Power wheel exercise

Power Wheel Rollouts - How to Coach

Power Wheel Rollouts - How to Coach20 Aug. 2015

Rick Mayo and his wife

Rick Mayo and his wife Andrea demonstrate how to correctly perform Power Wheel Rollouts. This exercise is a part of our How to Coach series.

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Power Wheel Exercise Demonstrations (For your Core, Glutes, and Hamstrings!)

Power Wheel Exercise Demonstrations (For your Core, Glutes, and Hamstrings!)14 Aug. 2020
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One of the best exercise

One of the best exercise tool pick-ups that I had over the past years is this Power Wheel. It's basically a larger ab/core wheel with two wheels and two footholds, allowing one to perform more routines.

In this video, I demonstrate four of the major exercises that one can do with this power wheel.

1. Ab Rollouts

2. Reverse Crunches/Knee Tucks

3. Pikes

4. Bridge Curls

I found an online seller that still features the same product:


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10 Core Exercises Using a Power Wheel

10 Core Exercises Using a Power Wheel10 Jun. 2013
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10 Core Exercises Using a

10 Core Exercises Using a Power Wheel

Here are 10 Core training exercises using a power wheel (actually 11 or more) - kind of like a bakers' dozen (a trainer's 10). The Power Wheel is a great tool to use at your home or in a gym. It is very functional and a great way to train your abs, back, and your entire body. The 10+ exercises are:

Walk prone

Walk supine

Body saw

Supine extensions


Side tuck

Roll out

Side roll out

Hamstrings curl


Pushups and all the variations

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Also from Omar's channel. These exercises look great! And i subscribed.

sharrone lawrence

Dr rklj J4j KLc

AR Sadain

Hey I'm just new in using Power Wheel... I just like to inquire if is it normal to have aches in the upper part of the abs near the chest area (Rectus Abdominis i think) after doing some abs front roller...? Thanks in advance hope you have time in replying my question... :D


When I get my power wheel, I'll tell you which one's my fave.

Fitness on the Run

Happy to hear! Thx for tuning in!



Fitness on the Run

Excellent! Thank you! Much appreciated!

Adam Oliva

I like the hump exercise.

Michael Wong

Great ! Keep up the great work !!! :D

Luis Jordán

Sorry can you please help me?
Does deadlifting help to get your lower back strong to then be able to do the handstand, planche, etc.. Or are they different types of strength?
And does doinf crunches and abs help for getting the front lever?
And lastly, does using weights to strengthen your shoulders, like in the shoulder press, help for getting the straddle planche? Or is it useless? Thanks!! ;)


Got here from Omar, great video's man! Subscribed. Nice, clear and concise info!

tingting miss

Thank you very much!

Fitness on the Run

it's often overlooked, but gymnasts do something similar for Pommel Horse...


hey how ya goin came from omar, where bouts do you get a wheel like that the only ones i have seen dont have the foot strap part?

Fitness on the Run

10+ Exercises using a Power Wheel!  Try this out in your workouts this week! http://youtu.be/q8h3yGFgXnU #fitness #workout #exercisetips #exerciseathome 


The supine extensions are my favourite!

tingting miss

Thank you very much!


I swear you know exactly what I want video-wise all the time! Thank you!:)


Supine Extension is my favorite :)

gus bisbal

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Request coming of course

Mamata Shah

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Hey. Great stuff. Request camping. I world like a video With some exercises for warming up. Especially The hip are

paul van der kwaak


Fitness on the Run

Thank You! Much appreciated! Omar's the best! Stick around and take a look at some of the playlists :)