How tall is jordan burroughs

Full Match: Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake - Match 2 of 3

Full Match: Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake - Match 2 of 319 Apr. 2020
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Comments (98)
Abraham Lee

It should have been 4-3 after the challenge


How much time did they have to rest between each match in this best of 3?

the oregonhistoryhunters

Terrible refs!

Brian Keefe

Above all else that was good wrestling


Date of this match?


What a good match. Loved every second of it (except the shitty ref)


YOOOOOO!!!! I should have LIVESTREAMED my reaction to that end sequence!!!!! I was holding my newborn baby and scared the shit outta her .... I thought DAKE DID IT!!!!!! Holy shit though did Burrough's slay that defense though!!!!

Jesvin Mathew

Let's goooo Burroughs


Jordan ???❤

Jimbo Slice

Dake got gang ...ed!

Ethan LaFountain

7:26 Burroughs SOCKS Dake and that's where he gets his power to push him out of bounds

Esmail Azizi

Boring american wrestling???

giorgio olivero

When's the next one?


when Dake goes for the lift and Jordan slows him on the attempt, I think the rules in wrestling should be changed to only give 2 points to a person who initiates the move/throw, for back exposure or in this case if Burroughs is able to establish clear control.....I don't think it helps the action of the sport of wrestling to give points to your opponent in response to slight defensive efforts such as in this example.

America is lost

Multiple matches..same day!! These guys are super heroes. The average person would vomit at 1 minute of the first match

Chad Stephens

This ref is horrible!! Who the hell stops a match when he has him in a Russian?!?! Like really Let them wrestle.

8Source Energy8


Diamond M

Dake is a sore loser. Watch the interview with burroghs and dake

Tapanga Soul


trung hoang

Man, I feel exhausted just watching this!


Does anyone know how Burroughs got 4 points in a single takedown?

Tapanga Soul

The hands to the face is fuckin rediculous. The commentator calls them punches by accident lol

Joshua L

This was an incredible match! You have to love both wrestlers!

Mark Mugen

Dake forgot his red tinted contacts

Tony Cruz

The algorithm brought me here!! Refs suck so bad on this!! Just making it up as they go along.
Dake won this match!! ?#Truth

Michael Bahoura

This is old jb wins it and proves once again he is better then kyle

hugh curtis

JB definitely won this match. Refs giving dake the passivity was wierd but jb would have won with the two 2 point moves, it then being 4-4 with JB ahead on criteria

Amit Elor

2021 Will be great!


awesome match

Peen Head

This is why wrestling is a stupid sport lol

Michael Ortega

At 3:15 Kyle Ds shot looked so slow for some reason.


Holy shit!!!! Can not wait for this third match

jr birdman

Great match. Not wild about the scoring of those last few seconds though. Dake had JB in big trouble and nearly suplexes him but somehow JB is the one who comes out with points - even when he was in a very bad spot. Just goes to show you how truly great JB is. Not many guys could do that.

حسام پیروندی


Christopher Correll

I hope that ref died in a car wreck on the way home

In the sun with the rest

Man, the ground must have been shaking those last 23 seconds! Titans!!’

mehdi dorri

Jordan is a legend but in this match he is not real winner

Kevin Jang

I remembered watching this live on my phone. One of the best WTT to date

T2 F

When’s match 3?

Rhet Leonard

Probably 20 years of intense work on display. Two masters of physical and psychological training. Modern day Gladiators. Respect!


I dont understand what happened at the end how did Burroughs get 2 points for being driven off the mat?

Honest Expression

All this guy does is shoot double legs man


When did this match take place?

Mitchell Heath

Great match

David Forthoffer

Unclassy of Dake to not shake Burroughs hand at the end.

Cooper Knuth

I’m rootin for dake

Daytona Says What?!

What a series.

Music MAX

Gordon its the best wrestler in USA

Erly Abrigo-Arredondo

I'm exhausted just watching em

Absolutely Not Dana White

Dake got robbed

True Freedom

burroughs should have been called for punching dake's face


David Taylor The Best ever. M2 4 life!

Joshua Buddles

Holy crap this is how I loved to battle I modeled myself after these machines

Dan DeVos

Trash reffing. how the F was Jordan takedown also fall.

