Jeremy piven rocks his hairless body

Rush Hour 2 (3/5) Movie CLIP - Belle of the Ball (2001) HD

Rush Hour 2 (3/5) Movie CLIP - Belle of the Ball (2001) HD27 May. 2011
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Lee (Jackie Chan) and Carter (Chris Tucker) try to buy some suits, but the overenthusiastic salesman mistakes them for a couple.


A surprise box-office smash spawns this inevitably action-packed buddy comedy follow-up that reunites director Brett Ratner with stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Chan is Chief Inspector Lee of the Royal Hong Kong Police, who travels back to China with his American colleague, Los Angeles detective James Carter (Tucker). The men intend to take some vacation time but are quickly pulled into the case of two murdered U.S. customs agents, who were investigating an illegal counterfeiting scam involving Ricky Tan (John Lone), one of the most powerful Triad gangsters in Asia and an old enemy of Lee's. Lee and Carter are soon embroiled in a dangerous mystery that also involves a sexy secret-service agent (Roselyn Sanchez), a billionaire hotel owner (Alan King), a dangerous femme fatale (Zhang Ziyi) and a finale set in a lavish Las Vegas casino.


TM & © Warner Bros. (2001)

Cast: Jackie Chan, Jeremy Piven, Chris Tucker

Director: Brett Ratner

Producers: Roger Birnbaum, Andrew Z. Davis, Michael De Luca, Leon Dudevoir, Toby Emmerich, James M. Freitag, Jonathan Glickman, Darryl Jones, Arthur M. Sarkissian, Jay Stern, Charles Wang

Screenwriters: Ross LaManna, Jeff Nathanson


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Comments (100)

thank you

chillsubzero 21

One of my favorite scenes


Hey watch it sweetness

Stef James


Alex Gabrielian



Dude. Lets put a dead animal on you. Haha. I love all three of these dudes. Piven is always fantastic. Chan is super badass. And Tucker is always funny.


"Let's put a dead animal on you..." OMG that was hilarious..although PETA freaks might not think so

Are you Serious

I need to see the bloopers to this scene lol


Calling Lee Lil Kim is.hilarious


thatt black guy ,he sounds like michael jackson ,

Mihir Modak


Alejandra Sanchez

Jeremy Piven killed this ???

Waldo P Schmeer

Tiny scene, but Piven killed it lol

Ahmed K Ibrahim

Right you and your family


one of the greatest scenes ever!

Fresh Prince

One of my all time favorite movie scenes ?

Mark R

Funniest scene


Jeremy Piven is hilarious in this scene.


Lmfaooooo ???

Alexandre Silva

Chris Tucker was hilarious, Kevin Heart is the Ghost Busters reboot version of him


I can still see Ari Gold in there

truth teller

Chris is the funniest fella ever


Jackie: "He likes you." ?

Nigel Midnight

funny thing is.. the richest man in this whole movie is jackie chan.. hes a multi billionaire.. even tho his movie income is only $400 million.. his other business and endoresements and his well known name makes him more money than just $400 mill

Celestino Magana

2001 it was a great year to me except 9-11

Troy Street

I watch this whole movie for this scene

Nehemiah Mendoza

Honeycups hahaha



mitul dani

Is there anything that Jeremy Piven cannot do !?

Żivêt Updated

“As well as they should be” ANSKAKSHAKXBX ?????????


You should see him preparing for this one scene. He was straight up hilarious.

P. Charmin

You'd have to watch the retakes. Chris Tucker kept laughing nonstop and they had to keep cutting. I believe it's here on YouTube...I don't blame him lol


I’m not shoppin witchu no mo

Charles Medalla

So Ari Gold became Lloyd

Ken's Garage



And now it's a pith helmet. LOL, I can only image what the conversation was about beforehand.

Informatique Ancaster Mason

Lol !


Jeremy Piven is so underrated. I really wish he'd have been cast in more movies, because the guy is hilarious.

Andrew Glass

Jeremy Piven is so underrated as an actor.....

The lone Soldier

Prison Mike lol

Alpa Chino

When I see this guy I always rememer that Entourage scene where he was managing his anger management issues in his car with that gong sound.."Ahhhmm..I will not let anyone see the darkness inside of me."????



Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

0:38 just... everyone's general surprised expression is hilarious


Honestly, my favorite part lmao. LIL KIM ???


Jeremy Pitven was underused on this movie


-i am gonna turn you two into belle of the ball...
-thank you...

