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What's The Hardest Part About Being A Very Skinny Man? (r/AskReddit)

What's The Hardest Part About Being A Very Skinny Man? (r/AskReddit)7 Dec. 2019
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Comments (100)
Preston Pierce

I’m fucking hungry all the time.

Smakk Makk

i remember in 9th grade during PE i was wearing shorts and a little kid maybe 1st grade saw me whispered to his friend "look how skinny that guys legs are" and then i just started laughing my ass off

Shazzy Fez

Pile of remotes ????????

No McC

I am 5,7 and 120ish
Everyone always have very low expectations for me in the physical aspect
Really down putting

John Clinnick

Seeing the skin just below your sternum vibrate up and down from your heart beating underneath it; that's a fun one too.

Noah Arnold

When you guys need my help for eating or training ask me. I had my experience

Shadow Of Light

Nobody really understands people with weight problems. For skinny people it’s “you need to eat motel and for overweight people it’s “you need to eat less lol” but it’s so much more complicated


Always being assumed to be the weakest man in the room. Upside? No one expects just how much a boney fist hurts when they’re not expecting a punch in the gut or side of the head.
Can’t tell you how many folks bitch out of a fight after that. Hahahaha.


You open the window in the car and the skinny person gets sucked out

Adrian G.

The hardest part is that I'm so skinny my arguments never hold any weight.

Tony Smith

The good part is you can eat whatever you want, and as much as you want.


This video reminded me why I hate being me lol much thank

Mak 14

I am a very skinny, but healthy teenager and can relate to everything said. Also the most hurtful thing is when someone asks if you have a eating disorder like damn mrs B I’m just tryna do a math test. I have a wicked fast metabolism so I can really eat whatever. Sports are a challenge also I love football but my weight is really catching up to me I used to love making contact till I collided so hard once I broke my arm. I like being skinny has its perks and down sides. One last thing hard chairs suck and I a only not constantly cold when the room temp is at least 60 degrees.


I can relate with the bony butt and hips walking into walls/things. Ouch! Also feel bad when my bf lays his head on my bony ass shoulder lmao

Edit: I’m 5’5” and 120 lbs.


Well I don't know about other skinny guys but because of my genetics or something like that despite being a man I still got smol man boobs and I am in no way chubby


Do all these men have aids? How? I've never met anyone this skinny who wasn't dying


6 foot and 125 pounds here. I swear I eat like twice as much as everyone I know and I literally can’t gain any weight. People ask me if I even eat anything and they’ll just never understand

Over Kill107A

You hit your bones on everything(spine on floor, shoulder blades on everything, etc.)
You have 0 protection from punches
Is it summer? I’m still wearing a coat, I’m cold
People grabbing your wrists(rare tho)
People think you don’t mind less space but(at least for me) because your used to so much it’s very annoying to be crammed in a small space
Being able to your fingers under your ribs, shoulder bones etc. (Very annoying and painful when done accidentally)
Edit: I also have to stomp on my electric scales to get them to turn on
If I suck my stomach in too much it compresses organs and hurts.

On a plus if I get punched it can hurt them

Kane Newbrook

Bro hug me

Smakk Makk

im 6'1 and 125lbs and the posture part was incredibly relatable i always have a problem with my sitting posture the part were he mentioned doing sittups was very true its like the skin is being scraped off of your spine without a mat and the part were they talk about chairs hurting you is not really that bad for me and wearing shorts looks really bad

John Clinnick

Although being bony certainly has it's disadvantages, every time someone has tried to hit me or something, they just end up hurting themselves; hitting a skinny person is like punching a metal pole.

jacob keller

I don't feel as skinny anymore cause I have none of these problems. Except clothes

Mad Earl

tru getting massaged is like u being assulted

Agtra boy

Just eat more smh


The hard seat struggle is real.


I was skinny as till I did 18 months in jail started to gain heaps of weight and got out and started lifting and cutting down on drinking alcohol (part of the reason I ended up inside) and stopped smoking ciggys too and now I’m 100kg when I used to be around 75

Witchy Poo

I hope nobody is self conscious about their weight or appearance. I’m chubby and thinking about how I’m like a warm, cuddly stuffie makes me feel better about myself, for some reason


So many facts 5 months ago I was 145 lbs and I’m 6’1. Now I’m 165 and feel so much better about myself.

Dirty dan

These guys need to be force feed a goku feast


I'm a 6'4'' guy with a lanky built. Working out just a bit solves it to my contentment, but if I don't work out and follow my natural appetite I'm like 170-175lbs. In high school I wouldn't gain weight no matter how much I raped my esophagus with food. And that was apparently perfectly fine to make fun of. Never heard anyone do the same to a fat person.

Anon ymous

If you're young and really skinny and get made fun of a lot by fat people, dont worry, you'll get the last laugh.

Adrian G.

The hardest part is that I'm so skinny I get on the scale and it goes negative

youssif oussi

5'10" 101lbs , 17 with a baby face
I hate my life

Marimar Silva

I'm the chubby chick who loves skinny guys idk why lmao


luckily my s/o is like a comfy air mattress compared to my pile of remotes body so it works out


What I've found is to chill with the people who exercise/workout.

So far I've chilled out recently with Joe another skinny kid who does Judo and exercises at the gym, and a few of his friends who are all healthy, do Judo and exercise as well.

We literally met because we were complaining and talking about being skinny and made like a pack as a joke.

Pretty sick tho, dude said he would take me to his house as he buys weights for his birthday.

Mostly because he does less weights but more in order to make his muscles stronger, whilst I usually do larger weights but less reps.

Guys tip for you, workout for 5 days a week and take 2 off, and repeat.

Went from only being able to do about 5-6 pushups all the way up to 20+ pushups.

Do atleast 2 more pushups every day.

Currently staying on 20 in order to strengthen my biceps.

Jordan WilliamsNance

Calm Down Kitty


The worst thing being skinny is having thin arms and and exposed ribs.

Calvin Rey

My cummerbund doesn’t go small enough to not fall off.


my elbow so boney i destroyed the foam in my chair's armrest


No , being skinny is awesome I feel better when skinny than being fat or muscular. Even girls love skinny man more than fat or muscular because you look so sexy.

MK Loutsas


Carlos Mathews

People criticizing you for eating a salad, I want to stay healthy you swine

Levi Roch

Yeh the inability to sit on a hard surface for extended periods of time speaks to me. . . Many years of having sore arse cheeks. . . Atleast if i was gay id have a story lol

Freddie the Grand Marquis

I was going to go on a tirade about how much being permanently skinny sucks - 2500+ calories a day notwithstanding - but then I realized how fucked I am no matter what I do.

Kai Z

“Girls won’t lay on you because you’re like a pile of remotes” ???? awwww

Anonymous Dalamatian

I’m 5’9 110lbs and at my school this girl was taking the piss out of me for being skinny so I called her a beluga whale not only do I get an after school detention a week of lunch time detentions and everyone looking at me dirty. Her mum tried to have me arrested... And people ask why I hate most of the public

wolfofrhodeisland X

You need to update your app so it can pronounce American dialect correctly

Kham Buddies

I HATE being a very skinny woman. People assume I have annorexia or something. And I have no curves

Super Sayain red god

I can eat hella food but I just don’t gain weight. Plus I run and shit so that doesn’t help

Shoaib Khan

6 foot 2 gone from 138lbs to 160lbs I can actually for the first time wear jeans without having to wear a belt and hands and feet are a lot warmer (still a bit cold but I was reptilian)


Knew a guy who said it hurt more to be called skinny than the n-word. It’s not funny, you really hurt people when you make fun of them for being skinny

Bryce Hatch

The worst is on planes seats with skinny backs


The hardest thing about being a skinny man? Having a huge dicc


At this point I’ve managed to build up enough muscle to not look like a toothpick and gained some healthy weight. But when I was younger my friends would just pick me up and move me if I was in the way lol.

