(lunarlon?)

Zoom Master CT

You can get them via search Zoom Air insoles or search “223638399615” (item ID)from eBay


Zoom in court please

Luis A

Is a review ever coming? Been waiting but might just pull the trigger but it would be cool to know if you recommend these. Or if you have alternatives

Aaron Dillon

I need some zoom air in my Chuck Taylor All Stars

Progressive Libertarian Viewer

Need these for my fall and winter boots


I have OG pairs of Kobe IV/V/VI and would be interested to see how they would work in those.


Please do more on this topic. Performance review would be cool.

Luis A

+1 for a review!


Y'all are slow af, they had this in the Kobe 11 Elite. How have y'all just noticed this?

Fred sneakersvintageaddiction

i just bought them and they re perfext for air jordan 1 , amazing how it makes the jordan 1 so comfortable . great review


Please nightwing do a review on these! It would be a problem solver if these are comfortable

Ruffle EFX

Going turn them into flip flocks lol


I would reuse SB soles in other shoes, like my Jordan 1's my feet would hurt, but after switching them allowing me to wear longer.


I literally only by zoom shoes cause of comfort especially SB’s the cushioning is crazy in those shoes

Chef Chris Smith

are these still available

omar gonzalez

In for a performance review


I've never tried zoom before (air, air max and Vapormax are my experience), would these make my AJ1 royals a more wearable casual shoe? I love them but hot damn are they uncomfortable compared to even say AF1s or air max 1s


These in the flytrap 2's to fix cushioning issues?


don't buy fake china shit

Subhash Dawda

My Rock hard. And I mean so rock hard that Legos are marshmallows in front of them Raf Simmons Detroit Runners need these and how

Rashad Chapman

Put these in my Chuck Taylors so I can hoop in them


Zoom in my chucks

roberto armstrong

What are your thoughts on insole zoom vs zoom inside the footbed? Curious

Ed Ma

Chinese knock off everything... they've been making these zoom-ish insoles since 2012 lmao.

Desmond Chua

try it on adidas shoes

Philip Condry

Performance review these please

J Ham

Bro review these in full I beg

Donte' C.

Do these fit in Foamposites?

Marina Santiago

Hi I want you to play in them so give them a full review!

Carlos Rodriguez

As long as Nike doesn’t get any of my money, I’m down! Thanks nightwing!

Julian Quinn

Should i try sticking them in my Kyrie 6s for double stacked Zoom Turbo?

Flash Caps

Does it work with the Zoom Freak 1? Since there's zero forefoot Zoom Air in that set-up, would this insole help in at least compensating by having a Zoom Air as an add-on? Appreciate your comments!

David Ashurov

Nike really should be making proper insoles of their cushioning technologies we all know and love. If I could toss in a zoom or lunar(personally id toss react on any daily shoe I have if i could) insole into something that needs it such as anything with a thinner midsole(something like a boat shoe in profile) or something with a solid midsole with next to 0 cushion like boots.

Ian Turnbow

Get some Footprint Insoles. They’re dope and last ages.

joseph bustos

Not sure how I feel about those

Gerardo Rodruiguez

I just invested in another pair of in-sites carbonfiber insoles for myself, first pair were a gift to my bro. And still has them today after all the work hes put on them and they look new?

Kelly George

Man. I feel bad for Levi of SneakerGearz but Nightwing is actually right


i actually use my lunarlon midsoles from my wrecked kobe mentality 1 in my merrell hiking shoes. hehe works pretty good in the boondocks.

Junavil Pantonial

What if nikeid puts a full length zoom option but pay 20 bucks more


Throw them in some 1s and give them a test run cause that’s really the only reason I would want them!

robert fidelis piedad

just a few hours ago, before i open youtube, i started cutting midsole trying to make a drop in midsole with unlocked forefoot zoom from my old Jordan Rising High so a can use it on my Mamba Instinct.. my original plan was to make a cut out on the Mamba Instinct drop in Lunar Midsole so i can put the forefoot zoom from my Rising High.. i didnt succeed.. i got lazy.. lol :D motivate me guys..

holy Referee

I want to buy lebron 11 ,but i dont know about lunarlon

Joey Paderanga

kobe mentality lunarlon midsole/insoles worked best to any shoes that can be fitted at

Andhika Komulainen

I tried putting Lunarlon from chuck taylor shoes on my safety shoes and hiking shoes and mamma mia it felt nice and bouncy while using it and it was comfortable as heck.

Hans Claude Cortez

Are those forefoot unit a zoom air turbo?


Not a fan of the insoles at all. Raised my foot up to high in the shoe and felt a bit stiff for zoom air. I had the blue bottom ones you’re still waiting on in the heel and forefoot and the full length ones. Resold them both.

Kamaran Malik

I put a full length zoom insole in my Freak 1s and they perform a lot better now


Put those things inside some Jordan 1s and do a performance review. Please!

Song Bill

Jordan really need to update their retro shoes with zoom air or other technologies. We like og shoes with modern technology


Kobe 7s had zoom air and I would swap them in different Kobe 7s. Kobe 8 supernaturals came with zoom air unit and I would swap it out into different shoes

Michael Thomas

How is the sizing?
They do not have half sizes. I wear a 11.5. Should I go a half size up and cut the insole?