Mens exposed

Men Exposed 1999

Men Exposed 199919 Mar. 2014
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Documentário da HBO

Documentário da HBO sobre homens de vários tipos, inclusive homens e mulheres transexuais, e suas relações com os próprios genitais.

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Ligia Filgueiras

Hi there....is there any kind of legends???? id like to show to some people who study this subjetc at college...


Don't be so quick judge circumcision..I'm circumcised but my 50 year old coworker talked to me & another coworker about him getting circumcised recently & he said he wanted it done his whole life & wishes he would have did it earlier... he said it smelled musty & cleaning was difficult & I can imagine trying to receive oral sex from a woman was extremely difficult...

Nikolas Anthony

Eugene Exposed


2:15 Jonah Falcon


Did the guy at 20:41 get penis enlargement meant surgery? Is that what he’s talking about at that time? He is pretty long and thick so doesn’t seem like he would.

Brad John

20:53 mmmmm nice and big haha the stretching totally worked lol

Kasnar Burns

So Jonah Falcon is gay? Wow!! A guy with his "talent" and he didn't go into porn? I'm shocked I tell you!!! It's good that men are talking frankly about their penises. It's very informative.

Miss Norman

I heard about this documentary from a guy at school. I thought it was a joke until I researched it. From a woman's perspective, the size of the d*ck has nothing to do with masculinity. I see muscular guys showing off their abs, or their "guns" bursting out of too tight under-armor shirts, and it seems like nothing but insecurity. Maybe they're showing off to women, but from a psychological standpoint, women don't respond (sexually) to images. It's much deeper (no pun intended) than that. Trying too hard too look masculine really just makes you look like an idiot. Just be unapologetically yourself, and women will most likely respond. Don't be a d*ck.

Glen M

Wear your rain coats and stay healthy

Howard Conover

Todd claims having a very sexually open family saved his life from cancer but he didn't experience masterbation until he was 20 years old. Hmmm!

cut rani

Me bi sexoual love penis young fellaw setill yet young man crawl long big ok.

Stephen Bruce

On behalf of me and my penis I thank you for a very informative doc

Exbar Silambi

31:27 is that george clooney ?


The russian guy was pretty damn cool, lot of respect towards him

Abraam Milaad

Hello, my name is Jordi, I want a girl to make her fun

Ban Mê

I love video, i love gay

Glen M

John the Writer ...

Jessica Uyvette Thompson

I’d rather receive great oral over penetration any day!


the man in 52:52 is supppper hot....luvvv him...lol

True Freedom

so stupid. crappy movie

Glen M

Thanks , The VaNN vANN

Glen M

Men talking honestly about their manhood . How refreshing


I love 1999

Brandon Copeland

At 22:57 This sexy f'er is steeling my heart.

Cadangan 23

Yese ok me love penis be stark naket crawl go or come out long big frozen this....


The way to maximisise penis size is to be really thin (almost anorexic) and exercise a lot during your teen growing years (14-21). Being thin and exercising a lot increases testosterone. It also increases blood flow. because of this you will get harder, more frequent, longer-lasting spontaneous erections. This will stretch out the penis.
One thing that reduces penis size is applying too much pressure in masturbation. this damages the spongy chambers of the penis so energy is diverted into repair rather than growth.

Graeme Duncan

The doco could have been shorter, more concise. Didn't like the political shit: AntiCirc, transgender. More on being a man, having a penis than bitching about your cock size or cut status.

nc 178

Jim engineer now he is 72 years old. What a sexy hunk ,nice body cock balls , where are you now jim?

Paul V.

20:45 - 21:10 on a loop for me ;) Hot damn!


The guy at 20:45 ??????

Jonathan Rendon



Involuntary (i.e., infantile) circumcision should be made ILLEGAL

Lor Last

i love this

Glen M

Circumcised looks better.

Marlos Cartin

Chad seems heavily influenced by society's stereotypes and concepts of what beauty is. His is a personal view that for some reason he decided to generalise. Wrong!

Gourmet Journey

20:53 52-year-old engineer Jim is the KING!

mervin aquino

Nice documentary

mumbus 27

That's a good flaccid hang at 21.00... respect to his dedication to enlargement through stretching and the leap of faith with surgery...I enlarge daily and I look to this for inspiration...all you gentleman who did this video much respect and appreciation

Cadangan 23

Maaf nonton di jalur ini bikin penggemar capek buang2 watu meng habis kan gota, tapi film (video )nya yg udh kadaluarsa dn se mua udh di sensor tdk se baik thn2 yg lalu se mua mem bosankan nikmati aja anda sendiri terimakasih


I kinda want to see their dicks again today (20 years later)

Esp 20:49

Karl Gilliatt

Least.i can say the only thing my dad gave me was a good sized schlong if anything else! GO DONG! lol

Jessica Uyvette Thompson

Over 1,000 words for a penis!

