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Malik talks to Fitness

Malik talks to Fitness City health experts on nutrition, healthy habits and weight lifting tips and techniques.



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Twerk // City Girls // Dance Fitness

Twerk // City Girls // Dance Fitness1 Dec. 2018
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Anabel Montalbano

Holy crap!! ????

Fab Fitness with Dani

https://youtu.be/SxM6uBnA6jU Your Fargo girls got you, Tanci! :p


Fix your expression geese stupid silly grin


AAAWWWW !!!! ?❤??

Whitnie Nichols

Girl. Seriously. My favorite for this song of the ones I've seen. So great. I'm going to use this in my class!! My participants are going to love it.

Turn Up Fitness


Jodi Kurtzhals

It was awesome taking your dance class yesterday! Love your enthusiasm ?

Jess Honeywell


Briana Beston

LOVE This ❤️

Bodien Dominique

This one is definitely making it to my classes! Thanks again for awesome choreos!!

Maya Hajjoul


Jean Nenthe

Saw you on the news. "I was like thats my girrrrl"

Dana Aten

Can you tell me how you found a clean version? Please
I can not convert or find it anywhere

Inner City Reference Explained | A Youtube Fitness Music Video

Inner City Reference Explained | A Youtube Fitness Music Video1 Jul. 2016
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This video explains what

This video explains what the "inner city" reference is about (as seen on Elgintensity's "Gym Idiots" or on the Logical Bro's channel).

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Jason Blaha is the inner city of youtube.

Texas Papa

I feel sorry for the dog. Poor thing depends on a psychotic liar and a talking buoy for food. Please let the Shih Tzu leave! Poor puppy swimming in bull poop all day. I recognize Jason’s companion. She used to fill in for the Michelin man when he was on vacation. I think her name is Moon biscuit or her street name, Betty burps a lot. Please support a go fund me page for Jason so we can relocate him to BF Egypt.


His girl has some low standards

Zach Meyer

Else intensity

Nosey Stooges

If you're buffer than Jason you're on gear. He's not bald. He has a female girlfriend . And if a female girl isn't attracted to him they're uneducated. That is all.

Komatose FG


Paul lucifer

Blaha and his girl are a match made in the racist pcych ward. Inner link arms and share the thorizine.

Shell Smash'd

him bragging about his prostitute like gf reminds me about when i was dating this broad i later found out was a cheap hooker; except he brags about it instead of being ashamed about it

Midnight Commander

"I'm a former forensic accountant."

Ya, sure you was.

Anarchy Seeds

wtf i love the ginger now


Iiiinnnnneeerrr ciiiiiitttttyyyy!!!

Generic White Male 1

Omfg this video has been finally uploaded after being taken down. Thank you.

Michael Anderson

could have said it differently but he's not saying anything new.... hell even the minorities hate their ghetto's... the ones in ghettos


There's nothing better than watching two idiots having stupid competitions with each other.

Sir Joelsuf

At least Bloho didn't film his grandfather dying like Vegan Gains did? I dunno, they're both assholes.

Maichail Jaaziel Labramonte


Geo Fox

You couldn’t just make a simple explanation video?

Shan Judo

wow really well done!!

chase noneya

Comparing rap to robbers or inner city isn't racist. He didn't say anything about any race.

Richard Bass

Blaha is not that bad. At least he is not black.

Beautiful Relaxing Sounds Nature

that is why she got shit shot in the end

Tsavong Lah

Well... The comments about inner city shit culture is kinda accurate.. just saying.

ben dover

i can twerk to this

Uptown Lux

I’m a former forensic accountant

Carrot top lies just as much as blowhole


Whats the name of the instrumental?

Milo Sorian

Fair enough !

TeeBee 303

What a fucking texas idiot... I bet there is a queue waiting for him..... Kerrrrr Splatttt


Blaha is such a fuckin goofball.


What beat is he using?

StreetTripleDelight12 st3d675R


Jeff Atkinson Green Glue

LoL!! Great video!


"Former forensic accountant, lets not go there." -- She's just like him. An insecure Jew.

Elizabeth Sanford

Wow. So he can collect "disability" for his crippling vertigo, then post videos of himself lifting hundreds of pounds doing a workout in a gym. But he is unable to work. Collecting disability knowing he is just fine IS welfare- WEFARE FRAUD now that he mentioned it. He is really acting like all black people commit welfare fraud while he sits at home and draws a check that he has no business getting.

King C

He's already committing fraud

Frankie Johnson

Thought. What if all these YouTubers are in on some big scripted conspiracy that makes it's on material. Seriously, it almost seems scripted to me. Like they're all playing a role.

Delta skelta

The rapper at the start sounds like J-roc off TPB nowm sayin'

Matt D.

type in your closed captions, please

Maxxx Modelz

Mooncook didn't wanna talk about the "fraud" because that's one of the priors she had on her paperwork.


Thx man


Blaha's chick is trailer trash. Cousin loving. Inner city? Many cities are now being gentrified and are more expensive than the basic burbs.


Inneeeerrr ciiiiiiiteeey

Peter D

That's it??

The Casper Goblin

faaaaaaair enoughhhh


... thanks for clearing that up.