Threw The Looking Glass

people dont think your strong or ask ifnyour ok.. or need help lifting.. or go woah ! .. let me help. you sure you got that. ?.


I'm skinny, not very skinny what I did was
Took tai chi for about 5 years, did and still does track and field, 20 push up every days, some sits up, defending my self can be easy since pressure point is something(thought it was fake)

Kainen M


Christopher Walsh

Men's xxs, asos.com


I’m a skinny Varsity goalkeeper, understand what I go through ?

Mark Jeffries

I'm 26 and getting old now


G Star makes Jeans in all sizes and all cuts. 32-38 for example


Hey now, truth be told, skinny guys (short or tall) always seem to have the biggest/longest donks.

Source? Former lap dancer 5+ years. Sat on a LOT of laps, felt a lot of 'things' through clothing with my booty. Skinny guys on average are usually well hung, more so than most. On the opposite end, muscular men tend to have smaller donks. Its not just proportional to the bulk, it really is like a greek statue.

Sorry gym bros. Still, you've got other big hard things to be proud of, like pec pillows. Nobody really minds.

Cheezus Crust

This video is about me, oh no

Fluu J. Flug

I have to make sure I don't sit on the cat lest I skewer my poor cat with my ass bones


Pants. Suck. People always tell me to get a larger size but i hate loose pants

Danah D.

I'm not a dude, but I'm real skinny and I definitely relate to the 'looking like an alien' ? i can gain 10 lbs and still look the same because I'm hiding the huge stomach under hoodies, do all they see are my twig arms and legs

Max Moore

I’m 15 and 6 stone and the worst thing is that people don’t think twice to insult the way I look but wouldn’t even dare comment on a fat person. Also leaning on anything is a literal pain in the back, my spine digs into anything I lean on pinching my skin inbetween. I’ve lost count with the amount of times someone has placed 2 fingers around my arm. No clothes fit me. I feel starving then eat 2 bites and I’m full. It pisses me off knowing fat people just need to eat less to fix their problem but I need to physically stretch my stomach risking throwing up each bite I take. People constantly stare at me because no-one has ever seen anyone as skinny as me where I live. “Do you just not eat”, “you look like a twig”, “your arms are like sticks”, “UGH I CAN SEE YOUR SPINE”. I literally have 0 self -confidence. I have never related to a video as much as this. I know this has been a hella long rant but I needed to get some built up feelings out, thanks to anyone that read this.

Nathaniel Lo

People: im 5,4 and 100lbs

Me: 5,4 below 100 at 80lbs ...

the legend killers shitty duffle bag person

5'11 105 lbs? Man I thought I was the skinniest person. Shit hooe you gain weight somehow. Hopefully you don't have hyperthyroidism

Shazzy Fez

The cuddling part is the funniest ???


? poor guys this is sad


I’ve never felt so attacked but glad I’m not the only one that has these problems

Escargot mp4

One time I hooked my finger under my upper skinny brothers rib and tugged on it.

James the protogen

friends hurt themselves when they are punching my shoulder/upper part of my arm.
it´s hilarious


"Constantly wanting to eat more but having no appetite" so friggin true.

Harrison Seary

I'm happy now that I'm genetically fat


I loved the cat at the end, I had to like to calm it down... poor kitty.

Patrick Hall

Getting told to eat more or put some meat on them bones, like no bitch I eat more then you

Michael Giovinazzi

Only watched this for research purposes. I graduated high school at 240 lbs. That was 30 years ago. Currently weight 300 lbs, and 50 lbs overweight.
One of my best friends 20 years ago was 6'5", 180 lbs. Trust me, he ate almost constantly and burned it off almost immediately!

machine gun shark boiii

Can’t realate to any of these ?


as a skinny african who recently moved to us, i get a lot of sympathy looks and questions like "you were really starving there huh?" no nigga i just don't eat a lot


I'm not even that skinny but everyone tells me I should eat more.


I used to be skinny and i was afraid that i would stay like that forever. After 26 something changed and now im 6‘4 240

Minala Senpai

No skinny and I always have these problems everyday


1. Being bullied and mocked. Developing major mental disorders from it. Having your life destroyed in the process.


I would love to have this problem, especially to have the chance of dating a larger woman. I'm 6'2" 300+ so I don't find women like that easily.

Menneh Gambia

let me tell you that you can't dress like regular people. u just need to bulk, there is no living on this earth skinny

Cpt.Raven Field

For someone who skiny as F##k sometimes when someone punch,slap they hit my bones and hurt themselves

Levi Roch

Plus im 6'5" with excellent posture. . . So i look like im 9' tall even when im around other tall mates lol

Kinsley Ryan

The first one made me laugh so Relatable
(I’m a girl not a boy)


Yep, I hated being skinny. Had to train hard and force feed myself, to change.


I’d consider myself thin now (5’6 135lbs) but i used be pretty skinny and I would always get comments about not eating enough and relationships were hard because a lot of girls said I made them feel fat. And i feel the hard surfaces hurting your ass bones. I dont have those issues anymore since my body has changed a bit in the last 10 years and I’m a “normal” weight for someone of my hight, but I still feel cold all of the time and no one understands it lol I always get questioned as to why I constantly wear beanies and hoodies or are questioned as to why I never walk barefoot...it’s because I’m trying to retain my body heat.


I'm sorry, i don't want to be rude. But i laughed hard until i had to to the bathroom to shit, after the Xenophone and two skeleton thing. x°DD
So exaggerated buut i love the sense of humor!
I'm not skinny but i am 80 Kg for a 1,67 smol body. I'm overweight. And my mother makes many exaggerate jokes about my weight, while my skinny sister is even pretending she is weak some times. Like she can't lift my Guinea Pig, but suddenly she has the strenght to lift a table! xD

Harry Fluellen

Yeah but when somebody punches you, their soul leaves their body because they punches pure bone

Mr. Pokirby

I didn't know that "sitting in hard chairs and hurting your butt bones" wasn't just a "me" problem.
That's pretty comforting to learn about, that i'm not the only one who deals with that.



It doesn't last long if you're fat.

RMAG Studios

I’m like this, but I’m never cold.


Omg there are more people like me!!!!

Poop Spaghetti

I hate myself for being skinny

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Comments (100)

People asking if my family doesn't give me food


I’m skinny but i have no problem finding me a good looking man. I know i look good and have nice attitude!!! Stop feeling sorry for yourself!!! Next time they tell you to eat a burger, you tell them that they need to put down those burgers!!!!

Maryse N'silou

I stop posting pictures of me on Instagram because... I'm 1,75m height for 55kg and I couldn't deal anymore with the "skeleton" comments

Lexie Lu

Funny thing is I wasn’t able to gain weight for a while (played a ton of sports) and I was passing out because of it but as soon as quarantine started I gained thirty pounds like that so yeah. I was really sad about the weight gain even if a healthy one. But now I accept it because it has helped me gain confidence with myself. So yeah. ? just know you are appreciated by me even if I don’t know you. I love you. Have a wonderful day!