Johnny salguero uquillas

I am circumcised and l wish l were not, they fucked it up, there are small parts that did not close properly and smegma accumulates inside and l have to squeeze those areas every once in a while to get rid of this hidden smegma l found it out when I was 13, a small ball started to grow in the foreskin area, that was scary so I squeezed with my nails and this white thing started to come out. Im 35 and I still have to do it.


here's the truth if a guy says he has a big dick then it's actually small if they joke about how small it is they are packing some heat

Spoon Man

I love huge cocks

Deer in Headlights

I’m glad this is posted on YouTube. Does anyone have the link to the hour long link from HBO “Breasts” which shatters stigmas behind breast’s and normalizes them in a similar way? I’ve see it in school but want to save the link. Sadly I haven’t been able to find that one on YouTube

L Haviland

28:58 In 1218 the Scottish invented the first condom using a sheeps colon. In 1751 the English somewhat refined the concept by taking it out of the sheep first.

Bianca Caro

Jonah Falcon looks amazing in this doc, he looks so young & athletic. ❤❤❤

Steven Apexresidual

if you're a man watching this, you are gay!

Ира Шкарбун

19:51 this is me Falcom in too my his!

Lucila Dafne

Adoro vocês, homens!

Lucas Layton

52:48 FUCK ME


Female here, I find a lot of what these guys said in here to be offensive, some of them are immature. The language too was negative

John K Lindgren

29:40 "Coney Island Whitefish" Suomeksi KORTSU!!!" Bangkok-Jomppa https://youtu.be/vQZNOvIEN78


This is a great documentary! I think the size is more important for men themselves than it is for women...

Jessica Uyvette Thompson

Jim. 52. Engineer. Has a sexy body!!!

Andianto Wijaya

53:18 im waiting him naked. but he doesnt get

Nishant Patel


Howard Conover

16 17 virginity? I was having sex with half the boys in the neighborhood. We all grew up to be gay.


As a young woman this was a very wonderful & candid discussion from these brave men. Thank you guys for partaking in this documentary, no matter how unorthodox it is. It gave me an invaluable look at how to be a better lover/partner & I gained a lot of perspective.

ribs-lorde •


Benjamin Christensen

I can't believe it isn't illegal to cut off perfectly healthy skin on a child. Especially a part that is so sensitive. Luckily for girls, it's illegal in most countries to circumzise them. Why on earth is it legal to do it on boys. It should be your own choice for such an irreversable action.


This is so gay.

Pooty Tang

"Why don't men talk about their penises?"... Why would they?  Why do women talk about their clams?  Perhaps that's a better question, perhaps it's good to have some decency.

brad bowlamma

am i the only one who's here to see cocks on youtube?


Jeder Mann, der die Spitze seines Penis einer anderen Person als seiner Frau aussetzt, wird sündigen


this is not a movie to watch after smoking a joint oh god

Maud F.

You didn't force her, but you manipulated the situation? Newsflash: it's coercion, it's immoral. It's right up there next to rape.

نور الدين



The man who pullls down his boxer ar 2057 has a sexxxi boddy too in addition to a sexxxi penissss....

Andy Kaufman

i feel sorry for that old bastard

Myra Beth Little

The Asian guy the younger one, has an enormous dick by Chinese standards cuz they ALL have small ding dongs. The old man with the cigar is right about how we as a society place too much importance to the size of the boat and that are short people and tall people and it's just life your life should be based on what's in your mind not your superficial qualities


the penis is not grotesque, it's better than a vagina

Ankur Kothari

17:57 OMG Jonah Falcon you have a big big dick

benny the 3rd


Gjeni Azelia

Old man smashed that wall so hard his dick is a now a clit. ???.

Jeremy Matthews

pink headed yogurt slinger


Um hello a horny dick has something to do with cheating.

L Haviland

28:50 Metrosexuals in the wild lol.

Steven Apexresidual

the guy Gordon @ 27:46 looks very very good for his age he is 73 but he looks like he is 53 if that!! I can relate I am about to turn 28 and I can't ever buy cigarettes much less booze without my ID on me, which is a good thing I guess... \..../\m/\..../\m/\..../\m/

Voodoo Sugar Walls

Is it just me or are none of the guys in this video heterosexual?

Adirondack Guy

This has been a lot of insight for this guy. Thanks for posting!

Miller Time

Omg this Alan Abel is hilarious

John K Lindgren

13:21 "Wax the pole" in Swedish "Waxa Kotten", Toomas Rumma in Stockholm did use that expression a few times back in the day. Bangkok-Jomppa https://youtu.be/VOggAvPuLmM

Glen M

Lexington Steele , speaks frankly


Only adults can consent to circumcising their own dicks

Silvaninha BC

derribaru seu video Vanvan

Jesus Luver

29:25 is that the spider man guy?


