How to learn to box


LEARN HOW TO BOX22 Mar. 2018
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Learn how to Box using

Learn how to Box using good basic techniques.

These skills have taught many great fighters from day 1 in the gym.

This video is for beginner boxers who would like to learn correct boxing skills.

The Boxing Stance, Boxing Basic Footwork,Boxing The Jab,Throwing the Power Hand,Straight Punches. How to Box part 1

Boxing in Brisbane


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Top stuff Gareth.

Jesse Brunel

Gareth, you should do a video on what kind of workouts you could do at home and stuff. Basically what @RunRoyal said. @theboxingshop01

Learn How to Shadowbox for Boxing, MMA, and Street Fighting

Learn How to Shadowbox for Boxing, MMA, and Street Fighting5 May. 2014
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In this video I teach how

In this video I teach how to properly shadowbox for different combat sports or if you're just looking for a good workout. Shadowboxing is pretty much the best way to practice how to fight and how to get ready for a fight. Some key points when shadow boxing are: keep it realistic to a real fight, stay active, keep your hands up & chin tucked, and focus on perfecting your technique!

SUBSCRIBE before your opponent does►http://full.sc/1bsPRTI

Remember to imagine your opponent in front of you when practicing your footwork, boxing punch combos, Muay Thai knees, kicks, and other MMA techniques. Also, it's not only about throwing a ton of punches, but focusing on good movement and defense, proper breathing, and strategy.

Get your own fighTIPS shirts►http://full.sc/1hJEmr2

You can shadow box before and/or after any workout. It is a great way to get physically and mentally warmed up for a full body workout. Fit in at least 3 rounds with your shadowboxing!

Get more fight tips by following Shane at►

Facebook | http://full.sc/1oyWAAF

Twitter | http://full.sc/1mCEOuk

Instagram | http://full.sc/1hhwtuJ

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Louis Imisson

That editing was slick, cheers for the video!?


My shadow has been blackmailing me for about a week now, and now I think I’m ready to take him on thanks to this video. Wish me luck.

Lil Sickboy

Nm tudom látja e valami magyar de neki elmondom segítségnek higy nézze meg mikőzben kiszúrja az egyeneseket a bordájat elfelejti védeni ha valaki belép neki bordara mert első ütés utan szabadlesz az álkapcsa és utána még az altove ahol végig fut az ideg egy jól mert csapot űtéstől és egyből bealjul

BigPackin Jackson69

0:06 me when granny talkin shit

Nathan the Toy kid

I was shadow boxing and my shadow fucked me up


Damn I feel like john wick just whooped 4 imaginary enemy's ass

Shean A.

Hi guys pls can i have favor i need globes can't afford ?

Brandon Georges

Anyone else lose to their shadow

David _

Thanks! Air didnt stand a chance against me?


Yo I showed this too my dad and my mom doesn't have a chance now


I thought I was gonna learn shadowboxing but he up and used shadow clone jitsu and fought himself, damn

Gladson Mendes

You should be a public speaker


directions unclear i got knocked out and got my clothes stolen


Anyone here from athlean x's week 2 program trying to make sure they don't look like a complete idiot in the gym?

InnerwestLad 21Guradian

My shadow for some reason was punching the floor why?


One time I lost my balance while kicking and fell, because of that I gat knocked out. Basically I got knocked out while shadow boxing.

Pratik Rai

Kholing caught


instructions unclear, shadow is my freind i will not hurt them.


When your self confidence so low that your shadow knocks you out

Touch Me

I don't imagine there are opponent, I just throw a combination and then do guards for the same combination....

Unknown Seizure

I keep trying but my shadow doesn't want to face me, he's always behind me copying my every move

melchor balaoro

Bro your the best thank you very much


0:43 low res shane doesnt exist, he cant hurt you. low res shane:

Chris Stainsby

Cant make this up check it out now https://zip1ink.com/8s

brother xela

1:40 MMMA

Ryan P

Have you ever lost a street fight

Brandon Motley

Looking good man.


Never too late huh

Robel Benyam

u could've been a champion men.


should i bounce in place

Joey Vuitton

I thought Gary V was getting it in


hot and cute

Mh Rab

What if your shadow fights back?