It's Flippin' Lay

The fact that I got a weight loss fasting and diet add before this proves what’s wrong with the world

Tyla Groeninckx

I get called skinny and tall everyday by everyone i know. And its not a compliment because thosr two things are what makes me insecure. Today, I don’t know why but i called someone short, i notmally wouldnt do that because i know how much it can hurt. But everyone defended her saying i was mean
Now im at home crying because it isnt fcking fair

DusteeRose Gregory

I'm skinny myself, but I feel like the comments in skinny girl tiktok that are like "this is why I starve myself" or "omg I love your body, I wish mine was like yours, I hate mine so much" are actually offensive. It makes us feel bad and upset. I don't need to eat more, I don't need to gain weight, I don't need to get more body fat, I don't need to get more muscles. I was bullied 3 grade+ because of my appearance, in 6th grade I reached over 160lb. By the end of quarantine I was 115-120lb. 7th grade started and I was getting told I look to pale and to skinny, and was asked if I was starving myself, I was told that I was literally a walking stick and someone came up and pinched my arm for idk reason, it left a big bruise. Well yeah I was starving myself, I became depressed, my parents never knew. Now I'm not starving myself but every time I go over 120lb I feel hella insecure, I already am but it's like my mind goes on lockdown. I'm skinny, 5'11, 7th grader who shouldn't have to starve herself to make people like her, to fit in...to end up being bullied again because she's not perfect. Be nice cause you don't know what someone's going through. ??Love my big queens skinny queens chubby queens and men ???


skinny girls r so pretty why am i so fat i just wish i could be pretty :(


7:00 what's the song?

Ella Rose Riddle

Where does the audio at 0:36 come from?


wtf in my eyes these girls are healthy

I wonder how fat you need to be to be considered normal

Peace Stephen

Am I the only one who feels really insecure cuz I have a small body so I got no curve or anything. And this trend on tiktok #bustitchallenge makes me hella insecure ?

R.I.P. 2 My Youth

i want to gain weight, what should i do

Mariam Ahmed

i hate skinny ppl who complain like be quiet

Pizza Pepperoni pizza

You look like u starve yourself*
Do u even eAt.???.
U look like a homeless person?
Me: no,i just breathe air,thats it, i don’t eat anything?
Like god, its soooooo annoying getting those comments

Nicola Nicholas

Being a skinny girl sucks I always be made fun off .

Andrea Brava

Nobody makes fun of skinny. Its the all desired shape nowdays. This is rediculous.

Skye LyteX

I'm 5'8" And weigh 114lbs but still look like a stick


Okay so I’m skinny because I have a chronic illness called EDS which has caused my stomach to be partially paralysed so i physically can’t eat that much at all. So when people go ‘omg can we trade bodies’ I’m like sure, if you wanna be in loads of pain and throw up every time you eat and you wanna faint all the time and have your joints dislocate 20 times a day.
Skinny DOES NOT equal healthy.


6:46 nice but this man shouldnt be your validation


Im skinny- and i relate soo muuuch

Chloe Herrera

People don’t realizing skinny shaming is a thing and it’s so annoying

Deanna Rose

My manager told me I look like I do drugs because I'm so skinny and it really got to me for a few days, it was so out of pocket! I've learned not to let these things get to me because I love my body, its the Vessel that carries me through this life and im gonna try and love it to the best if my ability ? fuck what anyone has to say ✌

Kyirah Hamilton

Can someone please tell me how to gain weight?!?! It's so frustrating. I weigh 105, I'm 5'3, I'm black, skinny from the waist up but my thighs and butt are thick. I'm also 34B cup

Nico Blackwood

tbh, I was always naturally skinny and gave in to my family's pressure. I did a weight gain diet which I totally regret doing, because my body has such big changes so fast that I got body dysmorphia and cannot like my body no matter what I do.

Killua Zoldyck

I also weigh 104 pounds :)

XxHeyYouWantA CranberrySpritexX

I'm serious, dude why the hell are you putting gaining weight tips this is supposed to encourage skinny people to love themselves

everlyn mayy

who else here has an ed


lmao i’m waiting for the other “im watching this to trigger myself” comments

Xeno ArtsyFurry

I had someone ask me what's it like having a thigh gap.....I also had a "friend" joke about throwing me like a javelin......

Galaxy Star

It's horrible, my ex best friend wa curvy and had more weight on them ( i love all body types bc they be ???beautiful???) and always commented on my body, telling me I should eat more and that I needed to "fatten up", and she wished she had my figure, and it always made me sad, kinda still does, bc i never worked for a thin body, I've always been naturally thin bc i am a very picky eater. And i hate myself for it bc they're so many pretty foods that I just couldn't handle bc of taste, or texture or sent, and her comments made me feel so shit, tbf i didn't know what skinny shaming was till a few minutes ago, i wish people would just love eachother and not be so damn mean

Dominic Paola Rodriguez Chug

I saw some of these on Tik Tok... They still shame these girls in the comments...


When you were trying to find fat people positivity tiktoks: This is fine ?


6:48 song name? I've heard it before in a show or something but can't remember the name

viola gulianna

what is your intro song called?

Ruby Tollett

This is why I dont eat

Yellow Space

In 7th grade I learnt that in my primary school the other girls talked about my weight. “OmG sHeS sO sKiNnY hOw DoEs ShE dO iT” “iS sHe AnOrExIc” please stop. It hurts. This is exactly what skinny shaming is, and you are promoting it. It’s so nice to know that people have the same problem.

pixel craft

My dad always says to eat to live or ill die because im skinny and him and my mom are chubby and sister and it always scares me because i dont want to die but i dont eat that much because im kinda of a picky eater


i need face positivity


Jokes on all the people who told me to eat a burger. I don’t even like burgers.

Life with me Abby

I am skinny and shaming is something I get everyday. And I try pushing out my tummy but you know what fuck that. I love my body!!! And I don't need yall opinions ♥️♥️??


5:05 i had a seizure looking at the grammar in that sentence

Wonder Alice

When you lose weight, others r like:
"You want to lose weight?"
"I thought you wanted to get slimmer?"
"Wow you really lost weight"
"Omg you lost soo much"
"Stop, it doesn't look good anymore"
Bit*h i am not even underweight chill out

SpongeSquare BobPants

Im so sick of people people saying "OMG UR SO SKINNY DO YOU LIKE EAT?!?!"

Annabella Arts

THANK YOU I'm 10 and 60 pounds so I'm very thin and needed this


One bitch punched me in the stomach and said” wow your really skinny ?” wtf? I hate when people grab my wrist or talk about how skinny my fingers are.
My so called ex “bestfriend” was telling me my fingers were so skinny and weird and I wasn’t paying attention to her and then she said it again and I pretended not to hear her bc that’s just fucking rude to say. Then she said it again and I looked at her and said “yeah I heard you?.”

It’s funny how people will go out of their way to make sure you hear the negative shit they want to say. ??‍♀️ anyways here’s some love to all the skinny boys/girls/nonbinary ppl out there. ✨??✨

Lessamurai _playz

Bruh am skinny n i never got told rude stuff abt me I love watching skinny girl positivity cuz it fun to watch to all the skinny girl out there u are beautiful u can pull up anything ?