Christopher Correll

Passivity. Uhhhhhhh. Welfare in the world of wrestling

Mohammed Zuhaib

All the retards in the comment section asking how JB got 4, he got 2 for takedown, another 2 for exposure

Super Necessary Human

1:00 that was a terrible call. Dake was not being passive. Awful.

danni ragu

Jb won but dakes style i like better

Brody Smith

I love both these guys.

S Moore

Dake got screwed. He won that match


Kyles a bad man now this is the wrestling I know reminds me of what I was learning in high school but I was mad trash ??‍♂️

Seyi Agiri

I do not even understand wrestling, but this was lit.

Jonah Eriksen

how did burrows get 2 points at the end??

Foster chance

i never gave anybody the time of day to grapple with my hands or slap me n the head i was always shooting or luring in shots

Carmine Galante

Oh wow. I have no idea what's going on, but it's dope. These guys are not playing games.

EliYah Ben Yah

Good match

Ahnye Coleman

You can feel his cortisol levels rising.

Mason Gustafson

What a fuckin wrestling match, Burroughs is a patient animal

Wrestling Science


Hunter Martin

Post #3!

Kid Slay

Only Kyle dake fans disliked the video ??

Christopher Correll

Worst fuckin call in history. Dake owned that boy. He got given that match. He should have refused the win.

Trae Davidson

Even when you winning you losing

Laurie Krebs

Both are excellent wrestlers, that call against Dake was awful.

Vishal Yadav

Superb wrestler jb

moBILLity - Billy Edelen

What is the date on this match

Tapanga Soul

Where the fuck did the 5 come from???


is kyle dake the kid who was always beating up ralph machio

Who Cares?

Massive respect to both of them.

vivek malhotra

kyle is better n stronger wrestler than jordann

Jacob Rosman

Not a good call at all.. Dake should of had that match.


Lol Bader and Pyles sound like the local community broadcast team's first time every time out. They are terrible.

Phil Black

Nice to see Dake go hard.

kirk orr

Man these two are fun to watch.

Ryan H

What's the time difference between the matches? Like how many days pass before each match between these two?


The ref needs to clean the shit out of his eyes. Dake takes 2 shots in 5 seconds, and gets a passivity call?

Bob Smith

This is example #1 why freestyle is WAY more exciting than regular folk style. WAY better !

Sean Lutke

Both these guys are incredible, but Dake kinda got screwed in this match

Marcos Jacobo

Match 3 : https://youtu.be/wGohCUhgpMc


That look at 07:09 from JB tho whoa!

Amol Kharat

Wrestling win

Omgitsjoetime T

How does Burroughs get passive warning tf

cael davis

I want dake to win


I didn't understand how judges count. Hi from Russia.

Shaolin MMA

Dake, Burroughs, Chamizo some of my fav wrestlers. Also love the Dagestan wrestlers & their style ❤️??☯️

Billy Looney

Refs got it right, great match from both of them

The Bach


Jordan Burroughs USA vs Ben Askren NCAA - 2019 Beat the Streets

Jordan Burroughs USA vs Ben Askren NCAA - 2019 Beat the Streets11 May. 2019
2 120 889
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2019 Beat The Streets 74

2019 Beat The Streets 74 kg Jordan Burroughs USA vs Ben Askren NCAA

Comments (100)
Timothy Miller

That dude wanted to fight gap man

Joshua Norris

2.6.21 Who's here before Ben loses to Jake Paul??

leroi dupetrol

who's here because he's a dumb jake paul fan and came to this video to see if ben askren can box?

Amir Hamja

After seeing this..I am sure ban going to lose

T Mac

He got retired from wrestling just like Jorge retired him from the UFC lmao I bet 15k he’ll be a commentator next lol

Timothy Miller

He writes him letters man

Luciano Tovar

"Thanks for coming out and putting on a show" What show? He didn't score any points lmao

Timothy Miller

That’s the ultimate warrior

Anthony David

Askern a BUMB

Jeremy Phelps

How did this guy have so much hype behind him? I have only seen the two UFC fights and this from Ben to be fair, however he's gotten fucking wrecked in every match i've seen him in... including the only UFC fight he won.

Timothy Miller

Loves dad body’s most Ben just a heads up to will


Ben loses at everything he does in life good lord lol

Lorenzo Conti

Too easy when you wrestle with a striker like ben, cmon


Hmm Will any of you take Jake Paul +800


Who's here after Jake paul knocked him out?