21:01 I remember this clip from when this came on late night... God, my early teenage years.

Haser Buen

made by feminists no doubt... where is the Women Exposed "unseen pussies" version?


47:34 he looking fine

Exbar Silambi

So folks ! This is the fact that breaks the stereotype that asian men has smallest dick than african and western guy. I dont see that in here. Unless, those few who gifted (which all races have it) and those who did surgical procedure.

John K Lindgren

10:15 "Like I was taking the temperature or something" Tolla jätkällä on huumoria!, sanoo Bangkok-Jomppa https://youtu.be/rBVJnevFvk0


The film is just OK but is very boring also!

Joe Harney

Kinda sums it up 53:58 Stars and Stripes baby

Maud F.

The men on dating apps definitely talk about their penises and send unsolicited pics.

atdhe behluli

20:33 whats his name?????? SO FUCKING HOT

Anthony Galpin

Falcon says hes bigger than he is

Jessica Uyvette Thompson

Morning “wood” is just confirmation that everything is in working order.

Carl E. Toss

Speak for yourself Chad, just because your penis is ugly, it doesn't mean everyone else's is too.

10 Common Men's Grooming Myths...EXPOSED! Don't Be FOOLED (Fact vs Fiction)

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Comments (100)
Reverser Fagel ☀



didnt expect this dude to sound like this ahahah, great channel holy hell

Jimmy Tzeliatis

sorry for being a dick bit chocolate makes acne appear because dairy products in general do that

Al Licks

How to pick your nose like a gentleman.

M Jozic

Every time he says video sponsor I skip 2 minutes

Teejay Williams

Alpha do a video on what to wear to a club and what girls look for in a guy in a club ??

CanMan125 _

2:20 - "Hey honey, the bags under my eyes are bad today, could you come tea bag my face?"

Prasad VG

i also use toothpaste

john eldho

not vasodilator, vasoconstrictor

Speck The Fallen Wolf

Hey Alpha can you do a video on how the little guy can become the alpha because at my school I'm the omega and we have no alpha and I would like to become the alpha plz help.


Ok just started watching Calling it right now one is not using skincare Teige Hanley

Sebastian Dancourt

Jose ''The type of Zuniga "......oh shit wrong channel

JL 11

Yo Alpha! How about a video on your take on Mafia/Mobster style? What do YOU think gives off that subtle "killer with style" impression, what are some pieces every Mafiosi should have etc... I think it'd be a cool video and have some great tips that guys could incorporate into their style to seem a little more imposing.
Keep up the great videos man!

Rahul Agrawal

Hiiii sir...
?Happy Rakhi?

Gorilla Bro

We need a "how to eat pussy, like a gentleman" special at 3 million

Captain Dugog

I once ate a spoon of Tiege Hanley and now I can fly.


What can you use instead of toothpaste


By the way, touching your face can also cause pimples.


Not the first time I see this video... Oh yeah it's the same thing, with the same sponsor :/


I have dermatitis on my face, will exfoliating scrub help? I can't afford the pmd I'm 15 years old

Al Licks

How to fake an orgasm like a gentleman.

Austin M

What's the name of alphas hair style?

Alex Mst

Alpha, Sensei... please... LIFE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COMPETITIVE... It may be.. but only for those whom look at it that way. You should look at others as allies and not competition.

hexen 97

Alpha I have a question.
If I'm buying Tiege Hanley,do I have to pay $25 for level 1 per month?

Trung Le

#1 common men grooming mistake: not using Tiege Hanley :)

Victor Mendez

For a second I thought preparation H was todays sponsor lol

Aman p

Does putty can cause hair loss?


I put Tiege Hanley in my car. It now flies???

That’s Hot

You alpha. I need a hair product for very fine and somewhat curly hair.

Daniel Dweebler

-I was thinking of getting one of your hair styling products. But don't know which one to get?-I have thin blonde hair that is medium/short length. -My hair style is simpler to yours but my hair is much thinner so the wind can be a factor. I need a hold that keeps hair in place all day, but I want little to no shine for a more natural look.
-your advice would be appreciated.

Captain Dugog

I rubbed Tiege Hanley on a feminist and then they disappeared.

Landon whitaker

Saw u on shark tank with Pete and Pedro good job ?

Trent Myers



Alpha ?!! , hhhh fuck if this is alpha than what would beta be like lool

Lugia2Ho-oh 1111

Tiege Hanley=Adonis Genes.


Alpha, the 2:23 myth is true, its know as Marie Antoinette syndrome, The name alludes to the unhappy Queen Marie Antoinette of France (1755-1793), whose hair allegedly turned white the night before her last walk to the guillotine during the French Revolution. She was 38 years old when she died.

