Turkish get up barbell

Barbell Turkish Get-Up Challenge

Barbell Turkish Get-Up Challenge8 Feb. 2019
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The Turkish get-up is one

The Turkish get-up is one of the most comprehensive exercise in existence. It trains full-body strength, motor control, stability, and mobility. It's usually performed with a kettlebell or dumbbell, but use a barbell and you'll amplify the intensity, especially in the shoulders and forearms. – Calvin Huynh

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Michael Mc Laughlin



I prefer barbell turtle get-ups

Kay Kay

oh ya, i'm trying these today. challenge accepted.


Nice way to injure others at the gym

Blonothan Jano

This is a shit exercise.

Barbell Turkish Get Up

Barbell Turkish Get Up5 Jul. 2018
Ryan PatrickSubscribe 438 721

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135 pound barbell turkish get up!

135 pound barbell turkish get up!5 Jul. 2008
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fattymacfatsoSubscribe 438 721

TGU with 135 barbell,

TGU with 135 barbell, really hard!

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Dag Ole Kristoffersen

Got a little gnarly there at the end, but awesome job for sure!!

Luís Maria Branco

Angels and Airwaves... awesome


@fattymacfatso Impressive work, but I think it's more dangerous than bench press. Your arm could rip backwards out of the socket.


Simply impressive


i think "really hard" is an understatement...

George McDougall

Why is there no hip extension/Glute bridge here not a full Turkish getup. But still impressive


Damn , be careful bro or you’ll need a new garage door , lol good job , very strong

Abel Rooney

This isn't fake, it's very possible. Also when doing a turkish get up, there is form to a certain degree, but as long as you get up and return down, it counts. unless you're criticizing his shoulder stability or how his legs were a little sloppy, form-nazis' arguments are invalid here.


dont listen to the haters, thats awesome. its a great total body move.

John p

That was pretty sick!

Woofy McMann

Jesus tapdancing christ! This exercise looks extremely advanced. It'll take like 5 years for me to be able to do something like that so heavy.


now the other side


Wow, you're a beast. Of course I had to try it with a 30 kg (66 pounds) dumbbell what I have in my room. I almost died, but I gave it. It's a great exercise for the core and shoulders stability.

Shane Brady

That is a mighty feat of strength regardless of whether or not the form was perfect. Awesome


Nice job man

DJ Art Valdez

F*cken Cool my brotha...!!!


Good shit, bro. Impressive.

Jason Clements

WOW! Nice work and nice control!

Cameron Wylie

Great lift! I love the kids encouraging him the background hahaha

Juan Meneses

what a beast

drew laredo

form degraded.... how could you have better form for a crazy lift like this?

Charlie Barker

thats quality, well done!

Cody Burke

@golayawayalog yeah it is good but his technique was like a sloppy shit sandwhich man, technique is what this move is based upon its a finesse movement ment to be executed slowly with strength and timing and balance, on the way down i thought he was going to fucking murder himself if it was a kettlebell ( a heavy one ) it probably would have planted straight in his face


That's pretty god damned impressive, tough exercise without introducing a barbell haha.

Talor Lee-Stiles

Holy shit!

CEEAKI 22nd century

Your an ANIMAL..!!! I now have the motivation I need. Thanks bro.

Chris Haines

That's awesome.  I'm up to 95 lbs.  Want to hit 135 by the end of the year.


impressive!did you also train grip strength additionaly or did you train your grip strength by doing turkisg get ups?


Holy cow! I just tried one with 40lb dumbbell. Hardest part was stand up.


Great video! Inspirational workout, good music choice (A&A), and the kid in the background reminds me of Butters, my fav SP character!


very well done....keep it up


Wow, incredible strength and brave too!

Aj Rollo

You: 1, Gravity: 0


holy balls


@zrx7769 waste of energy you couldnt even do it


that was INSANE!!!!!!


Impressive and scary. Looks heavier than 135

Niels A

nice dude, how much do you weigh?


Pretty cool!


Impressive. I'm currently doing them with 74lb kettlebells and it's no joke.

Troy Foley

@zrx7769 you've obviously never done one before. those are extremely difficult and work muscles that are tough to work any other way. the landing seemed rushed, but otherwise great job!

Jonathan Vega

you are just amazing man . Nice job well done

Jacob Clarkson

great effort! very impressive!


Excellent proprioception! Extremely functionally useful skill you have honed. 135lb TGU is impressive...

Joel Goodson

@CurdHos The weights are fake.



Jon Best

wow, nice job.


Kind of cramped there... good job.

Old Retired Actor

Awesome job Mate!




This exercise it not for amateurs.


amazing! what do you weigh? very impressive!

Christian Gonzalez

Each pose is wrong

Joel Dunsdon

Good work, impressive

Иван Кононенко

i've never seen that befoere!


Freak Strength! Great Job.

Alex Kay

Kudos dude - and in such a tight space too!

Paul Corrigan

Nice work. Great effort.




Thats the way to to a Turkish get Up!!!


Splendid effort, I know how hard TGU's are with a kettlebell. Take no notice of the little kids posting negative comments on here. Most humans are unable to do what you did, Including myself. Well done.


6 lazy people didn't like this video. That was bad ass!! Inspirational for sure!

Ellison Fitness

You were an inspiration for me! Great work.

Utah John



@ahmednabil Yeah, I guess they can be kind of dangerous, but no more than a bench press or a back flip on a snow board.

Ryan Marks

Fake lol??????? Why?


@zrx7769 Darn it, I was really hoping you would like this video when I made it.

M.L. Miller

Very impressive. Good way to get hurt, but not this time :))


Very impressive but dumb. I hope you get a couple buddies to spot you to be ready to take the weight off you before you fatigue. Otherwise very awesome


definitely impressive, haven't seen something that intense since the last time i watched a strong man competition.




Dang man! Super impressive!

Joel Goodson

@assmunch1 That's because the weights are fake.


@jrkzx12r the title of the video says 135lbs. That why I asked if they are rubber weights. I didnt say I was unimpressed. I said it was incredible. I even said omg! ur so strong!

Raffeal Morris

thats just fucking ridiculous!! LOL! WOW impressive my dude!

Berat Çakır



@bench595 i found the comment but then you deleted it where it said you could lift the 135lb

Gunaal Viswanathan


Smash The Fat 2

Fair play mate, that's awesome!

John Smith



Love the angels and airwaves

Aloysious Konaho

U lost control didnt count muuahhahaa

Edward Mayfield

They mad because they can't do it

Mike Arthurs

Crazy cool!


omg! u r so strong! Are those rubber weights? Looks more like 135kg! either way. 135lb tgu is incredible.

Hoji FGC

That's really good. But you look like you're gonna get hurt eventually man. Watch your form.


duuuude thats sick, gotta give you da props man


fuckin awesome! respect!


good job . good job . so strong . but take care of your self


Strong! Considering the weight, form wasn’t all that compromised.. enjoyed watching..

roberto o.

dangerous and amazing


thats sick

Guy Ellis

that's really impressive.

Reynel Gonzalez

Los que dicen falso son puros debiluchos que no pueden ni con su porpio peso :) ...saluds dsd Panamá

Zack Serrano

pretty impressive! i was waiting for the end of that to go through your garage door though

Ryu Ken

Great form, impressive!


Ever put a hole in your garage door?

Bo Dangle

I never seen a turkish get up with a barbell, im impressed.


Impressive and glad you've got good balance, otherwise we'd see this on America's Funniest Home Videos. Really, that was awesome.

Marty Derecko

WOW thats some seriouse FUNCTIONAL strength. To all the haters- go work you're biceps in front of a mirror this a REAL show of strength