Диана Стоянова

I don't know why but the first girl who is dancing on the screen it's just... I WANNA LOOK AND DANCE LIKE HER!!!!! She is dancing super cool!!! Wow! I am inspired right now!

Ninja T_T

To all the skinny girls out there who are struggling with body image issues... you are beautiful and are perfect the way you are

Miralou Ahon

Im literally insicure especially at my verry thin body? like everybody around me saying I need to gain weight but they dont know the struggle!


Being skinny is better than being fat i guess.i'm in the middle of sth like that


Why do most people on TikTok think they’re so funny...but they’re really not ?

Kinsley Ryan

I’ve been looking for one I can relate to!! Yesss thank you

(All people are beautiful)

Itzz Alphagirl

I just hate myself for being so skinny....

B͜͡o͜͡b͜͡a͜͡ t͜͡e͜͡a͜͡

I want people to tell me to eat. Seriously I didn’t eat any food for a long time.


I wish I was skinny? that looks beautiful☺


Edit: I found it! It's called "It's not over" By Nova Gallardo

Cat Pillow

I'm watching this to trigger my ed...

Um Idk

I’m skinny too so :))) you made my day

Jemi Giwa

Please is there some sort of support group for this? I need someone to talk to.

Kyran Covent


Edna M

I’m 5 foot, 170 pounds. Tired of people telling me that I’m too small and need to eat more ?

Evelyn Collins

As a ballerina who trains 27 hours a week, my body likes to stay 13% - 15% body fat. I don’t diet, I eat like a normal person. SO GET OFF MY BACK PEOPLE!!! IM NOT ANOREXIC!!!!

linyada nar

I want to be skinny?

Georgia Argiti

Okay so one time I was out with some friends to eat and as we were walking I said I won't eat a lot because I usually don't eat much since I get full easily and keep in mind that I was the slimmest in our group and one of my friend said well we can see it since you're like a stick. And that wasn't nice it's still body shaming people


I don't give a fuck about body positivity I just wanna see some cute skinny girls

Asantewaa Kissi

People comment on my weight and height all the damn time! It’s frustrating! If you don’t like skinny and tall girls move along. Don’t humiliate us. It’s really tiring! What do you want from me? It’s like must you by all means comment on someone’s weight? No one asked for your opinion. It’s me. I’m the one who is skinny ugly skeleton. It’s me. (Making a point with this lol I know I’m fabulous) It’s not you. You’re the one with the envious body ever. Most beautiful body ever to grace the earth. so what’s your problem???? Jeeeeeezuz!!!


I am 11 years old and all the time i have to walk in my school and people just say omg your unhealthy your a twig Evan my Kmaw’s workers have to point it out Evan at a restaurant

Megan Schubert

3:45 YESSSSSS??????????

Lisa Zen

Skinny people are damn lucky like for real you can have anything you want to... kudosa❤️?


i love this bc people in school tell me stuff like "if youre skinny then you are weak" but its not true...


Advice from a skinny woman in her 30s: You’ll learn to not care about fat women feelings and be proud you won’t have a stomach that hangs over your lady parts as you age with wrinkly elephant skin on it ?.


Yay thx for making a video for all us pool noodles

Bri Ahgase

Skinny shaming is so normalized.
When it comes to fat shaming people are there to defend you but when it comes to skinny shaming nobody is..

Jessica Marie Dorsky

I don't know where she is shopping for bras. At the Victoria Secret Outlet the small cups were always $10-15


Skinny shaming is the same as Fat shaming people. Please know that it hurts just as much to skinny shame someone as it is too fat shame someone.


YEAH I WANT AFFORDABLE A-CUP BRAS!!! I'm 5'3 (1'60) and I weight 37'8kg and I'm really healthy!!! Being skinny doesn't mean we do not eat, we just loose weight easily and have a hard time putting on weight...

Veronica Smith

I sincerely recommend HACKHUB8 on instagram who gave me access to my boyfriend's private account without consent.

Mulaika B.

"You eat too little"
"Eat a burger"
"You look like a stick"
"The wind could blow you over"
"A preschooler could beat you up and win"

Well guess what HaTeRs I am who I am and I beat up a 11th grader (I'm in 9th grade) And I regret that decision, please don't beat someone up if they body shame you. You'll regret it later, promise.

c h i l l

I'm 11, (1m69), i'm the tallest of my school. So, yeah.

Grain Bread

These girls have no ribs lol

Lisa Flo

I am skinny.I got the face and guys like my face but not my skinny body. When there's spark and they get close to me, guys left me for my body. Hell, I give my heart and soul for this relationship and they want a piece of my body and not my heart and dedication. I may not look good or up to guys standards, but I got the will and honesty to keep the relationship truthful and loyal but he just hate and leave me because of my body. He even looked and stared at females curve's body and say in front of my face..she's got boobs, she is sexy..wow..but, you more sexy than her. That is very honest. I'm going to puke. Many issues too regard being skinny that I can't list here.Well, I guess i know now that i have the beauty attraction and whoever guys or girls displeased about that..they can piss off. Thank God i left him. Going to keep myself skinny and healthy. Love this tiktok skinny edition, I know i'm not the only one. Skinny proud smile.

Skylee Lawrence

Ok so people think being skinny is a privilege, it can but it can not be because you get called bones, skinny bones and the questions omg I can’t :C

kyla - grace

i’m not skinny but i’m here for motivation


Bra industry: why do you assume because I’m flat chested, I want lots of padding. I’m the customer. You cater to my body, not the other way around

J.J Ace

Gyms and diets exist because every girl wants to be skinny. Fatties call themselves "thick" when in reality they are simply fat. Skinny is beautiful and the only people that comment negatively about skinny girls are jealous fatties or men that know they could never be with a beautiful skinny girl. FACT.


The people who body shame need to mined there own business. Literally everyone these days keeps complaining about people body shaming yet the people who complain still body shame. I don’t understand why people feel the need to judge people for how their body’s look. But when some girl shows she had the “perfect body” people still hate her because she’s showing off her body which to some people see her as a slut. People hate on everyone for no reason these days. You may say “life isn’t fare” and it’s not fair, but people can be a little nicer. I don’t understand why everyone is normalizing a “perfect body” and “body shaming” these things shouldn’t be real. Everyone is perfect in their own way and that’s that. Body shaming isn’t ok and needs to stop. Body shaming is one of the main reasons why people are suicidal. And if you think it’s just harmless fun and they won’t get hurt, your wrong. I made my statement and I’m sticking with it. Anyone remember the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? That saying needs to be normalized! And much love and support to the people who are insecure about their body’s❤️❤️ love you all!




When I was younger ppl bullied me at school bc I was skinny. They said I have no ass and my body is ugly.


My arms, legs are skinny
My tummy, face is chubby
What am I now ?


wait so just saying the truth is body shaming y or n , and a reason why!!!!

karina —

ppl: oml ur so skinny
pp: does the wrist thingy


Some of these People need to eat a double big mac with fries and chicken nuggets

Josha Erika Mascardo

Skinny people always gets left behind when it’s about body positivity. I’m thankful that you made a compilation of this. I’ve been hoping I’d see something on FB but there isn’t.?