Alex Marinick

Why is Jordan not in the ufc?


This guy looks like Beef Testosterone.

Luca Roy

Was this pre or post knee to the face?


I want to see Khabib and Jordan wrestle under international rules.

Detested Individual

This guys gonna get koed by Jake

Timothy Miller

Ben has a secret admirer

Sotiris King

So many little kids talking as if the knee wasn’t the luckiest moment of Masvidal’s life ?

Theazy Hunnit

Wait so what is Ben good at ? I swear I need to go back and watch all his fights he must have been fighting scrubs lol . I know in the ufc he got fucked up tho

Nome Cult Joe

The only match where if you told the mma fighter to use his mma...it wouldn't matter.


Damm this sport sucks fam

Timothy Miller

Shud of pinned him man he wud have stopped fighting man

Basement Dweller Opinions

People showing they know nothing about combat sports taking trash about Ben??‍♂️.

FrontLine Freddy

Jake is going to knock this guy out


Who's here after Ben Askren knocks out Jake Paul in boxing?

Peter James

Whos here after ben is fighting jake paul

Prince Vegeta-son

Who's here after the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight Announcement?

Cody Roden

Guys stop hating on Ben he knew he was gonna lose, he had a very successful time as a fighter in his hay day, now he is just doin fun matches that pay good and are a fun challenge for him. He knew he would lose this but hey let’s have some fun wrestling and make a huge impact for the wrestling community, boroughs is the best, but the show was sold out and wrestling was brought to a new height due to Ben bringing in the viewers. Also Ben isn’t bad at all but Boroughs is the MJ of wrestling

Hunny Bunny

Jordan certainly brought his “hammer” for all to see. Well done ?


Hey Askren. Instead of just touching his head and acting as if that's enough offense, why not try shooting on him yourself like he shoots on you? Cause apparently sitting back and waiting for him to shoot wasn't working out too well. You didn't shoot in on him ONCE!

Blain Tinsley

It’s crazy how strong Jordan really is


So just getting a takedown gets you a win? You don’t have to submit the opponent?

The That

I love White people.

Kevin Powers

Whoever set this match up clearly didn't think this through even a little bit. Ben got what he deserved. Bens been in MMA exclusively for years now and JB has stuck with just wrestling as we all know so with that said Ben how dare you think you can just go back to the mat n think you can or deserve to share the mat with the likes of a wrestler like JB. Again he got what he deserved


"Olympian"-> adjusts socks to stall after two takedowns because he's exhausted. Go figure


Pretty fucked up seeing all these cave dwellers shitting on askren...man made it to the olympics, has multiple championships in wrestling, held the bellator and One FC titles... Sure his stand up isn't the GREATEST, but he has multiple TKO's and went 25 minutes with douglas lima.... check yourselves before spewing your insecurities on others.

Gonzo Balls

ps2 ben askren in the thumbnail

Timothy Miller

What happened to be careful of been aspirins fire

stephen parker


Firmino Changani

JRE brought me here

Nicholas Salohcin

This Ben guy should try ufc maybe

Trevor Hendershot

Ben is the worst athlete sports has seen in awhile

yeboi dp

Ben askren been taking hella L's


No hips at all during this... still would have got dumped on.

JC - The Truth

I was here live, atmosphere was great and when Jordan threw him off that stage EVERYONE went bananas, lol.

DW Ethiopia

Does anyone know if Burroughs has any stand up game? Like striking, boxing, and kickboxing. Would love to see him fight MMA.

Trump Obama

Lol this is so boring

Sammy Benitez

Who’s here bc they got this in their recommendation after the announcement of ben vs jake paul?

Timothy Miller

He crazy man


Ben Askren is WASHED

First Last

Ben was robbed.

jizzy t

Wonder how khabib vs askren would have gone


Pretty sure my un born child could beat the fuck out of Ben askrin

Tylen Welch

Lmao can’t fight nor wrestle.

Coinguy American

He still cant throw hands

Timothy Miller

Is there any body out there man

Keefer Pelletier

This must be top 5 most boring sport

New 2Reality

Sucks at MMA and Sucks at wrestling. Good job Ben

Patrick Keith

Ben hadn't wrestled in years and knowing now how bad his hip at this point was. It's crazy he'd even go out there against Burroughs who's active and one of the best to ever do it. Credit to Askren.

