The rock and arnold schwarzenegger

The Rock vs. Arnold: Clash of the Titans | NowThis Nerd

The Rock vs. Arnold: Clash of the Titans | NowThis Nerd19 Apr. 2018
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Moose Lopresto is here to

Moose Lopresto is here to officiate a no-holds-barred dream match comparing and celebrating the surprisingly similar careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

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There are few movie stars in the world with the captivating charisma of Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Dwayne Johnson movies like Jumanji, Rampage, The Fast and the Furious, and the upcoming Hobbs vs. Shaw, Skyscraper, Jumanji 2, and more, always leave the audience satisfied and the box office bloated. But besides Rock Johnson, there’s only one other superstar who even comes close to the most electrifying man in entertainment: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like Terminator, T2, Predator, and countless more have established him as an action movie icon, with the Rock movies following in his footstep. The Rock and Arnold have a similar career paths, from their starts in WWE and bodybuilding, to their meteoric rises to success and political ambitions. Arnold vs. the Rock, the Rock vs. Arnold, whoever gets top billing, only one action star can reign supreme.

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Comments (100)
melissa williams

The rock

Herr.S Romain Sandt

Arnold will always be the Terminator world wide... The Rock Has yet to have a role that everyone will remember. And as fun as his movies are, none is a great one. And it's ok.


Arnold made Terminator 3 after Batman & Robin. That movie has grossed about $605 million in today's money. It also landed him a paycheck of $29.25 million plus a 20% royalty on gross profits over $380 million. I guess that's a dwindling career in a Youtuber's eyes.

Tip Of The Iceberg

The rock wins because he didn’t use gear


The rock can knock you out in one punch
Arnold is more badass

NowThis Nerd

Thanks for watching, nerds! This is part of a new series we're trying called 'Clash of the Titans,' where we pit the careers of entertainment icons against each other. Let us know who you'd like to see battle it out in future installments!

cheesecake 987

Arnold is the best


Haha just wait till rock becomes president


Anorld name helps white people say the n word.....?

Diego Rodriguez

vote for The rock 2020

drifter_ wolf

get to the choppa
but i gotta be honest terminator and all other movies arnold was in was great but he is getting old so yeah ima go with rock

Luke Schroter



Do not compare legends!!???


Accomplishments aren't numbers, and mostly they can't be compared.

subas thapa

Charisma: Rock
Hollywood: Arnold
On their respective fields
Be it Bodybuilding or
Wrestling: both are considered Legends


Fans of both still wins despite whoever wins

Vinoth Kumar

Rock for president

Paul What

Are you serious? Arnold is a legend. Rock is cool as but not same league

DeathCold_ LongplaysUA

Arnold forever!

Florine Wilson




7:10 wait, even more than chris pratt

AKA the badass of the universe

Khani Pulley

the rock.

LifeChanger -Tink

Rock is best

Joe Kent

Walking tall, and the rundown are several of his best.

Manuel R Avila

I don't think the comparison is fair to Dwayne, it's clear that the second win was just a courtesy point. In reality, what The Rock can be proudest of, is the mere fact that he reminds us of Arnold.

Jazann Simmons

Arnolds Arnold

Just some guy who likes David Bowie

What's more important a few more bucks or pop culture sure the rock made more money than him so what he's a pop culture Legend

Jamari Reed

I hate Arnold I want the rock I want the Rock right now why can't The Rock when Dwayne Johnson he's like the best

John Robichaud

I want to see the both of them workout together

patricio álvarez

Arnorld FOREVER!!!

Krasimir Kolev

Not sure about the concept of this as it's the first video I'm watching but comparing Arnold to whoever is just pointless ^_^

Michael Lynch

Funny how he tried to use total money made to give the nod to the rock. No way in hell or any universe is the rock anywhere close to the action star Schwarzenegger is.