Bro it kills me I used to be bullied for being skinny and flat and my family keeps telling me skinny people don’t get bullied. Like sorry my metabolism is so high and when I try and work out I get skinnier. Oh ya my dad keeps trying to get me to eat meat and I’m not vegan but I can’t eat it bc it makes me sick. And bruh people making fun of skinny people kills me

Jala T

personally i don’t think anyone should label themselves skinny or fat unless they’re under or overweight for their height. it creates too many body standards that people feel the need to live up to. i think we should all just aspire to be healthy.

Debora Arkeso

Ya it bad when random people or friends or whatever say BUT.....


me: ???was that necessary ,did that make your day no, ok


I have a bit of a problem with body positivity. If a person who is more curvy or is just “heavy” she would be coincided as someone spreading body positivity and is a queen. But if I were to post a picture I would get hated for being skinny and promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. I especially hate it when people tell me to go eat a burger, you’re so skinny it’s ugly, only real women have curves. Dogs go for bones. And that would really hurt me and hate myself for being a smaller person. Every single video I watch on body positivity will always say things like love your curves! (Which is fine) no one likes stupidity skinny girls. Skinny girls are horrible and ugly. So I found it hard to love myself because it seems like body positivity is only for plus size girls. Us skinny girls need some love too. This is not a hate comment for “larger” girls. If anything I’m jealous of you guys. I would love to have big boobs and and wider hips and for people to stop saying that I look like i’m an 11 year old boy even though I’m 16

Keeli S

Yay! I've been looking for a body positivity tiktok compilation for skinny people for almost a week straight and haven't found one until now! Finally I don't have to watch tiktoks trying to make me feel better by saying it's great to have curves when I don't have any :)

Btw, you reading this, you are beautiful! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise because they're just going through a rough time. Love you, and have a great day/night! hug <3


im so fucking fat and ugly all i get from these are more insecureness

It’s Serenity

I actually love my skinny body?️ ??

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Christian Girl

If anyone is feeling empty, lonely, depressed etc, I want you to know that Jesus loves you, and He is the Only one who can make you feel true love, happiness, joy and peace. We need to repent of our sins and turn to Him and start living for Him and He will be there with you every step of the way.

Penny h

I have none of these habits ?

Blood sucker

I love your voice. So relaxing

El Alexander

Been my perfect weight my whole life and at nearly 40, I look ten years younger than my age.

People always comment that I am some super-natural health nut.

In all honesty, genetics play a huge part. I know people will hate hearing this but I really don't try hard at all. Even when I am off my game (and a junk food binge is my drug of choice on a bad day) it is still pretty easy to maintain a healthy weight just because the good lord blessed me in that area of life (wish He'd consider blessing me in some other areas that I totally stink at).

The other things I do that help; I only drink water or unsweetened herbal tea, I eat 6 small meals a day, I exercise regularly, sleep 9 hours a night, don't use chemicals on my skin (coconut oil only) and I rarely eat fast food.


Most countries make eating an actual event. They take their time eating. Americans eat on the go and super fast. We don't think about it.


My eating speed is fast and I’m 5’3 100-103 lbs. When I eat I don’t talk, I eat. I eat once a day so I’m hungry by the time I’m eating dinner. Also, I hate when people say they eat alot and don’t gain. I am skinny because I eat once a day. I eat nothing at all and that’s why I’m thin. These stupid fuckers who say they eat 24/7 but still stay thin are lying.


also you would be surprised at how much food people are given when u go into hospital for anorexia. I lost about 8 kgs in 3 weeks i was 63 and now 55. I used to have 3 big meals a day and had snacks here and there. Obviously i gained a kg or two but I hadn’t noticed. Once i got out I lost 3 kgs. I eat 2 meals a day now and barely finish the second meal. It’s out of my control now. I went into the hospital to recover and now that i’m out I’m still not getting better! and it’s not helping that everyone’s goal weight is 45kgs or 35kgs because those are my goals too! I feel disgusting and I don’t even know what my body looks like anymore. Get help before it’s too late if you’re struggling. I almost died due to starvation please pleaseeee don’t ever do what I did. In the long run you come out with health problems and doctors appointments all the time.

Tea Me

My skinny friend skips breakfast eats a snack for lunch eats another snack then dinner


This is me lmao

Estela Macedo

Like... i am soooo skinny, and I eat 2.200 kcal a day... metabolism is key

Destiny Elle

Tip: once your full, stop eating. Save it for later or throw it away. I understand you paid for it but I’d rather throw away a couple bucks worth of food then later down the years spending thousands in health care because of my fat


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Serena Geary-Williams

Bro literally this is the opposite as me, imma skinny bish but it is just my fast metabolism lol


Most of this is so relatable omg


im skinny but i eat the most among my friends haha


I dont think people should be bullying overweight/obese people, but those who are obese shouldnt be promoting it as something healthy. It not. Im overweight and on strict diet because I know the health issues that come with being overweight

Jozie Ash

That pretty much sums my life. I just cannot physically eat large portions, I dish small portions and go back for more. Most of the time I eat to survive (I forget to eat sometimes). It's been like that since I was a child.


Love these glad I’m not the only one who eats this way!!!


i'm pretty thin so here's my habits (i feel like it's important to note i grew up with a mom who is a BIG health nut, so some of these habits i just developed because that's what i was taught growing up)
- i never snack
- i drink a LOT of water and tea/coffee/energy drinks
- i don't go out to eat often, when i do i don't restrict myself, i just have the pizza/icecream/mcdonalds.
- i tend to wake up late and when i don't i have classes, so my "breakfast" is usually around 2 and it's something light like a juice or smoothie.
- i struggle with staying focused so i have a habit of walking around aimlessly a lot, by the end of the day i always have upwards of 8k steps even staying at home
- i have no problem with turning away food, if there's apple pie on the counter i might be compelled to have some for a second but i end up moving on
- i just know my body. i know that i love sweets and if i eat something like fruit i'm gonna end up eating a lot of it, i know that i get very hungry at night, so i adjust my lifestyle accordingly.

tldr: if you only see your skinny friends eating junk food when you're out with them and think they just have a fast metabolism, they don't, they just don't eat like that everyday.


I really have trouble leaving delicious food on my plate


Im not really skinny, average weight (5"8', 150 LBS) but no matter what or how much I eat or at what time, I can never seem to gain weight and I don't have any of the "skinny people" habits listed in this video.


tw // ed

lmfao not really related but i used to b/p but i stopped purging bc it would apparently damage my teeth ?? so that turned into anorexia and now i'm trying to recover but my biggest fear rn is that i'll have b.e.d. bc rn i'm just eating a lot.... like i haven't felt happy about eating in such a long time and now that i'm finally happy while eating i'm afraid that i'll overeat and start binging. and even though i'm attempting recovery, the toxic mindset hasn't left my mind one bit lol

Sofie M

Diets DON’T work!
Small, gradual and PERMANENT lifestyle choices DO.

Avillence _hollow

Fortunately, I'm curvy and not thin :) a real eye-catcher haha

Mangoes for Summer

Tbh most skinny people I know suffer from an eating disorder, some know it and some don’t

Zaira Chowdhury

I feel like what this video means and what this person is observing is that their “skinny” friends are really just listening to their bodies and intuitively eating. That’s basically means they eat what they want when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. It’s a very valuable tool and one that insures you eat what your body needs and that’s it. I believe that this video, taken the wrong way is quite harmful and that what you really should do is start intuitively eating. This, if you don’t know where to start/ don’t know how to intuitively eat, may be hard to achieve so I would recommend following influencers who promote intuitively eating and can teach you or to contact and work with a nutritionist. Starving yourself/ following hundreds of obscure diets to be “skinny” honestly is draining and will ultimately not lead to proactive and healthy things. And just to comment on starving yourself if you think that is the way to get “skinny”: Starving yourself can lead to many health problems and all the pain and distress from that isn’t sustainable. Take care of yourselves because fitting the societal norm is honestly not worth your health.

