Used weight plates

How to Restore Rusty Weight Plates / Discs

How to Restore Rusty Weight Plates / Discs7 Apr. 2020
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Hi Guys, in this video I

Hi Guys, in this video I restore some old rusty weight plates which have seen better days. Try it for yourself as it is quite simple and makes a big difference! Restore Gym Equipment.

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Comments (15)
Benjamin Castillo

I restored a set. I used white vinegar 50/50 for 24 hours, drill wire brush and then 1 can of rustoleum hammerd black. Plus a $2 Red Elmer's painters pen from Walmart to paint the plates letters

elmata suegra 2-3

Whay about using spray paint or atleast a way bigger brush ..??? ??????

Nick LBW

And you get a workout at the same time ?

O.G.B Woodwork

Great restoration Phill!

Lime 23

Good restoration mate ism currently found similar with a few sets of old record stilsons

Franz Talandrata

Was the black gloss also enamel? Sorry not really knowledgeable with paints. Thank you for this!

Phill Wyatt Outdoors

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IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers

Lol are you insane!! Can of rustoleom extra wide nozzle and boom done.

arturs ivanovs

If the rust is minimal can I just spray paint over it

Michael Broski

The paint u used. Does it keep rust at bay? I used semi gloss rust oleum spray. It’s a paint and primer called 2x. Worked well. I got it at Home Depot.

arturs ivanovs

If the rust is minimal can I just spray paint over it

arturs ivanovs

If the rust is minimal can I just spray paint over it .

Essetino Artists

Hey Phil! Those look great! Really cool restoration!


How have the plates held up? I’m looking to do this on my played but not sure if it’s worth it, if they’ll get chipped/scratched up anyways over the next few months.

Annabel - Painting, Printmaking & Drawing

Nice one! My geeza needs to watch this - epic channel! :)

Meathead used all the 45lbs. plates for this...

Meathead used all the 45lbs. plates for this...16 Jan. 2015
2 358 525

The amount of weight on

The amount of weight on the bar is apparently 2,214 lbs. (1,005 kg.). Would it piss you off if all the 45 lbs. plates were taken because of this guy? Let us know in the comments!

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Comments (100)
Dylan Church

I can hear Infinite Elgintensity right now

Mike Maloney

Dudes trolling us

Christian Brown, my pack, Akita, Mali X, Dutch X

All the meat heads are butt hurt on here because that is a rep and a lot of weight.... that dude rich piana about to have a stroke probably behind the computer or his big ass phone because his fingers are too big for a regular phone.

James Cater

What chode.

Fearless 777

If i was at that gym i would be pissed

Scizor Bullet

-_- what an idiot

JF Grenier

It looked like a very partial one handed deadlift. Obviously, the guy is not lifting the full impacted weight. Yes it is still strong as he budges it but I've got no idea as for the purpose of this lift except for being an ego lift. And yes, as to answer the question above, it would fucking piss me off especially if there were no purpose for what he's doing except of being an egotistical douche fucking bag meatheaded lifter


This has to be some sort of joke.

Like, what could this possibly accomplish? The leverage undermines the weight, so the amount of weight on the bar isn't really as much as it would seem to lift with so little of it moving more than an inch off the florr, the movement is some weight half-squat, half-row... thing... so it's not some powerlifting competition movement, and if it's some sort of grip training, it ain't gonna mean shit to grab something for half a second and drop it.

I seriously call shenanigans. No way this man got that huge doing dumb shit like this.

Sambo Slice

Dick face

Random Jester

That's what you call cheat cheat rows ?


what the fuck was that?

ComicBook Guy

i got torn bicep judt from watching this.

Rogelio Riojas

And it would be even heavier if he didnt have the small plates doing leverage on the other side...


This is just obnoxious.

Powder Wig Wooden Teeth MF

That’s just a fat guy


I would expect them to basically have a tantrum if you called them out on it, considering how stupid they are.

Dr Falcon

Lifting a tiny fraction of 1005kg 3 millimeters off the ground is my warmup also.


Legend says he has yet to complete 1 rep.

jode boyd

ultimate that guy in the gym


aaaaand dead by 40












Henrique Freitas

What muscles does it work?

Carmine Cuzzo

No form or discipline & ZERO gains!hope he’s not a trainer?!?!

Jhon Hunt

1 Set 10 attempts, great workout BRO


He couldn't complete one fucking rep bcus he was to burn out after loading all those plates


0:23 "el tarratta monkey young gua" translates to........

Not Me

Who’s at the end

John L

He's training to be your worst nightmare upstairs neighbor.


