Major league baseball man cave

Major League Baseball's Fan Cave

Major League Baseball's Fan Cave5 Apr. 2012

As Major League Baseball

As Major League Baseball kicks of the 2012 season today, MarketWatch's Sam Mamudi takes us inside the league's Fan Cave, a key part of MLB's social-media push as it attempts to keep the sport relevant — and talked about — in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

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The Cardinal Cave

The Cardinal Cave5 Jul. 2020
3 107

Quarantine has given me

Quarantine has given me plenty of time to fix up our new basement. After years of collecting St Louis Cardinals memorabilia, I finally have a place to display it! Enjoy the video and ...Go Cards!

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Harris Highlights

Awesome man!


Man this is like my house except way cooler. As a die hard cards fan myself, I appreciate this very much. Very sick!!


When can I and the rest of the internet come over?

Ian Burke

This place is amazing! Wish I had a room like that in my house

Joe Pops

Not a huge baseball fan but this is incredible ... GREAT SETUP

Dino Mercado

Very nice! Where did you get that bar table with the display windows? Thanks!

TJMAC Vintage Cards

My son and i just watched this video. We are not Cardinals fans, but your room is simply awesome!!!!

Triple C Memorabilia ChaseJackson

That’s awesome! Definitely basement goals!

De L

Really cool. Well done. You must be struggling without baseball. Hope it starts soon. Go Blue Jays and Cardinals.

Justin Williams

I love it.

Davina Sewkumar

Beyond impressive??

Joe McKim

Can I come over on July 24 to watch opening day?

Wayne Tietz

Wonderful collection!!!!

Mike Black 0205

You shouldn't have any Thumbs down for this cave WOW ????

The MLB Fan Cave tour to end all tours: Inside MLB's playground

The MLB Fan Cave tour to end all tours: Inside MLB's playground24 Apr. 2012
4 202
Secret BaseSubscribe 438 721

Matt and Dan visit the MLB

Matt and Dan visit the MLB fan cave where they meet the Fan Cave Bloggers and other special guests, including The Fray whose music may or may not be extremely offensive to the point of confrontation for one of our hosts. The Fan Cave hosts fan events, concerts, MLB player and celebrity appearances, as well as the nine Cave Dwellers who are attempting to watch every game of the 2012 MLB season while chronicling their experiences online through videos, blogs and social media.

It's an interesting place.

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Isaac Cohen

Giant Slides should really be included in all new architectural designs.

Justin DeWitt

your gay

Kyle Kramer

01:55 -- best interview on the internet. period.

Secret Base

Bummer bro

thats all folks

at time marker 2:12 there is a vision of the apocalypse. See any connection? 2:12 = 2012 end of the Mayan calendar, end of the world. #OpenYourEyes #illuminati #ReptillianUnderground

Dan Ladit

Baseball's gay


That's a pretty epic opening. Also an epic beard. Too good.

The Abusement Park

oh shut up with this apocalypse crap!

Kevin White

LOL... Awesome...


MLB fan cave and the fan cave bloggers will be responsible for many terrorist acts in the years to come.

Chad Mumm

2:09 is the vision of death and the apocalypse.

jarrad james

not surprised at all that some of these dudes usually watch baseball from their mom's couch...