Strawberry Emily

I hate eating it’s so boring I think it’s a chore when I’m at the table I’ll talk and not eat lol I wish I had a different relationship with food :/

Henriikka Kulmala

lemme clear something up - eating at night is not a "sin". carbs aren't bad for you. if you're hungry, just eat. its that simple. that way you aren't restricting yourself. restriction will most likely end up in binges, and excessive "cheat meals/days" (hate the term, you can't "cheat" on food, sounds very toxic to me). and yes it's true that not all foods aren't created equal. for example, an average mcdonalds, not the most nutritious, meal would be around 800-1000 calories, while a homecooked meal might be less in terms of food quantities' correlation with quality (ex. filling foods that contain a lot of fibre, healthy fats, protein..), however you shouldn't completely cut out the foods you like. so eat your ice cream, cookies, hamburgers, whatever *in moderation!* and if your target really is weight loss, just remember that the total of calories matter at the end of the day - burn more than you consume.


This is such a thoughtful and insightful video. You seem like a very gentle and aware person, thank you.


“It will get to the point that if you’re not hurting, it feels like you’re not doing enough”

I felt that, I subconsciously believed that about a year or so ago

LaLa Smith

My bestie is 400 lbs and I eat very little and she doesn’t see how I’m full with a small portion. I eat only twice a day and sometimes once.

Kristina I

It is important to know the difference between eating of boredom and eating because of hunger.
If you dont know If you are real hungry, always have apples in your house. Because if you REALLY hungry, you would eat the apple instead of something you have to search in the kitchen.

Cosmo Cosmo

On the day to day basis... no carb no sugar diet here, mainly animal products. Eat how much I want and never gain weight. I do love to walk around a lot just to get myself places because I can't sit still... I'll have a cookie if your grandma offers me one, I'm not that strict. I feel like if you start off by slowly cutting sugar and carbs you'll do wonders

Molasor Rosalom

I have a few things in my favor, I love working out, genetics, and I literally don't have a sweet tooth. Never had one, even as a kid. Maybe its a weird psychological thing.

Styx Dragon Charon

I am that skinny friend... I eat whatever I want... what I want to eat is usually low calorie and high in vitamins... Kale is AWESOME steemed with a little balsamic is a good side on a day that ends in "y". broccoli works too... if you don't like it don't overcook it.... and for the love of <insert random> season it. If I take a steak and overcook it (well done and then some) with no seasoning... monstrous right? Don't do that to broccoli. I like to use balsamic vinegar with most cooked veggies... but butter salt work too... rosemary and well Italian seasoning is boss in this bit.

So here's the problem... I moved to a colder climate and feel like I'm starving all the time. Now I have to force myself to eat more fat and carbs... (I ate a whole loaf of sourdough yesterday.... don't tell the wife). I have spent decades knowing how much to eat and what... now I'm in a climate that can get down to freezing and I eat all the snack food. I'm 161cm (5' 3" ish) and 50 kg (111 lbs) yes I'm tiny. though when I could run and go to the gym I got up to like 57 kg (125lbs) <insert joke about how I used t be able to run a 5-minute mile> ...it sounds cooler in IU...

Ericka Vaughn

As someone who has been naturally skinny my whole 19 years. I can confirm for me it has always been my fast metabolism. Which I got from my dad. But.. I developed depression when I was 18 and even before the depression set in I slowly was forming an eating disorder, consumed by the number on the scale. I was already healthy for the most part. Active and self conscious of what I put in my mouth. But once the depression hit I coped by controlling food. I would heavily restrict my food intake. And obsessively exercise. Later that summer of 2019 I started binging. I’d restrict and binge. Eventually evolving to a restrict-binge-purge cycle. I was then sent to a hospital where they had an eating disorder unit. I stayed for 4 weeks. Obviously and unfortunately recovery isn’t linear. And I have relapsed twice. I’m currently struggling again right now. Honestly it’s to the point that I wish I could get hospitalized help again..

Ања Атанасова

I mean i wouldn’t call myself skinny but I’m just going to say my routine:
I wake up at 8 for online classes
I have a carrot at 9
I have a smoothie for breakfast at 12:45pm
I have a salad at 2
And I have dinner at 5

Jasmine Cutts

I do all these things and I never realised ?

Bonnie Bunghole

3:16 so basically katya...

Bougie Good Girl

This is one of the most informative weight loss videos I’ve watched on YouTube! Period!

Miku Sanzein

Imma just say some of my habits since everyone is commenting theirs:
- I always drink water, I just occasionally drink anything that isn't water
- Most of the time I don't eat breakfast because I always wake up late or just too busy with school
- Idk why but sometimes when I eat out with friends, I tend to lose appetite and not eat much or not even eat at all, and have a stomach ache
- Sometimes when I feel hungry in about like 4 pm or so, I don't eat until it was dinner time which is around 7 pm for me
- When I get sick (usually a fever) I don't eat, if I did eat, I will feel bloated and not even near finishing my food
- When I really feel pain in my stomach, I don't eat because I can't really do anything while experiencing the pain

no one

im a teenager in highschool and i have been trying to get toned up! i started at 50 kgs in the beginning of quarantine and now im at 45! not a huge difference but still super proud! i have slight ab definition and arm muscle toning! if i can do it , you DEFENITELY CAN! GOOD LUCK!!!

Hannah Bass

I can relate to the portion control problem. I always ask my bf to get me a much smaller portion than him, because I have no self control.

You expect me to eat a quarter of that pint of icecream and put the rest in the freezer for another day??? If I buy a pint of icecream, im eating all of it.

flowerz x saeran

hello people with ed

Jomi Ting

I feel like skinny girls like to say they eat a lot and they can finish their friend’s food and eat double portion at home. But after saying all of that when I eat with them I feel like they barely touched their food while I stuff my face with the food. It’s really a bit triggering because at first you will think why is it so unfair that I just can’t be slim like them when they eat so much, but in the end, they seem to be just lying about how they eat. It is infuriating. Like I will always eat with them and when they can’t finish their food I will ask “I thought you said you eat a lot and you are always hungry” then they will say I’m full or they will say they don’t feel like eating or they will say I eat a lot already.... like why can’t you just admit that you maintain that skinny figure by eating less without lying your way through....

Rihann’s Universe

This video gives me alot of perspective on my life! I don't know what hunger feels like. I just eat because well... Its fun?? I'm currently trying trying to lose weight and have only lost like 3kg in like a year it must be my eating habits because I burn 1000 calories plus a week but can't seem to lose weight.. Wow, I need to do some discovery about myself and my body. Pray for me yall ?

Park Lili

Why am I crying so hard


"ONLY EATS TO PREVENT DYING" That is sooo funny!

Marcia Musiak

Excellent video. Very eye-opening. thanks.

Iffah Eris

this is bull... my skinny friends they eat like a damn whale. they eat more than i do and they dont even exercise. i think its about the metabolism and not how they eat less ?


Lol yeah I can't do #4. That's wild. I'm definitely going to try the rest of it.

