Landmine front squat

QUAD BLASTER: Landmine Front Squat Purmotion Wishbone Attachment

QUAD BLASTER: Landmine Front Squat Purmotion Wishbone Attachment3 Aug. 2018
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Recently I had the

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner, innovator, developer of Purmotion training systems Jorge Bennet. Jorge and I sat down and discussed some very unique training methodologies and how we could blend both our styles together for enhancing athletic performance, body mechanics, and muscle function. I’ll be posting much more over the coming weeks regarding many of the very innovative ideas, exercises, and training tools.

Case in point here’s one of my national level figure competitors Leslie Petch using the Wishbone attachment from Purmotion as she performs a quad dominant landmine squat to prep for her upcoming NPC show. There are several unique components regarding this particular variation. Typically I wouldn’t recommend an athlete performing squats on their toes. However after assessing and analyzing with Jorge the unique biomechanics and force vectors involved it actually makes quite a bit of sense to perform this squat variation on the toes. Here’s why.

First, the landmine involves 2 force vectors namely a horizontal force vector and vertical force vector. Most traditional squats involve only a vertical force vector. When you take the resultant (combination of the horizontal & vertical force vectors) and apply it into this movement you see that the body including the feet can and should be perpendicular to the barbell to maximize loading into the targeted musculature as well as minimize stress to the joints.

Not only does the wishbone attachment provide this unique option but it also enables the athlete to perform dozens of unique variations that I’ll be highlighting over the following weeks. This particular variation also crushes the quads (especially when performed with 90-deg ROM) making this a perfect & safe substitute for sissy squats. Stay tuned next week as I highlight the benefits this methodology has on athletic performance which I’m sure you can imagine are noteworthy. Get 10% off any PURMOTION equipment with code DRJOELAHP

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jaw baw

You still have all that weight crushing the spine.

FW Ges.

If shes only going to do quarter squats why bother at all

Jorge Muñoz

How are you able to add weights to the side horns without it rotating on the barbell sleeve?


What ur doing is gonna fuck up your knees, horrible position and form
DONT ever lift that much way on your toes, puts a lot of pressure on your knee caps. I’m a PT

rudy rich

It look like it is very dommageable for the barbell ?


Looks nice but that attachment looks expensive.


Dr, if there is no Purmotion Wishbone in the gym, is there really no other option to perform such a variation of Hack squat?
I would be grateful for the answer.

Landmine Squat

Landmine Squat26 Nov. 2019
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Landmine squat

The target muscles are the quadriceps femoris and gluteus maximus (colored red)

The main difference between landmine squat and full squat is that in a landmine, the center of gravity moves forward toward the bar so that in a standing position the body leans on the bar.

Some anatomical data:

The quadriceps femoris muscle extends the knee.

The gluteus maximus extends the thigh at the hip joint.

The hamstrings assist in hip extension.

The gastrocnemius and soleus plantar-flex the foot.

As in full squat, we place the feet into slight external rotation. The knees move in a straight line towards the feet.

Common mistakes: Holding the barbell too far from the body.

When the barbell is far from the body, the lower we go the more we feel the load on the back and shoulder girdle.

So what is the solution?

Hold the barbell close to the chest throughout the movement.

Lean the body forward toward the barbell.

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Dr Sharon Okoroji

So informative ! ?? please which softwares do you use for your videos to make animations?

How & Why To Landmine Squat

How & Why To Landmine Squat4 Jun. 2020
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L Mc

i picked up a large hex bar last week as they were shutting our gyms for a month maybe more, I always found the front barbell squat hard work but i like the landmine squat using the hex bar, I just shove it in a corner.



You are an Ambassador Of Christ, so Act like it

0:29 It really is

junior andrew

Good video...keep at it...little infos such as the grip of the fingers are the stuff that people want...cause when interlock those fingers..there will be pressure on those fingers