Hærra Prímat

Direct sequel to Predator staring the Rock with a big Arnold cameo


7:32 ha

Conner Broeker

How many people say I'll be back or hosta la vista baby (excuse my spelling) compared to can you smell what the Rock is cooking

Luke Schroter

if anything Arnold should have won the movies categories I mean Terminator 1 and 2, Predator, true lies, Total Recall and commando are all classics and fantastic. TBH The rocks movies are bad San Andreas is his best then Jumanji and they are ok nothing to special. Then movies like Rampage and Skyscraper were really bad especially Rampage

Antwan Gaming

Now this nerd:There both likeable. Me:Didn't Arnold cheat on his wife?

Subscribe To xdSnailboat


Mr. Microwave

Arnold is clearly the best

Stacy Eremeeva

They are both amazing, but Arnold has movies that are still classics to this day

Bijendra Singh

These two have the type of charisma and likeableness that one can only hope for. This sets them apart from the realism most actors strive for. Fun is their primary motivator as opposed to prestige.

E Eg

I think Arnold's movies are much better, and just more enjoyable

Super Singer Soorya

The rock was more popular than hulk hogan and as popular as Austin 316


Herr Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend, while as Mr. Dwain Johnson is still on his way there.


The Rock DJ 100% FOREVER

Conner Ellis

Dipshit everyone knows the name of the rock, Arnold is old and lost it, the rocks got now and will keep it forever

The Phoenix

You can't compare these legends. They are the best entertainers of their time, so no point in comparing their movies. We love both!




Hate to say it but Arnold has him beat plus a lot of the rocks most recent movies kind of stunk?

Willy Wonka

1 - ARNOLD ?
2 - DWAYNE ?

Jonathan Rodriguez

The rundown was a gem, but, you cannot compare the Rock to Arnie. Like the last line of he video says, the Austrian powerhouse is untouchable!

Mirandamus Prime

Arnold Beat a predetor and many terminators when he was one. End of convorsation.


Should’ve been 3-0 Arnie on top.

Mark Tabaczynski

theyre both great men but arnold is obviously the winner in every category. I will say the Rock is a better actor though. but still though Arnold might be a worse actor but his performances are more iconic. Arnold was just perfectly cast in the movies he was in.


I can't decide on this.


I love The Rock he's great but I'm sorry no one compares to Arnold he is a pure legend and in his own league no one will ever match Arnold

JTAC Bluemansonic


Ronald Ryan


Bronco #9887




Jamari Reed

Dwayne Johnson all the way ????????????????????❤️??????♥️??❣️???????

Unicorn Queen

The Rock has done nothing that beats the Terminator, Twins and The Predator Arnold still smashes the competition. And comparing money is the stupidest f**** thing I've ever seen because these guys have 30 years separating them dumbass. Those three movies alone in today's mainstream would smash everything The Rock has done.
Don't get me wrong I love the rock but he is still no Arnold Schwarzenegger when it comes to acting. And Sylvester Stallone was competition for Arnold but The Rock has no competition in movie making there for he pulls in more than he earns out of sheer non-competition.

Michael steffens

Sporting career? We all knew Arnold won at the beginning.

The Ulmitter

We can all agree, that they're both absolute legends


Rock is over Austin

Yagati Gawa

but the rock is the dude!


Saying the Rock wins because of box office without adjustments for inflation and comparative box office charting is like saying a movie that made 2 million dollars is inferior to another film because it generated 12 million pesos. You're purposefully blinding yourself to give an advantage to someone who is just not on the same level.
Arnold didn't just succeed as an actor on screen. Total Recall and Terminator 2 happened solely because Arnold pushed those projects to happen by leaning on Mario Kassar for highest movie budgets of that era. The Rock never has the same level of commitment to each film that Arnold brought. Hell, as far as wrestlers turned actors, I'd almost say Jesse Ventura was more saavy actor for getting projects with Arnold.
I love the Rock, he's tremendous on the mic, I love that he's jump-starting the XFL 3.0, he's an important person in media, but he's been in the spotlight for almost 25 years and hasn't accomplished the same levels changing the whole of media circling around him the way Arnold did in that same timespan.

