Longest record for holding breath

Longest underwater walk with one breath! - Guinness World Records

Longest underwater walk with one breath! - Guinness World Records10 Sep. 2019
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The longest underwater walk with one breath (female) is 81.60 m and was achieved by Bilge Cingigiray (Turkey) in Istanbul, Turkey, on 25 March 2019. Bilge is a Turkish national free diving athlete and a previous holder of this record.


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Comments (100)
jonathan vallecillo

That’s nothing compared to the free runners that go deep diving in the ocean.

Saint Gospel rap

She's now recruited by the mermaids

Blue Kaioken


harold thottam

I drowned watching this ?

Massimo Frittelli

The most annoying thing is that she looks like an ordinary girl. Not even hiding her superpowers is a challenge.

Rakha Dzakwan05

I from Indonesian

TeeqoLegend ➊

Someone said Thats how it feels to run in ur dreams. We can’t argue about that

Ella Michelle

I think I know the trick she is breathing through her nose because those goggles allow you to breath truth you nose

Selami Nisanoğlu



This video is in slowmotion

Ignacio Rodríguez

and male obviously its more


I drowned watching this video.


I cant even hold my breath for 30 seconds


WOW ????

Ashutosh Kumar

I tried to hold my breath but gave up half way during first walk. So much of training and meditation is required for such an act. She is absolutely genius. ?


Lol its just like longest breath underwater. Just because he walk using things. So their will be longest swim with one breath?

Ahmet Hüsrev Demirbaş

Türk var mı ?
Ne mutlu Türküm diyene ??

Bryce Johnson

I thought she was just gonna walk there and be finished. Then she turned around...

Fabian, Kei Angelis Alfonte

Tried to hold my breath until she was done with the 2nd round (1:58). I'll say I did a pretty good job.

Edzelle Nicascio

If there were record for superhuman walking underwater.. I think it was the Badjao of the Philippines... With no weights and in one breath they can walk farther distance underwater... Lmao it only last for 2 minutes.... badjao last for almost 13 minutes


I can walk underwater more than her

But I need oxygen cylinder lol

Soto's Mind

There was a guy from 2000 years ago that could do this but above the water.

TeeqoLegend ➊

I can’t even swim

C Allen

Did anyone else take a huge breath when she came out of the water?

Muhammad Waqas Iqbal

Whats the reward for being a world record holder?

Ron Posey

At first i was like i can do that and then she turns back and i was like wtf no!

Gabriel JC Micaller - GJC

Girl: I’m the fastest walker

Cameraman: I’m about to end this woman’s career. ( DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY IM JUST BORED )

UwU 99


boosted kid productions

I was trying to gasp for air for her

Umut Ulken

Turkey ?


So what do you do for fun?

Well i walk underwater if im bored

Oh , marry me?

Mann Stanford

It's Beautiful?

Shooter Mcgavin

So pointless

Abhiram Datla

I couldn't even do this in gta 5 like other records....


The water do sound satisfying


Who say she is so great just give a like???

Tanveer Suhail

Manh she is an alien on earth

Louise Cordier

Looking at her hair the whole time

Airah Ramirez

She’s a fish

Naufal Elian Gusti

why am I holding my breath when he runs


She was stealth running. She cheated.

Villiam Hansen

Is it 50m pool, or 25m?

tristan foz medroso

Badjao could do more than that.

Carter Wake


Sean Williams

Then theres me taking like 150 breaths just watching

Hersie Aguilar

How bout the Badjao's in Phillippines?

Police 159

I don’t even find these cool because they make up so many useless records.

Marshall Diaz

Sea T-Rex


Who else tried to hold their breath to see if they could do it as long as her

Angela Kyende

See me breathing on her behalf lol....

Panukorn Rojanasomsith

What is the pool length?

Shubham Singh

Watching video and feel that i can't breathe any more ....??

