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MY SKINNY SISTER Trailer | Festival 2015

MY SKINNY SISTER Trailer | Festival 201525 Aug. 2015
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The feature debut of

The feature debut of writer-director Sanna Lenken takes a unique approach to the issue of eating disorders, observing the moral dilemma facing an awkward 12-year-old girl when she discovers that her older sister, a beautiful competitive figure skater, has been starving herself in her quest for excellence.

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manmeet kour

Unfortunately to you

manmeet kour

Unfortunately to you

hee hee

I watched this film and ngl it was pretty good if u ask me

manmeet kour

Fortunately to you


The message of this movie is so good. It's necessary to see anorexia from another perspective. This isn't glorifying in any way, we see the influence that mental illness can have on other family members around the ill person. We see how the sibling struggels with her own body image, but also struggels between helping her sister by enabling her or telling her parents so she can get help, but being afraid that she will let her sister down by doing so. It's also confronting to see her trying to copy her sister's behaviour. Her sister's eating disorder is putting her at risk of developing one herself.

Ann’s Room

The realness of this trailer is exciting

selma widfeldt

De e ju fkn amy diamond

Cloudy Rainychhiuy

This is highly relatable... except my sis does not have an ed she is just disabled and her body is not able to digest more than 1 meal a day


Creepy movie.


are we all blind or did we actually misread the title lmaooo

н υ м a n e r r o r .

I'm seeing this fucking movie because they won't release Ice Adolescense. ???

Sara Sadiq

I feel so strange watching this as a 17yo figure skater with an eating disorder, who has a 10yo sister that weighs 1.5x my weight who I try so hard to eat healthy in front of because I have a fear that she'll get an eating disorder too because she's bullied at school and called fat

Elizaveta Cemis

Me watching this as a skinny person ?

Marina Correa Pimentel Dettmer

I’m confused


Hard too when after battling anorexia nervosa for six years and fighting your way back to health for the next six years, but suffering the consequences of low bone density and stress fractures, you now watch your older sister struggling with bulimia and alternating anorexia. By the way, I am 48 and she is 51. Eating disorders affect all ages. I was a bmi 14-15 for many years in 30s and 40s, now bmi 19. My sister is bmi 24 but her ED is as severe as mine was.

Christian Girl

If anyone is feeling empty, lonely, depressed etc, I want you to know that Jesus loves you, and He is the Only one who can make you feel true love, happiness, joy and peace. We need to repent of our sins and turn to Him and start living for Him and He will be there with you every step of the way.

Myssey Once

I'm from 2020

Bangtan Tae

Hon är ju skit fin

Hinata Shoyo

No one cares but I’m 11 and I went from 120 pounds to 90 pounds during quarantine :)


aunque no entendí mucho, me recuerda a mi hermana y a mi xd._.

Alena De Leon

Pleade wtf is the name of the song at the end


My life is very opposite... I'm also very chubby while my elder sister is taller and skinnier, but my family treats us very equally and very lovingly... we don't care much about looks!

Almond Milk

MY SKINNY THITHTER sorry james lol i saw somebody saying shishtar creds to this person


skinny shishtar ???????‍???‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Big chungus

Getting this recommended and knowing I'll never watch movie but still clicking on video ?

Natalie P

i relate so much to the younger sister

Charlie Marlēne

I felt like this when my older sister and my mother became depressed.
Developed an eating disorder, and PTST
Its very important to bring topics like this in front.



