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The EASIEST Way to Coil Rope

The EASIEST Way to Coil Rope28 Nov. 2017
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The EASIEST Way to Coil

The EASIEST Way to Coil Rope | Learn Knots for Bushcraft

In this video Jason demonstrates what he believes is the easiest way to coil a rope.

This method for how to coil rope can be used for regular rope or for paracord and is an ideal method for coiling rope for bushcraft and wilderness skills or wilderness survival.

This method of coiling rope is very easy to tie and easy to untie. Its a method that will keep your rope and paracord neat and tidy while out in the bush.

Thanks for watching.

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I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching! ?

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Comments (31)

......... Merci Jason ! ?
............ Je m"@bonne !! ?

John Valiquette


Just Traveling

Try that with a 500 foot anchor line.

Vixa Stalin

fala sefe ;) mi pomogna, ait se gleame nekad koa ke iskoristis skills i ti


The last step didn't make any sense because your hands were blocking the rope.

James Galliver

You're way too far away from the camera. Can't see what you're talking about. And need to go much slower.

Ca na da boy Ca na da

Toooooo complicated.

JL Johnson

I’m cleaning out the garage and trying to organize rope that is constantly tangled. Yours was the first video that popped up for rope storage. Very handy, thank you for taking the time to share your expertise


you can't see the byte so not sure what happen

Jason Eke

What do you think? Isn't this an easy way to keep your rope and paracord tidy? Let me know what you think in the comments.

german sestopal

You block with you hands !!!

Spiral X

nicely done.


The EASIEST and the BEST

Smiling Impact

This really is the best way to store cordage. The small learning curve pays for itself in time wasted detangling. Thanks for this video.

Michayla Cassano

Great way to store my ropes. Easy to learn and looks great.

claire humphrey

I don't know. I could not see the rope from soo far away. Nice workshop though.

James Buckland

Works great on my dogs longline

Jean Loïc

clearly not attaching the same things with my ropes


Very very useful.... Thank you so much


Liked The Figure 8 Around Your Elbow, But Have No Idea What You Did To Secure The End.Could Not See What You Were Doing From So Far Away!

Foxiepaws ACAnderson

You know this, it never occurred to me until I watched you, but this is exactly how I coil yarn but on a bigger scale. I have been labouring under the assumption that I am just rubbish at coiling ropes when I actually knew all along but it hasn't translated in my mind until I saw you. Thank you.


Great tips Jason , thanks for sharing ???

Samuel Adams

garbage just wrap it around your elbow then wrap around in circle and stop with bite


Great video thanks a lot

Paul Vasso

Thanks for the great explanation. I learnt the process many years ago but forgot about the last bit with the bight to tie it all off and was left with a loose mess.

Pavol Polonec

Is it OK to use this method for cables as well?

Ollie Painter

My stupid self tried this, and it was too tight I had trouble getting it off my elbow...lol

Gilles Poulin

What size is the cedar canoe on the wall behind you at shoulder hight? That you

Bob Saget

Awesome thx!

Jason Eke

Hey everyone, I've just created a new channel that is focused on knots and how to tie them. Please head over and help me out by subscribing. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqeJmKclnZayasrwvm6G21A


Too far away to really see what you were doing. But thanks anyway.


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How to Rope Up for Glacier Travel

How to Rope Up for Glacier Travel15 Jun. 2018
83 573
Outdoor ResearchSubscribe 438 721

American Mountain Guides

American Mountain Guides Association Instructor Team member Jeff Ward explains the finer details of safely roping up for glacier travel through crevassed terrain.

Comments (19)
P. Richter

Great and detailed video. Loved the stance at the end ???????

Sean O'Brien

Solid pose at the end.

alessandro pavoncelli

Don't you think that the direction of rotation of the rope around the bust should be reversed? (time 2.21). In case of traction with knot just untied (possible) the rope must come out from under the arm and not from over the shoulder (dangerous!) See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3uz45JQNHo

Tube light

How many spacing is needed if there are 15 members?

Robin Taggart

Excellent video - really clear ?? I especially appreciated the clarity on tying off coils and then clipping the ‘extra’ (glacial travel) knot to leave the coils load- free; that’s such a simple and yet crucial concept, and yet I haven’t seen it before, as it’s usually the end of the overhand knot tidying the coils that gets clipped... Going to make that technique our go-to from now on! ?

Martin Brzozowski

so my harness doesn't have a belay loop.. where should I feed it through?


What gloves is he wearing? Are they still available?

Brian Harder

The only thing I didn't catch is the length of the rope you started with. With the rising popularity of Petzl's Rad Line, 30m sections are becoming common. I've struggled with coming up with a tidy way to divide up the rope for 2 on a 30m or 3 on 2x30m.

Jim Pasterczyk

Butterfly knots are far better than figure 8s on a bight for clipping middle people into the rope; they can take loads from either end without rolling. Compare it with a figure eight tied with parallel ropes with the ends at the same place; that kind of knot has been known to come undone when doing double rope rappels unlike when using the Flemish bend or alpine butterfly bend. See the latest Accidents in North American Climbing for that type of accident.

Cole Bitter


paddy oneill

Hi mate few questions. How do you escape your rope system if you tie in direct to your harness and not onto a crab also your rescue rope how do you get to it to use in a situation if it is tied off to you??
I have only ever known to tie onto a crab then have half my coils tied off then another half which comes to a prussik off my belay loop, which I can flip off easy take rope off or bring rope in or make a 3 to 1 pulley
Regards paddy

Alexander Mokin

What is the recommended rope for glacier travel? Can I use my regular Rock climbing rope?


Hi, what's the name of his gloves?


lol the end

Li-En Tai

What's the best way to calculate spacing if I'm adding braking knots?


I like his coat

Ryan Cullen

Pants and jacket?


Excellent video!


You can hear Mark laughing in the background!