Extend leg

Extend legs on a table in the garage

Extend legs on a table in the garage7 Feb. 2021
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A few years ago I got a

A few years ago I got a wooden table that someone was throwing out that works perfect as an extra project surface in the garage. It has solid wooden legs and frame as well as a large leaf that can be added in. It works great, but there are some things that do not fit under it.

I got a new oak entertainment center this morning that someone else was throwing out, and since the only space I have for it is under the table, I need to add leg extensions.

I used some scrap 2x4's, some 3" drywall screws, a 1 5/8" forstner bit, and some adjustable bench legs that I got from Rockler a while back (and some thin strips of cereal box) to raise the table without damaging the existing wooden legs.

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Karen Wanamaker

Free is a great price! :)

Extend Leg + Row - TheDailyHiit

Extend Leg + Row - TheDailyHiit2 Jul. 2013
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The RIGHT Way To Use The Leg Extension For Big Quads! (FIX YOUR FORM!)

The RIGHT Way To Use The Leg Extension For Big Quads! (FIX YOUR FORM!)27 Feb. 2019
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The Leg Extension is a

The Leg Extension is a machine that is GREAT when you want to grow your legs. The leg extension looks easy at first glance but we often see people doing it wrong. Watch this video and find out how to do the leg extension properly.

Set Up:

- Set it up so that your shoes are slightly underneath the seat

- Pad is just above the ankle point

- If pulling the knee causes too much pain increase the angle.

- Adjustable Back Rest

- If you have shorter legs come closer

- Longer legs go backwards

- Don’t go too far forward or you aren’t using your quads!

- Aim for 90 degrees

- Secure your hands on the grip

- Pull butt back and engage them into the seats

- Flex and extend your knees upwards


- Don’t do fast reps!

- Where the quad is working most is when the leg is coming down. If you are doing fast reps then you are probably not working your quad hard enough

- Hold the top position

Foot Position:

- Which way you point your toes won’t make a big difference, but it can hurt you knees if you do it the wrong way.

- If your feet are straight then your knee will work properly

- Make sure to keep feet and knee aligned

Follow these tips with the leg extension and watch your quads get real big.

If you liked this video make sure to check out some of these: 3 Best Secrets - How To Make Your Butt Grow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBa-EtVvSks

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Courtney McFarland

I’m surprised you didn’t mention flexing the foot itself - if the toes are pointed and the foot is not flexed into a 90° position in relation to the shin I noticed that it hurts the knee to perform the exercise, but if you flex your foot before starting the movement then it doesn’t hurt the knee at all - at least for me anyways. I see a lot of people doing this exercise with the toes pointed or the foot not fully flexed.


Y’guys.. I really couldn’t stay awake any longer ? Sorry.. Squad was sleeping ?

Roel Bueno

Thanks Danny and mind pump perfect once again ???

Irma Rosas

My knees keep cracking ? someone help !

Jerry Segal

wont knee lockout cause injury?

dennis didomenico

great video now one for leg curl machine both lying and sitting maybe discuss the difference between them too

Laura Tice

You're an excellent teacher and once again a really helpful video?!


Love your videos!
I sometimes feel the muscle burn in my shins as well as my quads and occasionally just my shins but not my quads?!? Would that be the back rest placement?

Roan Maye

My lower shin keeps rubbing off and bleeding. What do I do?


i can’t seem to extend my legs completely, I stop at about 160-170 degrees, is this bad?

Lucent Shadow

Is that foot pointing in or out thing also apply to the leg curl too in terms of added knee stress?


It’s the cues you bring that make you truly 1 of the best in the biz!!

Peace and Love!

Wow! I really needed this. Every time I sat down I would try to figure out what would be proper form. Thank You! Leg day tomorrow! Cool!


How many reps and sets and how

Otto Metalkake

Thanks for the video sir!
One machine I see in many Gyms is the "Rotary Torso" gizmo, in which one sits and twists their body. It seems kinda harsh on the spine. Could you consider going over that machine in a video topic and maybe what to do instead?
Thank you!

Kicking with Kara

Hi Danny! Would love to hear your view on strive machine and how to use the varying levels to help build the quads further (Level 1,2,3). Thank you! Love your vids so glad I found you!

