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? DIY Tips With Indoor Outdoor Carpet ?

? DIY Tips With Indoor Outdoor Carpet ?18 Oct. 2019
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In this video I give a

In this video I give a quick rundown on how to work with indoor outdoor carpet on a glue down installation

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David Crowson

Dang son ? you da man!!

Walt Bee

If the concrete subfloor has control joints, do I need to fill them in with patch?

John Steier

Did u get a new helper in place of chase nasty??

looking for the big guy Rick last name

Keep them coming it's cold in Pittsburgh man


you can glue down carpet faster with a stand up trowel from shankfloortools.com

Aidan Venemore

Very helpful cheers


What kind of carpet is that. I am looking for this type.

Garage Carpet Installation

Garage Carpet Installation7 Jun. 2020
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Nagustohan ko pre pero lagyan mu nman ng tawa kahit unti lng masyado ka seryoso eh hahahaha


Looks like you guys must be the Hills flooring A team.

Checkered Garage Flooring On A Budget!! | Vinyl Garage Flooring DIY | Armstrong Stylistk II

Checkered Garage Flooring On A Budget!! | Vinyl Garage Flooring DIY | Armstrong Stylistk II1 Mar. 2020
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In this video we install a

In this video we install a checkered garage flooring using the Armstrong Stylistk II Peel-n-Stick vinyl tiles. A very inexpensive way of switching up your garage flooring.

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Amir Mohamed

Did you have to clean the floor with anything before laying the vinyl down?

ricky rod

Did I missed something, what is the caulk box for?



La’ Stoney

I’m re designing my kitchen to look like a retro dinner but don’t want to mess up my original flooring. So if I put this down then wanna take it off in the future it wouldn’t mess up my floor ? Thanks for the video

S Chang

How does it hold up to car floor jack use?

Victor Beltran

How’s it holding up?

Grayson Smith

I appreciate you sharing your video. I have a question, do you find this floor slippery? either dry or wet?

Cho Manio

Link at homedepot ?

Hans Haken

Would a motorcycle jack with a bike on it still be able to be moved around the floor, or would it destroy the the vinyl?

Space Ghost

This floor will last a lifetime and look brand new the whole time with 4-8 coats of commercial floor wax.


I just put these tiles down in my garage and I'm super happy with how it turned out! Thanks again for making this vid. I have a question - did you use any kind of sealant on the tiles? Or if not, has water/liquid been an issue? I'm worried about water getting through the seams and under the tile. Has that been a problem for you?

Arron Allen

So what the story with your rebel suspension


Thanks a ton for the product recommendation - just ordered these for my garage floor.

Robert D.

Will freezing temperatures be an issue? Anyone try this in the northeast?

Rock,N Robin

I like the idea thinking about doing my kurage into a man Room man cave What did you use to record very good high def sick car by the way


where did you get the paper cutters?

Philip Gretzkowski

I'd like to know more about how to finish the edge nearest to the garage entrance. Just beyond the lip that steps up from the apron. Is this edge susceptible to peeling because of weather or being rolled over repeatedly by vehicles?

JON Qiao

looks great! Gonna buy house this year at taxes, and move all the way donw from California to there, gonna do this garage floor at my house as well! Thank you!

The Loobis

Oh, bro! That is not going to last. Not for a garage. And you've got to put a polish on that floor or you'll destroy it.