Alonso Madera

I'm here after the joe rogan podcast he had Jordan on

King Kohls

1:01 look at his face it's like the animated Disney Hercules movie.

Sam Jump

Askren walks around like he has lower back pain.

Devin Mata

I love seeing Ben get beat

Michael Keehn

Askren is so easy to hate.


Whos where because of Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren? XD

adam woitach

What a bum. He shouldn’t compete in any competitions anymore. Period...


I thought ben was supposed to be a wrestling elite. He performed how I imagined he would from my first time seeing his face in mma.

Bill Smith

Wow, Askren always loses

Connor Vancleve

Anyone notice the knub Ben askren has

robert jones

ben got man handled

Noah A

I'm no fan of Ben, but these commentators are straight disrespectful ?

Leslie Burke

I don't like Ben but I feel so bad for him man. He used to be way better

marco Monteiro

Ben please dont get kod by Jake Paul

Scott Carpenter

Ben was askren for it

Joey Kalil

WWE is not real wrestaling

Joshua Ortega

Khabib vs burroughs

Brody Seiber

Bruh Jake Paul might actually have a chance lmao

jeffrey thomas

Who's idea was it to put the mats like 5ft up in the air? Ben was lucky when he took that dive. What was thinking behind that???


Heard him on jre, saw this video. Damn! If this guy wanted to work on some stuff for mma he would be a great fighter

Cas axb

Intro didn’t age well

yb thegod

I think khabib would beat jordan

Charles Doan

that was not even competitive.

Brandon Johnson

Too bad this didn't happen when Ben was a pure wrestler. His wrestling obviously had to change a lot for MMA. But knowing you are competing against the best to ever do a sport when you know you wont win for the betterment of that sport is pure class!!

Indiana Doug

Can’t stand Ben Asscream




Is Askren winning a single fight xD? Now i know why Jake Paul wants to fight against him.

Pich Ofir' Aviyah

way too short


This dude has just been non stop losing. I wonder what he’s going to do with himself after jake Paul beats him

Ryan Mykytyshyn

Whos here after Jake Paul beat Askren????

leroi dupetrol

8:30 someone is happy

Vercingetorix Avernian

Ben Askren: HEALTHY+++
Jordan Burrughs: UNHEALTHY–––

Timothy Miller

20sec to go he made I look at 10 to go man got to hits in the back of the head stopped clock at 4sec to think of my next thoughts man? I said fuck out loud for all to see man they got it on camera man?

Kobe Thornton

3:31 3:30

Ken Stentiford

Wasn't a good year for Ben.
All that aside he is an amazing talent with a ? character.
Also ...

? They picked the worst boxer in MMA history to fight Jake Paul in April ?

Timothy Miller


Bdot TV

Khbib would smash both these dudes

Full Match: Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake - Match 3 of 3

Full Match: Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake - Match 3 of 320 Apr. 2020
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Jordan Burroughs, Sunkist

Jordan Burroughs, Sunkist Kids vs Kyle Dake, TMWC

74kg Finals

2017 World Team Trials

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Comments (100)

are dakes shoes the gable 2s?


Кто то русский язык знает

J Massey

JB is a complete monster!

Nate Hicks

JB got a gift

panagiwths dav

Not soo good referring this can be discalifie


Burroughs should have been suspended. He's been cheating for years. Here, he gets his knuckles in Dake's face, and nothing?

Jacob Shepard

Jordan Burroughs is got and aggressive Blast Double that know one can sprawl on that is how good his Blast double is Kyle Dake is got a sweet single leg and Jordan burroughs is got a sweet blast Double.


Imagine how dangerous these guys would be if they transitioned into Jiu Jitsu.

Ed Evans

I dont why I didn't see this series before other than I had Covid19 at the time. I still don't understand how Burroughs got points when all the points i saw were too Dake. Trust me I have no dog in this fight but I say Dake got robbed in the 2nd match and should have locked it up.