Jordan Gavit

You know mike Tyson thinks that he’s so great I’d like to see him come through my window and smash my face into the keydndjfnsksjdjslsndncickapanfjfosksjdkfifnsnskdncnfjfkdksljdnddkc doensnb

Derpy Bird


Lucas Baluyut

i can’t be the only one who shadow boxes in the shower


I don’t know how but, my shadow opponent beat me. It was a knockout. It was effortless.

Vince Guzman

WtF is this lol

Greg whitehead

another thing this helps with is hyperextension... great video man!

Yissela Menjivar

1:02 he said its mental ?


Takedown fighting with a mix of jujitsu and street fighting let me take down a person


Dude was fighting himself

Iceman Esmalla

Question..do u lock ur elbows and knees when punching and kicking respectively?

papua merdeka

One questions sir, what happen to your eye?

frank valenzuela

They will think your crazy though


I'm taking on air guitar next.

Slowed Mac’out

Most popular video


The right kick to the midriff looks good or deadly ?

Josevictor Hermosillo

He said it was and mma fight but then he says a ring but mma fights are in a cage I’m I missing sum


I showdow box at night i got arrested for punching black people out of knowhere.


At age 16 my imagination is not what it used to be

Daniel Lynch

Think how dumb this guy looks just shadow boxing in a park

Benny Jr.

Here for a P.E. project.

Super kel

fucking nerds all over the comments

Ant ivey

How does your online fight stuff work is it video tutorial or one on one coaching

Travis Hernandez

Turned the lights off and I got my ass kicked.

Iori Yagami

Instructions not clear my shadow knocked me out.

Not Akim

I had tired enough of this shadow things following where I go, now its time to beat that shadow ass

Pratik Rai

Yugen caught


personal lessons ? I got my own plane

Graciela Meraz

5 year old me pulls out AK 47's

Lae Loni

Uuuh I'm not mental


Hunter Hall

I guess I am suppose to teach myself


I thought shadow boxing was when u start boxing your shadow

brown scroom

My friend told me shadow boxing is to see how fast your shadow can go, then my brother said shadow boxing is fighting your shadow, then i found this

Zakiyyah Gates

Who else had a fight on Friday but school ended early because of Corona and now you wish you had the rush

Arginel' Gamerz

I was knockout by shadow

Josh Ninja

Best Shadowboxing (Kickboxing) and Great Technique in Martial Arts ?Combat Sport and Pure Gold. ????

ceker ayam

Does shadow box really working in real real life?

Maryam Murthasa

What do you think about this? Any comments please..

Nikos Piperakis

I really have to practice more the shadow knocked me out in 5 seconds


Fuck..my shadow is strong

Geometric Temples

I went to shadow box and realized I have no shadow, I must be a ghost. Love the tips keep uptake good foot work

Its Chaotic

this dude is beyond boxing he needs to go to the ufc

New change unlisted_viewer

0:44 me vs me

Cassius Saldana

Me: shadowboxes
Ghost in the corner: damn he gots some moves
Me. Does spinning kick
ghost gets hit in the corner

Trixie HydeFan

My name is Ootak Zobiakinas I’m the god of nature and I have beaten up millions of enemies and allies have all died I’m 275 years old

Grim Stride

Before I watch it while the ad plays my thoughts on Shadow boxing is try to be faster than your shadow.


My shadow knocked me out


Just here for the comments


Fuck u ads

Ray Mcclendon


Adam Sanchez

Let me tell you. This comment section is gold.

Hunter Hall

So is this a learn how or you just showing good skill?

Andre Michael Pietroschek

You deliver what the title promised. But I am a crippled ex-homeless by now, no longer a martial artist. I look for shadow-boxing I can do late at night, silently (my neighbors have ears & their own life schedules). If you wanna practice narrating: You could imagine telling it to kids, or you could go storytelling #fiction, to improve your voice-on-the-job. Thank you!

Tipsto Man

I love the video, but one thing I think would be hilarious is imagining what the neighbors would be thinking???

ayakta anlatıyorum anlamayınca yatırıp anlatıyorum

Head movement

Puyear Prod.

Shadow box while holding weights

Base Kori

I always pretend I'm fighting like vegeta or freiza or something

दिद्रोही रामगढ़िया ।

I m watching your video in jail .

