Schwarzenegger kicked

Arnold Schwarzenegger was dropkicked while meeting fans in South Africa | GMA

Arnold Schwarzenegger was dropkicked while meeting fans in South Africa | GMA19 May. 2019
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Diane Macedo reports the

Diane Macedo reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.

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Ashiqur Rohman

Bet he would never have come face to face cause he was a coward to kick Arnie on his back. Damn Arnie barely moved. Childhood action hero for a reason.

Odin Ponzi

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropkicked California.

Ivan Stayner

And somehow that man lived? Kicking the Terminator is a death sentence...by his hands.


It was a black rasist that is what South Africa is today full of hate and black rasistes. That country will fall apart.

Cubby RawYale_sa

Lol im from SA n i think this young Man was jus show offing his movie stunt n then it went wrong...we mustn't be alarmist, this has nothing to do with violence wat so ever


Terminate that's idiot. Not killing. It's wrong. Somebody has tell him idiot to stop. He's being a croward. 0:22 It's not right to kick or punch people out in public.




Terminate that chump

William Sinisterra

Arnold who threw that paper at me


Arnold must be proud he didnt use a stunt double,He went down himself.


Last I heard skynet went and destroyed that part of Africa already..lol

Renee Reese

NOT FUNNY! He could start having back issues due to that!

son278 Son

Arnolds a liberal so it was a dropkick well deserved !

CardGamerProVlogs !

I bet he got attacked because of his last name


fucking coward, while i lost all respect for the soyminator he's still an old man, they should give that lil punk jail time.

Russ Perk

This is sparta!

Luis Antonio De Souza Maciel

Um covarde doente esse agressor.......

Tuxie Vous

Can someone buy Arnold a Case for his iPhone Max please

Artem Filyk

This is why nobody likes black people

Oaktree 313

And still after heart surgery u can't drop him idiot

Derrick Veal

Ahh My Back is Terminated...


That's actually scary. Glad that Arnold was just shaken up.

keef davis

Go back to Europe. And also, i need a Lamborgini.

Unicorn Thug

Guy kicked the Terminator..... And all he got was two broken legs LOL

Jonathan Serrudo A

Arnold: "Oh un mosquito me picó la espalda" xD


A little worthless kicks is nothing to Arnold....lol


where was the bodyguard ?

Clarence Merritt

The bodyguards did a poor job! they should have paid attention to their surroundings!

Angie Monroe

Arnold deserved that kick for talking smack about South Africans. He is the biggest liar, and cheat who ever sexually assaulted his maid. He's a creep, glad he got kicked in the head.

David Rogers

American Idol its time to go or get some real talent these singers are mediocre

Nyamhunga Robison T

When attention seeking goes wrong.

Andrew Love

It's called the knockout game. It's a black cultural thing where old or vulnerable white people are targeted by blacks. It's very common and the msm absolutely refuses to report on it.

Chris Inc

Drop kicked huh?


Arnold should have fired his bodyguard by now!

The Boss

Lol why he do that

pat the trucker

He should use his son he had with the maid for security.

Lankey Bastard

Kick one of the most famous people on earth in South Africa? Terminated.

Glenn Hoddle

More like the idiot KICKED then DROPPED.....

Patricia Sheck

This headline made me laugh so hard for some reason

yt ofso

that guy bounced off Arnold

Almudena Carnero

Hola saludos pli permi ya diré algo okey sobre salud mental kien tiene ese atrevimiento de burla ya lo dice todo ellos sufren los están algo sanos lo decir a su lado ta dire okey grc grc grc me que ya diré okey grc. Hola saludos pli permi personal y mundo grc grc grc esos sintomas. Kien los sana no se ven si se sienten ya diré grc grc grc.

Penelope Collett

Please, GMA, can you stop asking us to subscribe at the end of every video. By this time if someone doesn't know they can subscribe to yt channels then they must have been living under a rock. Give us a break. We do have some intelligence? If we want to subscribe we will. Just Please stop suggesting that we should❤


Arnie, are you ok? Are you okay, Arnie?!

Ingrid Arlington

"I'll be BACK"?

Mass Prod84

Arnold Schwarzenegger bearly moved


very kind of him not to press charges, that is criminal assault

Noblesse Raizel

Arnold The Tank Engine

Austin Trippy 23

There going to cut off his feet

max weber Prates


Marica Woodhouse

Looks like he's not welcomed in South Africa

Artem Filyk

If it was a white guy kicking a black guy y’all woulda been screaming racist but this doesn’t fit the narrative

Charles Kim


marcom Ternoir

Dam!!! Should have kicked his ass in the Head.