In search Of the truth

Crazy thing is these 2 guys could be the 2 best in the world...or at least right up there

Miller Theory

This crowd is despicable


Burroughs lacks discipline. Way to many hands in all matches. Even with the open hand punch to the cheek

Frankie Cal

Savage vs Monster

Hannibal Madd Connek Records

I don't know much about wrestling but reaching out and grabbing somebody before the whistles blowing is cheating I guess I don't know

Amazing Talent search


Armenso _kaz

Джоржик выиграл грязно но выиграл

Chase N

Lol what a dumb format. One guy wrestles all day and the other doesn't. Makes sense!


Burroughs gets warmed in a earlier match for hands but when Dake does it, they both get warned. Hmm....

Benjamin Dean

JB is cheap he pokes peoples eyes and punches them, thats not wrestling. classless


both great wrestlers, but burroughs fought dirty


And Dake is the one talking trash. LOL

Jair P

8:15 gotta be discouraging for Dake. Hard fought. Big ups to JB though, he did after all go on to win gold in Paris in 2017

This Is My Boomstick

I saw the title and thought “this is gonna be as good as it gets”

Al Pena

Wrestling is stupid anyways ?

Нурлан Турдалиев


yannick willems

im a huge fan of these guys but the hand in the face man jordan thats kinda enoying if u ask me. he is been doing it for years now?

Айдар Санаа

Zaurbek Sidakov the best!!!

Eddy S. Razor XP

1 Fact that cant be argued father time will catch JB and Dake is a little younger he will win next series. JB relies on athleticism and that disappears. Takes defense is second to none and therefore will outlast JB.

Blacker Panther

Jordan’s dirty, he sucks


Hmmmmm, I think Dake won match 2. the officials won that one for Burroughs. =/

Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord

Burroughs is a dirty wrestler.

Brick Squad

There’s a difference between rough head taps and hitting a guy in the face because of frustration and that he is clearly better than you!!!!!?? both are great wrestlers but dake is not physically better than Mr. JB ? Some say if dake didn’t wrestle extra matches that day then he could beat jb but ALL the wrestlers know during the season they have to win certain tournaments so they can have the luxury of sitting out until the end of the day. Dake knew 79 kg was not a qualifying weight for the olympics but he still chose that weight to stat pad due to the lower quality of wrestlers in the division, so it’s only his fault Injuries played a role in his decision before but there was no excuse for him going up to that weight every time other than having an easier road to world titles in my opinion.

Djos 78

Sidakov wins )))))

Larry H.

How old was Dake after this match? You could actually see his cortisol levels rising. He is probably still fidgeting... LOL

Chris Suggs

Can’t everyone just get along G willikers! Go Jb

marlen kenesbek

JB ?

Mohammed Zuhaib

Dake fanboys really mad in the comments 7-1 ?, JB will beat Dake in 2021. I lost all respect for Dake, he gave so many excuses in that interview and was out right disrespectful. Dake is a clown


Burroughs complains about getting a hand in the face. After scoring he instantly hits Dake in the face and then chops his head down right after...

Trevor Middendorf

5:07 JB is still shoving his hands in Kyle dakes face

Kevin Phillips

Jb was going for the collar tie and Kyle's arm blocked it so the hand hit Kyle's face. Obviously it still hurt.

Fred Stratton

2 absolute masters of their craft.

Mackie Davis

Excellent Match JB very smart


Watching Khabib?

Сергей И

Burroughs the BEST

Kurt Henderson

What a battle


They just know to catch a leg? What about other reception?


Burrough’s outside single is the thing of legends ?

Chad Parr

It should have been disqualified punching him in the face

Benjamin Hansen

Man reminds me of my own wrestling career.

Much lower stakes of course.

My senior year, I was varsity my whole year. Got challenged every week by another senior and always beat him. Week of regionals when he challenges me, I'm kinda passive but in control, but never aggressive, and I lose in double overtime. He had to beat me 2 out of 3 because of how long I had the spot. The next day I wrestled better, but narrowly beat him 5-2 in the second match. 3rd match, I came in way more aggressive and in control, and beat him 10-0.

I felt so much like Jordan did after that 2nd victory. Hell of a come back for him.

Fish fwyt

We all know that wasn’t a step out

Марк Твен

Негры все равно сильней

Казбек Лазаров

Хорошая схватка

Fulton Crabtree

They both are modern day legends

Saben Conte

JB should try MMA with those hands he is throwing

Bj Lucci

Jb is dirty wrestler.