Caleb K

I put Tiege Hanley on my Asian "Wing Wong".... I'm black from the waist down now


Do you need sun screen even if you don't get sun burns?

Yoo Boss

Yooo!!! Alfa i just saw yiu on sharktank and my jaw dropped!!!!!!

Alfred Rygler

Have a great suggestion for you!!!!!!!


I'm sure I would be appreciated :)

Keaton Elgie

Thank you Alpha for explaining because these are common for me hear day to day. Keep doing you and keep well


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Vaan William

Alpha is the type of guy to sneak a razor on an airplane and shave in the bathroom.

Mario Calus

hey alpha, what do you think about a man with a speckled face. Can it be treated, is it unattractive ?


Hey Alpha just so you know, vasodilators dilate the blood vessels, while you said they constrict them. This is quite the contrary. Keep making great content!

Crazy Sob

Alpha im 16 with very curly hair that goes down. I never comb or brush it. I shampoo and condition everyday. My dad makes me cut it because i cant manage it and it goes outta control. I need help on how to manage curly hair

Rainaz omer

This chanale its amazing n u r amazing great job

Samanvaya Sharma

Vasodilaters actually dilate blood vessels

Dat419 boi

I would'nt be surprised if you looked the exact same in 20 years i can hardly shave??

Tanner Fry

Toothpaste on a zit totally works. Colgate, homie.

Mehedi Mahi

I rubbed tiege hanley on my dog,me turned into a dragon

cozcalcon cozcalcon

I know this question is going to sound stupid. I was wondering which brand of tea bags do you recommend or will any type of tea bags work.

Alex Sinov

But how do you do microderm abrasion with a beard? Or do you avoid the bearded area?


Do a video on how to loosen up physically and mentally when you're always stiff around people!


i was shaving to grow lmfaooo

Curtis Francisco

OK what do you do if you are allergic to sunscreens ?????

Kellen Quigley

Alpha, you have been rocking that polo in almost every video lately! Do you have any more from that company to show us?

Floyd Mayweather


Charlotte de Wit

Pals Omg feedback I guess deeply strange toy

Michael M

3 million subs are incoming. mark my words within two months.

Captain Dugog

legend had it that chuck norris uses Tiege Hanley.

Syed Aamir

A vasodilator that constricts. Where r u getting yr knowledge alpha?

luke vella

Vasoconstrictor, Alpha. Vasodilators promote blood flow

Not your Chicken

I hate my body, thanks for the vids alpha


Hi Alpha m What is u r Jeans Trousers and Chinos length


If you were to us a bar of soap on your face, what kind would you use?

Imroz Malik

Brother Alpha - I respect you and appreciate what you are doing here at YouTube and helping many of us with your knowledge and expertise.
However, stress gets your hair to turn grey. If you believe in Almighty and the day of judgement, know that day is gonna be so stressful that it would turn even children's hair to grey.
May Almighty save us and grant ease on that day and keep us safe and provide shade sound under his arsh. Peace!!


WTF alpha?? My Tiege Level 2 isn't even delivered after 20 days and your customer care doesn't even care to reply?? What in the holy hell??

namo 99

2:00 its a vasodilator it does constrict blood vessels lol

Philip Kostadinov

Did you watch Game of Thrones ?

BlaZe iT

Hi alpha, I'm 17 years old and when I trim my facial hair I get a lot of shave bumps and cuts even though I use a good shave cream, I shave very gently and use an aftershave with no alcohol. What should I do?


2:18 almost spit out my drink lmfao

AJ Bajaj

Pls tell How to fix DARK Circles

Gustavo castrejon

You should make a videeo on getting a full or better erectiom and sustaining it using natural stuff. I use to be a beast in the sheets now recently the last 2 girls I've been hooking up with i can't keep the erection. At first it was because of stress and now I just worry its not going to erect. Yesterday i was making out with the girl in the car amd i got a a boner. When we went to the back seat it went away ..... and I had to cancel.... It was embarrassing and it would be amazing to see you talk about the topic. I know i am not the only one. Tomorrow im going to go see a urologist. Wish me luck guys.

ccoo oocc

the downside of hair and skin care is that it's expensive, that's why men tend to avoid it.

Steven Farnesi

Do a video on wearing hats. I hear some people say it makes guys look like a douchebag. What's your take on it?

Nathaniel Villar

Toothpastes, at least some, contain salicylic thouhh


Alpha the type of guy to cut his hair before going to the barber.


Great video.?

ccoo oocc

the downside of hair and skin care is that it's expensive, that's why men tend to avoid it.

Deepak A

Vasoconstrictor.....not vasodilator


I never use sunscreen unless I go to the beach or park Should I be putting on sunscreen everyday?


Love the outro


loving that you're showing some of the age through the beard. i'm straight and love my girlfriend but i think its sexy when a man isn't afraid to let his hair turn grey


Me: lets go read the comments ?
Me:nevermind its all gonna be teige hanley anyway.

