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Spartan Training Tips: Making Podium within your first 4 races

Spartan Training Tips: Making Podium within your first 4 races28 Jan. 2018
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These are the four

These are the four strategies I used to make the podium on my forth elite spartan race. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, I am confident if you implement these 4 tips in addition to your current training, you will reach your goals. T

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Jet Toh

1. 400 by 400, sprint then active recovery , do as many as you can, starting at a total mile.
2. Pull up , start with 5. Keep superset going.
3. Burpee superset, 5 quick first, then move up +5, to 30
4. Work on obstacle weakness


Thank you bro for sharing training tips for spartan race..

Jose Cabrales

Most helpful video I have seen thus far. Thank you!

Jesus Sanchez

Older video but solid truths! Trying to finish top 20 in November 2019 Super in Sacramento. Your 4x400 strategy will be used for sure!!!

Cheril N. Clarke

I'm glad I stumbled on this video. I've never even heard of parkour until a week ago, but what brought me to it is a similar reason (and a google search for "obstacle courses near me" lol). I turn 40 in 2020 and want to be in the best shape of my life by my birthday (among other goals). I'm pretty active now, but I want to build strength, do something different, and boost my self-confidence as it relates to my physical ability even more. I was never a student-athlete and am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to sports, but I definitely am going to try this out! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check out your other vids to look for your progress.

Boo Radley

I literally can’t do a pull up ?

Brian Munday

These are decent tips. The Burpee one is not great advice. The 400 x 400 is great advice. it is extremely unrealistic to make the podium in 4 races. Its not going to be achievable today since all the athletes are getting better. Your goal should be to be better than the last time.

Leon B

Very helpful! Thanks dude


Awesome tips, thanks

Nikki Herrera

Thanks for the tips! I would love to see more videos like this. This will be my first race.

ernesto ginebra

Thank you for the advice !!

Kevin Oriet

This is a great video on tips to perform better in spartan race. Really liked this video compared to others that talk about spartan training.

Scott Lam

Just out of curiosity what was your time? I'm going for my first Spartan sprint in two months and I'm just binge watching all the tips I could find. Thanks for the tips

Freedom Freespirit

Good tips. I will add more crucial tips. Earth grounding via laying on a clean patch of ground, or best yet, getting into a cool, warm, or somewhat hot outdoor water pool, with the actual earth ground below.....the earth ground provides a healing frequency for the body, that consistently flows out of the ground itself. Cold water therapy, to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and therefore, increase endurance. Earth grounding, and best possible way of eating...big time improve endurance as well. For eating, need to avoid all grains and processed sugars. UNLESS your gene code, is from a different country and environment, for example, if your Asian, your body needs rice and possibly other grains, to maintain peak health. Myself, with family heritage of Russia, Europe, and America, I need meat(mostly red meat, occasional chicken or bacon, and salmon......, fruits....blueberries, cherries, and apples......and veggies, cooked and mostly the green ones, with occasional carrots or radishes...….all foods from the northern areas of this world. I also incorporate some goat cheese and butter, for dairy. And pistachios, for nuts. For suppliments, I use the Shaklee company, I use the mens multivitamin, their grass fed whey protein shake, or meal shake, and their PM recovery supplement. All of those, add great health boost as well. That said, we all eat differently, but avoiding processed grains(especially the wheat) and processed sugars, is the ultimate key, to finding your way to peak health via eating. And the last one, intermittent fasting. Keep your eating within a 6-8 hour window each day, 2 meals a day, and making sure you go at least 16-18 hours, between your final meal of the day, and your 1st meal the next day. That in itself, huge overall health/endurance benefits as well. Happy new year everyone. Peace, healing, and higher good to all of you.

Nic the Chester

Great video all around! You should really do more if you can find the time to. Thanks


I'll do 120 burpees in my first Spartan race SUPER here in TAIWAN few weeks ago. ???

Everyday Spartan

Ok, so I see this video around a lot. I don't doubt that this guy is fast and have achieved success as a racer. However, there is a lot of information that is not being put in this video. Primarily, that you aren't going to podium a race by doing just strength drills unless you are already a pretty stacked runner.