Fabian Ladouceur

Done , dead , gone xD omfg

Cristian Mercado

Why not make him a skin walker



Jack Coppa

“Lil kim” ???


i need to watch these first two movies again.

Arnie San Diego

This scene takes it all.

Anthony Camuccio

as well they should be.....always gets me

daniel maldonado

“You got the mochaccino face” ?

Timmy Corini

ohhhhh jesus ari gold is squirtinggg


I was expecting him to shout "LLOYD!!!" at any minute


Li: There are a lot of men chasing us.
Saler: As well they should be, because I am going to turn you two into the Belle of the Ball.
Li: Thank you.



It was a cowboy hat.. now its a pimp helmet

Simone Roman

What size is the waist? Let’s go in! ???

Kevin Smith, the Priest

Prison mike

dave Mustaki

Ripping off Beverly Hills cop

Fisher Kieds

Chris tucker only shops on the Lolita express


So Flute - St. Germain

Present Tense

Jeremy Piven stole this scene from them, and they loved it

Brandon Layne

The blooper segment to this was even funnier

Alexander Carter

This is one of the funniest scenes of all time.

Achii Marselinno

You've got the mochaccino face, wonderful skin , and the big broad shoulders

Osa thecoolest



“It was a cowboy hat. Now it’s a pimp helmet...” Uh what? ?

The Stanimal

Oh my God imagine him and Lloyd together

Bobby John

Wow what a rip off from Beverly Hills Cop.

RPF Creates

I love how Piven seems scared for a second when backing up, but suddenly starts doing the reverse cha-cha moves lmao

Sakigami Jojo

this guy just stole the show in under a minute

Gary Gallant

Absolute genius.

Joey Lor

That guy is the news guy from Scary Movie 3 LOL ??

Jeffrey Abreu

? Cup



salman ahmad

Good childhood time


I love how he matches him with his wardrobe so quickly. The guy knows his stuff. Haha..

mike smith

The reason I don't buy this scene is because of Jeremy Piven wearing that turtle neck in Las Vegas heat.

Steven Foster

My girlfriend and I watch SugarRush on Netflix and whenever somebody says buttercream, I whisper "buttercream buttercream". I has to show her this video so she wouldn't think I'm crazy.


I like to imagine that Ari from Entourage and this character are alternate-universe versions of the same person, and that some day their worlds will cross over and they will meet.

Ethan Aldridge

Hollywood needs to give Jeremy Piven more roles

Rodney Shelly

I'm not shopping with you no mo-Chris Tucker

Steven Rodriguez

A designer croc skin suit will set you back $100k easy. Crazy.

Hector Navarro

I died when Lee said to Carter “he likes you” ????


Just realized this scene is a Beverly Hills Cop ripoff


LMAO i love it too funny

Dio Leu

he mustve consulted Llyod as research for this role

Kyle L

The music in the background is "So Flute" by St. Germain.

Keenen Wyre

As well they should be ???


He only thought they were a couple because Carter called Lee his partner. ?

Maha Balouch

There’s a lot of men chasing us

As well they should be ???

Bradley Alonso

Lol ari gold making fun of lloyd for his gayness. He played one himself


I miss humor like this.

Patrick Neal

What size IS the waist? Let's go in.


I like the one with the horses xD hahahahahhaha




I like how that dude slowly does the moonwalk LOL


This cracks me up every time

The Most Outrageous Confessions On Howard Stern

The Most Outrageous Confessions On Howard Stern25 Jun. 2018
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Howard Stern has cemented his place as a radio legend over the course of a long and controversial career, perfecting the art of making his guests feel relaxed, and prompting them to share very personal stories. In fact, Stern's guests often find themselves answering questions that would never fly in most interviews. Here are some of the most outrageous and shocking celebrity confessions uttered on The Howard Stern Show...

Mr. & Mrs. Smith | 0:23

Madonna's lost love | 1:12

G.I. No | 1:51

Divorce-landia | 2:33

Lauer's true colors | 3:35

Lady Gaga's devil | 4:19

Read more here → http://www.nickiswift.com/31344/outrageous-celebrity-confessions-howard-stern/

Real Lives of Celebrities


Royal Family Members Who Are Poorer Than You Thought


Why People Are Worried About Melania Trump


6 Things You Don't Know About Kate Middleton


This Is How Much Money Prince Harry Actually Has


Donald And Melania Trump's Most Cringeworthy Moments


The Untold Truth Of Ivanka Trump


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Plenty of entertainment brands tackle Hollywood, but Nicki Swift stands apart in style and smarts. Spending time with us is like hanging out with friends who keeps the conversation clever, quick, and classy. We dish out the good stuff on all your favorite celebs, add expert analysis, then move on to the next hot topic, all without breaking a sweat.