Prakhar Narang

That toothpaste thing is a myth???
I need some justification.

Joshua Jones

ALPHA should do a video on how to properly wear watches, necklaces, and bracelets. Please like so he can see

সরপুরিয়ায় পোকা

Alpha your stubble has bits of white in it ! You are human, like us !

Charles Kenney

Why doesn't your company ship to germany

Rene Talavera

Hello. Where is your black shirt from?.

Wasted Sensei

Vasodilators make the blood vessels dilate/ open up more. The word you're looking for is vasoconstrictor. Those constrict the vessels.

Syed Aamir

The favorable condition for the bacteria(or any other bacteria) that causes breakouts is where there is sugar in abundance hence consuming alot of sugar increases the sugar content in blood may provide that environment for those microorganisms.

Viktor Basara

Alpha,please make some coat tips video,or just something about coats!A lot of love from Serbia!

Devon Stone

I like my coffee with some sugar does that mean I need to cut down or stop eating sugar to stop break outs? and also my sis says she puts dove shampoo and/or conditioner on her face and it clears her face of pimples and stuff I'm not convinced it helps or is good for the face so idk what to tell her and I don't wanna try it


Where is tieghanley?

Chirag Thakker

Vasodilators dilate blood vessels. You mean vasoconstrictor. ?

Guy Fergus

Alpha...please please please do one on how to improve hair volume or thickness. My hair is getting flat and I'm trying everything, every product I can find. Everything. But something tells me you know better ;)

Charles Kenney

I want to buy the putty but apparently you don't ship to Germany


~[ ]~
/ \


Hey Aaron, I am a 23 year old professional. I just received the manager position at a security company, I am required to wear a white long sleeve security dress shirt and steel toes or safety shoes/boots, any advice to keep me looking fresh as I want to know how to look cool, yet stay in uniform, would using a tie? or a pair of oxford's dress shoes with steel toe composite be good?

WHITE WOMEN EXPOSED: What they really think of BLACK MEN ... (Reaction Video)

WHITE WOMEN EXPOSED: What they really think of BLACK MEN ... (Reaction Video)14 Dec. 2020
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Comments (100)
Thunder Magnificent

And if you prefer white women you are ultimately saying you prefer white men over yourself. At that point you have lost.


According to BLS and Black Demographics; Black men marry black women at 86%, 51 % of Black men are single and childless and 64% of black men are in the upper middle class. I know it’s sensational to focus on the negative but I’ll stick with this scientific numbers that beats those talking points on black men not building community with black women.

Khalfani XiBey

The sickest thing is.....The woman that carried you for 9months and nourished you, took care of you in your younger years, built you a sense of being and then you make it a point to date someone that looks totally the opposite of your nature goes to show you we as a people suffer from post-traumatic slave syndrome.....Shits sad fam....

Rise Above

I'm 33 an what she said is how I feel about the white women no disrespect.

Kim Green


Real givans

Just a few minutes into the video but just like how your talking about putting down race dont put it all on men like your ignorant because there is no gander that talks bad about the other like female , I remember migrating an been in a situation where a female from my country telling a white girl that man from that country are not good men am like what!!!!. what do you have to say about that?


All women do not have the same or any motherboard at all! That's like saying all men have the same fatherboard or lack thereof.


Abortions are sick , people who lack responsibility gets them!

Theresa Kriz

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Mark Ballard

Truthfully, chics tend to fall for guys who genuinely don’t give a Fck. Step up your game bro.

How Loving

Does anyone know where I can find this tweet?


what Darion 5288 said hit home hard.

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As a Black Man, That is Against Swirling.

I’m glad the White Women told these Simps that be lusting over them like they are better than our women, The Truth

Mark Ballard

Why should a man care if a chic he’s banging takes him seriously. There’s no way a chic should have had enough of you before you’re ready to move on to the next.

Trevor Stuart

You are 100% right I have dated white but known that I was just a fetish for them but have only had serious relationships with black women

Mr Scorpio king

And the white man right ? ones they go black there are single moms with mixed kids and I see tons of it lots on Instagram and Facebook not sure there from same black man

Yahiri J

Thanks for sharing

Olaolu Adewunmi

"Before you even got to her youve already busted two nuts in your pants" i acnt stop laughing bruv

Dim Jim

Maybe if black women stopped chasing hoods black men would stop being hoods. White chicks aint got nothin for you but some low-key shade. I dated this white girl once they didnt hang up after a call i had with her and from the phone in her pocket i heard her and her family clowning me for being black for like 6 mins straight, chicken this chicken that....

Niquetta Anderson

You are hilarious but I agree lol 100%


Damn. That's interesting. Had no idea. I never thought white women were special anyway. But I didn't think they really thought that way. Interesting.