Emi Cavazos-ventura

I heard after they stopped the video, All of his security guards were tackling the man

Renee Howard

That was a #MortalKombat move... #FinishHim


What's a matter that idiot?! That's rude, nobody should be hitting or kicking Arnold or any actors or actresses, isn't right! Seriously, who goes around kicking people!? Where's they respect?

amul buji


wingman g

Man I would have loved to see Arnold punch that guy

Sakura Christine Ito

I was scrolling down reading the comments then I immediately recognized Matthew Mccanughey's voice OMG he has such a distinct voice lolll don't know why but I always know it's him

Joshua Lowe

Why did the guy kick Arnold? Was he jealous of Arnold?

Luke Cage

Damn shame.

Mark Vasquez

White supremacists are needle dicks!

cory smith

What do you expect when whites especially white farmers are getting murdered in South Africa at insanely high rates, thank god youtube and documentaries like FARMLANDS are exposing this since the mainstream media is ignoring it


Arnold is strong af! He didn’t fall over but he moved a little

peter bynoe

Warm welcome from island Barbados,Love ABC always on point fair and balance.

J. Mauricio Angeles P.

Shoot that stupid guy, almost kill our hero. He deserves to be kicked in the ass like an idiot.

Geraldine Duncan

that's what you get for killing Snooki when he was governor

Baby Bitch Boy

If you hate Arnold that's okay no one is against you but attacking someone from behind then you're coward it only shows how weak you are as a person..

Tool Review Zone

Lol, was like the dude hit a brick wall

Jass Bep

I didn’t know American Idol was still going on yikes

cash brown

now that was funny ,I seen the same thing happen to him in terminator 3

The Ultimate Warrior

can't relax

ms. neurotic v

What A#shole would assault a 71yr old man in the back..#dumbass


Totally common in masters art.Difficult to be an unbeaten artist.Nonsense.

Lucas Wen

what does diane say from 2:32 to 2:34, an esl student needs some help here

abhishek mittal

He should had waited and watched Me beating the bloody shit out of him because Arnold will never hit a fan!!!!

Fabián Alejandro Cuello Reimundo.

Arnold said "i'll (don't) be back"...



the creature could have stabbed you

mack Xen

We miss arnold as governor of California, can you ask arnold to come back and fix our state again?


He should've said "See you at the party Richter!" while the bodyguards were taking him away.

aqua is sad

Arnold:that felt good

NatSoc Charlie Kirk


Bold Counsel

I'm surprised the guy didn't shatter like glass from the impact.


Not too many 71 year olds that can be drop kicked in the back and be like "Did someone just bump me?" (And that bodyguard needs to be terminated.)

Aaron Johnson

Not many people can claim they dropped kicked Arnold!

Zahra Abdo



you are terminated

Don Jiaye

Only in south Africa

The Great Juan

what bothers me the most is that: there is a person that hates Arnold Schwarzenegger.

nelly solimen

I think it was accidentally by drop kicking..

JAYMES Fairless

That's a flying side kick not a drop kick, a drop kick comes from above, like as if someone was already on the ground or if you're on a guard rail dropping.

Cynthia Denniston

What an asshole! !

Jason Bean

Carry Underwear! Because, why wear it?:)



Anik Alam

Now dropkick Arnold when he's looking straight at you, bet that guy won't. What a cowardly move.


Stand at the podium u idiot. Ur not some motivation speaker on tour

Arnold Schwarzenegger FLYING KICKED at the South Africa Arnold Expo (2. angle)

Arnold Schwarzenegger FLYING KICKED at the South Africa Arnold Expo (2. angle)18 May. 2019
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My video of Arnold

My video of Arnold Schwarzenegger beeing attacked in South Africa

Arnold has stated on his Twitter account that there is nothing to woory about. He's okay!

Numero Uno, Arnold.

#Arnold #ArnoldSchwarzenegger

All rights reserved



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Comments (100)
Justice Uprising

Epic fail !

Hüseyin Tuğrul BÜYÜKIŞIK

How not to attack terminator.

Black Messiah

0.6 seconds was the moment when that bodyguard should have hucked that b ...dude up! That bodyguard is inexperienced why the hell he standing behind Arnold like he is his lover, big mistake..He should be standing with his back to Arnold so he can see everyone that is in the , premises - That bodyguard is inexperienced and sadly for him, he about to eat his last supper and rightly so - Dumb ass pushed the madman away from Arnold but failed to observe someone who wanted to get so close -

Rhyperior Ranger

Arnold after that kick: Who threw that piece of paper at me?


