James marsden feet

James and Kat Graham Salsa

James and Kat Graham Salsa14 May. 2015
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After James reminds

After James reminds everyone Kat Graham was a Fantina, the two salsa to the very catchy Fanta jingle.

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Anray Mcneil

"Don't start something you can't finish." - James Corden

inti amaru

Thats not salsa??

Ellen Rudolph

Gorgeous. Stunning. Kay was perfectly cast as Bonnie Bennet in TVD.

altamash urooj



Love bonnie on the vampire diaries.

Shannon Hayden

She's so beautiful

kicking Everything

Suggest me what i should kick next?

Anabella Ellis


The Cynic #CannesTastemakers

fuck she is not safe i do not trust Marsden the guy just seems to have the steal your girl vibe I don't like him


I love this

Sayeri Hossain

Love her skin ❤❤❤ @katgraham

oceanfroyo ii

isn’t the guy on the right from HOP?

The Great Potato

I love Kat she's so cute and funny


That was samba.... 'kinda'

Jurandir Pacheco

Bonnie was one of the most boring characters of that irritating tv series, but she is definitely hot, so attractive. Beautiful lady!


Thats not salsa ?

Kalel311 superman

kat is beautiful

Ivory Vaughn

“Go Kat go Kat go go go”

Quoc Viet Nguyen

Bonnie bennett

Royalty Crowns

I love her smile ??❤️


Surprised no one mentioned her torn shirt

its fraaa__

ma quanto è bella aiuto

Dani Rican

Not really salsa but good job anyways lol

hello my name is

nicki minaj wore a outfit like hers


Corny Collins can't salsa?!LIES!!

Nguyen Thanh Phuong

Bon Bon ?


Speaking from experience....always so awkward when you are sitting down and the people near you start dancing.

kalel 311

Kat is so Beautiful


Chris Wood really needs to ask her out. She's, hot, funny and that ass. Haha


Kat is so pretty!! That melanin though!!!

James Brolly

Damn Kat

Brendan Day

White Englishman culturally appropriated something


Shes just OK, she has a great personality though.


Kat is so beautiful, talented, deserves more recognition as an actress and singer, she is so sexy and charismatic, deserves stardom.


when james first saw kat's booty lmao

Hans Verdieu

Damn this dude James Corden is talented, that's crazy


I don't know too much about her, but she is fine. Gorgeous face, skin, and what a body. All Corden can talk about is Prince and James Marsden. Marsden won't dance with her. Either they are both gay, or they don't like brown chicks. lol

Gitty Rosenberg

Lmfao James doing salsa

OcE_SaVa _MDR_

i love her so much (je suis française)

Roxanne Torres

The untidy burst optically judge because ashtray socially fasten failing a steep guatemalan. ethereal, tightfisted motorcycle

Su-Mari Diedericks

damn, Bonni got the booty

Nimco Faaysal

Can’t be the only person smiling throughout

JaySav Evolution

She is stunning

Ίρις Γεωργιάδου

Come on James (Marsden), we all know you can dance!

Nellie K. Adaba

I remember the Fantinas.

Grecia Castro

That's not salsa. It's samba.

Jennifer Wesley

Does anyone remember when she was in the honey movies


lol mothereffing James!


She looks so good!! That dress and hair!

Brendan Day

Corden has to be gay

Reggie Richardson

That cool dancing

Tiffany Clausen

That’s not salsa ?

Painted Heart

Anybody else automatically think: BONNIE!!!


Kat is so hot omg

Nimco Faaysal

Can’t be the only person smiling throughout


That was so funny, though would have been sexier if he actually danced with Kat!


this song has been stuck in my head for months

darren chung

Yay she's from vampire diaries

Juju Madukah

Nicki wore that dress at the BET Awards ???


She acts WHITE

Shanna Maus

You are Bonnie from vampire diaries

Raul Gutierrez

Nicki Minaj wore that dress for the BET awards

Ana Clara

She is so beautiful ❤️

Razzy IA

Kat so sexy


I think what they were attempting to do was samba.

Kaur Amy

omg kat is so beautiful #bonnie is love ??????

Yber sull

nicki minaj wore the same thing at the bey award

Maryam Godje

didn't Nicki wear this


My fave 2 people ?


Was that not samba?


Corden really is a showman with a great depth and breadth of talent. More and more I can see why CBS chose him over bigger names.

Georgia Butt

omg i love kat graham

DJ Anthony

love her

Lilly Lioness

Lol. Kat got moves! Wow!!!