Emilia Andersson

Movie: Swedish
Comments: ✨ English

Samira Noor

It’s on Swedish, but I wanna see the movie so bad


I related to this because my mom has schitzophrenia but refuses to be treated and she can be an absolute nightmare with it and she’s very cold now and unfriendly and very unmotherly. My sister had SH and had an Ed which she has thankfully fully recovered from SH and the ED she is basically recovered from and I make sure to keep her in check but she is doing so much better which I’m happy about. My sister also had depression which lead to her SH.
Meanwhile...no one seems to realize how I’m dealing with this.
I have developed a huge thing of body dysmorphia mostly from dance but also because my twin sister because of the ED is 20 pounds lighter than me. We’re twins but I’m heavier. Even if I want to try to be healthier to perhaps lose weight my sister will attack me and accuse me of following her footsteps when maybe I’m ACTUALLY not hungry or MAYBE I want to not eat so much chocolate because I’ll feel better. My parents are no help..they perhaps trigger me with my weight even more. I have my dad saying during the summer that I’m 20 lbs more than my sister I should stop eating so much, today my mom said that my face looked nicer and asked if I lost weight. I have school now so I end up walking a mile around the school to get to classes because the school is very big and then I have sports for 2 hrs so I’m going to end up losing some but whenever I check the scale I’m still the same weight or sometimes more and I feel hopeless.
Because I’m a twin I’m more at risk of getting schitzophrenia then a normal person.
I have developed a lot of anxiety and social anxiety and my parents and sister always think I’m faking it.
Because of the terrible things my sister did or the terrible things my parents say to me, I like hiding in my room to shut it all out. They just call me lazy.
It’s really hard at my school because it’s an all girls school and all the girls there are basically skinnier than me and I’m larger than them. I’m 5’9 and 157 lbs. idk what to do
Idk what the point of this was either

Deema Mahmoud


I have some cute clothes to buy ^_^

Brooklyn Dobbs

100%, like today I am my fat sister and my sibling is skinny

Аna Schue

where can i watch it??


The story of my life...

Slim Pickens

Thank God if you're an only child

Prashani Bhagya

Why does this look really dark


the first Swedish movie I’ll watch

Raghads AK

Watch my vlog please ? https://youtu.be/Rt4n_UF4URE in a beautiful place

Yumna Nasir

Is that fleur?

Gilda Hobbs

Y'all if you like this check out Spinning Out on Netflix

Mannat Sood


Theresa L.

I FEEL this.

anna anderson

annaRichard love

tt Duong

Eating healthy to stay slim is completely different from starving yourself. Close to half Americans are obese and yet I keep seeing body image crusaders slamming skinny people, advocating loving and accepting your body etc. How about advocating loving yourself by eating healthy which would naturally lead to being slim and fit. Eating whatever you want, accepting your weight, is not loving yourself, it's just lazy and misleading justitfication. Being overweight/obese will lead to disease and poor body image, no matter how much you try to tell yourself otherwise.


yay swedish I can understand that

lewislisa lewislisa

I was always the fat ugly little sisyer. My big sister was thin, beautiful, funny, amazing. But she starved herself as a teenager, smoked incessantly, and wound up passing away last May 3 days before her 55th birthday. She had metastatic lung cancer. I miss my beautiful sister. So much.


hi, does somebody has this in the recomendations XD

Nicole S

Where can i watch the full movie in english or with english subtitles?


Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it
Your face isn't a mask, don't hide it
Your size isn't a book, don't judge it
Your life isn't a film, don't end it
I'm a small YouTuber btw ^^

Ira Krstulović

YouTube (five years ago): let's just wait 5 years and then recommend it.

Me (five years later): Yeah, that totally makes sense. Nice trailer btw.


Now let's make a movie called MY FAT SISTER....how do you think it will be received?

Nice Guy

0:47 what's the song?


I dont hake friends for there look I have friends for personality


I dont see anyone skinny here....


In my native language it’s called “my little big sister” which is honestly so much better


ok but this girl is like 9 in love with a 30 year old i-

Devine Love

Where can I watch this movie ??


Where can I watch this

Hello Ramona!

I watched this.
My family forced me.
They thought I thought I was fat.
I never did...

But now I do have an ED.

It's kinda not anorexia but something similar

Little Life

Who else got so confused?

Benedicta Valentina

Reminds me of my skinny, beautiful, perfect, and extraordinary sister with a blessed hyper metabolism (she is physically healthy and has no genetically mutations/faults in her body/DNA unlike mine which means I have "congenital physical" conditions on top of my bad luck) as I'm the fat, stupid, and ugly bitch of my clan. However that's life and life is so fucking unfair!! ????

Karen Mwendwa

This feels a lot more real knowing that my bff looks just like her


I only see comments from many years ago, so im guessing im the only one who randomly got this in recommendations 2020 XD?

Michelle Abdolrahman

Amy Diamond

MulanTheRoblox Girl

so im guessing im the only one who randomly got this in recommendations 2020

Amelie’s Cookies

why is it in swedish then english then swedish and then english? hahahah

Bego Bertran

Reminded me of my sister and I when I was dealing with an eating disorder two years ago...