Guess dude’s a Rocky’s fan .


Might as well flick him and it’d do the same

Theosapian Knight

Guy kicks arnold in back:

Arnold: Scratches his back


It's absurd that YouTube has listed this as "age-restricted"!

Nate Peace

Way, way better then Terminator Dark Fate.


Arnold be like what happened did someone fart or something


You can't hurt Arnold. He has an Endoskeleton inside him.

Captain Commando

Plot twist...He broke his both legs by hitting the OAK ?

Nicolas Ramirez

How tf dare u


ok. Boy Building is not strenght. but you cant deny, Arnold is fucking strong.


Guy really wants his appletini!!!

Wangyu Vangaurd

In Terminator voice "Ow my back..."

Robrony Hoodlum

that guy dont know how to drop kick. He fell hard on that floor. The security guard reached down and cradled him like he was bag of beans.

Joanne Hindmarsh

Holy fuck he didn't even move


Tyrel went Nanners.

Mafube Molange

"What was that fly?"

Iskandar Aslar

Random kid-*doing a flying kick*

Meanwhile arnold receive 0 damage


Why did he kick him?


U needa do more than that to bring down the T-800

Michael Fowls

Did the dude say he needed another kidney?

Slim Shady

So much for a security guard

Aken Shagolsem



Lamborghini man: drop kicks Arnold
Arnold: “ something is itchy I gotta scratch my back”


Welcome to africa.

Thadeu Munhóz

Vim pelo flow

Héctor Serrano

That just tickle him

Joe Conrad Victoriano

Why would you drop kick a Terminator ?

COC Master Vivek

Man Kicks Arnold
Man too: Help me, I need Lamborghini.

Todd Gun

The idiot did the real DROP KICK.

Suraj Chhetri

He barely moved


What a vibe killer everyone was like "wtf" omfg ?

Pargat Singh

T-1000 send him to attack T-800 he kicked T-800 and fall down T-800 to him are you ok?

ChaandSitaaray Sajid

Lucky guy the security took him away otherwise he would have been dead

Daniel rogers

Attacker "help me" lol yeah you do need help mate some serious help! lets start with the problem of you lacking any brain cells


I wanna know what the mutant did to the boy.


Guy: make a top speed dash double leg full body air jump kick.
Arnold: who push me?


Im not surprised arnie took it and stood up

Sam Kid

He could have asked politely n might have gotten a honda Accord; drop kicking some one this heavy duty is useless n stupid though


This reminds me of those chuck norris jokes from back in the day that was like “chuck Norris once got roundhouse kicked... the man lost both his legs” but this is real

Darth Vader 1980 The dark side

The black dude is the type of guy would say Black Lives Matter and he dropped kick Arnold and he did nothing to Arnold what a weak wimp.

dev the drago

Like an insect trying to kick mountain


Plot twist - Arnie is really an Aged Terminator like in Genisys & Dark Fate..Pop's / Carl...he's stuck here in this alternative time line after he completed his mission an he goes by the name Arnold

Michael Reyes

Man could you imagine doing this shit to Arnold and his crew in the 70s. Would be broken rib sandwiches all around, lemme tell you.

Joey Flores

Democrats probably saying Arnold is racist cause his back it a black man's foot

Petr Stojan

To byl hrdina.

Tou Thor

That guy should be fired for not seeing that. The guard literally cleared the space for the boy to jump kick the Terminator but negative zero damage.

Jon as it is

Get him to the Choppa'h

Лотарио Либертини

Help me! I'm Grandpa All-star! I need an appletini!

Pete Ramirez

4 guys there and didn’t do crap

Globoi Glogang

Shoulda freed tookie

Professional Neet

"I'm grandpa all-star, help me! I need an apple guillotine! HELP ME! I NEED AN APPLE GUILLOTINE!"

TheFish OfTheSea

It actually almost didn't move him at all imagine if it was in his 20's


I kind of wanted to see the kicker guy get his ass kicked a little bit more.

Dreams Son



So did he get the Lamborghini or not?

Louis Laszlo

I hope the bodyguard beat his ass after that.


Help me i need a choppa

The Cowboy Casanova


Karl Matrix

"I did nothing, the pavement was his enemy"

- Arnold Schwarzenegger


Help me what?


Another love sick idiot.


