Front squat alternatives

Front Squat - Front Rack Alternatives

Front Squat - Front Rack Alternatives2 Sep. 2020
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The front squat is an

The front squat is an important lift, but it can also be a rather uncomfortable one. What should you do if your wrists and shoulders are saying 'no thanks' to the front rack position?

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Anderson Front Squat Against Doubled Bands (With alternative Set-up)

Anderson Front Squat Against Doubled Bands (With alternative Set-up)20 Apr. 2018
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Anderson Front Squat

Anderson Front Squat Against Doubled Bands


In a power rack, set the pins at the bottom of the front squat.

Double a band over each sleeve down to a stationary object.

Begin in the bottom of the front squat.

Weight distributed across the entire foot.

Knees track feet.

Back stays flat.

Bar rests on the the shoulders with elbows high.


Stand quickly with the bar in the front rack.

Return to the bottom where the bar rests on the pins.

Complete prescribed number of repetitions.

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How to squat without a squat rack (no rack, no problem homies)

How to squat without a squat rack (no rack, no problem homies)4 May. 2020
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Squatting with no squat

Squatting with no squat rack is possible, check out my front squat tutorial for extra tips on technique for this specifically https://youtu.be/dgubA887FNw . If you found this helpful please hit subscribe! #squats #powerlifting #powerliftinglife #squattutorial #strength #strong #strongaf

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SuHasini Madhurya Chennubhotla

No shit. Straight to the point!!!
Gotta try the hack squat one tomorrow! It looks more like a deadlift.
Thank you for these!!! <3

Valentino G

I finally managed to get a bar and some weights in my home (everything was sold out for months!) and tried the zercher squat for the first time. Boy, are they rough to figure out at first, you make it look easy.

Part of the issue I have is the same issue I have with front squats - my short arms. It's actually quite tough to get both of my arms completely under the bar from the bar-atop-the-knees position. As a result, I ended up rolling the bar from my forearms down to the elbow crease when getting back up. This will not be feasible going forward as the weight starts to increase - at the very least, it'll leave me with some bruising.

One piece of kit I don't have is those sleeves that you were wearing, I'll look into getting those to see if that alleviates this problem.

lob ster

Thanks. I'm upstairs and want to squat but don't want to screw myself up.

Ejjaz Mughal

Done with class!

Daniele Gemmi

The hack squat tip is amazing. Going to try this ASAP!


Thanks! Getting the basic covered but it's for inside a small apartment. No space for a rack. Appreciate the to-the-point tips :)

Kathi Wood

Thanks I’ll gives these a go!

Big Trips Keepin it real

What a idiot. People dont take her advice.


This is helpful. I don’t have space for additional gym equipment so this works.

Big Trips Keepin it real

What a idiot