TJ Matthews

wow she is so beautiful especially in that bifdi wish i could meet her one day

Adrija Ghosh

Did he just say '' One Direction's interview! ''?
Kat is amazing..

Shaquita Fanning

wow I didn't know that either!

hoda jama

omgod, I hope he never loses his accent like so many expats who live in North America for too long.

The Addiction - 30 Rock

The Addiction - 30 Rock15 Aug. 2018
1 187 996
30 Rock OfficialSubscribe 438 721

Claire is like a

Claire is like a drug.

From Season 3, Episode 3 ‘The One with the Cast of Night Court’, Liz and Jenna's friend Claire (Jennifer Aniston) visits and falls for Jack; Tracy tries to cheer up Kenneth by turning one of his dreams into a reality.

Your favorite shows, movies and more are here. Stream now on Peacock: www.peacocktv.com

Watch 30 Rock on Google Play: http://bit.ly/2ffez47 & iTunes http://apple.co/2vxg183

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2wnzhDx

This is the official YouTube channel for 30 Rock. Watch all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments and recurring jokes, and follow the adventures of the TGS crew of misfits.

Comments (100)

He was the head clowning instructor lol

rocky jaydog

I gotta agree with Jack about the toe ring.

Sophie Hoskins

So this is the OG Tammy 2

Suz B

Tina is awesome. Tina and Julia Dreyfus are comedy legends.. they have carved a very insurmountable niche for themselves in the comedy genre.. it's amazing

Nice One

0:45 he's not the only one ?

swell guy

This is what "comedic efficiency" means

Andrew M

My God Jennifer Aniston ... My... God

Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας

I only clicked because of Jen Aniston s feet.


Guest director Quentin Tarantino


Jennifer Aniston was nominated for an Emmy for her performance in this episode!


You all know you freaky fucks because you saw her feet up on the table

Rosh Lepz

Teeth are getting Loose? Hahaha
And have a baby


"Maybe Claire's right, maybe if we have a baby things will calm down"

Thomas Cheow

Her Feet ?

Ryan Pearson

I love Tina Fey and 30Rock. But the thumbnail of Aniston's feet made me click on this one.

Tina Cheung


Mugshot Marley

Super sexy

Randomly Relatable

Aniston looks very old time really flies




That is probably peak Aniston.

Johny Alamillo

This is the only time jack show sexual interest on lemon

Dave Kostka

Had a crazy, it doesn't pay. No matter how fun....

Sonny Baez

meh, didn't laugh once.

Vanessa Baltazar

I love when Jennifer plays these types of characters. .Especially in Horrible Bosses..

Publius Velocitor

What's up with that giant Casio watch. I love the comedic randomness of this show.

Priyanka Goswami

why is no one talking about "Password..what??"


Love the reality this sitcom is grounded in. Fabulously funny!

J. Reynolds

Jennifer is beautiful. Hasn't been ruined by childbirth.

Jay Kong

Awesome feet.


I was hoping to hear the "crazy putty" line

April Sisco

This is the ONLY time in the show that Jack even flirted with the notion of sleeping with Liz, and I honestly don't blame him. ???

CA- RFC-NY Rangers

God those legs


Why do I feel a sudden urge to invest in cryptocurrency whenever I see Alec Baldwin?

Kevin Johnson

Jen could get that cont monched.


people think this show is funny?

Verne Fits

Jizz Jennifer is so hot

Rashpal Kaur

Micheal scott is far better than jack.

Taash Greenwood

I wanna smell Jennifer Aniston feet and hope she play airplane tickle with me

Cheri C

is this show still on?

Hong Zhang

I don't know, Tammy seems to look differently in here...


Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Emma Claunch

Claire is like his Tammy 2.

Fr. Ted Crilly

Friends wasn't even funny

S Rowe

I used to think Tina Fey was hot in a "funny, good-looking middle-aged woman in sensible shoes who lives in the same apartment building" sort of way. But Jennifer Aniston is hot in a "middle-aged fashion model who lives in the apartment building directly across the street with the floor-to-ceiling windows and often walks around in the nude" sort of way. ?

Charles De Rosas

Rachel Green came a long way.


Such a shame she had to go and join "the club".


Ron Swanson and Tammy



Eddie G

"you don't like to have fun"

Sean Sartor

Jennifer Aniston is a lil hottie as a villain. SH!! Who am I fooling ? She’s just HOT !!!! ????

Jake Wolf

I see Jennifer Aniston's feet and I like.

