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Super Ripped Jodi Boam Interview with Katie Lee of HDPhysiques

Super Ripped Jodi Boam Interview with Katie Lee of HDPhysiques15 Sep. 2017
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Katie "024" Lee interviews

Katie "024" Lee interviews the bubbly and adorable muscle powerhouse, Jodi Boam, at the 2017 Olympia

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cool fur u

Threesome? OMG! Two of the sexiest goddesses of all time!

James Simmons

2 amazing looking women

The Dojo 3000

I don't believe in God but I believe in Jodi Boam

Eduardo Rojas

Jodie is my crush, I love her wherever she is


Katie's has a lot of bass in her voice. Jodi on the other hand is natural as far as I can tell. Her voice is feminine.

Amy Cross

Katie lees muscles look bigger

Vitaly Bolotsky

1 biceps Katie Lee = 2 biceps Jodi Boam?biceps Katie Lee = thigh Jodi Boam?


Jodi is so cute and ripped. Now, Katie is having heroic proportions. Gigantic biceps which she shows very well.

The Dude

Super hot and ripped to the nines Jodi Boam being interviewed by the beautiful and HUGE Katie Lee?
Yeah, I'm watching that!


I love a lot of women in the industry, some are bigger some are smaller and they are all different in many ways. I've been with women with Jodi's size and have always wanted to experience a girl on the bigger end of the spectrum, but if someone said I have to chose 1 to be with out of all the women out there, I think Jodi would be my choice.... Her personality is just as beautiful as the body she's built. A rare, rare thing to be able to have the best of both.

Yosua Ekaseptia

she's not like a girl

Bill Johnson

Jodi is the world's hottest woman. The bigger she gets the hotter she gets, hope she keeps going.

And Katie is freaking massive.

They're both awesome.

Brick Missing

Damn. Jodi is so cute. And that bod is crazy!

Training 2

Love the interviewer arms


Katie Lee's Arms, OMG!!


Katie is an absolute monster of a woman. Just wow! Jody is amazing as well. Her muscles are so ripped they just pop! Both of these women are amazingly lovely and awesomely muscled.


Katie lee's Bear Hug OMG!!

From Central California.

Jamie Craighead

That girl is friggin jacked and yet Katie Lee dwarfs her in size.


She's definitely bigger and leaner than she ever has been. It's almost too much at this point. She will probably look amazing during off season this year because she is so insanely lean and big now. Great work Jodi! You can rest now! haha

Ted Dibiase

Katie is so fine.

SUPER RIPPED Older Gentleman Posing

SUPER RIPPED Older Gentleman Posing24 Sep. 2020
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We though Björn Svensson

We though Björn Svensson looked so good, especially at his age , that he deserved a spot of his own.

Competing in veteran +50years Classic Bodybuilding showing of an impressive shape and ripped to the bone.

And if you wonder why the speaker pinch his butt it`s to display the shape he is in and that there are really no body fat not even on the butt.

In Swedish it is called "Gubbahård" and basically meant old man ripped and since the glutes is the hardest part to get ripped and Björns was ripped well the promoter Fredrik age pinched and grabbed some skin...

This is a Nordic Fitness Magazine, "a part of Robin4life Productions" production.

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http://www.robin4life.se and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/robin4life_productions/

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Music is often changed from competitions due to Royalty Rights

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BBC NUTRITION https://www.brovertzbc.se

#ripped #bodybuilding #classic

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John Krain

i have to pop that little ball he has on his abs left side of his belly. give me a needle.

Beti Ona

Wow, amazing!!

Dinu sutar

Real man, Real show


Wow! Incredible athlete. Who is it? Thanks for sharing this!

Jason Morales

Ok. He's great. But where are my Viking Queen's?

Best Muscle Video

A strong man not afraid to have lots of facial hair. :-)

Billygoat gruff

Bravo! That's the definition of hard work right there. It's the beard........ gives him sum sort of powers??

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