Derrick Mency Jr

Its not a toma!!!????

Chris Bulow

Come on.... Arnold is a legend!!!




Well, Wheel of Pain is a real thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yF-74QBdMo, so that alone wins for Arnold :D

Sword Guy

The terminator ??

Eric playz

8:41 is the animation from among us

Carter Presley

Next Vs. Bruce Willis Vs. Will Smith

Omega Alpha

Arnold is the icon of American dreams.

Being an immigration, fight the way to the US, became a big star, find huge career success, and finally elected as governor. In a way, Arnold represents the US.

Yagati Gawa

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rock , they are unbeatable!

dilfo snaggins

The rock is nothing compared to Arnold


Rock has more power than Arnold ever did. Rock is producing and putting his hands in everything to make more $.

James Head

Arnold is like paper

Paper beats rock


Can't beat the secret of steel.

Shadhin Magnito

1. Rock defines wrestling more than Arnold defines bodybuilding. Vince McMahon has been trying to make a new rock ever since. Rock wins.
2. Arnold's terminator is the most iconic robot/sci-fi charecter of all time. Just the amount of catchphrase. Arnold wins.
3. Meh. Arnie wins.

Jamari Reed

Dwayne Johnson all the way ???❤️❣️❣️????♥️??????????????????♥️???

Dark Krazy

The rock and arnold are awesome actors


I agree Arnold all the way but the Rock is gonna get there !!!

Angely Rios

Bruh the rock would f***k him up??

Ethan Earthblade

Arnold all the way


Arnold is more likeable than Rock in my opinion he has been a positive role model for decades

Just some guy who likes David Bowie

The Rock: raises his eyebrows

Arnold: hold my beer

Katherine Swindull


Leonardo David 28

You didn't even bother adjusting for inflation?

James Head

Arnold pie chart

5%one liners
20%austrian accent

And 100% violence

b4ka dom

A rock vs arnold?

The Toothless Vegan

I have never once gone and seen a movie for The Rock.

No one has. Not that I know of.

But back in the day people went to see "Arnold movies".

They lined up!

The Fast and Furious movies were far from "The Rock" movies. Neither was Jumanji.

BUT almost every movie Arnold did were 100% his movies.

Byron Williams

That Hulk Hogan Clip Just Killed Me ???


Another thing you are forgetting. Most of Arnold's movies were Rated R. The Rock makes PG-13 manlet movies.

living human

Next video is Ronnie Coleman vs Dwayne Johnson ???

High Voltage

its not Arnold and Rock its about Arnold and Sylvester.

April Granados

Where do I sign for the Jingle All the Way Home remake?!?!?

Bre XP

Do one next with the Rocks twin, Dwayne Johnson


1:38 Probably should have re phrased that answer Arnold....


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? Credits

● Arnold Schwarzenegger




● Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson





● Under Armour




● Mr. Olympia LLC


● GMV Bodybuilding



? [email protected]

Comments (100)
living human

Gold berg has more better mucles than Dwayne Johnson...?
Gold berg beats rock every time.?

Pombaer 72

Rock vs Arnold ? .... Rock go home !!

Máx Azaña

ARNOLD ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

mk singga sadhu

The rock is best but Arnold is legendary superstar unki barabari kisi bhi Cheej me koi ni kar sakta body to door ki baat hai he is legend abhi woh old hai bhot but unki jara body dekhiye

Peterson Oliveira

Boa noite wows vai amém

living human

Next video expecting
Ronnie vs Dwayne Johnson ??

Jason Pinna


Geovanny Maldonado

Arnold n.1

Amit Gautam tehla

Arnold is the father of BB, others are babies ☺️

dean lilley

There is no vs when it comes to Arnold he’s the best of all time

Denis Johansen

Arnold by far!


The Rock is an arm of the Arnold..sorry.