Ayame Lee

My skinny friend doesn’t follow any of these. She literally ate like 7 cake pops throughout the day (by that I mean in the span of an hour or two). Her family gets takeout a lot and she eats a good amount of it. She eats large portions and doesn’t stop when she’s full, complaining that she’s stuffed afterwards but then she goes on and eats something else like five minutes later. She’s always been skinny ever since she was little though so genetics might have a play in that.

Michelle Johnson

For some reason people just have a stronger satiety or gut to brain signaling of the hormone leptin and they HATE TO EAT WHEN THEY REACH THAT LIMIT! Bigger people don't have that same biological hard wiring so it is more challenging to portion control.


Anyone else find it lowkey unsettling how obsessed this person is with their skinny friends and their habits

Zaira Chowdhury

I feel like what this video means and what this person is observing is that their “skinny” friends are really just listening to their bodies and intuitively eating. That’s basically means they eat what they want when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. It’s a very valuable tool and one that insures you eat what your body needs and that’s it. I believe that this video, taken the wrong way is quite harmful and that what you really should do is start intuitively eating. This, if you don’t know where to start/ don’t know how to intuitively eat, may be hard to achieve so I would recommend following influencers who promote intuitively eating and can teach you or to contact and work with a nutritionist. Starving yourself/ following hundreds of obscure diets to be “skinny” honestly is draining and will ultimately not lead to proactive and healthy things. Lose weight for health reasons. Healthy should be the new beautiful. Don’t take your health for granted. And just to comment on starving yourself if you think that is the way to get “skinny”: Starving yourself can lead to many health problems and all the pain and distress from that isn’t sustainable. Take care of yourselves because fitting the societal norm is honestly not worth your health.

Ollie Kim

i'm consistenly skinny too, but i do the opp of those people.


A prova D'agua

I had a really unhealthy past with food and gave it so much power. Today, after lunch I crave sweets (im a sweet tooth) but if I ate a candy bar every time I wanted I would have diabetes by now, so I chew on some gum so that I take the salty taste out of my mouth and get the feeling that I ate sweets

emily rosebery

Nope nope who eats 1 or 2 chips, I will eat the whole bag in one sitting. I do believe I have a fast metabolism because my husband has made a comment about how my weight has maintain the same in the last 4 years, while his has gone up dramatically that he has returned to the gym.


3:27 couldn’t relate more. I haven around 300 calories a day because I simply never think of food or crave it. I only eat bcuz it’s a necessity not bcuz it tastes good


I eat a lot of food, as much as my two pinger brothers who are both obese, and I have never gone over 130 pounds (17 btw). guess I get lucky


i’ve had an ed (recovered mostly), but my hunger cues and fullness never really happen? i’ve always eaten when i’m bored, and i honestly never know when i should eat LOL (that’s why i was fat in the first place), but does anyone know how to fix this??? i’ve tried, but i end up thinking abt food more if i try to wait for my stomach to growl or smthn??

Stacey Kersting

DIY GASTRIC BALLOON: Eat an apple before every meal. If u must snack, have an apple. Apples are low cal/hi fiber...keep u full a long time.

Rose Walls

Tips from a skinny gal:
- Have a detox like green tea every morning and night so you will poop everything out each morning ?
-install a water tracking app to calculate how much water to drink and then drink that amount and track it
-If you're over the age of 18 try intermittent fasting
-I drink a smoothie at lunch time yesterday mine had: mango, spinach, banana and milk

eva ingels

Ok wait whutt I don't just have some very high metabolism?

hirai lila

uhh idk i just dance

Witty Vixen

I was like that in high school where I could never gain till I got older. But now I’m back to my early 20s weight. I don’t enjoy eating food as much as other people do. If I eat a donut or some candy it’s not satisfying.
I eat till I’m full and most times I can only finish half and I save it or give the rest to my fiancé.
Only gained when I had health problems like food allergy and drinking too much.
I love eating healthy meals with vegetables, meat, beans and gluten free grains. It’s so satisfying

morose moomin

Why do I always come here to trigger myself bro


I've been skinny and I've been overweight. I'm beginning to think that we all have food issues. Figure out yours are and behave accordingly. As an older woman I only need one meal a day. Unless you're still growing, or a lumberjack, you do not need three full meals. Unless you're trying to gain weight.

Kylee Rouse

I’m skinny/underweight. I don’t usually eat breakfast because my stomach hurts in the morning. The problem is when I eat ‘too much’ I feel like I’m going to throw up. That sounds normal but sometimes I eat like 2 bites before I feel sick. Plus, I forget to eat. I tell myself I HAVE to finish what I am doing before I eat. Then I’m not hungry or forget to eat. This can literally result in me working a 12 hour shift on half a cheeseburger


If I eat too much fat or oil, I feel like vomiting. So even though I love pork, I cant eat much. And I dont like sugar much, I can eat only one doughnut at once. I thought everyone had vomiting sensation when they eat a little more ewe.

Breona Warren

I don’t have a ED but I have mild gastro-paresis. So I have to eat small frequent meals so I am that friend who doesn’t finish their food. The normal portion would never digest in a timely manner. I’d be full for hours. Like I can take 10 bites & be full. I try to combat this by not drinking at meals & eating a variety. My stomach is slow to empty therefore i would still have food left in my stomach whereas another person’s would have digested. I hate it but hey it’s life ??‍♀️

Frances East

I split a rice crispy treat with my roommate today because it was more than I wanted to eat right now. I guess I just wanted to eat some but not all and thought he might like some too. I'm always sharing snacks. I'm 5'3ish and 103 lbs and like to do a lot of outdoors stuff.

Ellie McGowan

I wish I was one of those people that saw eating as a chore :(

Sónia Marques

I relate a bit when this guy says that eating disturbs his flow. I feel awful when I eat three meals or more a day because I get bloated and have no energy. A normal day for me to feel amazing would be to not eat until 2pm and then only eating again late at night before bed.


to everyone who is reading this just remember that you are beautiful and that you are loved and don't change your self for anyone else

Lilly Nguyen

I think a lot of people believe actions and thinking are nurtured and can be achievable if well practiced. However, your brain is the drive that make you do/think. The brain is made up of your own DNA/genetics. Some people do things better than other because they are hard wired that way. Of course there are extreme cases of people overpowering their own genetics, example: monks that can fast for weeks, can mentally heat up their bodies in wintertime with no need of clothes. Please know that those practices take a lifetime to achieve, you are capable of overcoming your brain command, however it is nearly impossible unless you are guided in a proper way. That’s why people need therapy to overcome addiction (not just with drugs) and stay mentally healthy. The work of Robert Plomin can bring great understanding about Behavior Genetics in Neuroscience field

Mara Henao

i'm not like skinny skinny, like medium (currently still losing baby weight from last baby) but I usually between weight 135-145lbs ( currently 160) at 5,6. I wake up very early like 630am (i have three 3 kids) but I don't have breakfast every morning, really depends, sometimes i don't eat until 11am and sometimes i am very hungry bf is usually oats or eggs or avocado toast or corn cakes.
Lunch really depends, most likely soup or stew (i make lots once or twice a week) with a side rice (i love rice)
And dinner depends also, sometimes a salad, or a sandwich or a roasted dinner etc
Snacks, depends on the day, i bake a lot with my kids, so we make bread or brownies or cookies and I'd snack that or veggies with hummus or yogurt etc
we order out like twice a week but i don't really like cuz i usually get really sick from fast food.
I also move a lot, pre-covid i used my bike as my transportation(I have a wagon for my kids) biking anywhere from 6 to 15 miles daily, i'd run like 15 miles a week, lift weights 3 times per week and do some kind of sport.
Now covid times and plus a new baby is being more challenging, but i am trying a walk with the baby in the morning, take my toddler to the handball park to practice on her scooter and i practice on my skates and at night time i go on a run with my oldest. i also lift for 1 hr almost daily.
On the weekends we go on outings like parks, trails or something like that.