This is so true. My elder sister is very skinny while I am overweight. She and my mom sometimes say "fat cow" "fat pig" and "lose weight" to me. I got tired of the insults, so I began to lose weight by exercising and dieting. Now, they will have to find a new reason to yell at me and insult me.

Sanaa Joseph

?????? ????? ??? ??????? ??? ????


whos here from tumblr


youtube really do be putting a 5 years old movie trailer into recommended huh

Bubba beans

Evan if it was English I don’t think it’s worth watching

Makdog Millionaire

Ew this looks disturbing

manmeet kour

Unfortunately to you

manmeet kour

Unfortunately to you

Emerald Peters


බයයි එය ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍රවාදය ලෙස හැඳින්වේ මම හොලෝ සිනා සඳහා එෆ්එක්ස් පහර දුන්නා

Ivy Litton

As an older sister to a 10 year old, who has an eating disorder myself, this shit hits deep.

cadie mitchell

I remember watching this when I was 8, I still feel the same and I’m 12 almost 13 :(

taylor m

anyone else randomly getting this recommended to them in 2020...also this film looks a looooot like a weird older French Film, À Ma Sœur

Lil J


Amal Fatfouta

Where can I watch this movie with English subs please ?

Sara Sadiq

omg as a figure skater struggling to fit in with the younger, skinnier skaters, I really want to watch this. Especially since I recovered from an ED


I am ✨c o n f u s i o n✨


I found it with French subtitles if anybody wants it: https://ok.ru/video/252552481470

Mimi Playz

They’re like eight and they said wanna beer


Best of both.. Iknwing the power


this takes me back i wish it didn't tho

Tiffany Viriya



What age rating is this

Martha Atakora

This isn’t the first time i’ve been recommended this

Selma Helsner

Why is it no swedish comment. Asså seriöst jag kom ihåg för 5 år sedan när jag kollade på denna. Så himla bra och AMYYYYY


wow that looks REALLY TRIGGERING

Saju Thomas

tf is this on my recommandation after 5 YEARS!!!!!!

Juliannah Daclan

Does anyone know the song in the end of the trailer???

Savanna Suliman

Where can I watch the movie?

Lilbaby needs a dada

The comments are kinda old so i kinda want to leave another comment


Relatableeeee my sister is so skinny

Alicia Spinnet

Nu blir alla svennar glada för nyemissionen engelska person fattar vad som står här

Trazh Queen

this popped up in my recommended and i looked in the comments and saw that they did not speak English so i thought i wouldn't understand but then they started speaking swedish

TOP 5 Skinny Girl Hacks | Pictures, Clothing, Advice etc.

TOP 5 Skinny Girl Hacks | Pictures, Clothing, Advice etc.9 Dec. 2017
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Thanks you guys for watching! love you guys! SOCIAL MEDIA

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Comments (100)
Simply BlueYT

I'm skinny but the good fat is stored in all the wrong places ???

Amberley Brooke

I don’t think people understand telling someone to eat more is exactly like telling someone to stop eating so much. It really makes me feel insecure.

Destiny Edwards

I’m glad I clicked on this video. I’ve literally tried maca root, working out, buying hella unnecessary foods like I’m just gon be skinny until I’m not and ima just have accept that and think about my wardrobe because I honestly just want some curves I love the clothes I have now and I don’t wanna buy more clothes just to live up to society’s expectations for beauty ?️

Gonzalez Family

Love u,

Patience Mwansa

Am 18 looking 12 that's how skinny I am lol

Yamilet Soler

You're not skinny girl...

Marleni Quintin

I’m 11 and I don’t wanna be skinny? and I don’t like that I have skinny legs/arms


Am i the only one who is very skinny, but gets bloated all the time? Like, it makes me look pregnant and im only 12 :^/

gabby _

My bomb feature is my eyes and my hair

Grace Forgivness

What a cute girl.

Abigael Roy

Reading through the comments I think I've found my people. Does anyone else relate to being the skinniest person they know? For example my cheer coach in high school called my mom concerned and asked if I was eating okay. My mom couldn't help but laugh at first bc I'm literally always eating. Shout out to Team Always-Have-To-Have-Snacks-Available lol


Sometimes I feel like I’m not a real black woman because I’m not curvy like every other one of us seems to be and that it’s a known fact or something that we’re all supposed to be


I hAtE being skinny I wanna be thicky! D: everything I wear bracelets, they fall of me wrists.