Dale Ruska

She is no woman. She is a mermaid ?‍♀️

Trap God Gaming

It’s sounds easy we used to do this for practice in swim team

Hamdan Alattar

I didn’t know that she would go back again


I lost at 1:19

Vaan Ravishankar

Now do it without the weight

youtube322 youtube

nice trick


2X playing speed, will get Fastest walking underwater.


I now hold the record.

I taped a water bottle to my head and did a marathon.

It didn't count but I took from them anyways.

Jessie Goldman

theres a guy who held his breath for 22minutes and 22 sec, i wonder of he could beat her

Mebrahtom Yowhannes

The people beside swim so smoothly.




Tried to hold my breath alongside her, then remembered that I don't have the lungs of Poseidon.

xXBlondie LocksXx

Can we just talk about her hair flowing in the water for a moment? Sooo satisfying!

Karina Pineda

Bruh when i go underwater i go straight back up ??

Jarno Schrijver

I got to 1 min 34

Sexy Unykorn

To me, she could have gone a lot longer if she wasn’t pushing so hard. She should have moved slower, but I probably have no idea what I’m talking about because I don’t have the world record

Apreal Eve Taroy

Longest underwater walk with one breath!? Damn. That was just like doing planks without breathing! ?


I held my breathe almost to the end of the course thinking I would do good only to find out she did more laps



Alex Fort

Morri afogado só de assitir ??

Yousef Walid

Can a human even hold his breath like that

Rennie Allen

At first I'm thinking "ahhh, I could probably do that, then she turned around"

André Luis

Sonic falls in water


Yks Savaşçısı

Turkish Power ??

StonedWolf 420

She could be a Navy Seal with that calmness and being able to remain in the water like that


Confirmed mermaid.


She looks way hotter underwater

Mizael Flores

Well that's not fair, I bet she practices walking when she's on dry surfaces too...

I know you’re right but

This is impressive, but how does one come to the realization that this is their goal? ??


she has the same clock I do :D

Gaming With Nicko

Plays Toro Y moi- Freelance in the background

Rajanya Gameplay



Ben bir Türk olarak seninle gurur duyuyorum ?????


Usain Bolt will easily beat this record, he is very fast and his lungs are very strong too

Piyu Kshirsagar

No lol the camera man won

Richie Battung

I swear to God, she was a dolphin on her previous life.

Smooth Potato

What kind of crack you gotta smoke to hold your breath this long ?


*Underwater run


She got long fingers??


I coudnt breathe throughout the video

Mert Sevinç

TURKEY ????????????

Zack Davies

Me: I'm gonna hold my breath with the movie!
The movie:

Ferdinand Timario

Badjao would definitely beat her even without holding an dumbell


Did anyone else thought that she would stop after walking only one way... ?

Kadine Van Rooyen

Her ponytail in the water looks so cool

Bangtan Sonyeondan

Her hair looks so beautiful underwater!

Samu Nylund

When your filming fish in ocean Then you see woman walking in bottom of ocean...

MK3 Andrew

Nah she was hopping near the end.

Longest distance swam underwater with one breath (female) - Guinness World Records

Longest distance swam underwater with one breath (female) - Guinness World Records19 Mar. 2018
624 744

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Accomplished freediver, actress and model Marina Kazankova (Russia) attempted the Longest distance swam underwater with one breath (open water, female, with fins). She swam for an incredible 154m (505ft 2.98in) to set a new record.


At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.

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Comments (100)
spicyy chickens

If I was her I would be so happy! But guess what.....the moment I put my head under the water is the moment that I get out so I say to myself “there is no point going in water”

Markhor Snakeeater

a small fish can longer lol


The record for depth with 1 breath and a monofin is over 113 meters isn't it? That means that they go 226 meters in 1 breath.

Roberto Butera

What about Mirela Kardasevic, Alessia Zecchini or other female freedivers? They made at about 100m more than this russian athlete... Nice distance but not the longest for sure.


As far as I remember, the longest distance in a pool for men is 283 meters.

Luna Lovos

Goals! One day I hope I can break that record. First, I must break my own .

