Olympic triathlon world record

2018 ITU World Triathlon Gold Coast - Elite Men's Highlights

2018 ITU World Triathlon Gold Coast - Elite Men's Highlights17 Sep. 2018
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Vincent Luis capped a

Vincent Luis capped a brilliant day for France on the Gold Coast on Sunday afternoon, following the team’s U23-Junior Mixed Relay World title with a WTS gold of his own on a blowy afternoon in Brisbane. Mario Mola’s own place in the sport’s history books was rarely in doubt as he crossed the line in second place looking typically assured on route to securing a remarkable third Series win. South Africa’s Richard Murray crossed the line for a hard-earned bronze, while Jacob Birtwhistle’s 7th place saw him take Series bronze.

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Mattéo Le Gall

Vince et Pierre ??????????? ????????

Black Mesa

What an inspiration!

[email protected]

De grands champions, tous????

Luke Doyle

Brownlees still gonna comeback and sweep the olympics


what are the distances they make?

Angel Jimenez Inchaustegui

Great Mola. It’s an amazing champion

Miguel Lizarazo

Vincent ??

Jules Panien

Vive Vincent sorry

Norman Suguitan

The last kilometer run by kipchoge in his world record run, way faster than these guys can dream of

Jared Bone



Choppy waters, aggressive swimming from many.... I wonder if there's a better way to manage the movement around the buoys without losing the competitiveness.

Jules Panien

Vivi Vincent

Top 10 Incredible Triathlon Records Of 2017

Top 10 Incredible Triathlon Records Of 201726 Dec. 2017
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2017 has been an amazing

2017 has been an amazing year in the triathlon world. There's been some impressive performances, and even some records broken. So here are some of the records of 2017.

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Okay, I'm going to go straight in on the Ironman record, and we're talking IRONMAN branded, rather than just iron-distance record. And in case you missed it, Tim Don absolutely crushed it at IRONMAN Brazil earlier this year. He did it in an incredible time of seven hours and 40 minutes, breaking Lionel Sanders' previous record of seven hours and 44 minutes, set only last year at IRONMAN Arizona. Now, another little fact for you here, this made Tim member number 44 to the Sub-8 hour club. And we were really looking forward to watching Tim at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, considering the form he was in, but sadly, he was knocked off his bike just a few days before the race. But we are pleased to say that he is recovering well from the incident. And hopefully we'll look forward to seeing him back in 2018.

Whilst we're talking about the IRONMAN World Champs, we certainly can't do a records video without talking about Patrick Lange. After breaking Mark Allen's 27 year old run course record, at last year's IRONMAN World Champs, he came back again this year, and broke the overall course record. He did it in an incredible time of eight hours, one minute and 40 seconds, breaking Craig Alexander's previous record of eight hours and three minutes, set in 2011.

Well, another record was broken in the same race, but this time it was on the bike by Cameron Wurf. He was the first into T2 while shattering Normann Stadler's four hour 18 bike course record, set in 2006. Wurf beat it by almost six minutes, but interestingly, he wasn't the only person to go under the previous record. Both Lionel Sanders and Sebastian Kienle both beat Stadler's previous record. But nobody could match ex-pro cyclist, Cameron Wurf, on the day.

Flora Duffy, well what a year she has had. By winning the WTS Grand Final in Rotterdam, she became the lady with the most ever WTS wins in one year. That came to a grand total of six in 2017, beating Gwen Jorgensen's previous record of five. Now, she did them at Yokohama, Leeds, Hamburg, Edmonton, Stockholm and Rotterdam.

And another record that Flora broke this year was in Yokohama, where she had the biggest ever winning margin in a WTS event. She won by an amazing one minute and 51 seconds. Now that's quite impressive, considering just the level of competition you have in WTS events, and actually just how short the events are too.

Over in New Zealand it was Dougal Allan that won the iconic Challenge Wanaka for a second year running. And in doing so, he set a new bike course record and an overall course record.

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John Bouttell

Fascinating. I'd like to see these records compared to average times.

Glen Underhill

Tim (full natty brah) Don

Gennaro Caputo




Owen Conner

What about Jan Frodenos iron distance world record

Amber Kennedy

What amazing records

Rob Edwards

Some of these records are insane, especially when you look at the stats and splits. What about your Outlaw half course record this year, Mark? Definitely worthy of a mention I'd say. If I get anywhere under 6 hours at my first attempt in 2018 I'll be happy :D

Antonín Karásek

I can't not say that - while Tim Don certainly did an amazing job, Jan Frodeno still did a faster Ironman distance race. Only, it was not organized by ironman.com which I don't consider to be an issue. So, Jan still holds the record if you ask me.