Arun Bharatula

Food in (e.g. amount eaten) minus food used (e.g. exercise) = change in your weight

iris perrault

oh god here comes the ed again

Grace Louise

I used to not be able to resist that cake, or those sweets, or fizzy drinks, when I saw them. Then I started taking intermittent fasting more seriously (no excuses or exceptions) and let me tell you- I began losing weight after a week, I never feel hungry before my usual eating window, I feel fuller quicker and for longer, I get less bloated and sore, my sleep quality has improved, and I stopped feeling guilty about my diet. Intermittent fasting helped me become more aware of my emotions, mentality, and spiritual attachment to unhealthy food- I hope it helps you too.

Milly Robinson

For anybody wanting to lose weight healthily while eating I emphasise this : EXERCISE. Over lockdown I gained about 1/2 a stone and went quite chubby (bear in mind I am about 5"9 and still growing). Once I got back to school and I was doing up to 5 hours of active exercise (running, hockey and netball) I lost that 1/2 stone and it is visibly noticeable. Exercise made all the difference. I am still eating what I ate before (if more) - BEAR IN MIND I am 5"8-5"9 so just this may not work for everyone STAY STRONG YOU CAN DO THIS


So, that’s what I need to do

Emma Koehler

Eating very little can damage your matabolism, and you may not get the nutrition you need. So just make sure you are eating good nutritious foods everyday.

CrIMson Red

I mean these are definitely exception I have seen skinny boys and girls who literally eat in the canteen everyday and don't do am ounce of phy activity and are still skinny legends. Lol I m overweight and guess what I am doing about it? Eating less and workout! Unfairness in this world exist, the sooner u get over it the better. There are rich ppl and poor ppl. Privilege exists for a reason. Just work extra hard to overcome that gap. ❤️

cookie killer

I am more or less skinny (I weight 52 kg) but my problem is that I REALLY overeat (I don't only say this it is the truth...) I usually eat that much that I feel like throwing up (NOT the "omg I ate so much I need to throw it up again to stay skinny" ).

Yes, this was just a text about me so that a can reflect on myself

Harini S

Lol I'm the friend who puts away bubble tea. All my friends think i's weird but the bubbles are so filling. I legit can't help it. If we get bubble tea after lunch, I'll skip dinner cause I physically can't eat anymore. I know bubble tea looks like "just a drink" but it's actually so calorie loaded and suuuper filling if you drink it slow enough. Especially if you're out with friends and chatting and walking, there's no way you'll be focused enough to finish the whole thing by yourself.

Sharif Al Humaid

I'm still thin in my early 40s, and all of the habits listed apply to me. Good job.


My whole life I’ve been really thin and have struggled to gain weight to get a normal bmi. These are my habits:
- I eat breakfast around 11 am and don’t eat much, cause I don’t feel really hungry in the morning
- I eat really slow. I like to enjoy my meal. I also chew a lot. (I read somewhere that if you chew a lot, you tend to eat less, I think that’t why I get full fast)
- I stop eating before I get too full, I hate that feeling you get when you ate too much.
- I rarely snack, because I don’t want to ruin my appetite
- I don’t eat before I get hungry.
- I often eat fast food, but after that meal I don’t get hungry till the next day
- I like to eat something sweet after my meal, but I only eat one cookie or one piece of chocolate


Loool I cant finish snacks. A bag of crisps or sweets will last me 1 week.

Linda W

Or we have fast metabolism....


I’ve been waiting for new videos about skinny people(their habits + what they eat)??. I’m glad you uploaded that ?


Thanks! I needed to hear this. I started my journey a few months ago, but right now I’m in a slump and I’m struggling to keep up my healthy habits. But videos like this help me get my motivation back, so thank you!

Ana Valeria Chirinos Cálix

"Skinny friend" here:
-I ALWAYS make sure that whatever I've been eating throughout the day, is balanced and make sure to not eat something similar again. For example: If I had a sweet breakfast like pancakes, or toast with jam and something else, fruit, or unflavored Cheerios (for me that's still sweet bc of the milk) I avoid eating anything sweet for the rest of the day. And if I eat something sweet, it's probably a snack my mom brought me or just fruit. Same applies to any other kind of food (except vegetables. Eat as many of those as you can!)
-Make sure that vegetables make up half of my plate.
-Avoid fatty foods. If I eat something fatty it's probably the only thing like that you'll catch me eating in a while.
-DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF W A T E R Homemade juice is amazing for lunch but other than that W A T E R (my friends actually tease me a lot about this cause I refill my water bottle atleast 3 times a day or we probably went to the bathroom together and they heard a lot of noise from my pee lol)
-This is similar to the previous one. But yes. Keeping a water bottle with you (as big as you can) instead of having glasses of water from time to time is better.
-Exercise. Atleast 30 minutes. Maybe you do small sessions throughout the day and that's good. Most of the time I've seen people with the mentality of "Ok I did SO MUCH EXERCISE TODAY I won't have to do any for a while" bs
-I usually go for stretching exercises and dancing to Kpop choreos pretty intensely but exercises to tone body parts are a must.
-Cook for yourself as much as you can. And I'm talking single portions. When I make food for many people, I tend to grab more, but if I make for myself only, I have better portion control and feel more satisfied. Also you're just free to make the food however you want bc there aren't any restrictions of "Oh she doesn't like this" or "He can't have this" etc.
-Eating at night is not a sin. If you feel hungry go for a small serving of anything (preferably savory) Starving yourself can actually cause bloating and you just won't feel good even if you think it's better to not eat. And there's no time restriction. If you're hungry, eat.
-If you're hungry, eat. You have to be hungry to eat. To keep you going. Don't just eat out of boredom or pleasure. It may seem hard but think of it as "I'm not eating so maybe I can do something else rn or maybe even exercise for a bit" You don't need to push yourself. Relax.
-If you don't have a naturally fast metabolism, you can train yours to be. From all of the habits I mentioned earlier. Now, I can't say I eat THAT healthy, but, I definitely bloat less and if I do, it goes by quick (either magically or down the toilet)

Hope this helps a lot of people :)


This video just gave me such a rude awakening? my relationship with food is toxic

Pau Mateii

People are talking about weight loss and skinny stuff but what about us who are trying to gain? I can't seem to keep food. Everything I eat keeps disappearing.

laurel jade

never been overweight in my entire life but I enjoy your videos.


I remember the story of the lady who ate 2 M&Ms and put the rest of the bag in her purse.


what kind of MONSTER eats just two chips?!

Samantha Alexander

hey ngl this channel is helping a lot with my weight loss journey i kinda hit a wall at 230 and now im slowly loosing weight again thanks :))) im currently 227 and its been about a week but i cant wait to finally be able to shop at stores like victorias secret and hollister

Burger Sandwich

I'm not skinny why am I watching this