Wow, amazing content!

Rise Above

I'm a black man an I stand on mine.... I love my black woman... all this hate an disrespect going on between us come from slavery... but you know the dark nation will rise an conquer they know an if they don't so be it...Ya is in control ✊

Kataries Ahnumarhin

I have found that Black Men get a better shake on the African continent I've been all over and I can say religion also plays a part for example in Muslim countries they really don't care about your color so much so long as you are Muslim. (It was one of the things that changed Malcom X's mind about race when he went to mecca ) I've been to Morocco, Egypt, and Nigeria It takes some time to adjust to not having to have you guard up all the time I'm sure you ladies and gentlemen know what I mean . I've lived all over the world and it was one of the few times I felt I could relax a little. Also there are many other countries with Black populations that I have interacted with personally and they all suffer in some way. From Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico To the southern parts of India, and Sri lanka. That being said dating outside (in this regard dating someone that passes for White like) is going to be an uphill battle. Good luck out there brothers and sisters.

Banyamyan Yasharahlah

It's EXTRAORDINARILY UNNATURAL for BLACK males who went in the slavery for over 500 years ongoing to be putting a PINK RED ORANGE BEIGE PINK SO-CALLED WHITE COMPLEXIONED woman over there indigenous BLACK women, when Caucasian women have all of the advantages in a world that is TEMPORARILY DOMINATED by SO-CALLED WHITE SUPREMACY.

Wallace Garrett

What about all the Sisters dating and marrying white men? White men are going up to Black Women and getting their numbers; the fine sisters too, and the Sisters are giving them their numbers. I even seen a Sister with a Mexican guy, and he was way shorter than her.

brad jb

the vast majority of white women aren't interested in black men. we see this in dating statistics and studies. porn has really made people believe black men are taking all these white women when in reality they're not. white women in fact are the most loyal to their own race. it's amazing what a little bit of propaganda can do to make people believe in a certain narrative.

Sory Vazquez

Look there is also white Latin women that are very use to be interracial because we are more open and we see the quality of the person, not the color of the skin. And we like moral family oriented guys like all majority of African family are. Also we are very careful with our persona in all aspects.

Erik in Minnesota

It’s sad but there are a lot of people who fetishize men and women from different races not really looking for a relationship just a fling when they want one. Like having a craving for a type of ice cream. People are strange.

Pacific Ocean

I heard of black guy the other day called them snow rats, or snow possums


If I ask a black boy to let me pee in his mouth he will let me? It might just be the other way round for the most part.

Dan Dan

These white women are telling you how they feel about black men and as black man I believe them ... Not one lie told ....

Niquetta Anderson

I’m a black woman I married a black man for 18 years we loved each other and we respected each other and no neither of us cheated on each other. My husband passed and I was left a widower he didn’t leave me with bills he left me financially well off if I would have been the one that passed he would have been left well off because we loved each other and understand the black struggle we made preparations so that we and our children would be taken care of and that is exactly what happened our children’s college paid for all of our children are married and happy like we were.

Ros T

Is actually very true, I just found your videos and yh I never seen no one speaks the truth about white women. Bro well done.

warrior's hedge

Any white woman outside there race, you won't find forgiveness, as for you, i suggest you look into social conditioning and psychological operations, this is what they put in the heads of the people.. And they listen sadly.

Mrs. Khaleeshyah

Well Duh..

Madameyess Boomboomboom



Wow this comment section is surprising I didn't think there were any black men online that like black women anymore. Thanks I needed to see this brothers.

Vanelle Smith

Are there any Blackmen/ women who value themselves, their families, and their communities? 2021 Question.

Cece's Bibelversen

you cant say all white women are like that


I would love to date black women but everyone I’ve been into in London always thought I wasn’t “bad man” enough or I’m a neek or something it pisses me off.



Razar Raz

I could only get 40 minutes in! Too much victim mentality for my liking

As a mixed raced black guy I understand the point about confusing identity, I've struggled with it growing up. But the point about about wanting your culture to carry on is nonsense! Your culture is of the country you are born and raised in, my family is mainly mixed from the Caribbean and part white English, i was born and raised in London, English is my culture, as well as my heritage along with the caribbean!!!

Culture and heritage are 2 separate things, I struggled to understand what mine was but I came to realise my culture is English and my heritage is caribbean and white English.

This does sound like excuses for victim mentality, there's nothing wrong with wanting to have children with someone who looks like you and there's nothing wrong with wanting to have children with someone who looks nothing like you, it's all a preference. Personally I don't really find African black women attractive because i can't relate culturally or through heritage, does that mean I'll rule out all women of African heritage? No it doesn't, if we connect we connect.

On the other hand I find caribbean, Asian, white women more attractive because I can relate culturally and through my heritage. Does that mean I'll only date those groups of women? no but I find them more attractive.