Scarlet Begonias

I had heard from a friend of a friend that she stays down so long that remoras attach themselves to her.


Duh. I should have the guineas record like srsly. I love swimming a lot that I've been practicing long breathing for 6 years now and I can take long for about 12 minutes exact at the age of 14

Lmao Hanz

Wow... She's like The Little Meraid.. :O

Urban Pineapple

If she didn’t wear that dumb costume she could’ve gotten further... you could see whenever she did a kick the mermaid tail would ripple meaning it was dragging and not tight enough


Ofc it's a female... They have an advantage over males: they can hold more air in their chests ;-)

Ja'Nasia Price

hey this was posted on my birthday. I guess it's my destiny to take her title


anyone else holding their breath to see if they can do it


I could hold my breath until the sign that said accomplished model and freediver

mark nvt

Wow just imagine a regular pool is mostly 25 meters, she swims that almost 7 times. So towards, backwards, towards, backwards, towards, backwards, and then 4 meters towards. lol knowing that pool it is for me a great achievement if i can make it only towards 1 time, and mostly i can't make it half way.

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge

This isnt even a real mermaid smh


It's so beautiful!
До чего же красиво!

Stephanie Rayside Rayside



Im a mermaid

Shanty Jaison

Marine- a

Eunice Francisco

y'all sayin' you can't even hold your breath for a certain time
me:I can't even swim?

Jovan Giovanni

Its not world sorry some of good freediver that can hold breath 6mins definitely can do this btw even the world record for dynamic no fins men 244 m world record his name is Mateusz Malina

Justmillie _xox

WTF I would need to stop half way for a drink and a snack

Nada Koumane

154 meters goood marinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bored of Lockdown Channel

I tried to hold my breath the whole time and then I burped ?.


She could swim further, if she actually moved faster.

Pamela Wysocka

I would be dead after like 1 minute!?

irie a

lol - i was holding my breath and doing exhale for her - the swim looks so beautiful

Benji Bodart

This isn’t the world record. Natalia Molchanova swam 234m in one breath!

Abdel aziz

Yeah Yeah not impressed, go to see Badjau tribe who live by fishing on sea-ground in deep water with no equipments and one breath for more than 5 mins moving under water

Sergio Felix

Does this have a fatal risk in doing it? I mean like doing it on your own (without supervision) and losing consciousness under water


I can do 50 meters no problem you think that is good ? I am 15.


1:34 my dad has thoughs pants

Azaam Khan Closer


Valentine Love



Girl she usin flippers

Amy Greufe

I'm going to beat this record :)

chandrappa h

Oh now I understand,the myth behind marmaid ,

Info Blast

I don't understand how this is a record when freediver Alex Molchanov has just done 130 meters DEEP, so 260 meters of underwater swimming. With monofin. Single breath. Still a very impressive video I just don't understand the particular record


What a gorgeous dolphin kick

Karen Tanoyo


Cho Pipitę


Mark Fox

She’s a breathholder


Omg LOL i tried to hold my breath with her and I was like I can do this and then just about 5 seconds later I was DYING

Hoten Hitonokoe

amazing video

Josh A

Am I the only one that actually wasn't that impressed? I was expecting hundreds of meters. I saw kids at school do 70m without a fin.

Bobby Knight

I can't even swim at all.

Annonymous God

And your telling me even in this were different?:0


If she didn’t wear that long .. dress? —whatever you call it, would she still reach the same distance?


She should act in a mermaid movie. She could be the mermaid. I would've already drowned XD at 1:12 I would have needed to go up to the surface.

Romina Paris

x3 50m swimming pools plus+4m .

Philip Hamilton

Melissa Dawn is still better

I can barely hold my breath for 100 seconds bahaha

Christopher Wayne

Which lake is that

Valery Malfoy

Don’t try this at home kids, I was trying to breathe along with her and was able to do 51 seconds. In the end I almost passed out. I regret doing that lol


My highest recorders for holding my breath is 8 seconds. I’m not good at holding my breath.


