Wrist exercise equipments

Exercise Equipment Wrist Rotary Video Used In Physiotherapy By Biotronix India

Exercise Equipment Wrist Rotary Video Used In Physiotherapy By Biotronix India28 Jul. 2016

Exercise Equipment Wrist

Exercise Equipment Wrist Rotary Video Used In Physiotherapy By Biotronix India

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Home Gym Equipment Under Rs500 In India | Gym Equipment For Home | Home Gym Equipment India

Home Gym Equipment Under Rs500 In India | Gym Equipment For Home | Home Gym Equipment India11 Aug. 2020
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Gym Equipments Under

Gym Equipments Under Rs500.html


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1) 5 Spring Chest Pull/Chest Expender/Hand Grip

https://amzn.to/3iE9NZx =Rs399/-

2) Double Spring Pro Waist Trimmer Abs Exerciser Body Toner Fat Buster

https://amzn.to/3hQ5oCm =Rs449/-

3) Forearm Wrist Strengthener Exercise Equipment For Strength Training

https://amzn.to/3ipoE9J =Rs339/-

4) Hand Twister And Upper Body And ARM Power Twister Heavy Duty Bar Exercise Equipment

https://amzn.to/3f4mlqM =Rs499/-

5) Double Ab Wheel Roller/Carver/Abdominal Workout

https://amzn.to/2XWbgm3 =Rs290/-

6) Multi-Function Gym Sports Equipment Thigh Master Arm Chest Waist Muscle Exerciser

https://amzn.to/3gQoRlW =Rs499/-

7) 6 Pack Abs Stimulator/Wireless Abdominal And Muscle Exerciser Training Device

https://amzn.to/2BJpBKC =Rs599/-

8) Adjustable Finger Exercise Grip Builder

https://amzn.to/2F5nbah =Rs340/-

9) Forearm Blaster-Wrist Roller-Hand Exerciser, Muscle Strengthener, Arm Trainer

https://amzn.to/309NxjC =Rs599/-

10) Arm Workout Machine, Arm Upper Exerciser Force Fitness Equipment

https://amzn.to/2DjXMZS =Rs450/-

11) Hand Grip Exerciser Gripper Strength Meter Dynamometer

https://amzn.to/30XfgTU =Rs179/-

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1) Best Gym Equipments Under Rs1000/-


2) Sitting And Sleeping Posture Correction


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Alice Bradley

Such an amazing training session

Manisha Sarkar


How to make armwrestling equipment! | WRIST WRENCH | 0$

How to make armwrestling equipment! | WRIST WRENCH | 0$17 Aug. 2019
7 991

A lot of you guys out

A lot of you guys out there dont have access to specific armwrestling gym, or specific arm wrestling equipment, but yet you want to be training like a world champion? Heres how you can do it!

In this video I show how to make wrist wrench or winding handle at home, costing literally 0$!

Most of the things you need you can find in your garage or backyard!

Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT for more videos like this, also write in a comment section what kind of equipment (handle, tool) you would like to see me make next!

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Valentin Popov

Drill holes for the screws to prevent splitting.

cristian navas

Hey men thx for tha video, have you more videos how this?


nice handle. easy to make.

hussam alzahabi

Thanks so much. How height is this ?


Bro please make other type of handles

Thanks , very nice video but i would really like the cable machine also ????

Peter Gushtyuk

Love ur videos, Be watching all to learn get more stronger.

Essential_Training GI

Good job ty

Jomon Peter

Great job bro

Leri Acedia

Fantastic video! Thank a lot for sharing !!!

Play Man

mara...............thank you

Olde Tree Trimmer

Go to junk yarde ???
https://youtu.be/CTd0US9ejxM . Make your own stuff

walid snake

thanks a lot bro

tristan michael

Thank you keep them coming


Ball + strap pronator next!, love the content!!


Thanks bro . please do more this type of videos

Olde Tree Trimmer

One of the first Strongman Comp on Wide World of Sports they used a 25 ft rope with weight at bottom fo wrist rollers. Do you do those. I'm catching up on some of your vids

Hasoon nine

I can't seem to find any used seat belts that are cheap, they are all above $20

Olde Tree Trimmer

Found in my history. Wrist rolling. https://youtu.be/rvU90ksZZ9o 1977 dammitt ?. Enjoy your youth!!!

Cikko Lareza

Is this good for top rollers? Or for hookers?

Ahmet Sontay Tv

Hi friend how Are You nice video İm liked ok good luck ? ? ?


Great English man considering it’s not your first language....

Thanks for tutorial

SuperBud DJ

Can you make me the pull up Handle that they use for arm wrestling the close grip one, I'll pay you


It would be cool to show how you use it.


Make a new tool thats not out yet. Try a 2x2 block style wrist wrench

Niska 1

Very nice video

Voice of Armwrestling

Great job for community!

Purple Ether

pronation equipment next please.

Ulisses Almeida

hey guys, also subscribe to paulo morbio's channel, and the strongest arm in Brazil ?, will post videos weekly

Cuenta de Juegos

More diy videos pls ??????


Cable machine lol. Maybe list kg and lbs as a favor for us. Great video though, liked and subscribed!