Tell me I’m not the only one who got a ‘lose weight’ ad?

riri arielle

I hate my feet ? I’m 5’2 and I wear a size 6 shoe ??‍♀️ but I’m a shoe head and I love wearing the most popular shoes what do I do ?


My biggest pet peeve is when people hug me and then PICK ME UP then say, "Oh you're so skinny and tiny!"


Everyone: Omg!! Thanks I'm gonna use them!
Me, a fat person lost in internet: Thanks!!! Gonna use them when I'm skinny.

jada jarvis

Lmaoo i iove youu


I fw her


I've had people ask whats in my skinny jean pockets and it was my damn hip bone

Syleener Z

Lil huddy: "We need a boy version"

T'Antre Sheree

“Just cut out the whole body” ?❗️

no name

I’m pretty skinny lol but I’m pretty insecure I like being skinny but I sometimes feel fat? I’m in 11th grade and weigh 110 pounds so it’s not super skinny but I’m 5’3 so I’m kinda short I wish I was skinnier sometimes

sparklin ‘

Can you make a video for like stores to shop at for skinny girls or like yk styles or sum shit ? so tired of struggling On what to wear cause I be lookin like a whole stick !!! My body needs to come correct!

A person A person

thank you so much i hate being skinny but whenever i complain to my friends about it they just say "be grateful" and "stop showing of we get that you're skinny" and stuff like that because they think im trying to show off about it but im really not its such a struggle to find anything that fits especially the waist but i cant wear a belt coz none of them fit! and dont even get me started on bracelets i bought a load of bracelets the other day but i cant wear any because they just slip off


i cant style any clothes cause i look like " ? " in jeans LMAO

Sarah Espiritu

Sometimes, I love my body. Most of the time, I hate it :' (

chipko kkk

its sooo hard to be skinny and arabic ??


The bad things for me is that I have very broad shoulders and no hips so my legs are very skinny! Ppl always say I’m anorexic

Vashti Grace

When I wear earrings my face really pops out and looks pretty ?!!

Le Monkey

Skinny people:
The paper bracelets they put on you when you enter a skating rink or whatever. You can slip them off without scissors

Raiden Rex

How tall are you, like 5’7?

Pretty__ Pretty

Am skinny like u too Hun??

ms. kkapri

dont advance your bad features

me: so basically my whole body? gotcha

Baek SeulHyun


BTW I heard women get chubbier when they get pregnant.... A last resort, maybe? LOL KIDDIN'; I'm just saying. It is true but sad. Imagine having your perfect body after marriage... You won't be able to use it to your full potential y'all???

Justine Play’s

Me walking:

People's: you look a stick

Me: I know right-_-

Living Dead Girl

ayeee im from detroit too

Amberley Brooke

I ate 5 tacos and lost weight

Moriah Christian

"That was a terrible British accent."
... I thought that way your real accent?

Lekz Lopez

Can we make a group chat on snap for skinny girls?I just got the idea if so leave your snap and ima make one

Suzy the Cockatoo

I wasn't a size 3 till I was 30. Now at 47 I'm a size 8. I keep telling my size 0/0 daughter that I swear, your body will fill out. Granted I had to have 7 kids to get here.

cнarвry -

I would wear bracelets but they fall off my twig arms

Momo the Great

I wish my legs were my best feature, right now they look so gross and I have this hip gap (no, not the nice small one near the top of your thighs that everyone wants.) the bad one that goes from top to bottom and makes u look like a skeleton. ☹️ everyone says that everyday u should tell yourself your beautiful but everyday I look in the mirror and say ”you are humiliating to everyone and your a disgusting human being. That's why no one likes you, you don't deserve to be on this earth.” so yeah....it sucks???

Lobelia Owl

My pet peeve is people telling me to eat unhealthy foods/foods I don't like to 'fix' my thinness. Like, I don't like most burgers/pizza and all that greasy stuff, I just prefer salad lol

vidiya indriani

I love this video, the encouraging moment is just???

Prinnie’s world

I subscribed hiiii

Hendrina Mudjanima

so true , and it makes traveling so uncomfortable ?

kay-Ann scotland

the last tip is everythinggggggggggg!

Sara Azizam

I love being skinny I wear clothes to look even skinnier ?


