Planks on knees

How to do a Plank with Knees Down

How to do a Plank with Knees Down9 Nov. 2018
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The forearms should be

The forearms should be pointed straight ahead, parallel to one another. Stabilize the core by drawing in your navel towards the spine, squeeze the butt muscles and tuck the chin. Keep the stomach muscles tight and don’t allow head to drop forward.

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Plank Off Knees - Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training

Plank Off Knees - Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training19 May. 2017
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Emma Clayton

this is brilliant, thank you so much. I've always exacerbated my back pain when trainers have made me do a normal plank and then hold it, it's a relief to know there's a variation I can try before I work up to the full one. can't believe nobody told me about it.

Ab Exercise - How to plank knee to elbow

Ab Exercise - How to plank knee to elbow29 Jan. 2018
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1. Start in a plank

1. Start in a plank position with hands shoulder-width apart on the floor

2. Engage your ab muscles and keep your spine straight

3. Lift your right foot towards your right elbow.

4. Return the right foot back to full plank position.

5. Repeat with the left side, moving your left foot towards your left elbow.

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