Comments (100)

Will Smith and his wife... well that didn't age well

You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

You might hate stern, but he's a great interviewer. Always has been.

Jack Lyons

If jada pinkett was to have an affair with howard stern i would be happy ?????

Alex Lund

Holy shit Lady Gaga did drugs!!? I cant believe it ?

Slick Mic

Madonna said when she was dating Tupac she was feeling very gangster!!!??????

Joseph Mcdonald

I get that but if you signed a 3 movie deal you gotta do the 3 movies can't not go to work without getting a little bit of shit on your hands

Slordar House

1:00 “its clearly working for them”. 2020, allow me to introduce myself.

2SaltyDicks Fishing

You mean lady Gaga is the project of massive amounts of drugs? Shocking.

Chris Thomas

Madonna has had more wieners in her than the kitchens at Nathan's Famous


Stern a liar, a rapper on his show and said that about madonna and 2pac. Think it was snoop dog

Shaun Riley

Gaga is one of the worst things to happen to society.

Rania Youssef

How Killuminati 2pac dated Illuminati Voodoo doll is beyond me!

Eddie Hall

hate him



Dum Dum

He sucks


Will Smith has a unusual relationship with his wife. Of course their marriage is open, she's a nobody and he's a superstar. She is essentially functioning as his "beard".... it's not "other women" that Jada is turning a blind eye towards

B Sykes Beats

Tupac and Madonna was known before the Stern interview

Dave G

Madonna's lips are so messed up here she can barely talk.

Captain Caveman

I can't believe Madonna hasn't croaked yet. She is pure SLAM PIG. Una puttana schifosa.

Wayne Rembert

He should confess that he's a shill for the establishment.


I wouldn't bang with Madonna with a ten foot poll...lol.

Tim Thompson

God, how I hate the Smith Family. Sick to death of hearing about their bullshit.

ML Cosplay

Man that Jada Smith part did not age well

Nimai Saren

All celebrities lie during interviews


Danm Tupac took all these womans Souls and still has them till this Day

Rob Hernandez

Maria Minunos when she said she does anal!

Travis Rowe

Everyone knew pac dated Madonna

John Koziol

Matt Lauer is WAY, TOO full of himself!!!

justsayin stuff

what happened to madonna's teeth/mouth?

Spencer Drake

Let us have a moment for Will...

Jacaso Asheland

Tiny Tim Admitted he wore Diapers!! that's better than any of these


You love hating on Stern. You wish you had 1/10th of his talent!

Who Cares

Seeping septic piles are funnier than this twerp.

Ryan Anthony

I thought everyone knew Madonna dated Tupac before the Stern interview??



mark ward

This didn’t age well

Axel Holy

the rules are so different when you're rich

harold 72

Yeah.....I foresee another confession coming from Jada.


I dont know who any of these people are


this is incredible mind blowing shake the foundation of my life stuff...i'm goin to go lie down, I think I might have gotten ptsd


Robin, is so underrated and super hot still.


I first thought this was going to be similar to WatchMojo videos, where they never show you any clips and talk over everything. Thank god it wasn't, was actually much more entertaining to watch. Thank you Nicki Swift for not being like WathcMojo.

Kathyrn Spencer

These celebrities have no idea what most of the population goes thru


Madonna is pure trash.

sean lee

Stern's a sell-out!


What nonsense here ,who in their right mind would have anything but the most incredible disdain for Matt Lauer , or the dude who married Elizabeth Moss , he looks like PeeWee Herman for christ sake, obvious puff stories and out right lies to perpetuate a certain people into maintaining stardom.

Jack Michael Daley

Madonna looks like a Siamese Cat with her face pulled back to her ears.

Christopher Cruz

Robin is two face.

Brian Kenpachi

Just play the clips next time. Lots of filler for time. Quit after 1 minute of this junk.


Crap video

Sand Hanitizer

Msybe lady Gaga should have stayed on the yips, her old music was great but the shit nowadays is whacked out


madonna dated 2pac??

Antwan Taylor

Jada oh Jada....Will oh WILL

Callum Walker

John Cena should have been on this list

James Smith

Nodonna is only saying that she slept with Tupac coz he's dead and can't verify. She's playing off his fame. Trying for another come up!

matthias stephens

Number 1 should be Howard confessing he wears a wig but then again noone would be surprised by that.

scottbaylo is 44 and waiting to die

Study this thumbnail carefully. Ok, ready for this? Howard is damn near 70, has jet black poodle hair that somehow never seems to grow, or change style at all. Yet still claims it's NOT a wig... BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAaaaaaaaaa........ Now THAT'S comedy!