I weigh 125 but I’m 5’10 so I’m still too skinneeeeeee ?

Cecilia Mayora

Being super skinny and pale as a ghost is the worst thing in my country. I've had men literally screaming at me on the streets that I have to get a tan and eat ?

Melissa F.

The worst part is when you're skinny and tall..? them long skinny legs looking like actual chop sticks aren't cute bro ?? and i appear more skinny then i actually am just because im tall but im slowly gaining weight i fell like ...REALLY SLOWLY anyways thanks for the tips sis

Leanna-marie Kostiuk

damn, i didnt know there was this little yt community for skinny girls. yay! its always been my biggest insecurity. really made me not even want to leave the house sometimes. trying to work out and eat as much as i can to build on my little curves now but. its nice to see because i can relate to the comments and now a days its all about having huge like freakishly big curves now...


This really helped me ,, thanks ❤️

I’m American

I never understood why people would say “you’re skinny” and “your gonna be tall” I hated it but once I took a good look at myself in the mirror and thought “hmmm I’m not that bad” and I slowly learned that whether I like it or not I’m gonna be like this for the rest of my life and learned to love myself being skinny and tall.

This doesn’t have much to do with the video but I saw some comments of people seeming upset with their body shape, I hope this helped anyone that might’ve needed it?


I went to get some chocolate and the shop keeper said to me “your parents don’t feed you? You too skinny you need to eat” It was so rude but I’m not sure if it’s normal to say those things in Indian culture ??

Amy Calle

This vid was amazing ❤️❤️❤️✌️and it is not fun being in the middle of the car like, I don't like it ?


People think it's fine to body shame someone who is skinny, but it's not, skinny people are just as insecure as everyone else, and no one deserves to be body shamed because we are all beautiful no matter what size ✌?

Marija Grazinskaite

I weight half the weight i should and every time somone from my family comes to visit the alweys say that im to skinny and should eat more and i alweys walk awey and often go to my room or the toilet and cry???

Nicxlee シ

My wish before 2020 ends isssss to gain weighttttt

Maneh :3

The only way I feel good about being skinny is when I wear a lot of bracelets. But I'm not even allowed to wear more than 1 bracelet in school??


I hate it when ppl call me “too skinny” but I can’t call them “too fat”


The things I don’t like about myself is the fact that I’m so skinny and I have no butt.

So does anyone have any tips to make that look better?

Julia Witecka

I actually don’t wear baggy clothes because being skinny, it means that I don’t have much curves to fill them out so it looks like I’m wearing borrowed clothes or some shit like that?? it’s a struggle because that means I cannot get onto that “loose clothes are cool” trend!


People LOOVE to preach about bOdY pOsItIviTy but proceed to call skinny girls skeletons?
Skinny girl pet peeve: when people tell you: do you even eat?
Pfft ofc not karen, I just prefer to drink air.

æsthetic me

im 40kg and im tall which makes me skinny. my legs make me look real ugly, i just want to eat properly but my stomach cant handle it. everytime i go like, this time imma eat alot, next minute i eat 2 slices of pizza and then i cant eat anymore.


Can you do one for selfies? I'm tired of looking like a bean pole with a large head

Valery Romero

See I don’t like my arms or legs, I have toothpick arms and legs so I just wear sweats and sweatshirts.. ?I just want some style but also not show how skinny my body is.

Sonicz Forever

Would agree with the flared jeans. People are freaked out when I wear the tighter makes. I have a smaller bone structure. I was told the ribcage didn't develop much at x ray and this means my ideal weight tends to be low as well. My wrist and all other bones have a degree of it. Jewelers is almost out of the question and I am upset over that. I buy my chains online so I don't have to tell people how small my wrists and neck are. Im still skinny at 34. Tired of the rude comments I started running and became slimmer on purpose. If I gain body fat it hangs badly. I always took a small size though so sigh. I was not about to be over weight either. I also snack so it doesn't get too extreme. Im an athlete but even before that I used to be teased relentlessly. I go to the store who order my clothes online the sizes I take are at in the bottom range and most younger kids and teens have bought them. I can get anything I wish. I feel less self conscious I pick it up upstairs and I am very grateful to the store for that. People used to make fun of my upper body which is a uk 4. The bottom half is between 6-8. the wrong look only accentuates it. Purportedly I have slim legs and I cover them as I am tired of people complaining. The top really alarmed them though. I had to buy the smallest size or a childs one and I was not happy to at the age of 34. One also has to wear their size but something with extra material of they have this issue. I am not great on the top and just wear the size closest to mine. They always are a tad baggy.
Love the crisps myself. There were plenty of rows around that. I have remained healthy so jokes on them. I need them as the weight was always low enough and worse since I am athlete. I find that part tricky. I chose in my 30s to become leaner for health reasons, though I was skinny as a teen as well 100 pounds 5 feet one.