Marquan Brand-moorehead

Nice Takedown Jordan,

Skylor M

Both these guys are amazing wrestlers and watching the two of them is always great

Бахытжан Топай

Американцы заряжены патриотизмом все

Bernard Krasnisky

Boroughs doesn’t wrestle well against the Russian wrestlers. He isn’t a natural freestyle wrestler and when he gets resistance and no respect from Dagestani wrestlers he faulters. Do not lose early in the 2021 Olympics Burroughs.


Dake fanboys are mad as hell ????...excuses excuses and more excuses. Probably a diverse group of people ??

Abba Abba

Jordan is a beast hard work dedication

Kiran Hirulkar

Cheater won

Maurice Williams

Dake needs to go to Canada so he can avenge this heartbreaker!! Representing team Canada!! All about strategy!!

Bill Dykeman

New Jersey owns New York.

Stan Burton

Would loved 2 see a rematch in a spelling bee contest lol jk

Christian Fierst

Dake rlly just talked all that trash for nothing smh

Nurlan Yqylasuly


Mackie Davis

Great match

BiGGie beats

Both champions but sake could never match burroghs skill

Jimbo Slice

Dake got Wraked!!! Destroyed!!


Russians still on a completely different level ..

Jordan Latimore

I see the comment section looking for something to bitch about cause their boy dake could never get it done ??. And he won’t this year either

Сергей И

Hi from Russia! Really looking forward to a new fight - Burroughs vs Sidakov ! All brothers health✊?

Derek Daddyo

Sooo lame

Geoff Crenshaw

Why are most of the officials always out of shape?


Dakes a baby

Chris McLaughlin

I don’t know anything about wrestling and I’m not sure why YouTube brought me here but it Burroughs being dirty? Looks like a lot of shots to the face? Idk

Mitchell Heath

Burroughs is the man. If he would of won gold in 2016 then I'd be rooting for him to make the three peat in 2021(now). But since he didn't and since I think Dake has the better chance to win a gold in 2021. I'm a much bigger fan of Burroughs but it's dakes time for gold. Just like Taylor at 86kg. Now Cox vs Snyder is going to be crazy. Hoping for Cox in that one. The extra year helps Cox a lot so he can actually put on the weight and be a true 96kg guy.
The Olympic weight classes suck. Those are five guys who would have a very good shot at gold but only three of them can go.

Артем Курск

Барроуз грязно борется


This is my first wrestling match to see. Taken here from flo grappling. Definitely not disappointed!

J. Huff Humble

Wow I love Kyle
But he wouldn’t shake Jordan’s hand after the match ?

Affluent Nerd

Scoring in wrestling is so weird to me. Burroughs points 5 and 6 came at a time when it looked like Dake had just gotten him into a submissive position.


Burrough's is such a dirty wrestler. what a douche. literally gave him a right hook.

Justin Jones

These guys are heroes

Alonzo Sanchez

Kyle dake is the kryptonite of david taylor, Jordan Burroughs will always be the kryptonite of Kyle dake

BiGGie beats

Looked like Burroughs was stalling the whole match

Jair P

could someone give me a rule clarification as to why there's no wrestling on the mat when there's a score? and is the shot clock (or are any rules) specific to the trials?

Nubian Emperor

It's called an uppercut

Alen Abayti

Sidakov king

Sunil Gaikwad


Cristobal Cruz-Salinas

Dales j not a killer imo j a master “defensive” wrestler, which can only get you so far in freestyle

I have 8brokenvertebrae

As soon as I learned that Burroughs gets a bye for the entire tournament & only has to wrestle 1 guy after that guy has wrestled multiple matches in the same day but i lost all respect for him when I found it that he could relinquish that ability & try to earn it like everybody else

Shin M.

Holy shit. Burroughs went full beast mode in this.


Burroughs is dirty. Lost respect for him.

Brian Finn

Burroughs cheats & gets away with it. Punching has no place in wrestling.


With the amout of clubs to the face that JB is throwin I'm sure he'll make a nice transition into MMA XD

Welbeloved Akulas

He punched him on the chin. Someone tell him this isn't the UFC! ?

Али Магомедов

Почему 3 схватки

Matthew Mayfield

Kyle Dake had two matches before his first match with Burroughs that day. One being a win against Alex Dieringer then having to go 3 with a fresh Burroughs?!

Sean Lutke

I wish we could’ve seen Burroughs vs Sanderson