Genaro Neris

Instructions unclear; dick stuck in toaster.

Keep fit with Aaron

Great workout Shane check out my recent shadow boxing tutorial? https://youtu.be/qJyofdMudKQ


I shadow box in the dark (so nobody can see me)


Put on some motivational / rap and just train combos and slip and just chill


Thanks now the virus stands no chance against me.


I had no coach before I knew this channel... Love your tips Shane
Love from Pakistan


Lmao these comments bro


Thank u so much this is so helpful

razering fire

I am creeped out

FightingToThePoint 4u

Who else likes shadowboxing more than the heavybag

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Comments (100)

I am 14 and I’ve been boxing for 2 years ,I’m a southpaw so it’s not so good for other people, I’m the only girl in the gym mostly and I train everyday for 3 hours except Saturday,who wants to get to olympics 2020 Tokyo!!!!!girl power!!

Sam Rahmati

You look at boxing as meditative ?
Like when you get lunch in the face that's relaxing let's say ?


I box 24/7

Gregory Cooper

I like the little one. Beat me up girl!!!!!!

juana cortez


Belem Jean

So cute

Claires Corner Art

I always wanted to get into boxing, I could never do it as a sport (it’s not my thing) but I would LOVE to do it as a workout! ❤️?

hogg xoxo

I go to Boxing club


I actually wanna try boxing

Damo Dharan

I have a bag I workout every other day

Barbara New York

I box and I also kickbox,it's a good workout, I also competed in boxing and kickboxing twice.


I do boxing ?

Luna Shadow

I’m fourteen and rlly wanna start boxing


never learn boxing from people who enter the ring like this :06
and this :14 this isn't the WWE lol

Resiifan44 44



Very Nice girls

Rashune Knight

I took a class and it was really fun

Rhonda's Craft Obsessions

I live in Missouri and go to 24/7Gym. Recently, my trainer introduced me to kickboxing and I love it! I love to sweat! I love the exhaustion I feel after a workout! I also love the focus!

Temper Hollow

The best instructor!

londiwe mpofu

I want to start boxing 18years old now

Resiifan44 44

haha süss wie die Girls rumhüpfen?


Miaauuuu :)

Nicolle Almeida

I started almost a month ago and I love it, I’m addicted to it.

Emily Brookes

I go to a boxing club twice a week for two hours a session it’s a intense workout

Claire Mackenzie

I go to a boxing gym buy it has acro and cherleding but I always get messed up on the Huck.

Tony Harvey

I have my own punch bag but can not work out as I have broken ribs at the min


This was so much fun watching our tone up girls...Now I want to learn how to kickbox.

Hi it’s Naomi

Does kickboxing count

hogg xoxo

And i am only 8 years old

chelsea fc


Sonessa Darrah

I do boxing

Marlena Kazmierczak

I am in kickboxing in boxwolf

Gotah Gemini

You made this look so much fun! The trainer is also awesome!


Omg you make me feel powerful because you are just so inspirational to me because when I grow up I want to be a UFC fighter just like ronda and Conor McGregor so thank you so so much ladies and you are real wonder women!.

Paige Werden

I started boxing because there was a club at my school and it was a lot of fun. It was a short club and it ended a week ago. I'm sad but I can't go and do it somewhere cause my parents can't afford it ?

Hazel chavez

I am about to start boxing and I am obsessed I haven't been keeping up with Tone it up videos ?


I've had 5 USA Boxing amateur fights and 1 pro MMA fight (main event too :D). So far... hehe


doing boxing for almost a month now ?

Amber Boxing

I’ve been training since I was 6 and I’m now 15 and it’s so addictive I haven’t taken a break since I started

Elle Darling

I liked the combo, but I was expecting this to be more of a workout

Gajanan Adling



They're funny??

Lashorna Washington

yes Rock it awesome

Resiifan44 44


Felicia Sumner

I box twice a week

Anita Vankova

I'll have my first fight in 2 weeks? I'm so excited and I love you girls ❤

Rodrigo comar bonfochi


Roshni Chippa

I really want to learn boxing so interesting tho ☺️

E .R

I love boxing

Evan 07

I do boxing at writs venue

tanisha g

My first boxing class is next week!