The same goes from people of different ethnicities that have the same thinking, and that's ok if they want to only date their own ethnicity and not your ethnicity. People are entitled to their own thoughts and if they happen to be racist or prejudice move on and find someone who's not!
The whole of Germany didn't support or think like Hitler, to believe so is just crazy

Nadia Amin

I love your channel you are right a million times right ??????????️

Nava Israel

Think it’s called Stockholm syndrome. Started in slavery


What this guy is saying doesn't apply to the youngest generation. Just look at TikTok. Tons of white girls with black and asian men, well boys actually.

sagacious rage of 1993 babies

I don't care what any race of woman thinks, as long as they treat me appropriately. You just go around wondering what each person thinks of you? lol I'm convinced that anybody can earn respect from anybody, depending on what they do.

Big Tre

There's only one race is called human Europeans designated people around the world by skin color race God created human he never created a separate race

Qnahla Nana

Outrageous! I’m Somali if I ever date outside my country men it’s going to be A Tanzanian, Rwandan or Sudanese best believe I won’t step outside of East African ??‍♀️. If I go further I will still go down Africa, Senegal I’m sure I will find Muslim there too. Sorry not sorry white men don’t make the cut. That doesn’t mean I discriminate it’s just the vibes has to be there. Love is love but respectfully That’s me.

John Stein

Bullshit a lot of times white women do the approaching....this is these particular females opinion....


Youre smart man a lot of people have to hear about this, say loudly.

Niquetta Anderson

My last comment. White men come after me all the time before I married my black husband and after he passed away I’m a black woman that love date and marry black.

Raphael Alexander

Black people bring that on them self because they bout down to them who is f u

EJ Ifeanyi

African men like me don't have this white worship problem. As a Nigerian, there are way too many varieties of women to choose from my culture than go to some bigoted culture. Mfkers are sick out here.

andy cadogan

Truth is truth.


can you please join clubhouse? I will follow you

Gerard Shorts

All I can say is slavery messed up the black race bad deep down to the core.

Lat B

Thank You Brother this issue needs to be solved. Instead of running to them we gotta come together and embrace each other. Specially y'all dont see this but there is big agenda being pushed on black women.

Niquetta Anderson

Men believe just because a white women will have sex with them that means she see them as equal, that’s just not true. First off, as a black woman I feel the original beauty comes from Africa. I feel your message and you are not dictating to people who to date, your simply saying if a man does go outside of his race why would he put women down that most likely resembles his mom sister’s or daughter’s!

Fox sliver

it not fake, there another part where they try to apologize about the chat, stating blak life matter

Eric Ekure

This conversation don’t make sense to me because a lot of black man data black woman, you can’t n tell people who to love, black women dating other race as well, black people love their race if they find the right one..

Peace King Locs

That gose back to the good book we shouldn't date out of our nationality no how I don't like caucasians personally you gotta have melanin baby ?

Linda Ann Oliver

Hello I jut watched your interview with Oshay Duke Jackson and my god I loved your feedback and solution for black men and women issues new subscriber look forward to more intelligent content Great job I will share your channel

Tyler cat

Good content man shoutout from nyc


Firstly, It all balls down to Loving our own as a black people. I’m not trying to generalize, but to be honest most white female knows who they want to be with in future , not just you as a black person..
Work bro bless up King Richez ??

Niyonzima Ephrasie

At the same time, it’s not every time it means a man hates his own race just because he dates a different race. I love my African roots and I embrace it. If I do decide to date a different race, I expect them to respect my roots, skin, and everything that creates me and if not they can leave. I don’t expect them to expect me to shed off everything that raised me and I will walk proudly with it on and in me. A lot of people love to assume that everyone that dates a different race hates their own race. Although some do it for that exact reason, it doesn’t mean it’s the case for everyone in similar situations.

Dan Field

Can’t say all white women after a few of them say these things

Box Gaming


Lisa David

I don't understand what kind of fight is this about races,,,,, date who u think is best for you and I date who I think is best for me too... If you reject me then I reject you too. We the black people should stop embarrassing ourselves.

Wallace Garrett

I dated a few White girls, but I would never marry one. When I was with them, I never would put my sisters down. I always respect my sisters, no matter whom I marry. Personally
I do not really care for White women. My preference is Asian women. I was married to an Asian, and it was a very beautiful


I’ve dated them all from Asian black white they all the same

blackrage 843

Easy they don't like us they will only tolerate you or treat you like a fetish if your are a celebrity or sports star

Lilo Rolland

Again..this ''truth'' you speak about white women is just a fraction,please stop generalizing white women.

Vanelle Smith

If Black men don't want to be looked at this way, then take your place as builders and powerful assets to your communities. You hate your women, you deapise the childten in your community, and feel like a victim. Switch that up and live well.

Silv Frank

Why are you all surprised about white women think of black men .??