crystal lopez

when she said she was 21 , a wholee time a bitch thought she was like 16

jae sara

i love your vibeeee 2020 here i’m 15 and by some of us will not always be skinny is that like a period thing orrr how do girls from a young age go from skinny being young but “thic” growing up without working out is it genes orrr should i have hope i’m 14 about to turn 15

RC Cosplay

I'm skinny and it's great. I do have a nice shape, so I'm told. Get to wear all the cool.cloths and fashions. I'm not criticizing anyone. To each their own...?


My bomb feature is my face that’s why I don’t take mirror selfies

Mariam Dawi

Skinny girl pet peeves: family gatherings... They treat me like I'm starving so I suddenly have to prove that I can eat by out eating all these rounded family members...


Your look like ur 15

Mimiko 369

Starting song? ?

no one

all u lot saying ur skinny! have u seen me? ur normal, in a twig my legs have no fat at all. i’m literally a stick and i’m not exaggerating

Good vibes 111

Before married I am 52kg after 3 kids I am 45kg ?

Hey it’s me Leslie!

Am i the only skinny girl that has a ⏳ body shape but I’m soooo insecure because my legs are so SKINNYYY I HATEE IT

Heaven Smith

I hate my legs every body always tell me about it and I always feel like I am about to cry ? ???????????????????

Kirstin Rosoman

I don’t enjoy being skinny, my heaviest I was 140 now I’m 108 ?

Mel B

Why does youtube even send me this? I’m plus size I lost weight but I’m still overweight


I was walking to school and this teacher really said “come on walk faster use them long legs for something” nigga im insecure about my legs why the hell would you say that

Ndinah Amwaama

Having to adjust all my jeans just so they fit my skinny legs??

debbi stover

One good tip I learned from experience is to wear a bodysuit then put sweatpants over it. Trust me it works.

Mary Maddox

I'm "people immediately comment on my weight upon meeting me" skinny.

Bonus: I'm also "I can still shop in the children's section in my 20s" skinny.

Emily Murphy

This is my first time finding you and I though you were British are first!


love your humor. let's see, my pet peeve would be people trying to guess my weight...like why??

Random 579

Im 15 and I am 107 lbs...I don’t really like my body that much because I feel like my shoulders are wide. I dont trust my mirror for some reason?

yolo yolo

People laughing at me cos I m skinny but looks hundred times uglier than me.fuck them all

Meiya Slaughter

so im 26 and im still little. ppl literally think im in high school if that. but i would like to say it gets better over time. you'll start to love every part of you.


I hate wearing shorts because I’m kinda skinny and my legs have cellulite ?

Sayantika Ghosh

Thank you so much babe for motivating me ❤?

Dylan Honcho

One time I was with my crush and he told me I was "mad skinny".It really sucked . . . I didnt know how to react except to just smile and change the subject.


im not even skinny MY HIP DIPSSS ONG


I hate when people grab my wrists and put their fingers around them and go “omg I can touch my fingers! You’re so skinny!”

brown xugar

I’m in 8th and im 83 pounds ;(( im tall and skinny...I mean,I love my body but I hate my breast so muchh tf i am shooooo flat!i’m literally a stick?and my friends always make fun of thatt:(i wish im 90 pounds so I can be more little thiccer

Raylee Perry

this honestly helped me so much with my confidence how I view myself alladat thank you so muchhhhhh ily

Swarnil Aspen Grace

Oww so happy in the comment section.....i am scrolling down and can relate to every single comment....