Pippa and Caitlin

I do boxing all the time I love it

Avery Sanders

If these girls took one punch they would get knocked out. Boxing can be fun but they were not even doing the moves and steps right. They would get CRUSHED in a fight. They care more about how they look then what they are even doing. At least it seems that way. Who knows, maybe they're tougher than they seem but I doubt it.

Chotika Thongchai

I go to boxing

machione Ginger

ive been boxing for almost a yr now and your right it is addictive

احمد بصره

أكو عرب بل طيارة

Royale Ophelia

I am seven and i bo

Ranim Abdelli

Love you kick boxing?


karena WOULD do that corner ring water scene lol

Hester Liong

boxing since 2 years ago..

Body By Jay

3:20 OMG, you ha d me cracking up! LOL


I got street boxing matches on my youtube channel......shinebabyfilmz


I'd like to throw up on the both of them.

Grant Hirobumi

My boxing coach always says girls learn way faster than guys. They have less ego, and don't try to be Mike Tyson from day 1 lol

Deba Dev

Loooooooved the boxing thank you for sharing

Tanya Godinho

they were laughing and not even taking it seriously!!

Kaytlyn Martinez

Anyone else been doing it since you were a little kid :) dad showed me before I even learned to read XD

Muskan Chouhan

Does kickboxing count ? Cause if it does, I take kickboxing

Jean Callahan

I go to a gym called Striking Beauties

Rita Potts

I box in setnta Ireland co Kildare

Imaan Arshad

I love ur boxing workouts they are soooo cool!!!?

Adam Gibson

Haha this is awesome ! These girls are hilarious. This makes me want to start boxing today.


I Box

lulu Bella

It's 2020 now and in a few days I'm gonna be 16 I want to learn how to box and also where is that boxing gym where you guys went I wanna go their and also I wanna train with you .


I wish i could box

Zabuza Momochi

Looool stick to cooking ladies


I really want to be badass like you guys and i want to box. But i dont have a boxing place like that. I want to learn at my house. Ive got boxing gloves, is it possible to learn the basics in boxing amd get good at home?

Hansika Vijayaraghavan

i'm in a intro boxing class at my college now and it's so much fun! I can't wait to take intermediate boxing next semester!

Mohamed Kuthubudeen

This female trainer is great, compared some make trainer.

Kelsey Jacks

I LOVE this and have always wanted to box. My husband and I are looking into me starting classes when I get my RN next year and these videos are great insight/ prep. Thanks K&K <3


Love this video! Just subbed <3 x

Kalel311 superman

Good job Ladies

Ryan Kasnan


Eli Nicholas

Im very focused on it even when it hurts i dont stop im sweating as hard and im still going its a very good sport and its quite good for cardio I LOVE MUSIC AND BOXING i am focused on both i love school not many people do

Qûte one

I wanna be a boxer to protect my self from a lot of monsters
can you guys tell me how and what is the first step plz plz help me. ???????????????????

lixly .x

Im at the Thaipanther Team in Germany ?

Genesis Garcia

they are the ones who need to be taking lessons not giving them

kim passion

I did used to kick box w ma boyfriend till we broke up but I still love doing it

Glenn Nebres jr.

I saw these pretty girls and my expectations went down to the ground, but this trainer is legit. She's not just one of those phony exercise coaches posing as a boxing coach, she seems to really know her stuff. I could see improvement in the two students, just from the beginning of the video to the end. Good job ladies. As an old grumpy boxing coach myself, I am impressed.

My Chi Pham

You guys looked like you had so much fun!


When did y’all start boxing? I’m 16 and want to start kickboxing but I’m too scared that I’ve started to late.

fatma zahra


Hjzhzjzjj Hzhzhzhzhzhjjzjj

yer i just started boxig at morris park boxing gym

E .R

This was such help thanksss

Vinod Rawat

very good . learn with fun .

Dr. Prashant Sharma

1% Boxing training ...99% Usual Girls Routine.?

Gabriel Bereza

Box sucks, it is too young and too imperfect

It’s me

Boxing/kickboxing since 1997.

M. G.

looks so fun!!


They couldn't hurt a fly?