King Richez

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You guys know this was proven fake right?

Jermon Sims

He who controls the media controls the mind.....Real talk...black men are doing a lot better than it will ever be projected in mainstream media. Happy for channels like yours, it's a good opportunity to fix our self-image and our projection to the world ?. A good black man needs to understand that he is the prize !


Listening to this has made me very proud as a black man, although it's tragic that theres the level of self hate going on in the black community, I'm proud to see this being challenged ?
Black men putting down black women is disgraceful, as we should love ourselves.
I appreciate that people are free to date who they want, but speaking ill of black women while being on the interacial vibe is a big red flag, and it's not really heard of in other communities any where near as much, if at all.
Loved your content man, true tings?

Kai theMessiah

From what I'm hearing it was started by a black female pretending to be white female

Pc DaOg

After dis yall still gone chase them ??


I just started listening to you and I wasnt feeling you at all...but you keep it 1000

Jo D

Just look at the escort ads..

No black Gents

Daniel Clarke


Larry Coleman

nah not me I can take the black woman or leave her. Inevitable I'm going to leave any chick I'm with anyway.

Cameron Grier

I’ve had white chicks nothin special only reason I haven’t with a black chick is because of the area I live is mostly white

Icey Washington

Nothing wrong with black men and black women dating other races just as long as you’re not bashing black men and women in the process! Make sure you’re coming from a place of love if you do it! You have to understand black men and women they aren’t the prize you are! It should be a prize for them to even be in your presents! Because it takes a lot to over come, forgive and be willing to open your hearts up to other races that have stopped at nothing to destroy yours! That says a lot about you as a person so don’t forget your worth!


Subbed straight away ??

Grandmaster Fighting Game Channel

I had the same thing with one of my ex white chick. Her parents were cool in front of me. In fact, I think I actually got along with them, including her brother.

But when I turned my back, they would grill her as well as her friends saying get a white bf and get ride of me!

I know this because one day, she called me up (while at work) with this info!

I knew this already so i was expecting this.. So I told her that from the beginning that this would happened and she would have to deal with it.

Turns out she got a bit flaky with me and to be honest, and the wisdom of their words finally kicked in.

No gonna lie tho, because where her parents live, I felt like they movie "Get Out!"

Kacey Anderson

So why these ww become pregnant for bm?

Carlo Morisset

It’s the legacy of slavery!!!! Inferiority complex, Dude let’s be real, WE ARE ALL BROKE, we don’t even know our worth, our priorities are not in order, we all must go home and take CONTROL of our resources and create WEALTH. Forget the women for now and go build wealth, then the women of all kinds will come, now when they look at you, they see weakness, lazy, clowns

henry shepherd

You sir! just got yourself a new subscriber.

Miguel Mena-Torres

Black women need to work on their image. It just seems that black women do not carrying themselves correctly, especially with the load mouth and disrespect towards men, with this unnecessary attitude in the way they talk. And I hate it just as much when white women try to behave in this manner! But for many I have noticed this change for the worse. I love black women but that filthy mouth has to go. Why is this so difficult for many black women to maintain a lady like image. You don’t have to come across like you are a dude all big and bad. It doesn’t look good on you and it’s actually pathetic to tell you the truth.

Luminous Mind Games

There's many layers to this as in any sample size there will be variation. That being said, from prehistory until today, the so-called Black man has ALWAYS been the most desirable man on Earth, bar none.

It is only in the last 200+ years since the albinos have assumed RULERSHIP that this narrative has emerged. But due to miseducation, the vast majority of people are not able to properly contextualize this.

In modern times, the so-called Black man has certainly fallen further and further from grace. However, despite all the clear inadequacies we need to address, we are still considered second most desirable to only the albino man and he is in rulership.

We cannot look at a snapshot of today and accept that as canon because this current society is essentially a parody and everything is backwards. So while there is definitely truth to what you are saying here, understand this: it's that word on your shirt that women find most attractive, regardless of complexion. We had it for 7000 years and were the most desirable. Whoever it shifts to next, the narrative will adjust accordingly.

Kim Green

You’re nice to give them a warning. But they won’t learn anything they’ll have to see for their selves. And they will?

Gwendolyn Oliver

My question is, if black men know all this about white women and how they really feel about a black man... WHY do you black men still date them, chase them, even mistreat black women to make a white woman feel worthy of your love..
Give anything to keep that white woman in your life...
(Spend all your money and give them any and everything you can)

Kim Green


james rashid

Black kings need 2 wake up.white women really only mess with us 2 have mixed kids but a black king should want real black kids no light skin half breeds who try an pass as black lol

John Stein

Yeah thats psycho to put down black women just because we like white women

Floyd L Holt

Interracial couples are just having trills and entanglements. Nothing to brag about, just fetishized sexual encounters.