Jarne De Prins

Any tips on how to start running again? The last 3months I didn't do any sports because of being a little bit ill(never really ill, but always a little bit, and I didn't want to risk training, because school is more important, especially since I've stopped with competition), but today I went for a run again, and after 15mins I was back home, completely broken. In the shower I even had to sit down, because I couldn't stand on my legs anymore....


Is there a video explaining the different categories of triathlon competitions? ITU...and so on. Thanks

Charles Roberts

Questions ... #1 What the hell is the matter with the U.K. Sports media? Here we have Tim Don, plus several other male & female U.K. triathletes, achieving amazing results around the world & not a word about it in the papers or on TV. This is a travesty!!
#2 What can we, the triathlon community, do to change this & get our triathletes the expose they so richly deserve?

Garrett Wallace

Question: I'm starting my new training regime after the new year, would it be wise to train each discipline 6 days a week? I have prior experience running 7 days a week, and swimming 5, but not cycling

Emil Mogstad

Where do you think Lars Christian Vold's course record for Norseman (first sub 10-hour) ranks compared to these 10? :)



50 ironmans 50 day 50 states !!!!!!!!!!

Team GB Set New Team Pursuit World Record - London 2012 Olympics

Team GB Set New Team Pursuit World Record - London 2012 Olympics3 Aug. 2012
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Team GB's quartet of

Team GB's quartet of Edward Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke and Peter Kennaugh set a new world record of 3:51.659 in the Velodrome for the men's cycling team pursuit event at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3 August 2012).

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Cycling is among the rare sports that have always featured on the Olympic programme. Road cycling, however, was not on the programme of the Paris 1900, St Louis 1904 or London 1908 Games, while track cycling wasn't in the programme of the Stockholm 1912 Games.

The first road event in Olympic history took place in 1896 on the marathon route at the first Games of the modern era in Athens. The race started in Athens, headed towards Marathon, then returned to Athens, at the Phaliron velodrome.

Olympic cycling was added to the women's programme in Los Angeles in 1984, with an individual road event.

Find more about Track Cycling at http://www.olympic.org/cycling-track

Comments (100)
phil driver

i know we are loving brothers in the commonwealth , but we have always had a fierce rivalry in all sports .


Gw gapaham. Pls jelasin


Yeah this is way better than that 1/16 ‘sprint’ nonsense.

miguel panta

those bikes are straight from the future

Eschola Venus

i feel like an alien trying to understand outer world beings


Strano che ci sia solo il record della squadra britannica su questo canale e che non riesca a trovare quello della squadra italiana. Si vede che sto canale è in mano agli inglesi

Pigs Trotters

And when you compare Great Britain in London and Rio with how the GB team fared at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. 1 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze (36th position). The GB team, thanks to the funding, is a world power in athletics, and will stay there. No more distortion from those pumped up with steroids East German women and their East European cousins.


GERAINT THOMAS. That is all.

Mehmet Ş


David Cavale

I have no idea why YouTube recommended this but I'm glad I watched it?


Imagine if the biker in front farts ?

Zhi Xin Li

I don<t understand this sport? I mean I know it's cycling, but how to do win? How do you set a score?

luda cris

I'm seriously loving watching all these videos back right now. However, I remember watching most of these events live on TV at the time, and if this channel shows us anything, it's how much better the BBC's commentary was.


This world record will take years and year to beat


British nascar

Edmark YT


Master Chief

0:12 Looks like spongebob Man Ray XD


Surprised Rohan Dennis didn’t do better, considering he’s the world ITT champion


I don't even know this is a sport. But this is the most satisfying Olympic sport ever. LOL ?

Sushant Bhat

Seems scripted ?

Richard Cortez

Master drafter

Thumbsdown Bandit

Without doubt the British PED program was miles ahead of the competition during the 10er years.

Ian Kirwan

boring best look bbc versions

Prosper Ménière

Trying to comprehend that they just cycled 4km in under 4 mins when it takes me about 50 mins to cycle 12km to work.

Alex M

Amazed at how many people in the comment section are ‘confused’ and have never seen this before. Perhaps they’re American?




Its funny to watch this now and see how much it's changed as an event. The gears are bigger, the aerodynamic positions are different, the turns and tactics are different and it's overall a lot faster. a 3:51 would have only got 8th in the 2020 world championships, crazy


Would help if you explained the rules of the sport


Thx Mavic for their rims !

grahm haferman

There should be a velodrome in every state and a curling club as well . Madison , WI <> Trek bicycles co. Waterloo ,,,McFarland curling club . Home of the crossfit games too .

Helmi Sunandar


Pallab Roy

This is the great moment


Absolutely Juiced

Евгений Андросов

Как называется формат гонок и какие правила ??!

