Puma crossfit shoes

Worst or Best $90 You'll Spend???

Worst or Best $90 You'll Spend???31 Jan. 2021
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Keeran Beg

How about a review of the Viktos PTXF core 2? It appears to be a credible crossfit style shoe but reviews are lacking.


Why is the Puma stripe the opposite direction?

Matt Higdon

BOA SYSTEM! Some CrossFit shoe company need to use the Boa lacing system

Aarón Cosano Ruiz

Puma should hire you ?


That’s was only 2 rope climbs. Fake news

Valentine Sunday

So 2 reviews?

Glenn Hodgson

Okay. Now that you’ve done the serious review can you please shoot arrows at them? Something. Please. Do it for the views. ;-)

C. Jackson

This is the Jacob we all love! Sorry man, I know it’s massively important to your life... but the barn is getting on the nerves. Action, analysis, and combinations thereof are your true strengths! ?? (proof of Concept: Bubbles = be gone! And fix the heel!) Puma is also built basically for short width feet. The would probably fit C. Ritchey better.


I def like the way the look minus the bubbles

J Man

What about running? How did they hold up for running, say 400-800m?

Anthony Hall


Coleman Shum

You should do one on the Under Armour Reigns! I have two of them and and enjoy them so much, but they never get any attention. They’re the best I’ve had for rope climbs too

Matt Higdon

“Look at your foot” I’m in bed barefoot and still looked? I don’t even own metcons or nanos?

Nick L

Review videos are always on point

Karen Atwood


Anton Nazarov

Hope to see next review in THE BARN


Are you no longer with Nike? Great review!

JonT Everyday-GAINZ

Looking forward to Dem "Puma Heppner 1s"

Alan Norman

I think in doing 30 rope climbs I will give out before the shoe!

Joe O'Donnell

The word is “comfort” I know this as I’ve used “comfortability” before and was corrected :)

Mike McGraw

How bout “flexibility “ for running?

Bandit’s Dad

Hepp......you’re such a baller. Always like your stuff. I’ll be looking for you on podium this year.


No fire & explosion test ?

Bryce Mandrell

The plastic is the Puma stripe backwards. Look at other Puma shoes to see it the usual direction

Glenn Hodgson

LOL - Let me list the reasons I don’t like this shoe. Too heavy, sole to grippy at the back, annoying pull tab, doesn’t rope climb well, colours are boring, silly extra plastic bits, would I recommend it? Sure. Recommend. ?

Darren Gibbs

Whys the Puma sign backwards??

Can you compare the nano x1 and metcon react next? Dont know which to buy..... cheers

A Plate of Tacos

I love my Puma Fuses honestly, super comfortable just had to go one size up to fit like the Nano

André Machado

Nice review man!!!

Charles Smith

No longer a Nike Athlete?

Puma Fuse 2021 | Detailed Look and Release Updates

Puma Fuse 2021 | Detailed Look and Release Updates5 Jan. 2021
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Puma Fuse Puma

Puma Fuse Puma Black

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma Black

Style Code: 194419_01

Price: 90$

Puma Fuse Puma Black Poppy Red

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma Black-Poppy Red-Gray Violet

Style Code: 19441904

Price: 90$

Puma Fuse Peacoat

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Peacoat-Elektro Blue

Style Code: 19441902

Price: 90$

Puma Fuse Puma White

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma White

Style Code: 19441903

Price: 90$

Puma Women's Fuse Puma Black Puma White

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma Black/Puma White

Style Code: 19442404

Price: 90$

Puma Women's Fuse Puma Black Ignite Pink

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma Black/Ignite Pink

Style Code: 19442403

Price: 90$

Puma Women's Fuse Puma White

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma White

Style Code: 19442402

Price: 90$

Puma Women's Fuse Puma Black

Release Date: Jan. 07, 2021

Colorway: Puma Black

Style Code: 19442401

Price: 90$

Comments (100)
OhMy Games

Ang gaganda nmn po ng mga designs nyan..

Bert Lino

Ang puma na sapatos isa sa kilala na branded kaya kapag meron ka niyan sasabihin nila bigtime ka di ba.

Chef Earl TV

I like the black color very interesting

Charie Torralba

Puma fuse 2021.ang ganda naman

Al Otiva

first one I’ll definitely wear it.

mitchelle 4 alvarado

Ganda ng mga design at matibay

rsalinda tv ninja

ilove puma also

Rose and Linda Samutsari vlogs

Nice designs , Worth the price. yng iba Mura na $90


wow, ilove the black one bro

Monalie's Channel

Ang ganda ng style na to bet ko siya

rubai abasolo

ang ganda din ng design ng puma

DKS Home

Ganda talaga pag Puma. Palaging nagtetrend ang designs.

Ohmi Wagyu

puma fuse love it.

Ako Si edz

Endless and timely designs..
Ang cool nito lahat boss.

Yv Zee

All designs are very nice to my eyes..

jopo bisayaka channel

Ang ganda ng mga shoes na ipinalabas mo Sir. Natuwa po si tatay jojo

Endertroy Carnapper

I like the 3:18 - a combination of white and black. Looks stylish.

pinay in Geneva

I love the color and not so expensive

Earl TV blog

Like the colour definitely lahat magaganda

VGuiang Blogs

Love the designs..

Erlie Corre

This is one of my favorite brand

nayu mei

an ganda talaga nang mga sapatos

Arabnoy Kitchen

Astig na mga designs ang ganda talaga kaso ganda rin ng price nya


wow puma ganda $90

kama tis

Ganda Ng design I like it

charlie imperial

Ang gwapo naman ng shoes ni sir sana all may pambili

Mirasol Sabalande

Comportable puma shoes


maganda yun fully white. love the design

Anna A.S.