Y’know, I bet that guy isn’t the first person to start yelling “HELP ME!” After attacking Arnie

William Ferrell

I have so many questions...


I don't know what the fuck was the kicker expecting from his plan.

Sebastian B

From behind? sorry you're not a man you’re a loser!

George Boggan

Watch!!!! 0:28

Murat Daslik

I need Ferrari, does anyone know where is Stallone?


Who’s here from the tiktok

j p

I guess the guy needed a appletini. Can we get rapper worldstar a

Hhh Gahsndheub

Arnold: yo this app is rly cool
random guy: kick
Arnold: the fuck you even hurting your self for

Joey Flores

He didn't budge

hisokasfatjuicybuns s

Why was he recording her and why’d he get kicked?




He tried to dropkick arnie for bragging rights and it didn't even work


Dat nigga is so hilarious. ?

Monster AsCanBe

He may be getting up there in age but that man is still inches thick of pure muscle
Nice try though dude.


i thought the girl doing the swinging is going to kick him..

Lovilla Charisma

Black manners matters

Thor OfAsgard

A bad close protection team. He was stationary. Look after your six.

Ramachandra Bhakta

Damn! Arnold has massive muscles in the back even at this age. Beyond impressive!

Miraculously 290

Suspect said "Help me" cuz knew he was going to be terminated afterwards.


Whats wrong with the people?? This poor guy just wants a Lamborgini ???

Jay B

Bruh he barely moved ??

William Finney

They beat him with a shoe. All because he tried to accomplish something with his life. Can you say you ever drop kicked Arnold?

Sneedclave Here

Never relax

Marion Cobretti

It looks more like he was trying to bounce off Arnold's back and fly away.


Well nothing surprising here thats what u get when you kick t -800 ...nothing..

dr billcat

Here come the BLM pussies saying that he was using too much force when restraining him ?


First he kicked Arnold. Next he got carried out by John Cena


Call an ambulance but not for me meme but to the highest level.

aa a

That dropkick did nothing to him, he was just surprised that's all.


Arnold gets drop kicked
Arnold: 'pulls out glock and fires 6 rounds into his body'

Edit: Me: Karma is a bitch :)


Kicker: what a lovely day to kick someone.
Arnold: was that light breeze?
Kicker: WTF!!!???!!??!?!?!?
Kicker: HELP I NEED A LAMBORGHINI!!! Oh com on dude


That's a fine example of tranfer of momentum

Malek Elbeshti

Look how the bodyguard smashed the guys head after he kicked Arnold play it in 0.25 speed

Darnell Braxton

Why'd he kick him? ? fuck who it is

Arnold Schwarzenegger is drop-kicked from behind in South Africa | REACTION

Arnold Schwarzenegger is drop-kicked from behind in South Africa | REACTION28 Oct. 2020
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is

Arnold Schwarzenegger is drop-kicked from behind in South Africa | REACTION


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wendy ntunja

Please react to Vuma dlozi by Big Zulu ft Mnqobi yazo

world wide Sexiest

??tsek I'm kicking mansa I also need a Lamborghini

Nhlanhla Twala

Holla please react to date my family south Africa funny momments

Phume Zulu

What was going on in his mind ???

Asemahle Makwedini

Sigh. Sometimes South Africa can be the Florida of the southern hemisphere, weird & random af. This was one of those days. ??‍♂️

Joshua Mjoli

Wtf this happened...naah my country sometimes?‍♂️

Kay da philosopher


Mfumo Mthimkhulu

That guy is a "para" which means crackhead

Anesipho Nkonkobe

That intro was more ????? than usual

African Minds




Mansa my guy please react to this channel. These adverts bring so much memories to 80's and 90's SA kids


Yaya_ Dlamini

Notification gang ????????


South africa is that naughty kid in the classroom

Zakhe Zwane



1:26 Reaction begins

Alfonzo's Musical Events

Notification gang???????????

Daniel Taiwe


Jante Mathys

Nope that dude was definitely on drugs... ?‍♀️?

Jante Mathys

This actaully happened in our country that's crazzyy!!! Dude must have been like "I wanna really see if this man can fight lemme just drop kick him real quick"?

Mlu Kubone

Lol “South Africa, I’ll NOT be BACK!!”

teresa mayne

Notification gang ?❤❤❤?

Chasney Muguza

Please react to Different Typa Heat by official De'Royalty

Kenneth Harricks

Bro you should react to this??

Gugz McShield

He wanted to challenge the Terminator ??‍♀️??‍♀️???

Jamie-Lee Lothering

we're here ?

