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FloorMuffler UltraSeal Installation - Home Depot

FloorMuffler UltraSeal Installation - Home Depot9 Jan. 2015
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This video demonstrates

This video demonstrates the proper method of a floating installation of the FloorMuffler UltraSeal.

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Comments (8)
Mell Yea

Shit's junk

Tim Barr

why don't you explain why running it up the wall. and do you cut it off afterward? crap video

Frank M.M

Has anyone found out this answer yet? I am planning to lay laminate in three weeks time.


I figured it out guys. After you install the flooring you trim the excess material going up the wall to be level with the new flooring. They explain it in a different video but not this one for some reason.


What is the purpose of going up the wall 2"?  That blocks the ability to use spacers when installing the flooring.  What do you do with that 2" after the flooring is laid?  No explanation here.  Poorly done, incomplete video.

Sonny Kwan

I looked at youtube for an explanation on why 2"? was it so we waste the material and need to buy more of it? doesn't give a clear reason why 2"

Guinan Daniel

This material was crap, it was so frustrating I wish I put it on the bare wood with the excess up the wall I couldn't use spacers, and the curl was so annoying.