Dusty V

I somehow got from watching tv reviews to here .. but I like it


compared to motorbike or car racing or mountain bike racing this is so so so so boring

Stephen Ward

If you were superhuman and could cycle nonstop at Team GB's average speed (62.16 km/h) you could get from London to Beijing in 5.5 days ?⚡

Zainal Abidin

He didn't know you don't


If they were riding in my city, they would be fined for speeding (>60 km/h) :D

Zhenyan Shuai

Looking pretty satisfying

Chaos: International

they look like the rebels lmao tbh

Devin Cloud

So these guys just hold the cyclists butts, huh?

Master Chief

Can anyone hear Bumble bees?

Daniel Obinzu

I don't understand what's happening but I like what I see

Sherlock Moys


Dev Sehgal

7 years 10 days later...

Jayden Mar

These guys are doing over 550 watts on average... If you have a power meter you would know how hard that really is.

Roberto Aldanondo

Now Geraint Thomas has won le Tour de France

Gokulraj S

I cant under stand in this game method ple explain any one

Im Phanta

Me and my sperm mates on our way to the egg.


Anyone watching in 2019 nope just me


I have absolutely no idea what is going on or what the point of this whole thing is, but it's fascinating to watch

Ryan Kane

How does one even get involved is this ?like I can’t imagine waking up one day and deciding to pursue this


I'm wondering how you guys watching this video, like in ur room ? Outside the house? Light on or off? Day or night ? Are you sitting? And how u sitting.......etc

Samburke 13

0:26 I’m related to that guy

Tejas Bhagat

How do they know if they are winning or losing while they are riding??

Chaos: International

Oh they do this in running too


They should have tapered elongated fins along their spine. Both aesthetic and functional.


Someone help: why do you start with 4 riders when you only need 3 to pass the finish line?

Yvonne Kavithe

how they just start with hands on the bikers' bums and wait lmao

Master Chief

0:40 Stormtroopers! XD


It's funny when Australia lost one of the pack of bikers. Idk why I laughed...


The hz on my moniter is not high enough for this


All these americans struggling to understand the concept of this race ?

torquato nocera


Druid F1

Someone mind explaining why all of the people except 3 Australians have no holes in there helmet.


We tryna be hamsters now

Kathryn Simpson

Okay but why is the crowd sooooo hype



Babino’s TV Entertainment

Bruh your legs gotta be strong cause I know they be tired

Carlo Moro

I thoug GB wasn't a country but belong to a real one namely uk

David Marcus

The world record is now 7 seconds quicker than this!


Is gerain thomas also city cyclist?

White Boi

And then people say nascar is boring


12 year old me was there in the audience! Was so great to see Team GB win a few gold medals that day

Fishboi 99

For those who don't know its the last person in each team to past the lines in the middle first the most times wins - yes that may be worded a bit complicated lol

Me Myself

Yeah!!! Its pandemonium!!! According to the narrator that is... :)

Kervin Guzman

I think this is not uci track i think its an train track look at them..

Sawkot officials

useless game

Daniel Miller-Lionberg

That's 62.16kph (38.6mph) time-averaged speed, from a standing start.


Wonder if Jack Bobridge has access to youtube in prison? haha.

Pushpesh Saurabh

One yellow cyclist enjoy the show?

Sahil Sharma

The shot of both teams crossing looks animated....like a transition scene from a cartoon network show??



Mr. Kim


Mazin almaimani


Mattia Quarta

60 km h ?


1:00 that one guy has some ball

Christian Wind

Lmao why i am laughing when they pass the finish line. Looks so goofy and straight from cartoons.


That GB team is the best pursuit team ever look at the Aussie team !

Roy Finch

Only spoiled by the commentator. No Londoner available in London for the GB team ?

Emil Chandran

It’s a bicycle race I don’t get what’s confusing at all. It’s literally just the first team of at least three riders to make it to 4km.

They rotate the lead so the lead rider can rest. They are doing more work because of the wind resistance.

I seriously don’t see what’s confusing.

Blizz R.

This thing looks like they are robots or something doing the task repeatedly... LOL

judiecris palmes

can anyone explain why they're changing positions

s i n e a d

I’ve been on those things before and it’s extremely scary

Vinh nguyen

Rider in front bear more wind pressure. Last guy use less energy pedaling. They take turn leading so other can take a break in the back

Madison Morris

How do you lose a rider but they’re not crashing? Why would they just drop out like that?

Sam H

Commentator is speaking through a pair of dirty panties. Nothing to see here folks.

Vinh nguyen

Wind Breaker manga guys

CodeName PizzaJr

How is this in the Olympics but not American football