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What Gear do I Need for Deer Hunting?

What Gear do I Need for Deer Hunting?29 Dec. 2016
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In this video I share all

In this video I share all the gear I take with me into the deer woods.

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Under Armor Compression Pants Base Layer - http://amzn.to/2icGRMd

Shirt Base Layer - http://amzn.to/2imDjHL

Second Shirt Layer

Coldgear Crew Neck


Under Armor Outer Jacket


Under Armor Outer Pants


Wicking Sock Layer


Warm Sock Layer


Muck Boots Wetland


Hunting Vest-


Cold Gloves-


Ground Blind Black Gloves


Facemask lightweight


Under Armour Balaclava


Under Armour Neck Warmer


Blaze Orange Hat



Vortex Razor 8x42 Binoculars


Or check out their other models


Hooyman Extendable Saw


Hot Hands Variety Pack


Or just the Hot Hands Toe Warmers (adhesive)


Bore Snake


Flint and Steel


Weatherman Multi Tool

WAVE - http://amzn.to/2icSZfS

Backup Leatherman




Streamlight ProTac



Buckmasters Trident


Knife Mora Craftline


Buck Grunt Tube


Scent Checking Tube


Camera Gear

VLOG DSLR Camera and Mic Combo

Canon 70 D


Canon Point and Shoot


Joby Tripod

DSLR Verion


Small point and shoot version


My EDC Kit

CASE- Maxpedition Micro


Lighter - Bic


Streamlight Keychain Flashlight


Emergency Whistle


PINK (Hi Vis) Duct Tape


Blood Clotting Agent - Celox


Stretch Guaze


Antiseptic Wipes


Bug Wipes


Ear Plugs



Dead Down Wind Soap - http://amzn.to/2hA5VxB

Toms of Maine Toothpaste Mint


Toilet Paper - I don’t use this brand, just thought camo paper was funny!


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Kristin Porter

Its all great gear and awesome for deer hunting you got hand warmers but you might want a pair of gloves

1 2

rich nigga hunting

Gavin Moore

Thanks man this vid rly helped im soo hyped for my first hunt??

Gregory Mccloud

You forgot deodorant

Simply John

Thanks for the info, i'm going to start hunting with my friends and this will be my first time hunting

Mr. Universe

U carry a lot of shit, can u move?


great video for any starting hunter, loved this

Tom H

How on earth do you clear a plugged barrel with a bore snake? All mine have nothing rigid to clear a block, wouldn't tape be better?

Randolph Tolbert

A nice backpack holds all of that stuff you put in your pockets.

Person Online

A quick tip from an Airborne Ranger vet, if you want to avoid getting debris in you barrel then take some duct tape and wrap it around your muzzle. This will make the barrel a "one way street" your first round will pass it with no issue and it will prevent any mud from ending up in your weapon system prior to that shot.... just make sure if you take a tumble you save the action on your weapon. Keep in mind this will mess with harmonics in you weapon system if you shoot very long range, but if you hit what you shoot at when dealing with ranges like that then you already know that and dont fall in the first place!

Robert Miller

Good idea I do a lot of the same but I have a multiple pocket fanny pack shoulder harness rig and besides the stuff you have ( simular ) I also add a small first aide slight trauma kit and a small but effective fire kit along with some survival items ie. Shelter and maybe a little food just incase in a back pack they can be stored at the base of your tree stand

James Seath

Where’s your first aid kit

RicardoGaming EZ

me mommy fdat and smelly

Joe Scott


jlfigster 3991

A sling for your rifle. Great for those long treks to your favorite spots deep in the woods.

Xander Pedraza

Piss bottle so you dont stink up your stand

The Homestead Box

Good video. As I have said before. hunting is a great way to fill the freezer. If you don't have the money or space for a livestock operation, hunting can fill the food gap when it comes to meat. My only other comment, is while most of this gear is nice to have, I would add that you should start somewhere. Build gear over time. Cervids are not as sensitive to camo clothing as we like to think. In Georgia, and many other states, you have to wear blaze orange anyway. Earth tones and no movement will do. Play the wind instead of spraying down. I love this video, but if you aren't careful hunting can become very expensive. (still cheaper than fence, lol)

Fred Salay

Sorry, personally I can't stand, standing or sitting with all that bulk n weight on me. Lt alone draw a bow back. I'll stick to my backpack.

JR The Chevy Guy


Nick Malone

How in the world can you drive with all that stuff on?

Joe L.

You wear deodorant?

Jack The Ax

Thanks for the info I will try too bring that stuff on my first hunt!!!!! I like the idea to have a best instead of a backpack

McDaniel Outdoors

The only other thing I would recommend would be some first aid. I cut myself while field dressing a deer and was up a creek with out a paddle luckily I had a buddy nearby

Dmsas 360

He be ??????


Such a thoughtful video. Thank you

Hayden Decent

You forgot your moms under wear for extra warmth

Jon Patterson

Plain baking soda to brush your teeth ...tastes like crap.....works great,Cary your toilet paper in an old pill bottle....keeps it dry..i like the vest idea ....gonna try it


This video will not load. I have tried multiple devices.

Elon wanders

All you "need"is two FUQIN brain cells to rub together?

Juan Romano

What about a handgun?

Admiral Good Boy

To much thermal. Warm and dry its always hot and sweat drenched

Erik Abbot

put tape over the muzzle, has no effect on shot.


Bug spray!!!!

Octane Main

Amazing videi

Jack G Haren

Do clean clothes have odor


You forgot that bottle of water or canteen of hot fluids to keep hydrated!

Nightingale Kiev

Double socks also prevents blisters.

william west

A bore snake would be useless for a barrel plugged with mud as you say... you’d have to have something other than that to get the stuff cleared out.




Insert pink cell phone comments here: :-)

Hey, thanks for the good video! I'll be checking out your other vid's

firegod333 pro

This vid is pretty much saying where and carry a bass pro shop

John Blythe

Blaze orange vest


I’ve heard about using warmers on your kidneys before, do you apply it directly on your body or on your layer?

Kuntt Phucker

Pack-lite don't bring anything extra.

Mourad Mounir

How about snacks and drinks?

Md Touhid Ahamed

Thanks for your good job
Hey Guys, Exact wear in deer hunting increases the efficiency to the high. Because with proper clothes, you won't feel discomfort and won't get distracted. Here all about what to wear #deerhunting
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K Butt

I like hunting vests. I never understood a backpack unless you were packing out for days. A vest has all your ammo, food, water, and such at hand

Andrew Stiles

Why does he have on a safety harness he's 5 feet of the ground I'm 18 feet of the ground I don't where a safety harness???

SK Outdoors

A rifle or stick

Michael Dedian

Your voice and your appearance are miles apart from what I imagine. Good vid, informative, and to the point

S Koch

Bear Spray. Positive outcomes involving bear attacks and guns, 50%. Positive outcomes involving bear attacks and bear spray, about 90%.

Jason Nester

I wear whatever clothes I have on and kill deer

Wrangler Man

How do you PUSH the bore snake through the clogged barrel ?

stinkypinky Elliott

Does the smell of MJ scare off dear?? I'm a medical user


Man you should stop breathing through your mouth. Research it.

Seth Stahr

Your hat so nobody shootsu

fc coz

Damn, are you going hunting or going to war? Lol

The Buck Psych

Good stuff


Hey Austin, What do you do / use for washing the hunting clothing, considering most washing powders these days are scented.
Do you use lead-free ammo or a particular brand to recommend on rifle and ammo?

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