I'll choose the blue one at 1:46 for a change - all I have are black.

silingan ni carla's adventure

puma nice brand good choice

ampang imperial

Puma magaganda lahat??

Zion lope

ang gaganda nang mga sapatos


Perfect ang porma ng mga rubber shoes lods .

Akimahs Etak

nice ang mga designs..

Mitchelle 3 Alvarado

Ganda nman ng mga shoes

reynold valle

Hello my friend... cool video and great content.

Kylle Nash

Kapag naglaroon ako ng sapatos na puma kasi branded yan kaoag natapos ko ginamit ilalahay kob ulit sa box niya.

Rina Ajos

nice collection love all the colors

Jeneva Bondoc

Good brand of shoes

Anton Pascual

maganda ting fuse na to.. parang oweseng running shoes db tol

Mia Angela

Puma fuse black for me..

R'salinda Tv

beautiful design that every ones like

DrJ Puppet

i love this desirn,puma has always the best quality when it comes to sneakers, the price? not bad at all.

Charlyn Torralba

Puma shoes???

Bonita Uy

I like the black and red combjnation..

Kab Sat

Puma, perfect gift para sa may mga jowa haha

Jada TV Galaxies

love the design. very nice shoes

Jack of all Trades Teng TV

Maganda na rin talaga ang Puma, sumasabay na rin sa Nike at Adidas

Owen & Sarah Official

Astig Ng Puma..


puma is also one of the leading brands when it comes to sneakers, their style is very particular, nice sharing bro

honey Sabalande Switzerland

Puma it's a good quality also

Pinoy ChillVibes

I'll go for the 1:39 - I like the color and the design.

mitchelle 5 alvarado

Ganda ng mga shoes. Thanks for sharing

mitchelle 2 alvarado

Lahat maganda details and price thanks sa pag update

Jada TV Chee 4

Gusto ko ng asawa ko ang brand na yan. Kasi medyo affordable sya compare sa ibang brand at maganda din ang mga design ❤❤

Carla ́s Adventure

good choice ganda nya

Andrea Santos

Different designs for different personalities.

dudz ninja R'salinda tv

Beautiful design is on board..let's have it

Gigi Ako

I like the white one.

Jada TV Chee 1

Amazing intro kapatid. Love the shoes

Andee A.S.

Puma has interesting designs every time. Thank you for sharing this.

Nylle Oleba

Wow new shoes from puma. Super nice love the last one.

Popcorn the Corgi

Puma talaga ang the best. Magaganda ang mga designs at matibay pa.

Mitchelle Alvarado Mix vlog

Ganda nito at parang matibay pa

azilana yognira

Pak ang mga designs..? quality insured

Necy's Channel

Puma ang mamahal naman e hahaha

Jovelyn Malubay

Puma is a very brand of shoes

Artz T Vlogs

Yung black ignite pink ang type ko.. hehe

Julian Herida

Ganda lahat ng design

Monica Barion

Wow bata pa ako kilala na yang puma shoes na yan.kasi branded subok na mg mga nskabili sana mabili ulit ako niyan bago man lang umuwi ng pinas.

Bash Ang

BEt ko ung balck and white malapit ng magpipte makakabili na ako hehe

rosalinda miguel

i love puma.. matibay xia... ung shoes q na puma hanggang ngayon andto pa din

Regie Lumibao

Isa rin na kilala ang puma shoes basta branded kilala talaga at mabenta salamat sa pag sharing mo.

Kusinerang Mini

ang ganda naman nang mga sapatos

Drench Djann

Puma is always the best.

molly mini

one of good quality brand of shoes

Spikey nylle Mia oleba

Love the shoes.. hopefully makabili kahit isa man dyan.

Maria Lugaw

Any color looks good in this syle

Rose and Linda Samutsari vlogs

ang linaw ng vids mo. High tech mga gadgets mo

rodger bautista

Puma shoes Isa Rin na kilala Yan na branded gusto ko kulay diyan itim salamat sa pag sharing naingganyo na Naman ako bumili niyan

Alovera Gel

super ganda pang porma

Beldang Tots

Puma fuse 2021???ganda ng design

jepoy pimentel

nice details ..thanks for sharing

Mika Kate

Beautiful designs..

juvvanieh karderty

Ganda ng kulay at mukhang npaka light

Switzerland handoc

Ang gaan Nito suotin comportable


love the design and the colour.

Nurse Baks

detailed review! This shoes looks comfy :)

Best Faded

Bro talaga ang galing mo sa editing. Pak na pak pa yon sapatos.

Tiffany Uy

Ang ganda nmn po ng mga designs.. Wala akong Hindi magustuhan..

Mrs. ni Doro

ganda nmn shoes Idol / Doro D Explorer

Elden Malubay

Love all the shoes. Great design

Cush chu

I like the blue shoes

Earl YT Official

kahat magaganda idol kong may pera lang ako gusto ko lahat bilhin.

Edo Malubay

Like all the designs

Tata Abelo

Favorite color ko black definitely Ill choose the all black ..

rsalindatv32 harmonia

the best no.1 puma

Julz Herida

Ang ganda naman ganda rin ng price

Jocelyn’s Philippine Kitchen USA

i love the white color

MWorks ph

wow very Stylish boss.. :-)

Puma Drops Their First CrossFit Shoe - Allison Giorgio VP of Brand Marketing for Puma North America

Puma Drops Their First CrossFit Shoe - Allison Giorgio VP of Brand Marketing for Puma North America4 Jan. 2021
Wodcast PodcastSubscribe 438 721

Eddie Ifft and Allison

Eddie Ifft and Allison Giorgio VP of Brand Marketing for Puma North America talk about the drop of the new Puma CrossFit Shoe on Episode 455 of WodCAST Podcast.

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