What I imaging happened with this guy, is he was already a good runner and just maintained a good running base while strength training. My friend did the same thing and got 4th in a race after only a few tries. But that kind of running base takes YEARS to develop. It isn't something you can just watch a short video of and get down. I have been training for two straight years doing things far more intense than what is mentioned in this video, and I am still nowhere close to the podium. Any youtube video that is telling you you can achieve top-athlete caliber performance in just a few simple steps is intentionally omitting information. For example, the 400s on the track are great if you are already someone who runs consistently, but you need to mostly be running longer easier runs to build a proper base, and then incorporate this speed work into your routine only 2-3 times per week. Doing it all the time fails to build the endurance you need to perform for longer periods and can lead to a high-probability of injury.

Andrew Lydick

Appreciate the advice!

Eric Ahern

I’ve watched a ton of spartan training videos. This is better than a lot of what’s out there: it’s solid, actionable advice. Nice video and congrats on the hardware.


I've only done a beast, but have gotten hooked and I want to place. Thanks for the info.

Jet Toh

Thanks for the amazing video Dusty ! Just finished my first Spartan Sprint ... :)

Project: Heart Of The Cards

I'm not a very competitive person but I'm insanely ambitious, I'll try conquering a podium stand when I join this race.

Brenda Gazzar

Great tips. Thanks!

Stephen Petaia

Dude I’m so glad I found your videos. They’ve really helped with my spartan training. I’m doing a Spartan sprint in a few weeks and I feel a lot better that I’ll do ok using your advise.

lachie brown

Hey Dusty I recently just participated in my first ever spartan race in bright australia called the super with barely any specific spartan training and placed 5th in age group now really determined next year to make it to the podium, If you have any more tips on running distance and gym workouts i would love to get some info of you man

Project: Heart Of The Cards

0:09 liar...
That's not you it's Adam Sandlers

Paul Leatham

Thought it was clickbait turned out to pretty good advice. This is also what Spartan recommends on their Get Fit Fast program.

Grigore Demerji

Very helpful video! Look forward to new tips :)

Khalil Batah

Nice ?

John Ross

Thanks! Great video!

Channing Scott

I love watching you run with your arms flying! ???✌

Steven Brown

Awesome. Thanks man.

John Barrick

Lol I’m in pretty good shape at 220


my main goal is top 10 in my AG right now. havent raced in a while getting back to it

Julian Thierolf Privat

Des Please more Spartan Race Videos

20 Minute At Home Interval Workout | Unbreakable TV

20 Minute At Home Interval Workout | Unbreakable TV5 May. 2020
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Get ready for 20 minutes

Get ready for 20 minutes of intervals with Spartan Pro and Founder of Elevate Fitness, David Magida!

Presented by Lazarus Naturals ?www.lazarusnaturals.com

Tune-Up (30s/5s; 6 Rnds)

Rnd 1: High Plank Shoulder Taps

Rnd 2: Single Leg Glute Bridge (15s Per)

Rnd 3: Reverse Crunch

25 Sec Intervals (14 Rnds)

Rnd 1: 25s Air Squats→25s Jump Squat

Rnd 2: 25s Pushup→25s Sec Wide Arm Pushup

Rnd 3: Rest 25s

Complete 3 Times Through. Only rest after completing both sets of squats and pushups

TOTM Finisher 6 Rnds

Rnd 1: 16x/20x Inside/Outside Plank Jumps

Hollow Body Hold *For Remaining Time*

Rnd 2: 16x/20x Switch Lunge,

Speed Skaters *For Remaining Time*

Alternate Rounds Each Minute

For more training tips and workouts check out David on IG! https://www.instagram.com/davidmagida/ and let us know what workouts you would like to see!

Grab all the training gear and equipment you need for your at-home setup here https://sprtn.im/gearup

Get everything you need to #BeUnbreakable here https://sprtn.im/beunbreakable and follow our Spartan social channels for daily tips and inspiration. AROO!

#athomeworkout #athomeworkouts #spartantraining


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Dave V.

Meh. Workout was fine, I guess. But the video and audio quality were both bad. Cheesy, cheep synth music was annoying. Invest in a better microphone. Good luck - stay safe. Train hard.

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Where's part 3 and bonus???

Yanira Orellana

What's the email???

Victoria Martinez

How long should I be stretching before a workout?