Thanks for clearing this up. I always wondered where it came from. This is some funny shit. I been watching videos of this guy and his women for the last 30 min and I feel bad for him. He is stativht crazy.


I love how this is the first thing that pops up when I search "inner city" on YouTube. Non-negotiable.

Trent Arnold

Bro.....bars......the amount of work that had to have gone into this is impressive.

Killer Mike


Max Gustafsson


Sid Jeffreson

Good times

Michael Anderson

he's just mad because he's unattractive... educated women or not will realize this lol

Wilson Lee

Jason Blaha does know about inner city because he does watch Sesame Street & Oscar taught him all about it.......

xHito Music

Dafuq, where's the racist part? I wouldn't say that they're less educated but have a lower IQ. God damn it leftism....


Blaho is a stupid Trump voter who holds special Trump meetings with his friends discussing conspiracy theories. lmao at him acting like his type is "more educated"

And Blaho is fat as hell. Who the hell is he kidding. Take those same pictures to Beverly Hills or Connecticut and he would still lose. He looks like a slob to anyone in the 50 states.

William Ross

I don't know who this man is I only came to talk shit about the dude on the thumbnail. He's an obvious idiot and a clown


Innnerrrrrrre ciiiittyyyy (insert smart Elgintensity comment here) Fair enough

Pinochet Helicopter Tours

1:45 dog realizes he's surrounded by idiots

Miguel Verde



This cretin is a narcissist.

The Watcher

Thanks for clearing that up!! Like button!!


Lived on the youtubes mAh ninja

jasper wills


Cy Phvren

The thing is they were all white, but hey if racist makes you feel less insecure no wonder you're a fucking douchebag.


I cant take a guy seriously when he's that full of delusions of grandeur then proceeds to flash what looks like a SDV, the one on the right when he does that stupid bit. You couldn't hit Rebel Wilson with that piece of shit.

Random generated Name

Wow, dudes a bitch.

I'm also four years late.


What's this a Viking who can't pillage xD


His girlfiriend looks like milla jovovich with an extra chromosome and 200 pounds.

Jeff Atkinson Green Glue

This dude Jason is the biggest fuckin Loser on the planet!!


What a phony. Dank Net took you apart, bro. Hilarious. And, no. You don't have vertigo. You're faking It. You're a phony.

Isaiah Michaels

Lol saying inner city people are less educated isn't racist and saying they like beatboxing isn't racist either. They are called generalizations and it is only human to generalize people. You do it on a regular basis without knowing it. Shut the fuck up with this racist shit and being butt hurt. I only know Jason from memes and saw clips of his stupidity but it seems he was just doing a comedy skit that comes off jealous and pathetic. So why are you so butt hurt about some jealous idiot that tired to be funny and obviously isn't to anyone?

Julian Fitzsimmons

Ihhnnnnrrr chidddddy

Know 1squarter

Inner city?
Wrong in so many ways

phil kasboom

inner city

carlos да лучшая альфа

????? fack true


So that's the history of the reference...its actually hilarious whenever infinite elgintensity uses it.

peter kong

Ps not bold

Fev Ola

What a fucking MONGO Blaha is!


thumbs up for hip hop

omar Al yafai

When you're ugly as fuck and chubby and blame your unattractiveness by dog whistling that it's their race and that they're dumb. I can see the insecurity oozing off of him. Just to be clear. If you were anywhere you would have been the least attractive. It regardless of where you were. Nobody looks at a chubby bald ginger and gets wet. Sorry bud.

Jason Blaha

Take this down immediately or be reported.

I have already given a dislike and will now speak with YouTube rep to have this removed.


"Racist." ?????


Jason Blaha should have got his ass beat for that shit.

Michael B Dumaguing


Wilhelm Something

Did he dye his beard? Why is it purple.

J El Ingles

3.900 !!

sal alvarez

I don’t see racism.

Zann Christo


I smoke only in days ending Y

Is it true blaha isn't scared of running at buffaloes unarmed and wanting to put them on there arse?


that's our boy ...

Nischol Suresh

creative ???

Mr. Perfect 1%er

Every well educated accountant grows up to be a hair dresser

Silver Phoenix

"Innnnerr ciddday." -IE

15 Seconds of INSTA Fame

So if you referred to someone as from the suburbs with an education would that also be racist?


I've been somewhat strapped for cash, but never 8 buck strapped. Why the hell does this no talet ass clown keep showing up on my reccomended vids? Even to make fun of him is to pay him too much attention. I damn sure am not gonna pay him money.

Luckydeath -

Even if it isn't racist, that's still the most dumb thing to say ever, why are you talking trash to random people in the streets because somehow they are less "educated" ? You ugly, you're not even good looking body wise and on top of that you make statement about people you don't know about and assume what they'd like being thugs and gangster like they are low class when you know nothing and all that on the fact that they don't like how you're looking compared to 4 other dudes who aren't fat slobs. The idiot "innercity" is Blaha.


He is such a cuk... and his girl is a lush!

I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

Can i use this Music for my blaha Channel .?

Critical Cacturne

I really still don't know why they say it... should have just made a regular video

young gerald

What beat is this? did you make it yourself?

RC 5052

Thank you, been looking for this explanation lol