Mohd Adiyan

The rock is best

Семейный металлокоп


Manju Galdavar

Arnold role modale


DWAYNE.J can never be compared to ARNOD.S.DWAYNE.J. her back is well developed but lacks symmetry. her lower thighs and calves also lack size. ARNOLD.S. has better developed biceps. which was his
Great secret weapon and surprise in Mr. Olympia. Her triceps are also more developed. Her back is wider. Her twins are fuller, which she sacrificed to carry them to a large size. Conclusion. There could be more bodybuilders.
large with greater muscle mass than ARNOLD.S. but never symmetrical like ARNOLD.S. It will always be remembered as the best most symmetrical classical body in the world. Long live ARNOLD.S.

D Block

Arnold Schwarzenegger all the way and don't forget about his son that's doing everything natural

Raj Roy

Arnold is a legend don't compare him with any one


Just one calt of Arnold's was bigger than Rock's byceps :))))) and byceps of Arnold was bigger than Rock's leg. And Arnold's chest was bigger than Rock completely))))

Dev Das

not compare God ?

Jasvirsingh Saini

We can'tttttt do this



Rogério Ribeiro

Duas lendas ....
Cada qual...
No seu tempo...
É ai ... vai encarar....

xa bay

The rock is bigger than anold..but anold body is more perfect than the rock..

Anderson Macedo

E uma vergonha pro de rock kkkkk

Shyam Iyer

Arnold never comparison

Ezzystore mobiles

rock is better then arnod ok

Ondřej Bárta

Arnold is the best

Bruno Santos

Como pueden comparar a Arnold vs la Roca ?

Vyankat Kamble

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Eduar Castillo villa


great d

4:00 legions alive.


Coole videos ??????

Sunil Tayde

Arnold is arnold

Mr Hawk

The Rock vs Mike Tyson.. anyone agrees in 2021????

Kumar S Bro Production

Arnold is a professional bodybuilder


Arnold is my hero.

Red Dead Series Games

Arnold is the OG.

fardeen khan

tha rock

Chris Humphries

The Rock is bigger than Arnold mass and height

Vanderlei Silva

Schwazenegger já foi Mr. Olympia. Isso diz Tudo!


no comment


Of course Arnold is bigger, and it begs the ?, Y does the rock only work out w 275 bench ? KINDA Pathetic ?? For a full on steroid user ?? Just sayin'... My friend worked out w/ 400, at only 160 lbs ripped, w/ NO steroids...I guess it's cuz body builders work SO MANY more muscles than power lifters and strength trainers ?? !! It's just not as much weight...I know they are strong as hell....I did what my friend in High School taught me...4 sets, w/ 8 reps, lowering the weight for each set, w/ 2 minutes between sets...My friend said, he added weight for each rep...FINE...I was bigger overall and he was stronger only benching, by far....In the last year, or so, after 10 years mostly on, I did more reps w/ a little less weight..Only used creatine and protein...Thing was, I met a guy I went to grade school w/ in the gym, who was stronger than me, and I asked him, what type of protein do U take..He said protein ?? So it's possible a quarter pounder FOR EXAMPLE is enoughto build muscle..Maybe a 6" subway sub protein ?? It worked for him, w/ out even knowing about taking 40 grams or so of protein 3 to 4 times per day...Again, the rock, KINDA LAME ?? 275 bench.. OBVIOUSLY arnold did at least 400, if not 450 pounds...Just saying..


Good excuse me and as later it gets old and the muscle gets weaker ... do what? then he gets 60 and 70 years old to die.
my grandfather said ... "Don't be stupid to be strong muscle and make normal body health."
He is 102 years old and has not died...me 53 years old not muscle.

Nicole Schmitz

Nowadays Arnlod eating vegan and posting pics with Greta, while he driven a Hummer.. he just turn, to become an idiot....????

Johan Neethling

Dwayne is an actor and wrestler not bodybuilder

SS life

I think both are good because both have done hardwork . Both of them motivate us . I love you both.

