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BEST WEIGHT GAIN PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPE 1340 calories | Weight Gain Journey

BEST WEIGHT GAIN PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPE 1340 calories | Weight Gain Journey17 Apr. 2020
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With two scoops of

With two scoops of protein powder it’s 670 calories per serving, but the almond milk, peanut butter and banana add a little more calories to it. I drink these twice a day, but you can also drink the full 1340 calories at once (4 scoops of protein powder and 24oz of milk). I gained 15 pounds in 30 days with just the protein alone no additives, hope this helps!

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Jesus Renteria

It is a good protein ??????

first last

So you do 2 scoops at one time and then another 2 scoops later?

diamond maldonado

how long does it last ? the shake

Ines Alvarado

Thank u ??

Mel N

Thank you so much for this. I'm not really a fan of peanut butter and milk. What can I take as an alternative to those 2?

Samantha Bravo

do you still have your dog?

Jade Johnson

Can you show us your workout routine?


Wish you showed the scoop size as I seen it can vary

Alex Reid

Do you workout at the gym too or just home ?

Kia Ashlii

Really good video btw!!! Simple and informative ????????

Kia Ashlii

How many calories actually in just the protein shake per dosage?

Shian Jaggai

From your experience, does it make you breakout? Because I used whey protein powder and I started to break out very bad :(

Maria Flores

Aww I’m sad ‘ I just got the GNC pro weight gainer 700 calories ... what’s the difference ??

Jesenia C

Have you gained more weight since December? Just came from your last weight gain video <3

Mateo Oliva

WIERD QUESTION, BUT DOES THE VANILLA ICECREAM FLAVOR powder smell a little weird kind of like chemically or like medicine, cause i just got it but the smell is like idk?

GNC lean protein shakes protein bars haul

GNC lean protein shakes protein bars haul13 Apr. 2020
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Good deal. Nothing like a good protein drink


Hey Rita nice haul have a great day ?


Ohhhh I havn't heard of this brand! I like protein bars as I feel I dont get enough protein sometimes as I eat mostly vegetarian, so a good way to get some protein! Have to check this brand out.

Amaka Njoku

That protein shake looks huge. Great share

HooDoo YouLove

Hey Rita! I do the same thing when I get my packages. I keep my bleach water on deck even before this pandemic. You must truly LOVE the cookie butter ?. You got the case on deck. These different shakes should last you for a while.

Kickin It With Kimberly

Thays a good idea! Ima have to get me a spray bottle & do the same thing. Cookie butter that's a interesting flavor in a protein shake. Girl i luv me some thin mint lol. Cool products. Ur channel needs to be pushed more sis.


So healthy thank you for sharing ?✨✨

Kolorful Kalmele

All of those flavors sound really good especially the girl scout one! ????

Amaka Njoku

Hi Rita, nice haul, stay blessed

Lady J.

Nice haul Lady that Butter Cookie looks Delicious stay Safe ????


I had the chocolate peanut butter one then went back and they were shut down so I have to order it


They all look like they will look good

Kyra Moore Moore

Did you lose any weigh ? If you did how much

The St Jeans Family

those bars are a good alternative to snacking on candies and you cant go wrong with protein and the flavors are good

Elizangela Banda

very sweet, I can’t take drink

sanaya's world

Thoses sound good

Cher Lynn

Yummy that cookie butter looks good!!! U are looking good sis ?? thanks for sharing your goodies!!! How have working out at home been? I've been doing sugar pop workouts

DeOndrea Walker



The is a smart purchase sis!! It makes so much sense to by this in bulk online and have it delivered to you opposed to hitting the stores. Dope haul!! ???

Bodybuilder review of protein drink

Bodybuilder review of protein drink21 Mar. 2017
bob fanellSubscribe 438 721

GNC wheybolic 40 review

GNC wheybolic 40 review

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Life Of Efrem

Is it supposed to be chunky

Emmanuel Anderson

I tried this drink but it was no smooth had like lil beads in it