How much can brock lesnar bench press

How Much Can Brock Lesnar Bench Press

How Much Can Brock Lesnar Bench Press6 Dec. 2017

Brock Lesnar is perhaps

Brock Lesnar is perhaps the most destructive competitor to ever step foot in a WWE ring. He's also one of the most private. Now, uncover five surprising facts about The Beast.More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : forget to SUBSCRIBE:

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How Strong is Brock Lesnar?

How Strong is Brock Lesnar?19 Dec. 2017
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Even in the WWE world, where barrel-chested titans and oversized powerhouses dwell, Brock Lesnar stands out. He possesses an eye-popping blend of power, athleticism, agility and a fearsome presence.

That all makes Lesnar one of the most imposing figures to ever compete for WWE.

It's one thing to hear a scrawny fan marvel at The Beast Incarnate, but pro wrestlers who stepped in the ring with him have long been in awe of Lesnar, too. A collision with Lesnar is no standard collision; it's a showdown with an athletic freak.

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Comments (15)
Sujeet kumar

10th dislike for copyright

Kevin Gaye Tucker

I highly doubt he can squat 900

Maxx DeCapua

This video shows me nothing about how strong he is

The Man Becky Lynch Straight fire

225 damn he can curl Matt hardy

Kevin Van Pelt

Brock Lesnar's PB's are just lights wheight's for Eddie Hall ( The real BEAST ).

ErKa ScaZuchi

where is the dead lift ???

Taekwondo Master

Brock Lesnar is a BEAST!!!

The golden Eagle

I rarely press LIKE on any YouTube video but I did here.

Tim Nevinger

I estimate the 990 squat is 350-400 more than reality.

I would be surprised if he benched 525 and would guess something more like 480..

Maybe on the deadlift.

the cajunhunter

He's also on steroids and growth hormone both illegal and also used by people who are cheaters

Lucifer Morningstar

He has stated that he SSB squat(harder than back squat) 900lbs and Kurt angle has also said he witnessed this. He also said he bench 405 for sets of 12. So his BP max would probably be somewhere from 500-600lbs.

Mpilo Kheswa

No guys Brock Lesnar can bench press 655 pounds kurt angle witnessed this

Harsh Nirwan

He benched 655 lbs as Kurt angle said in an interview

George Winfield

hes pretty dang strong

md shahzaib hussain

he is real fighter and go ufc

Brock Lesnar Workouts in Gym

Brock Lesnar Workouts in Gym22 Aug. 2017
542 247
Mr. SaiKOSubscribe 438 721

See how Brock Lesnar

See how Brock Lesnar does his daily Fitness Exercise...

********************************************Brock Lesnar Workouts in Gym


**My Channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWz-gR0xbQB-B5ZQnjtvjDA

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** How to do Pedigree : https://youtu.be/S4hVLnhxG40

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** How to do Wheelbarrow Facebuster : https://youtu.be/lKZHBwZds6Q

** How to do Scoop Headlock Driver :


** How To Do DDT : https://youtu.be/Aoz2DXpFI6Y

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** How to do X Factor : https://youtu.be/DWFe_EO7wfo

** How to do Figure 4 Leglock : https://youtu.be/Z2u3xntAPys

** How to do World's Strongest Slam : https://youtu.be/-wCNp6UEu1Q

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** Pedigree in Slow Motion : https://youtu.be/QwZK1WrZNIc

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Comments (100)
Ali Mehmud


Misael Minitry

Waoo eso si es aser ejesicio

Jawad Hussein

but he doesn't have muscles like the rock

paul lee

The beast is the beast, no joke ???

15. Sujal Rewadikar

I love brocklesnar

Arun Kumar

Thanks for making this video I really enjoyed please make some other video's

Akshay G.

What he is drinking mild or water or supplements '?


Brock doesn’t care about what he drives cause anyone who talks shit gets taken to suplex city


Next workout suplex a building ???

Dipesh kc

I like brock voice I'm big fan from nepal

thushar thankappan

A real champion

Deeraj Singh

That's why beast always rocks...either in WWE or UFC!??????????



vinay nair

12:13 look at the size difference of the hand

Roman Reigns

That's why he is the beast??

Jaime Perez

No legs

Pappu kumar

Beast is best in the world

RS Gaming

How much hour did he spend time in gym?

JacksonHedg 224

Good endurance

Ali Mehmud


Anthony Weise

He should share his cycle too. Transparency with your fans is key.


We all can do this, just need all the equipment

Salima Queen

I wanna icrease my height is there any solution plss !

PK Avenger

lol after 4 Round i thought he would say now we rest.
Me: wait a minute we have 5th Round?