Husen Kasimov

Daji sravnit greh arnolim tot lisi on doljin riklamivat prizivativ ligendim nidoljin riklamirovat

BigBadWolf Dave

Its stupid how people are comparing them ......The video is about their dedication , focus and handwork to achieve their goals ..They both come from two diff fields where their goals were diff and ended up in movies ...thats all

Scott Thorpe

I think people have missed the point it's not about whether The Rock is good a bodybuilder as what Arnold Schwarzenegger, because if that was the case it there is no comparison Arnold is better.
It about how determined they both are to achieve their goals to get the body the want and to do whatever it takes to get it.
Yes Arnold is greatist he worked his ass off in the gym to get the body wanted but you can't knock The Rock either he created his own gym that he transports around with him just so we can train you have to give both guys credit for their dedication and drive they had to create the bodies they desired.
I admire them both just like The Great Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler to name a few.


No one messes with Arnold the legend

Gary Dalton Ole Country Music

It's just a video! Lol

AJ Fan


living human

WWE champion vs mr.olympia..???

Mr P

Respect to both men


Arnold he can win bodybuilding 5 or 6 mr. olimpics

And the rock can’t make it to the body bilding

پیام عرشی

King the rock

Beast Inblack

Just admit you still juice DJ don’t sell people a lie and insist it is natural

Алексей Шутов

Несколько операций на сердце, вот итог...

Ruam Ruamsantosdasilva

Arnold ê o melhor


If Arnold was in his prime today I bet he would dwarf the competition with todays knowledge of bodybuilding combined with his genes...


ARNOLD for ever man.......the rock is a pebble on front of ARNOLD

Железный Человек

Я рос на Арни...он мне ближе и духом и как мотиватор...Дуэйн тоже красавец...но...

Julián Contreras

Arnol es superior es sin duda mucho mejor

Felix Rodriguez

This one is a no brainer. Arnold of course! The Rock will never get to be a Mr Olympia with that body.

Kay Ladi

Terminator 6 wäre nicht schlecht mit beiden schauspieler???

Alexander Rios

Son diferentes. Arnold es bueno en alterofilia y Dwayne es luchador. Cada quien es bueno en su disciplina.

Ambika Lijo

Rock is best??

cid aioria

Arnold físico perfecto no existe alguien superior el que se acercaba y bastante bien era Lou Ferrigno

fin_ lifts

Steroids tho

Lucas Salas

Arnold es mucho mejor que la rocca mejor físico mejores músculos

Jaime Peralta

No seas malo la Roca es un payaso no es actor no le gana a nadie, Arnold es otra cosa no seas malo son 2 personajes. Muy diferentes

Sol Perez

Arnold es mejor

shouvik sarkar

The rock vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bodybuilding : The Rock losses and Arnold Schwarzenegger wins.

Fighting: Arnold Schwarzenegger dead .

Karmen Isabel Asevedo


043 Sudip Das

arnold : I am 7 times mr. olympia , who are you ?

rock : I know you are 7 times , ronnie is 8 times , besides you there are many mr. olympia , but upto now there is only 1 " ROCK " & that is me


Num enche aquele tempo com aqueles aparelhos antigos Arnold éra maiór q Johnson oje ??

vyas jwalit

I admire Arnold because he has extremely shredded,pure finished,ultra high definition muscle,flexible(ready to move anywhere anytime)muscle,and no skin rashesh(pure skin)which is eye pleasing(cool to eyes

my status my world

I dedicate the rock

Md isteyaq Ansari


Tharek Ali

I like Arnold Schwarzenegger the most The Rock is also cool but Arnold is the best at getting big.

Antônio Lucas Viana

Arnold é melhor... Sem dúvida nem uma, comparação besta!!!!



free music

Goku the best. Lol

Mauro Sergio

Arnold tinha um físico infinitamente superior.

Horse Lover

Rock bodybuilder of all time legend

David Gegdjjd


Elison Geraldo dos Santos

Arnold is the best

Mando !

0:26 why tf did that motivate me sm ?