Crisant Arenas

Dan Schneider Was Involved In THIS???? ?

Pawel Olownia



The "single white female" thing! I almost spilled my coffee lol


If you're leggy and you know it grab a desk ...

The Hummingbird

I have to know the secret to Jennifer Aniston's youth. Is she a vampire who dines on the blood of innocent virgins and village children? Fuck that Aveeno commercial. I want to know the real secret. I don't give a shit about the tabloid junk by written by Rupert Murdoch. I don't have a lot of time. I'm fading away like a wilting flower...just kidding. I don't rest my economic security and safety on something so miniscule as youth and beauty, because those two things are fleeting. Also it doesn't matter because I'm an ugly ogre. LOLXD HAHAHA!! That bitch is trapped in the system. Once her beauty withers away, those royalty cheques stop coming in.


Even her feet are pretty.


Damn, Jen!


i saw jennifer anistons feet and legs in thumbnail so i click and had myself a fap session


Came for the feet..
Came to the feet.


You and I both Alec Baldwin


Could Jen b ANY hotter than she is right here?....

Olasunkanmi Awodijo

I need this show on Netflix ??

Summer Skull

"I tried to be the adult"

Ash the Viking

It's funny to say this considering jen Aniston is in this clip but Tina Fey is one of gods finest creatures.

Mohammed Amine

that's peak jen .

american runs the cover for wahhabis

Funny when he says no he wants it

ken karwoski

It doesn't get any better with Jennifer Aniston!

T. Tony

Jen’s legs....and feet....ohhhh my

MC Mark Markson

Jack was the best part of the show :D


Wow she is gorgeous

Victor McDaniel

If she has a bottom, he's going to try to hit it.

Anandi Ganguly

I love Tina Fey but her writing is a bit unrealistic. I mean no species would deny a three-way offer with Jennifer Anniston.


A drug, is she?
I would like an overdose, please.


Jennifer Aniston is a man.


How did I forget Jen was in 30 rock?!


"My teeth are getting loose"

Ms. R

I need to see a movie with Alec, Tina and Jennifer

Stephane Guenette

Isn't this Park and Rec. Tammy 3?

Omar Salazar

Tina Fey with another awesome booby shirt


I googled Jennifer Aniston feet


Claire I would like Claire

Enrique Parra

Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful.


on the one hand , all the things Liz said . but on the other hand , Jennifer Aniston .


Bob Johnson
A baby will calm things down.
@Bob Johnson or make it crazier............hahahahahahahaha the craziest thing is when adults have any trouble, stupid and abuse people think about using children for a rescue!!!!!

Chris Calfa

Were they not in the same room as eachother?


I’d like a choker too!

jon Q

I'd wear that hat too.

MyessYallyah Americus

the only thing i want is my money so i can leave the united states of America forever before its wiped off the planet for your failures.


The girl who plays Claire is quite attractive.

Natasha Evans

The fact that Jack was willing to have sex with Liz for the sake of Claire is just hilarious. Jack finds Liz repulsive.??


why isn't this amazing show on Netflix?

Courtney Renfro

The hat I can’t . ?

Esteves Martins

Reasonable choice

Zz Man

Those legs and toes.... OMG


My goodness with that cleavage!

Own Petard

At 0:34 & 0:39, Greek toe.

Abraham Flores

Did he suck that toe ring doe?

that coffee feel

I still don't understand why people think she is boring. Sure angelina is edgier and i love her but jennifer is not boring by a long shot

Zayn Zayn

angry Muppet face

James Marsden Reacts to His Past Roles | Explain This | Esquire

James Marsden Reacts to His Past Roles | Explain This | Esquire22 Dec. 2020
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James Marsden, star of

James Marsden, star of CBS series The Stand, reacts to your best memes and comments—and runs into a bunch of his old roles in the process. Watch more 'Explain This' episodes HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFB8JVEMy0o&list=PLy47rmXHqePmwznWVMFt5WYC6vwJEysvZ

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In or Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMe4Qz5ZKik&list=PLy47rmXHqePlwiLPx59c8xtvvvVC3dOfd

Explain This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFB8JVEMy0o&list=PLy47rmXHqePmwznWVMFt5WYC6vwJEysvZ

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#JamesMarsden #TheStand

Comments (7)
Tahmina 93

aww what a cutie and a great actor! hes so underrated though

Stephani Peloquin

He is beautiful

Portafolio Garza


Holly M


vale delgado


Iyana Celeste

I need boyfriend ?????????


Jack lameeeeeeeeeee