How did she hold her breath for that Long omg I always thought that was impossible to hold it that long ?


Black guys be pulling out the black card as an excuse for getting beat by a woman.

Nandini Mehta



... and she is wearing a mermaid tail witch makes it unfair why not the ones without tails... OR ME LOL I swam across a pool and back once underwater big pool

clara kris

I am the slowest swimmer.
At the speed of less than 0.1 kilometers per hour.(0.046 miles per hour)
1 meter in 40 seconds


I can make 25 metres

My buddy Winston

What is thsi music?

Candi Soda

Did they ever find the body of that one lady who attempted at breaking the deepest dive in one breath? Where her body basically just sunk to the bottom of the ocean?

Income Tax Department

Where to dive can anyone guide me, i can dive 180meters in single breath..
Staying in mumbai 9923561441
Under water swimmer
If anyone or any coach can help me to win the match for city or state that will be benificial...
Aakash Khare

The snack that smiles back Goldfish

My record is 40 sec


You need to learn from our girls :)


I can swim 50 meters in a swim pool no prop that back and fourth 1


I can only hold my breath for a minute and a half ?

Chris Beck

I was expecting further. I can do 100m with no fins (just). Never tried with fins, but I expect further. Current in the sea help much?!


without fins i can go 50+ :)

Luis K


rick Karras

assemble men . and crush this record

April Marlene

What type of monofin was she using?!

Chiara Dragone


sarah wong

Everytime she moves it looks like her butt is moving but it’s an illusion no offense and I also can swim way faster than here my longest breath underwater was like a 2 minutes

when i throw it back, is it fast enough?

I thought she would only make like a 50 but nope!

Laura Zhang

And I can barely swim underwater for like 8 seconds...

Loralai Bennett

Monofins go REALLY fast. I swam with one today

Mannih Meong


Mike Redding

Can you imagine a French kiss with this babe,take my breath away!

Ally’s Edits

And I can barely make it to 7ft...

Old Tender Man

The else thought she was a mermaid at first

Then I saw that the tail was just a large fin


I've done 30 meter and almost died..wow its 5+ times and she's all good , good job malkova

Reagan B

My friend can hold her breath for a minute


I can make it across a 20 foot pool Mayby even long maybe another 10 Foot

Juju Schrader

I held my breath and got 3/4 of the way because I took the deepest breath and distracted myself with the comments
edit: I made it the whole way but when I took a breath I breathed for 30 seconds ?


The issue is: How long did she hold her breath?

sari sanur

Plot twist : she is the real mermaid pretend beiing human

Kennedy Quinn


Mehrab Ul Haque

Maybe Michael Phelps can do a better job........... Maybe.



Jeramy Salks

I can hold my breath for well over 3 minutes, but I can only hold it for like 30 seconds while swimming, so congrats!

tortle lady

What monofin did she use

Julie Pichot

Wow that was amazing, I can just do 50m

Ma Sato

I suffocated by watching

shookira be shook.

how does she swim so nicely? i can’t swim half way across a pool without splashing around.

JC Waffle

Longest distance i have swam without any equipment and no training at all was aprox 80 feet

spinch. ngarlic

I have one!!


I could probably do longer

Nada Koumane


Stunt artist fails to break world record for holding breath underwater

Stunt artist fails to break world record for holding breath underwater21 Jul. 2015
62 306
AP ArchiveSubscribe 438 721

1. Stunt artist David

1. Stunt artist David Blaine taking last breaths and submerging himself for attempted nine-minute breath hold

2. Wide shot Lincoln Centre in Manhattan, location of David Blaine stunt

3. Close-up Blaine holding breath under water

4. Divers watching Blaine from top of bubble tank

5. Blaine under water holding breath

6. Wide of spectators watching Blaine and taking photos

7. Blaine emitting bubbles from his mouth, divers jumping into bubble tank to undo his hand restraints

8. Wide of Lincoln Centre after Blaine was pulled to the surface of tank

9. Blaine receiving oxygen, with his body still in tank

10. Crowd taking photos and cheering

11. SOUNDBITE: (English) David Blaine, stunt artist:

"I am humbled so much by the support of everyone from New York City and from all over the world. This was a very difficult week, but you all made it fly by with your strong spirit and your energy. Thank you so much everybody."