Cara Stone

GREAT VIDEO! SO many people in the gym doing these incorrectly. One thing though...you referred to the knee as a pivot joint. It's actually a hinge joint.


Can you guys discuss and show exercises for grip strength??

Jim Crabb

Great Video!

Roman Hernz

Everything you said is correct...... now before you pull engage the quad first....before you pull.....that motion disengages the initial load to the knee.......nice information.


When I'm doing this, I feel most comfortable in my knee when my toes point inwards...why is that and am I causing harm to myself doing that? Thanks for the detailed video :)

Abbas Alkawiz

Great content as usual coach.. can you demonstrate the optimal way to perform dumbbell leg extension for workout at home. Thanks?

George Colletti

Awesome video! Would love to see a video on seated and lying leg curls.

Kevin Cruikshank

Danny’s stuff is great- glad he is part of the Mind Pump team!

Armando Gallegos

Excellent young man! Great advice for someone my age. Great teacher!

Henry Fernandez

Great video man, I have an important question since I switched to home workouts. Are those benches with the leg extension attachments any less safe than a leg extension in your video or others in the gym?

Mines for example is the Golds Gym XR20. Thanks in advance, I need my knees since my job involves alot of walking checking Patients hearts.

Btw I found an awesome way to hook up bands from the door to the machine for the extensions and it feels amazing bit the knees are the ones I care about the most.

Bertie Hart

simple and straight to the point!


Very thorough tutorial. Just a matter of time before we hear you on the podcast!

Jean Sealy

Thank u guys

Jesse Brill

Not only is the knee a hinge joint, but you got the toes in/toes out thing backwards and trust me, It makes a huge difference. There is a lot of good in this video, but don’t start speaking on things you’ve never done or things that are debatable. It makes you look less informative and more opinionated. Easy way to get yourself dismissed by other people in the fitness world.

Tiffany Fontaine

Good information. People always have opinions on the best way, but I'm all about the way to do things to prevent injury. Especially to the knees. Is this your same opinion when using the seated leg curl machine??


This was great, can you do one distinguishing the difference between lying and seated leg curl?

Kody Dennison

Thanks man, you’re a great teacher, covered every question I had and more!

Kelly Gjesdal

Thanks Danny!
Great information as usual.
Awesome leg and calf development?

mDiago 6200

Thank you for covering this. I like doing leg extensions, thank you for the tip on foot positioning.

James Leach

LMAO ? "leg extension is bad for your knees" but loading 600lb on your back for a squat is perfectly safe. There's a chance for injury on every exercise.

Reed Olivey

Would love to see a video on your tips and queues for the leg curl too

Cody BersiCC

he looks like the ebay version of faze censor

Daniel Hewitt

Need a Video for the sissy squat machine

Wei Meng Yong

Reverse Grip Bench Press tutorial

Al Wilson

Thanks for this video. I need to rebuild my quads and the leg extension was my go to machine for what I want. You clarified the need on how to do it right and negate those who insist it is not a good idea.

Philippe Collard

Great tutorial and NICE SNEAKERS

MsIrishND Lisa

Like the cues, especially the one on foot rotation; I tore my meniscus on one of these machines! Would love to see a video on cues for a declined sit up.



Jose C

First off, hell of a video. You addressed the important aspects of this exercise that most don't. Anyway, the reason why this particular exercise is not recommended/safe in the long run is because it creates a lot of shear force in the knee joint, which from what I understand, grinds at your cartilage. This is what sports physios will tell you, thus making it unsafe period. In terms of muscle hypertrophy, it's a heck of an exercise, you isolate the quads and perform its function, no debating that! So the question if you do perform this exercise is more so about longevity and health over muscle development. Do recognize that people can go without problems by implementing this exercise in their routine.

Joel Cohen

The amazing Paul Check brought me here.

Lisa Bonelli

Thank you for your videos! But I’d like it if you can show how to do leg machines like this w/out machines? Since I work out at home and only have a bench and weights not this or hamstring machine. Thank you

Tarun Singh

What's up MIND PUMP SQUAD ? Love the content as always .

island mike rood

You need to aply this..A lot..Youre shaped like a Mcdonald straw and giving tips..

Jamilarahaoui Rahaouijamila

Tnk u very nice ?