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5 Key Exercises for Stronger Forearms!!! (Avoid wrist pain and see bigger fitness gains)

5 Key Exercises for Stronger Forearms!!! (Avoid wrist pain and see bigger fitness gains)16 Dec. 2019
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Matt will be the first to

Matt will be the first to admit that he didn't usually target the forearm area when he was lifting bigger weights. Now that's not to be taken for advice, Matt didn't need to target his forearms because they grew naturally through the years and years of training he had under his belt by the time he was breaking world records. So why focus on your forearms you ask? Well, it's simple, the stronger your forearms are the better you are going to look along with adding to your stability for the core lifts.

So to break it down you should consider focusing some of your training time to your forearms because it will allow you to lift more but also aesthetically will give you big results.

Matt recommends starting with banded wrist exercises and to focus on volume or timed sets to start with. These exercises will help with flexibility and even can promote great wrist circulation in improved motor function. Next, you need to try and get yourself some fat gripz, they are a key tool in getting stronger forearms. By increasing the circumference of a weight or implement you take away the ability for your body to get a full 360-degree grip. Straining your wrist and forearm muscles to hold onto the object. This automatically helps your body with grip strength over time and you will feel the burn even more if you use these regularly! Next, if you can get yourself a kettlebell and use some isolated wrist exercises at an incline or decline this will also focus the muscle hypertrophy to the forearm area! Be sure to vary your movements and modes, this will help you avoid overuse issues!

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Tanner Neuberger

Brachioradialis is that bigger elbow flexor you were describing

james benedict


Cornel Britz

Awesome content! Thanks Matt and your team!


Amazing content as usual

Charles Lee Ray

Bro, you’re so underrated. This channels gonna be huge soon!

Mike Ramos

Should slides be worn for maximum forearm growth?

Amit Bhardwaj

Good One... Nice content..

Mark Kart

Wow that machine for chrushing strength is awesome

Michael Hager

Do they sell that crushing grip machine? That thing was wicked!


Can these exercises help recover tendon tears in forearms? Cheers ??

Devyn Wiesner



..that was 4 not 5? exercises by the count, was it not (top end insights regardless) -new sub nYc ty.



Rostislav Nikolchev

I like the Bulgarian flag on the wall nice man??

Valiant Thor

There is no doubt that as soon as my forearms and grip were directly worked my bench and back work improved. Arm-wrestlers are the pros in this area


excellent video, I do the forearm curls with weight, do you think it's better to be on the range of 20/25 reps for forearm mass, or on the low like 10/12? thanks men much appreciated


Great breakdown on the performance benefits. Would you recommend incorporating this into Wenning Warmups or use them primarily as accessory lifts?


Nice tips ! For the last exercise, you made the machine or you bought it ?!



Ross Fletcher

Great list, I add:
Sledge hammer
Dirty Rice Bucket
Dead Hangs
Farmer Walks.
Great tips on “too much crushing”

Brotha Seth


Zach Gregory

I always add farmer carry with fat grips. Just kills my forearms.

Holy Cow

Every time you put your 45 lb weight on the bar to bench use just one arm. And alternate arms each side. Pulling up from belly to bar to slide it on. Builds opposite side of forearm. Think he just called it brachialis

zeyver wolken

Awesome video


Good video thanks ??


A good pair of buckskins will make any gripping more difficult.

David Varnes

You left out #6, the one that young men usually discover somewhere between the ages of 11-14.

Larry Dickman

Thanks, coach!

Duck Slayer

Years of reverse grip curls have given me thick forearms, also drinking elk milk trololololololol


Well arms development overall make you alfa who gives a fuck about calves or shoulders lol good video Matt kettlebell exercise looks good I have to admit I never try that!

ern rh

I carried an delivered drywall for 10yrs I have strong forearms an grip strength I also have lost a lot of fine motor skills it sometimes sucks especially like working on a vehicle.

you tube 1

Check out a youtuber called Old School. Dude has huge forearms and awesome content.

Jovel Williams

Calfs and forearms everyday. The trick is how much.

Timothy hENNIGAN

Amazing video brother, this is helping my boxing power and strength in an amazing way. AND you need to patent that grip weight yall made that thing is INSANE.

Davis Austin

Great video


I fractured my wrist three months ago and one set of the band exercises as demonstrated and in the hammer position fixed the nerve pain I was having. Thanks!

Roderick Feurtado

Just did most of the exercises demonstrated. Holy burning firearms!

alfred hutchinson

Intriguing & informative.
Thx s? mch 4 p? sting.
B?? dos

Stephan Reichelt

Fat Gripz/arm roller

don smith

tearing decks of cards into little pieces is one hell of a forearm/hand workout

jump body fitness JBF

yooooooooooooo great vid