Sadhan das

Arlond best

super dad

Fun fact I read in the magazine Arnold admit to taking anabolic steroids. He said back then they weren't illegal but he stop taking before shows because it wasn't allowed. Look it up I was disappointed myself

sadhin hossain

Only Arnold

Toni S

Arnold is capo di tutti bodybuilders :)

Ali Gazi

Natrual vs Steroids ☺

غزة في القلب

Hhhh no comparable arnold is the best

Marcos Gálvez Angles

Obvio Arnold es mas estetico

Ziddu Khan

Only arnold

Viorel Vasile

Respect for "the Rock", but this comparison is an fair... Nobody it's fits with "the oak", Arnold is one and the only, he's body shape is unique. Arnold is the best bodybuilder ever, Dwayne is just a athlete ???

Linga Raju

Cir please not compare with any one,it is my....request

Vara Prasad

Both are legends but Arnold is a step higher..

Arnold Schwarzenegger Appeared In The Movie "The Rundown" With Dwayne Johnson

Arnold Schwarzenegger Appeared In The Movie "The Rundown" With Dwayne Johnson25 Nov. 2016
43 979
The Planet ClipsSubscribe 438 721

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger guest appearance role with Dwayne Johnson in the movie "The Rundown" 2003.

Comments (36)
Nami Chobing Mixed Blog

Have fun

Jackson Terhaar

Damn, Arnold

Marc Alvarado

The most LEGENDARY shit I ever seen


great cameo next they star togther in a movie partners/ or one a goor gut other bad guy? hmm



Dimal Tabuni

Arnold is a beddast face dude


Wonder how much he got paid to say two words in a movie ?

Dudley DooRight

Time for the Rock to pass the torch to the next guy now. He's almost 50.

Dante Anthony

It's like getting the keys to the car

Jack Norhan


Gøddəss Иøvą19

The T-800 checking out after terminating Sarah Connor

anthony cheesman

It was the passing of the torch and then he did tooth fairy lol

Edge Lord

This makes me wanna think that Arnie just finished his adventure, and then hes like aight ur turn Dwayne lol

The Shorty Show Yo

Damn y’all late lol ? I knew this when the movie 1st came out lol I said to my mom at age 13 omg Arnold is passing the torch the rock is our Arnold lol

Oh Yeah

If You Smell Whos Going To Be In The Expendables 4


Hercules meets Hercules

Chris Su


Nermin C.

The passing of the torch.


Arnold passing the torch... And rock hasnt done anything good to be the next action hero


beautifully meta moment between the past and the future. Brilliant.

John Boko

Arnold: Good luck trying to be me Rocky.

Light Loop

As a little kid I actually thought that was just a coincidence, you know they were shooting a movie and Arnold just happened to be walking by. Stupid me...

Sean Whelan Whelan

“Have fun”, makes me think back then, when Arnold was about to be governor and he passes the torch to Dwayne and now the Rock is one of the most successful action stars of this generation.

Forrest Slater

This was a great moment. Unfortunately The Rock has done nothing that rivals The Terminator, The Predator, or Total Recall.

Dimal Tabuni

Have fun mean arnold represent dj as the biggest actor then till now.
Arnold really want into the movie.

Jerick Sanchez

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a cameo on the film, made when he was Governor of California. He visited Universal Studios during the shoot and was having lunch with The Rock. Berg asked if he would like to appear in the film and Schwarzenegger agreed if they could do it then.

Junkiii Chairman of The Raikoū Clan

2003 arnold


I went crazy first time i saw this scene. Arnold is the Best :)

Sid Bat

The Rock looks like he's barely 6'3''


at the time i thought no way is the rock the next one- but now - he's build an empire. he needs a movie or a franchise as great as predator/terminator/recall- but the quality of his general movies is great.

Abhinav Negi

The rundown was very good movie ..

Dimal Tabuni

From the passing torch to the biggest actor.

Torres Boxing

??? Arnold

Martin Martin

Amazing face Arnie

Christopher O'Neil

Detective Kimble still hunting the bad guys down in clubs lol ! #KindergartenCop

Tight T

Passing the torch. New action hero.