Yawn ?I could put together a much better list.....

André Ljunggren

Ms. Illuminati dates Mr. Killuminati? What year was this?


The reason people vote for Trump is that they despise the asinine policies of the democrat party. Open borders, no thanks; sanctuary cities, no thanks; encouraging illegal immigration and illegal immigrants, no thanks; murdering unborn defenseless human beings, no thanks. There is absolutely nothing the democrats offer this country except hate of anyone who has the audacity to disagree with them. What actual policies are there that the democrats have put in place or promise voters that make any sense at all?

Hacksaw Havoc

Was this ivideo about kurt cobain?

Jeffery's Mom!!!

Are you kidding???....These are the most shocking you guys could find?


Stern, like Kiss, should of retired in 2001. xoxo The Clarences


Wow nothing better than hearing a person tell me what other people said instead of letting the clips speak for themselves

Derryl Leverett

Madonna looks like an Alien


rebel squad


There’s a lot more too

Brandon Shelton

These are really boring confessions

Dave Love

Tupac ! I think she is lying ?


Everybody knew Madonna and Tupac was together.

Ed Rod

Wheres the one of tRump talking about having Parties at his Hotel’s with “very young girls... mostly runaways...”

Nick Gertz

Madonna was the biggest hole in Hollywood! Remember all the jokes? More power to her I guess.

Danny Oceans

Theres pics of Pac with Madonna everywhere you can just google for them lol how is this confession ?

Mad Feldor

His show making fun of small penises (yes I cannot write)
Also I fail to understand why he can be .. well.. I fail to understand many people in the world, so go figure. Cheers... PS. He is an idiot like most of the people in the world. Many like shit, shrug.

Kien Nguyen

How are any of these outrageous?

Maxamillian Steele



Easy for Madonna to say that because there is no way to corroborate. I don't believe it. He wouldn't date that hag.


Nicki swift is garbage


lady gaga says doing drugs made her the most creative at the time then says dont do it little monsters ummm

Trollsif Stalin

I was feeling very Gangstuur

Kidane Tower

That doesn’t mean that she approves of will cheating. People are so simple minded

david c smith

I confess I haven’t watched his show for 5 years at least ! Don’t think I missed much!


Open marriage is an oxymoron. Will Smith is a hypocrite if he's doing this crap. He puts himself out there as a "do as I say" kind of guy, and all that comes to mind is ashley madison...


Fred sounds like a psychopath that is good at impersonating a normal human being.

Fury Godwin

? 2Pac and Madonna ?

Ricky Jay

Couric would've knocked on the door to get passerby's attention. Matt "Do you like it dry?"

Victory Saber

Please slam them. They destroyed GI JOE!

Julian A

These are so fcking weak


Madonna's lying!

Aleksandar Spasov

Madonna talking shift about somebody that's not there to defend himself


Hopolong Howie


Lady Gaga is truly a talented musician, but as a personality and as a soul she is insipid

Nicki Swift

Which of these confessions blew your mind?

Fuzzy Butkus

Jada is still fine as hell still.

Kolby Davis

Damn that first one didnt age well ???


We all knew Pac was hitting Madonna. In the 80's/90's everyone was banging Madonna.

Jordin Pagel

Was Gaga talking about meth? Sounded like it but never said the drug.


Jada sucks she thinks she's funny.. she's Not

Captain Caveman

Will Smith is a disgrace to the sanctity of marriage and Jada is just a pygmy troll. And his androgynous punk boy Jaden is a screw ball who has no talent whatsoever. If it weren't for the fact that his mommy and daddy are rich and famous he would be on the road living as a groupie for Boy George. And Will Smith is a total cuckold. Open marriage? He must get off on watching his fake ass smurfett wife getting balled by other guys. And she probably goes both ways.

Bill G

Radio legend? Rush Limbaugh is a radio legend. Stern? Meh. Donald Trump Jr. has more Twitter followers than Stern has listeners

Entourage - Entourage

Entourage - Entourage21 Oct. 2013
Subscribe 438 721

Basking in the adulation

Basking in the adulation from his latest movie premiere, Hollywood 'it' actor Vince Chase joins childhood pals Eric, Drama and Turtle to debate the pros and cons of attending their tenth high-school reunion back east.

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