Jump rope vs jogging

जॉगिंग Vs रस्सी कूदना | Jumping Rope vs Jogging - Which is Better for weight loss?

जॉगिंग Vs रस्सी कूदना | Jumping Rope vs Jogging - Which is Better for weight loss?27 Feb. 2019
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According to a study, 10-minute jump-rope sessions a day were more efficient than 30-minute jogging sessions. The study found that that jumping up and down is a more efficient workout than hitting the pavement, reported the Daily Star. Not just that, skipping helps burn more calories per minute and engages more muscles than rowing or swimming, the research stated.

In fact, skipping also enhances cardiovascular health as it improves the rate of heartbeat. Hence, it is beneficial for blood pressure patients. The good thing is that skipping is quite easy and can be done by anybody, including the beginners – just ensure that you do not jump more than one inch up from the floor as jumping more than necessary can create an impact on your body.

A word of caution: While skipping is a great work-out to lose weight and keep fit, one needs to be really careful, especially when it comes to footwear and surface. In addition, people who are already suffering from knee problems should avoid skipping as it can worsen their condition. Also, it’s always safe to check with your doctor if you have any doubts about your ability to withstand the impact and high aerobic intensity of rope-jumping.

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Abhinav Saurabh

Really good to hear better benefits of skipping as now due to covid terms, skipping is more convenient. Good video.?

Sabitri Sah

Kitna & kab kudna chahie

n k

Belly fat km hoga

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Skipping helps to loose lower body fat???

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meri height 5 5 inch hai aur main17 years ka hu 5 7 inch height ho Sakti hai kya

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Sir kya isse face bhi patla hoga plz tell me


Kon kon time rassy kudna hai sir

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kya sir rope skipping se height badti hai

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I don't think it's right daily skipp 1000 still not getting any results

Skipping rope vs running which is better

Skipping rope vs running which is better26 Jul. 2020
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Today it's time to answer

Today it's time to answer the age old question whats better jumping rope or running. No jumping rope is not just for little girls. Anyone doing athletic activity jump rope. Jumping rope can save you rime and effort. I jump rope now instead of running. Find out why in today's video.

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Disclaimer: If you are new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness program, you should consult your physician. This video may offer health, fitness or nutritional information and is meant for educational purposes only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or program is solely at your own risk

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Jumping rope definitely trains my calves. Is it also necessary to add bodyweight squats and lunges to strengthen the quads?

GT Thomas

I agree, I enjoy jumping rope WAAAAAY better. Might as well invest in a heavy rope while I'm at it

Muscles by Marcell

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00:15 - intro
00:42 - Why jumping rope is more efficient than running
01:12 - Jumping is a low impact workout
01:56 - Pro tip
02:14 - Full body workout
02:53 example jump rope workout

david long

Need more videos like this

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Just showing the vid and page some love and support. Subscribed as well.

Douglas Wilson, Jr

Would u recommend a weighted jump rope?

Sharron O Jones

20 min walk in the park. Then I'll end my session with a few mountain climbers and different variations of planks. Thanks Marcell!!

Jump Rope versus Running?

Jump Rope versus Running?18 Dec. 2018
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Jumping rope versus

Jumping rope versus running. Which is better? Running and jumping rope are often pitted against each other. However, they can be complementary when it comes to improving your fitness. The movement patters different. With running, you generally move parallel to the ground, while with jumping rope, you generally move perpendicular to the ground. So, sometimes incorporating running into your workouts can work your body in a different manner than jumping rope. In fact, running from time to time could benefit your conditioning and jump rope ability. It doesn't have to be one or the other. I love jumping rope, but I also love being able to move my body in all different manners.

There are so many reasons to jump rope. I will say though that running can have fantastic conditioning benefits that really carry over to jumping rope, and it can also be really enjoyable too as long as you don't experience pain when doing it. That's one major drawback with running; for most people it can result in pain a lot more so than jumping rope.

If you try jumping rope before going for a short run, I think you will enjoy the run a lot more than if you were to just run.

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Anirudha Shahide

Bro i have a question .Plz reply

Outrageous Project

Jump rope, Swimming, Cycling, Running all helps your cardiovascular endurance.

D Lee

I jump rope AND run at the same time. I do this as a “finisher” to my regular jump rope routine since it’s exhausting.

Super Saiyan 3

Jump rope because it has less impact on your body and you recover faster from it and reap the benefits of cardio and more calories burned.

Ajith Kumar

Great work....u r the best

Jair Da Silva

Jump tope the best ???????

Jair Da Silva

Jump rope the best???????????????

versatile shankar

You didn't conclude

Intesar Kabir1996

Wow! That intro was so Awesome! Sooo many variations and you did them perfectly! I can't wait to get to your level, Andrew! Damn! And of course.. normal running and jumping rope is different cause running requires only the lower body and jumping rope requires both upper and lower body.. so your back muscles, shoulders, forehands get a good workout when you jump rope! And of course combining the two is always fun and more intense ..