Stephen Kamau

The beast of a man is my favorite athlete in wwe and in ufc


Its impossible !

tom cool

I'm huge fans of Lesnar, I love him, i even got picture of him( wallpaper duhh) but you guys should not take this man as superman or god stuff, he takes roids for real, still differentiate between real life and entertainment

Dx Dx

Wow awesome

Lokesh Lokhi


aquarius kiwi

He's tossing 80 lbs bag as if it's 80 grams??

Rocky Bhai

This is just a little bit of his work out

Ali Moussa



3:13 “That Thing Sucks”

Yellow KKK

Over trained

tom cool

Brock Lesnar and Batista both were blessed with awesome genetic, they just being large for they are even The Rock can't even compete

Dharmasagar-7 Hanamkonda


Arvind kumar

Love you broo

Arvind kumar

You are real hero and lion

PK Avenger

Bear crawl is my favorite exercise and when i do that people in the Gym think i am Werewolf because i am 5 foot 8 but my reach is 76 inches just 5 inch short than Brock Lesnar. and when i crawl my spine is almost parallel to the ground. i can run a little in that position.

Ankush Shrivastav

Good he yaar


he skip all the leg day right ?

Prajwal Bhujel

He's a monster

Oblivion 1

This seems more like a challenge.

Gamer Sagar

Brock Lesnar MMA world champion he is the motivation of all

Trishen Hanuman

Role model ??


I imagine how strong he would be with a real workout and not this cardio stuff.

sandipan chakraborty

I would love to see a wrestling match between Brock Lesnar and Aamir Ali Akbari. I guess that would be Epic.

super anime

Ivan drago

Sachin pathakworld

Hare Krishna Hare krishna krishna krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare ????

Tyrone Biggums

No calves...can't have everything. Dudes with wide shoulders and tall, usually have shit calf genetics. The taller, the worse it is. I have wide shoulders and back, but only 6ft. My calves are decent, but not great. Brock is taller.

Christian Chappell

Brock was not on steroids idiots

Mr. SaiKO

Subscribe Now for more wrestling videos and moves... Comment if you enjoyed this video... ?

prajwal praju

Frm india support brock

Mich Val

cuando la rutina de pierna jaja

Justin Tran

People pretend to be rich, Brock pretend to be poor



Arvind kumar

Real lion Brock lesnar

Kumar Mousam

Beast.. ❤❤❤? king

Yael Yazar Martinez

Me sorprende que no allá ni un solo comentario en español

Sahil Rewadikar

Brock is best

Mr Mohamed Hamdi Ali تدريس الرياضيات

Exercise is the largest defense front in the human body

Joshua Gallup

Look at my face! I can take him!

Vijay KN

I'm his die hard fan since 2015

btd btd

Damn he huge

Fox Mulder

You're a teenage boy. Your girlfriend takes you home to meet her family. Would you rather her dad be Lesnar or Taker?

Mansingh Solunke

Every wrestler admits no one can do workout like brock



Praveen Kumar

Brock lazy fighter

Smart Guy

Brock Lesnar is good in real life

Zeeshan Hasan

He deserves to be the best....!!
Salute to you.... Mr Brock Lesnar.

Gamerboy 737

The beast from the east brock lesnar

नमो नम:

looks like he is in siberia

Mahendar kumar

Brock ke bina wwe phiki bai

Deamoy Peat

fuck you brock bicth

Fans J2prime

Wat brock lesnar exmen haw ayu


Abe juice hi pita rhta h kya

Manas Mahajan

brock Lesnar is best


WAtch this video to the rocky 4 training montage!

Dabasis Santara

Brock lesnar my favourite ?? wrestler Brock

Syed Misbah

Nice jeem

Brandon Morgan

Would love to work out with Brock lesnar I don't know if I can push the limit like he does
Future Hall of Fame The Beast Incarnate BROCK LESNAR

Mr. 310a

Welp here comes the pain

Gurbani by my son


Thiru Maran


Games TV

This guy is a fucking pit-bull.

Senthil Kumar

He is a good wrestler but this beast can not defeat that lion(gold Berg)


Here comes the pain


The beast is here ?

AK 47

Good person in real life

Thiru Maran

Maney persones. Saying Brock. Lesner. Is. Beast. But. He. Is. The. White. Bull. Shark. I. Like. Is. Power. I am. Big. Fan. In. Tamil. Nadu. For. Brock. Lesner

Monika Negi


shakti kuhar

The beast

awat inuk

He look like a ice cream cone...?i mean 4 the legs...??

Lesly Lohier

Can someone tell me the name of that training?

sujata Manna


Parul Sharma

It seems that he skips leg day

Rafael Nunes


बलविंन्दर बडवाल


Harshit Mevada


Zuber K Golechha

I started running at 2 Am all of a sudden , after watching this