He actually lifted that shit though

Jordan Williams

Look at that form

Job Stout

This is nothing not 1 single rep at all ? just some big dumb ass lifting 451 lbs

kotton mouth

Thought it said methhead

Anon Foruz


G O D’s 2nd Account

Instant herniated disc.

Shade On A Cool Day

Meat head more like flabby fuck

Rob Mulder

The funny thing is that all those small plates are beyond the point of leverage. So they actually make the lift easier instead of adding to the weight.

Mashiro Shiina

what an idiot

Fitness india India


Hug Savage


Peter Shanle

What's the point


Surely there's a less annoying way to give yourself a hernia?

Alexandru Roinita

0:22 when you have to hear what is going on..


guess he lacks the brain power and he cant train that in the gym

Ken Desjarlais

whats the point--- under that shirt is pounds of fat with bitch tits all day long


Or.... OR he could have used a quarter of the plates and actually have a chance of lifting something.
But naaaaahhh, that wouldn't accomplish his goal of showing off.

Chavanun Siphomsay

I dont lift so please dont hate me. What was that exercise and what muscle was he trying to actually work?

Masha Mariya

This is how it's done! LOL ?

Nero Onoxus

What muscle does this workout again? I'm confused.

Ryan Zarza

After 3 plus years I have no idea what body part this is focusing on.

Сила лезгинка

Just stupid

Benjamin Feck


dr. green thumb

Probably just tarring his ligaments in his shoulder

Rick Jamesbitch

That’s not a Meathead. That is a fat fuck wanna be power lifter.


Loading the bar up will have been the most honorable part of this spectacle .

Adriana Kuzmikova

what is the point of that? he is not lifting more than 1/3 of it. also what kind of exercise is this one? I have NEVER seen this one in my life...I think it's called "Look at me! I am old, ugly with small and flaccid dk so I will take all those plates and make a lot of noise so everyone in gym will give me some attention."

h o



He’s really lifting about 20% of the over all weight....... pathetic

Chris Najdek

Trump supporter/“true patriot” shrugs


90% of the plates didn't didn't leave the floor

Al Moxon


e v

I bet he cant lift 1/4 of this weight for 1 rep in normal deadlift


That dude was as red as the subscribe button


defnitely a meat head with a walnut brain


Trying to start a weed eater like..

Wade Betz

The dumbass could save everyone some time by going and trying to pick up some farm equipment. It’s the same movement just with two hands

Joshinken 2

A lot of the weight isnt even getting lifted because its in the air on the other side of the bar, so its actually HELPING him lift.

If he was smart he could have done the exact same training with about half the plates


Even if you remove half of them, he’d still be a muppet


He might've actually lifted 4 or 5 clean off the ground. lmao


Monday's be like

Master-n-Teach Virgo

Ummm??? OK?

Vicious Bulldog Kennel


S James


Ding Dong


Edward Jr


Ben Ward

I hate people like that

Васси Драконов

If someone hogged all the weight plates in the gym for such foolishness, of course I'd be pissed. Still don't know why this video showed up in my recommendation, though.

Viral Clown

Uses all the plates and lifts a 1/3

No Body

I mean...he is working his hamstrings and traps. Not very effectively but kinda.


hahahaha, would piss me off but I'd also have to watch him to it to.

knuks the kid

niggas was out here preparing for destroyed dick December

Justin Lee

I just want to slap his head and run away.

dfbsdfbsdfbs bfbds

That looks great for his spine

Maur 4456

The whole thing is not even lifted

Really Real

10 time bac

Esoteric Inc

it's sick it's piss it's revolting it's insulting! okay peace out bye




Not even 5 plates moved


Light weight buddy

Tim Boland

sausage fingers


First day in planet fitness:

Æt Z

Who knows he’s Instagram ?



Magnus Guglius Vuglius

That dude is strong. I wouldn’t want to be against him. I should buy him a drink.

Dustin Spencer

All the plates in the gym but yet there was still one right in front of it


What a fucking dumbass! Ego fuckin overload!


Remember to always lift with your back, not your legs


What the hell is going on here


Wow it's a world record

Lawrence Grott

Wtf does this prove? Jackass!

nitin maurya

??????? what is he doing man .wasting energy and time.

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Comments (3)
Our Terrible YouTube Channel

I actually have some deep dish iron and some smaller rubber plates. I kinda like both about the same but feel more 'manly' with the iron (yea, I know thats dumb).

julio alvarado

Just bought my first pair of Fringe bumpers. Can't wait lol


Iron is the only way to go. With that said, my garage gym shares a wall with our baby's room, so I went with your contrast bumpers.