We all skinny ppl must meet and plan a trap for all those fattys!!!!???

bailey levin

OMG this vid helped me so much as im 12 yrs old and 79lbs. im mean ugggghhhh. NOTHING FITS ?!
pls do another skinny girl video. thanks, just discovered ur channel, wanna sub sooo badly !
Keep up the good work! :)

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Zane Hadzick grew up knowing everything about lifting things that weigh a lot, but nothing about lifting weights. As the 5-foot-9, 120-pound teenage son of a mother and father with a granite-countertop business, he'd carried more than his share of stone into homes in and around Weatherly, a coal town in northeastern Pennsylvania. But even as a young boy, he'd struggled to lose his lanky frame.

Living The Sugar-High Life

One day when he was 5 years old, Zane passed out while playing T-Ball. A doctor told Zane's parents that his blood sugar was low and that they needed to keep a ready supply of sugar on hand. From then on, Zane parents made sure he always had his "goodie bag" with him—a small brown paper bag filled with all kinds of sugary snacks. Zane was an active kid, and whenever he felt tired or woozy, he would reach into his bag and grab a snack.

Years passed, and Zane entered and then quickly dropped out of college. Unfocused and unmotivated, he stopped exercising. Even then, was never able to gain much weight. Always hovering from 120-130 pounds, Zane figured that if he was skinny, he must be healthy. But when he started eating entire cakes and half-gallons of ice cream at one sitting, he realized just how much his sugary diet was catching up with him. This time, he went to a different doctor, who noted that Zane had neither type 1 (the autoimmune disease) nor type 2 diabetes (the lifestyle disease). This doctor told him he needed to change his diet immediately. All Zane was doing by feeding on sugar all day was triggering an endless series of insulin spikes and blood sugar crashes. No wonder he was always tired and unfocused.

Eating And Training Like The Big Guys

The doctor gave Zane a list of the kinds of foods he should eat, and when Zane plugged them into a web browser to learn more, up popped Bodybuilding.com.

"I typed in things like chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, lean red meats, and low-fat dairy," Zane says. "When the search brought up the Bodybuilding.com site, I was so embarrassed that I closed the screen right away. I didn't want anyone to see that I was looking at a site filled with pictures of super-fit people. Considering how skinny I was, they'd think I was having delusions! Even when I went home and started browsing through the Bodybuilding site, I still felt uncomfortable looking at it—like I had no right to be there."


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Comments (30)
F1 Joker

ectomorph's hard life


Are you shipping supplements to Europe?

Marin Topulli

getting muscular if you're skinny by default its way more difficult than the other way

We Run Guns

Nice progress man! Very motivational!


Zane lol

Khaled Hitler

huge respect bro

Ossama Chekrad

congrats you made it

Christian Ovalle

all this athlete on state are on juiced. i can see it from far away away bro.


Mad respect sir, very inspirational.

Matthew Davidson


Russel Chan Zheng Hui

Finally something realistic! I'm so sick seeing videos with juiced bodybuilder at every corner of YouTube.

joel abishek

wow what an experience .
may God bless this family . ??


Hopefully this motivates the skinny white kids in my campus.


Started off skinny and still is skinny.

Jon P

Great work!! Amazing story!!


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Akshay H

he is ugly anyway

Schyler Brown

Love the Seattle Supersonics jersey!!! Miss the old team!

Chanthy Manyroath

Ur life is just beautiful ..love, dream , job

Chanthy Manyroath

I wish my future being like him

JD _

He's using NutraBio supps!! They r definitely at the top of the supp list in my eyes!

The legitimate noob

I cant change my diet even a little, he just changed his completely, insane dedication

Brandon Doan

great story, and an amazing wife that pushed you

Jonathan Muldrow

see what u can do w/ a supportive WHITE WOMAN

The Horizon X

WOW Thats Abel Albonetti on his left,

Salim Zenzouni

He has great energy and he is lucky to have such a supportive wife...

aa a

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade with it.

L337_ Qu411

Hi Zane, don’t know if you’ll see this, but I attended Weatherly Area Middle School with you from Nov. of 96 to June of 97. My name is Curtis. It’s really awesome to see you so positive. I’m in the middle of changing my own life for the better (I’ve been swimming consistently for the past year and a half). I’m also trying to have a sort of Cathartic experience dealing with my time in Weatherly through art. Anyway, it’s really great to see you so happy. Hope you have a great day. (Sorry if this is super awkward, but I don’t use social media at all)

Miles Brodie

Awesome Story!

Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Now he is a skinny bodybuilder