Piglet TV

Mansa my guy , ❤️??



Terrence Dludlu

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Lesige Lesige

The bodyguards were sleeping on the job

Real_Mzansi _Dude

Notification sqaud Outchea, wass guud maniac?!

Morena Matema

We here early, notification gang gang??

Well Sh*t

See SA, this is why we can’t have nice things?????

Musa Musa

? ? ? ? ?

Litchi Lee Mugeri

I did not know about this video lol? this is bad. And no that wont happen to you Stru?


He hit his face on the ground and everything ?

Kelvin Martins


Anisha Roberts

First love your videos????

Katlego Bridget

Mansa you're not the terminator ?so we wont fly kick you don't worry☺☺☺☺

Shoki Anikie

Notification gang ??????

Bheki Nyalunga

203viewer yesssirrr

Pholoso Mocumi

Amstel ??

Lunathi Mbanga

Hayi I think it’s time I leave satafrika ???‍♂️

Yanga Nozaza

South Africa is the world of its own bra ??


Honestly what was going through his mind???? Lmfaoo I don’t even know why I’m laughing...?? so if he needs a lambo why kick him????

Борис Железняковский


playboi jann

Wtf guys???so it really happened??

keneilwe guild

that's S.A for us thou?

Izzy Swerve

Bruh the most random stuff happens in SA???

nikitta mtshali

???first time even seeing this ..

Tiisetso Thato

? and then he says "what's up with yol".

gavin-lee windwaai

so you play fifa who is your team


When mansa mayne comes to south africa imma drop kick mansa mayne and say "help me i need a durag"

Thato Manale

I can't believe this actually happened

That's crazy

Anesipho Nkonkobe

I mean I get it he wanted to see Arnie do those stunts. It was stupid of him to think it's real but it's like some people here in sa would hate on, even hit, actors who are villains in popular shows when they see them on the streets.

Kathy M

????your face reaction kills me??

Bee 3pple Bbb

He wanted him to terminate him .. it was embarrassing but with a humor in it because the dude wanted to see the stunts from the movies..

SAns are dramatic???,thou were concerned given his age..but we laughed about it in social media ???

Witney Mathebula

The dude just wanna brag to the people that he kicked the whole giant Arnold, that's that???

ye bro

he was probably dared by his boys?

Stephen Entertainment TV

Please react on this video https://youtu.be/hTY1MWIOlcU

Onthatile Molefe

Wtf is wrong with South Africans ????hai South Africans let's vang ourselves nca please eh??this is embarrazzing??

Trevor Mzi Mkhwanazi

Glad to see you doing my reaction... dope reaction. But why is he that tough and still have body guard? ??


People believe it was a publicity stunt because after a long time a new Terminator movie was coming out soon after this and at his age he was trying to drum up a story about his strength. The guy was never charged. The police never called.

Gordon Keith

Intro faya

missi michael

Mansa can you react to chin bees nesebenza tanzania best mamble rapper

Mfundocalliot Msana

maybe he was on drugs.......he is definitely a "para" : D

PRG 18

I wanted to be the first to comment but due to high unemployment in South Africa?? i couldn't??


Just give the poor man his Lamborghini ??

Trevor Mzi Mkhwanazi

Nah, fam, it won't happen to you, you always jammimg and dancing to the yanos, you're family dawg

Rio De Criteria

Yoh mansa can you please React to South African high school freestyle???https://youtu.be/HSDwu1B5J9g

Иван Шатирин


Ntokozo Dube

Notification gang I'm marking the register!!

Mosi G

@4HOUR s cartoon explains why this happened very well

Aphitation Visual Media

First comment

lulu khumalo

I love the intro??

Morena Matema

We here early, notification gang gang??

Well Sh*t

“What’s up with y’all?”
Mf, even if I knew, I wouldn’t be able to tell you??‍♀️??

Lusta Getto Groove

Bro please check (South Africa live ) you will see raw videos of what we are ...i freaken Love my country Damn



Grace M

yall i had to search if this actually happened. thats crazy. Mansa please react to Noko Mashaba on the channel called ramscomics. there are many episodes please watch its hilarious. some have subtitles

Kelvin Black SA

What's up Mansa??? Your channel lit af, I love your reactions bro??... it's a little late but please react to my #gocrazychallenge video https://youtu.be/jybtE3j3kVw I'm a dancer/creative from Durban South Africa

Chef Tshabalala

React to this fiiiiiirrrreeeee https://youtu.be/C5aBNw7FFQ8