12. Wide of Lincoln Centre, Blaine standing on top of tank with divers holding him up

13. Blaine being carried away on a stretcher

14. Blaine in back of a ambulance receiving oxygen

15. Ambulance driving away


Stunt artist David Blaine was pulled from an aquarium by divers nearly two minutes short of his goal of setting a world record for holding his breath underwater.

Blaine was trying to free himself from chains and handcuffs while bidding to break the record of eight minutes, fifty-eight seconds for holding one''s breath underwater.

The stunt, following a week-long endurance challenge underwater, was televised live by American network, ABC.

With Blaine''s face contorted in pain and bubbles rising to the surface, divers went in to release him from the chains and pull him out. Blaine held his breath for seven minutes and eight seconds.

After being given oxygen, Blaine addressed the large crowd that had gathered in the plaza of Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, where the stunt took place.

"I am humbled so much by the support of everyone from New York City and from all over the world, this was a very difficult week, but you all made it fly by with your strong spirit and your energy," said Blaine.

After a 100-minute television preamble that showed his training techniques - including holding his breath in a tank of sharks, Blaine had sucked in his last breath before going under.

Blaine remained nearly still for the first five minutes of his dive.

Then, methodically, he removed two of his handcuffs and was trying to remove chains that held him before the divers came in to save him.

Blaine started training in December 2005. Doctors who have been monitoring him throughout said the training had taken its toll on the stunt man''s body.

Blaine''s previous feats included balancing on a 22-inch (56-centimetre) circular platform above a 100-foot (30-metre) pole for thirty-five hours, being buried alive in a see-through coffin for a week, and surviving inside a massive block of ice for sixty-one hours, all of which were performed in New York.

In 2003, he fasted for forty-four days in a suspended acrylic box over the Thames River in London, UK.

Keyword- wacky - Keyword-bizarre

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/5fab38cea8f1af012486f8c43ab3d14c

Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

Comments (19)
Brian Muehe

He beat it years later and did over 17 minutes.

Jonnabel Dooks

Saw this guy live last night. He did this stunt in 10min. Madness!

Rosa S

He talks like he already has brain damage. I don't enjoy watching someone playing with life and dead.

ElRifle24 24

I remember watching this on TV and being so disappointed lol. He was in the tank for days preparing and everything...only to fail lol


I made some breathe holding videos. I can't believe he could hold his breath so long! My personal best is around 4 and a half minutes.

Andrew Dickens

This is so fake, he ‘failed’ it on purpose so he could go again on Oprah and cash out big time. If you watch his video of Oprah it’s the same as the masked magician doing it


Por que le aplauden.si casi se muere

mitchell bliss

This only amplifies his drive to break it, and boy oh boy did it make it suhweet when he finally did break it. You see this is hardly even considered magic, anything with Blaine isnt.. he actually does these stunts.. no tricks no secrets this man really does these things and trains n puts his life on the line for it

Leilani Nichols

Wow, first commenter! Cewl. You should make more videos like this, and post more often. :3

Vikas Acharya

David lair




I can breath in 5 seconds T^T

Michael Stramboli

David blaine is the fakest magician of all time


You can actually see the tube from the assistance's hand going into the tank when they show the top of the bowl. You can also see the reflection of the breathing tube when the assistance jump in after him to "save him".


What a flop.


Why not add a drain valve at the bottom of the dome so the rescue swimmers didn't have to scramble as desperately?

Sofia Kazakova

brain damage


He said it was because he made the mistake of having him try and get out of the handcuffs. They made him struggle and worry more.

Bulasturu Bula

What a beast