Men in tight pants

Luke Bryan's Got Tight Jeans

Luke Bryan's Got Tight Jeans25 Aug. 2015
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The country star has it

The country star has it all: a great voice, good looks and tight pants. Luke and Ellen get a better look at one of his bootylicious performances.

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danny newberry

i love your show can u put Rihanna on your show again. By the way i love your show i am following u on instagram, i wish i can see your show.


Can Ariana grande be on Ellen please ?!

The Dysfunctionals

Please watch & subscribe to my channel. My little girl is rather hilarious ?

Simon Credible

When u know JustinBieber will be on Ellen soon

tae bear

i love his accent!

Jarren Lumpkin

Haha lol

Hazel Harts

6th comment!!! i've never been this early

Kenzie Love

i love Luke BRYAN

Jen Munoz


Veronica T.

his voice makes me die!!! mmmm

Marissa N

Luke Bryan is my favourite singer !!!!!!!!!!!! ????????

Jessie K

kian and jc should go on ellen fr

Haider Ali

Why was he nervous about the romo pass... It was probibly intercepted


Is that the j.lo app? =P

Music Man's Ladies Band

The JLo app…LOL I wish I had JLo's butt! haha…seriously! :)

Rachael Hall

Oh my gosh please physically force him to tour in Australia!!! I mean legitimately do whatever it takes lol. Also 99.9% of us are country anyway right? So why deprive us Lol (percentages may not be accurate ?)


0:16 ellen said a joke but no one heard it. poor ellen....

Shaune Lam

Get Jason Aldean on ur show...I luv me some Aldean. but then again luke is great too.

Huzaifa Mushtaq

Country men are always sexier.

Mollie Wilkinson

I'm the first to watch OMG!!!

marizel mordeno


Nicole Grande

Who else liked the video before watching it? ?



Kerrie Gennis

Love you ellen ❤️

Morgan Collins


aaliyah marciel

He said s stupid and cute

Kieran wee

me at q hour ago

Wynter Schroeder

Austin Mahone needs to be on Ellen!

Hunter Adams

you should have Arron kyri he is a skater

Jordan Rayford

His arms are beautifully tan lol I love him

Summer Styles

His accent is bufff

Karen Koranteng

my favorite part from the crush song was when he fell and his dog came up stares and when he rejected him on texr

Bella Heyer



noah ritter yaaasds

mariana c.

Woow I'm so earlyyy 1st

Zachariah Greggs

LOL.........baby got back

Lhin Doh

I think that was great. It takes the edge off of the usual cowboy jeans vulgarity-


those jeans are disgusting ...


he is a good looking guy but those jeans and the way he is standing makes his butt look really big. and wide.

Kyle Johnson

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nusrath naurin

what day is taylor swift coming


We want Rihanna on the show, it's been three years since the last time she was on your show

Nina Alexandrou

Love Luke Bryan so much, he is my favourite all time musician, and I am just waiting and hoping for him to come and do a tour in England


Country singers would probably have so many more hits if they just had a band play behind them at every interview.. Deep country voices are gold.

Moon Man

So now i can comment, I wanted to comment on that sexist video ellen posted with a man having his shirt removed. Its okey for ellen to be sexist but not for anyone else apprently

Hieu Nguyen

????? hunky hottie.


why not get justin bieber on da show ?

Katka phakovi

LOVE :-*

Prisila Sodemba

plllzzzzz invite miranda sings /Collins Ballenger


A big Yes to Malala, Noah and P!nk! Love them!

Kenzie Love

i love Luke BRYAN


Taylor will be back!!! ❤️❤️❤️


I love you ellen


what name of app?


Love u Ellen

Alexis Thompson

You should get Luke on here more often and get me to meet him ? I'm marrying his nephew its already decided ?

Anna Fay


Larissa Maits

Country Luke shake it for me

maddie campbell

You should let Miranda sings on the show?????????????????????????????????????

Boo Hoo

OMG Malala <3 why are in the end names like Justin Bieber, caitlyn jenner <3, taylor swift...?


Tight jeans are bad for u


wtf is he talking about...?!


Hi Ellen my name is Tyra and i wish i could meet Kesha OMG I would be so happy I'm like a 2nd biggest fan

M. Tarek

Does he actually talk like that?

Amber Ceballos

Nice butt Luke ???❤️

Jayden Kintu

I love Ellen shes amazing

Xena Tejada

Check my videos out where my friends and I just off a CLIFF in Vermont ! ?????HELP ME reach my goal of 50 subs please ! ???


He's so sexy ?

Jacob Meeker

Jacob see you nice butt nice man

Alana Miller

That first week of season 13 is gonna be too good

Isaiah Riojas

please bring adore Delano on the show


Nope, the Minaj App.

Sarah Bellin

I love me some Luke Bryan!!! He can shake it for me any day :P


Can someone tell me please what is the app ?

Bzk Kiki Bzk

love you Ellen ???


God he is so sexy!!!!

Ringneck Leather

He shops at my small town store almost every year. I've sold him Coor's and Doritos. We can't get a plug, man? Matherville, yo!

Vampire Luph

I love you ELLENN !! Indonesia loves youuuu <3 <3

Hui Qing Han

Ameena Alalawi

omg im so early

Ryan Storto

We want Christina Aguilera on!

rose Silva


Vanneath HOUR

Taylor is on again :D

Hunter Adams

you should have Arron kyro he is a skater

Yousef Essawi

First ?

Selling Cars in Tight Pants

Selling Cars in Tight Pants19 May. 2018
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Mario López

Te mantengo toda una vida completa lo juro

Carlos Cuevas

I see better butts than this ????

Gary Bracket

nice looking butt

Devin Hendrick

I would have to go time after time and be undecided for any car there, ask him to show me and go with me in the test driving around!!! :3 I'm in love!!!!

Lost No

Que rabão lindo

Josh bounce.

If he sat in the seat I want the car.?



Mr Relatable



Hot arse


How does ANY straight man see an ass like this and NOT want to fuck it????? I don't understand it.


Wow, where's he selling cars? I'll buy!

Jared Shelton

Kia is my favorite car brand. And that's my favorite man, all in one video ?


Can i test drive that ass? ??

Taylor Kendricks

I do not understand a word he is saying and I don't even drive yet I'd love to go car browsing there just to get an up close gander of him in those pants.

Dick Dibble

the ass is worth at least 10 times as much as the car


Qué atractivas formas tiene ese hombre!

Jamison H

0:48 omg dat azz im in love. Id marry him forreal

gino gennaro alonso

Tiene mas futuro como vedetto que vendedor de autos en monterrey 2019

coco red83

he fine

Reify Miranda

Belíssimo! Tanto de frente como por trás. E o carro também!

Aiden Nguyen

The only part he shows his ass 0:48-0:53


He can sit on my face

Getulio Tadeu Dos Ssntos

Guapissimo frente y verso ay papa.

Kendall A

Test #1: Now, what brand was the car?
Haha. You know you didn't even notice that. ;-)
Good butt!!!


Do you have more videos of him, maybe? Please..? ??

Josh bounce.

Hopefully he sat on the car seats as an added bonus.??

Pete L




Taylor Granados

Wearing those damn pants with a rear end like that he could sell me the most expensive car on the lot.

Remi Sage

I wonder how fast his boss hired him after that boss looked at his butt cheeks. "Oh, one more thing.. you don't mind wearing these, do you?" Lol


Hot arse

Man in Tight Pants

Man in Tight Pants18 Apr. 2009
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man in tight pink lycra

man in tight pink lycra pants being all drunk and twatish

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